My 5 topmost favourite novels and thier all about !!

        I love blogging! But I love reading more ! Today ,for the first time ,I am blogging for my first love , my childhood crush , my books ! Reading was always a solitude ,is a serenic way I spend my leisure and a sublime outlet to exasperate my stress .They seem to never have cheesed me off whenever I needed them . Books, the silent friend one can ever have ,  never complaints never demands.
          Although I like to gulp on all the words that I see anywhere ,whether it’s a newspaper or magazine or religious books for that matter , but fiction always holds me captivating towards it .When I see those fiction tags , it’s gets the better of me and soon those titles are a part of my neatly stacked books library I so proudly own .


        Well ,let me share the best five novels that I have read atleast a half a century of times till date but still can’t get content of reading them .
        Sydney sheldon is an astounding writer of fictions .He is a charismatic idol for those who juat love thrilling suspense fictions .Though all his novels are overwhelming ,some of them are the ones who can actually keep you sticked to a place hypnoticed to the pages until you end up drinking the whole book through fast gazes and are still bewildered at the end thinking ,

whoaaaa !! What a concept ! Can a human actually think to such great extents and write this profoundly ?

           Oh ! Did I tingle that curious book worm in you to grab all the Sydney sheldon collections ? Wait then !Let’s get precise of which of his is the best novel and one of my favourites  .
First is ,

if tomorrow comes

. A captivating novel that’s bunched up with a story of Tracey Whitney and her life journey which takes you places unexplored. From unveiling the prison life of US , Sydney Sheldon in his own creative ways bridges up the journey of words as to how this lady stands against injustice in her own unique and not to forget smart way twisting the law and opportunities in a way ,that’s absolutely astonishing!   This novel leaves you crying for her miserable life ,hating her for the times when she is so stubborn and weird and loving her for the way she grabs tomorrow to get bedraggled at her feet when there was always a doubt in her life saying , what will happen

If tomorrow comes



         Second of my favourites is another distinctive novel by the same author Sydney Sheldon.  It’s  , 

Tell me  your dreams

! For those who are suspense freaks would exactly know why I love this novel so much .You can’t be called a thriller fan if you haven’t read this novel in your life .
Believe me ,it’s that quirky . In this noteworthy book , Sydney Sheldon has perfectly stacked a pychological thriller in the most outstanding way. The story of three ladies ,Ashley Patterson , Tony Prescott and Alette Peters and thier connection to a series of murders taking place in the most peculiar pattern around the town . The storyline here would leave you amazed and leading to the second thread of the novel about the judgement and the connection of the ladies is altogether a new twist to the story which would force you in turn to flap through the pages so that you kill the suspense soon . But the dreams are peculiar here and most horrible and still unsaid even though each page leading to the climax screams , 

Tell me your dreams



            Third one would make you lol aloud ! You will wonder if I am really a serious thriller fiction fan ?  Well , actually I said I am a fiction fan .And the more creative the fiction , the more crazy am I about it ! So ,the third one would be yours favourite too , it’s the

Harry Potter

series ! Yup ! I am a die hard fan of each novel of Harry potter series . These series takes you in to kaleidoscope of the most creative world and you are forced to get indulged in believing about magic and spells and witches and wizards !The interesting way in which the writer, J.K. Rowling makes you submerge in to the pool of spells and curses is just mind blowing . It’s actually a story of boy named Harry who at eleven gets unveiled to a totally new world and identity of being a wizard and actually going to study in a school of wizards and witchcraftsy.  Later ,the mystery gets on unfolding itself as he realises that the darkest and dangerous  wizard can affect him in the most astonishing way . J.k .Rowling very impressively takes the readers throughout this journey of the most incredible world in a most magnetic way ! No doubt she was awarded uncountable times for the amazing series she wrote on ,

Harry Potter



          The fourth of my favourites is Danielle Steel ‘ ,

The Klone And I

. Like almost all novels of Danielle Steel, this novel brings out the best of her skills in the most essentric way . An extraordinary journey of an ordinary lady ,Stephanie ,who after having a crushed marriage falls in for a guy named Peter Baker who in turn seems to be total opposite within the sands of time leaving her bewildered.  Later , it’s get unfolded that he is actually the klone , a real man with unreal feelings .This book takes us through the ups and downs of the man’s and machines relationship in a very charismatic way and when the book is finished ,you are actually still captivated in a havoc of those words . A real good time read as this book very profoundly distinguishes between ,

The Klone And I



         And the last but not by any chance least is my sooo very sweet little collection of novels ,the

Mills and Boon Series

. I mean how can you call yourself a lovable reader when you actually aren’t crazy about the mills and boon novels ! After calling myself a thriller fan and creativity crazy I know I seem and little unrealistic by saying I am a romance freak too . But , well, these are books and fiction too .And romantic fiction is more submerging and extraordinary too in it’s own sweet way . I always prefer these small , short novels as my best buddy when  I am too exhausted and need some refreshing thing to read .But , my this collection, I never let it exhaust.  I always have spared ,extra supply of mills and boon novels with me .Those numerous sweet and romantic novels with a new twist and turn in each of them and mostly ending happily gives me a fairy tales type of feelings even now . Although , there are numerous writers for them ,my favourites are , Kim Lawrence ,Kristi Gold ,Donna Award ,Judith Bowen ,  Darcy and Wilson .The exellent talent of thier writings keeps you in a light mood electrified within the twists and until the climax shows upon you and you finally say ,indeed it’s a

, Mills and Boon



         When I am so books crazy , you may very well know how my thirst for them increases day by day as this one clearly reads here , 


       So ,  for purchasing them more ,  I mostly search on for great offers and  discounts . One such great site I found with amazing offers for a book lover like me is They offer such huge as 50 % Discount on books and surely intensifies my hunger for buying them even more .

LOL , I end up buying 6 – 7 more because of that .
          You can avail to these special offers on books from 27 on flipkart and try some more equally tempting offers too. Because reading is a contagious habit , you never get satisfied with what you read ,you still want more ,so go on and grab more !!

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  1. Good done will be great to know in future of your updates. I too like reading thanks .


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