Are we just mobile mums ??

Down the memory lane when we revise our childhood we get a clear picture of our mum running around our each step to fulfill our each need by whatever means she could !
We were thier top priority before anything else or anyone else for that matter !
Now decades ahead …even we are mothers but the so called MODERN MOTHERS ! We have any numbers of tasks in our hands which we have to fulfill apart from raising up the kids too.


But weren’t our mums the same too ? Just they didn’t have to work out for financial purpose .. but had to do all the household tasks wothout the machines we are provided today .
Raising a kid was even a huge responsibility along with bearing in laws and a huge joint family too .
Today we have short nuclear families mostly and loads of machines and servants too assist us .. then too our kids are seen lonely and isolated and regretted


… why 9 out of every 10 kids are having psychological problems and depression and stress in early and later days of childhood …


Whats occupying our time so much that our beloved kids can’t get our proper affection and attention ..?
Well its just the gadget you are holding to read this or the connection that’s making you able to do the same …
We all love socialising ..facebooking , tweeting , whatsapping , instagraming so much that we tend to  forget there’s someone at home facing our neglect .. we are tweeting away our heart pour to strangers and our beloved are jamming it all in thier heart .. we are busy chatting on whatsapp and never know what’s up around us !
Is this what social media has made us … a neglecting mum .. who cares about her gadget more than her kids swells and burns !


We are so deeply engrossed in all these and we think we are performing all are duties well ..but the affection that goes with it is missing .
We look after our kids , we are raising them ..but the care that goes with it is missing ..why not get them back .. why not leave our gadget for some time and tend to thier needs ..why not listen them intently without deviding our attention between them and our mobile .. why not read them a story each night rather than updating a status on Facebook ..
I am not telling to quit it al together ..but we can still manage the times . We can use it after our kids are attented to that they don’t feel alone or neglected .
After all ..


Coz very soon our kids will grow up ..they won’t need us anymore ..even they will get online friends and would be independent too ..then may be we would want time to climb back and give us one more chance .. so why not make the most of what we have today .. after all those are far don’t need us as much as our near and dear ones do!
because having a family is a blessing that not all have ..and nor  all would have come across an article as such one to make them thier understand the meaning if this blessing


Hope I start to act upon the above written soon .. ofcourse the best work starts at home and in the end a small tip that I think each one couod benefit with ..


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