10 most intriguing , unique . Unexplored destinations in India !!

Incredible India ! That’s what we rightly call our motherland with .And it’s true cent percent on account of it’s historical heritage and cultural inheritance . India has been a subject of intrigue and curiosity for the world for centuries now . Initially known as the golden sparrow , it attracted lots of foreign powers and dynasties to reign it and leave  vast and varied cultural shadows behind which eventually got nurtured in it’s own native values !
Although there have been innumerable researches about each states and cities of India and most of them are world famous too .But , there are several few corners those are still hidden from many curious eyes and minds and have incredible history and importance about them that will leave you bewildered thinking can this really be for real ? Yes , let’s explore the most incredible , unexplored , offbeat destinations of India which are still waiting to hit the pages of publicity !
The Himalayas , an important part of India that prides to be one othe beautiful destinations of the world is quite famous ! But , very few know that there is a lake full of skeletons on it’s edge at the Himalayas ! Yes , it’s incredibly true ! The Roopkand Skeleton lake of Roopkand has got hundreds of skeletons found at the edge of it and some of them are preserved even today at the same place .


People out there believe in the myth that it’s a blown or drowned dynasty by a curse from some great saint or leader !
Then there is Malana – The little Greece ! You will be surprised to know that there is a small town of only 100 houses at Himachal Pradesh near Kullu ,which is separated and alienated from India . The people there follow thier own constitution and have been one of the first democracies of the world . The natives here believe that thier ancestors are the descendents of Alexander the great and there these Greek resembling people think themselves quite superior to oth




This place is isolated from rest of the states and cities but is a beauty to see otherwise !
Maharashtra , the most advanced state of India where population increases in thousands daily , and major devolupment takes place , has this strange temple or a place surrounding that temple which follows this orthodox myth so proudly ! The Vajeshwari Temple at Virar , 72 kms from Mumbai , have got this hot water showers near the famous Vajeshwari temple , that attracts loads of devotees and other curious people to try out the naturally hot water that comes out of the showers and is said to be a medicine or cure for any



ts !

I don’t know exactly if it cures the ailments , But yes , there are natural hot water showers here . How do they come naturally is a reason yet to be discovered !
And when you come a little further from Mumbai , near Pune at Maharashtra , is a religious place or a shrine where 11 people can daily lift a huge rock by chanting religions words by using only a single finger per person .  They don’t use any other physical force , just thier eleven fingers together can lift a


huge roc

k .

They seem to think it’s because of the blessing of the religious person that this rock can be lifted with such ease !
The Andretta village , a tiny little village with an Italian name is 14 kms South of Palampur is an incredibly sleepy village ! The quietness of this village is really charismatic and enchanting with an impressive wide panorama of hoarny m


ountains aro

und  !

Visit this place for a refreshing time with the mother nature at it’s simple best !
This valley of flowers at Uttaranchal is another enchanting place that prides in having a huge collection of different nature’s best gift , flowers . Beautiful flowers like orchids , popples , primulas etc . and even more variety that together makes a beautiful scene


fit to impress

anyone !

The Shani shignapur town at Maharashtra 35 kms from Ahmednagar has this strange practise of door less houses . There are no doors in any house in the whole village , yet , there have been no cases of crime or robbery in the entire ar


ea for centuries .
Shetpal , also called as a strolling land of snakes near Solapur , Maharashtra is another unique place which prides of having a resting place of l


ive cobras in thie

r cielings .

Another astonishing thing about this place is that there are no cases of cobra bites recorded though there are innumerable cobras live roaming around all over the village .
Rajasthan , the desert place of India, consists of this strange place Bhangarh , at the Alwar district , which is haunted ! Yes , it’s the weirdest place of India because the whole town has got only forests and remains of old qilas . The entry to this town is strictly prohib




ted by the governmen


after sunset .

The natives here believe that due to the curse of Guru Bala Nath , this whole town was vacanted in a single night .
And last , but not the least , the Hide and seek beach of Orissa is where the water vanishes in front of your eyes and comes back again from the se


a shore ! The view is breat

htaking yet distinct .

At low tide the water records as much as 5kms and comes back to the shore at the time of high tide .
These are the ten most unique , offbeat yet  must visit destinations in our incredible India which calls for attention of all curious travell freaks to come and take a look !
So , if you are planning a unique adventurous trip this time , do visit these places and experience pleasant , haunted , strange , amazing novelties !
Do comment below if you find these intriguing places interesting and this blog helpful  !


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