Travel aspirations for new year!

New year resolutions all planned? Are all your resolutions dedicated just to your eating and living habits? Yeah? Thought so! That’s the food for your body, but what about your soul food? Ok! I get it. Lot of you are planning to depend some ME time for yourself or give an ample of time snatched from your daily routines to your yogas and meditations. But, is it enough? Enough to kill those piling up stress because of your sooo busy lifestyles and the continues struggle to manage to let those new year resolutions stay intact in the course of time!

Obviously, it ain’t enough! That’s why travelling from time to time in regular intervals is preferred to get you a better hang of your life and give your self some time to let your life and the situations connected to it get sorted better. That’s the reason I always resolve to travel atleast a little throughout the year between some gaps. Simply to get my life sorted the better way, to evolve myself as a better person able to deal better. To explore more of the charismatic universe around me. To know how the other side of the globe lives and can I adjust in the same situation too?

As a travel blogger, I always am in the struggle to find new places which I haven’t been before. Which has that charm to woo me up, the newness in it to refresh me and so much more that’s still unsaid because I haven’t been to these places before, isn’t it!

For this year, I aspire to explore more hilly ranges of Himalayas which are away hidden under the shelters of Nepal! Do you know, a great amount of unseen snow clad Himalayas comprise a beautiful destination at Nepal and is often visited only by adventurous tourists? The local tourists are yet to explore the stunning beauty here. This year, I plan to take a tour and indulge in this serene beauty of Himalayas.

I even have a wish to visit Jaisalmer, the beautiful dessert in the middle of Rajasthan that lets you feel the beauty of those dry desserts. The dessert safari, the local life out there, the historical qillas, there’s so much to explore!

Greece is another such location that attracts me towards it! Couldn’t define why, but those stories of those handsome Greek Gods have always been a keen interest for me since childhood. Those cultural richness in the infrastructure of this country is another reason for it being in my wish list. And of-course! Who wouldn’t like to adore that natural blessed beauty of this country.

Russia has been in my aspiration lists since the end of last year and I’ve resolved to visit the place in the late winters of this year. Apart from their snowy beauty, I think the fact that I’m learning their language and would love to know more about the lifestyles of the locals here makes it in my Wishlist for travel. I would definitely love to see the practical side of all my theory classes and experience a most chilled winter over here.

These are just a part of my new year aspirations which are on the top of the list! If you know me correctly, you’d definitely be knowing what kind of a greedy soul I am when it comes to travelling. There’s always a room for a quick holiday and vacation with my family even when my schedule is tightly packed and I intend to increase that quality holiday time this year! Well, that’s my new year resolution. A resolution of a travel freak and wanderlust!

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24 thoughts on “Travel aspirations for new year!

  1. Lovely list of beautiful in-laws were in Russia for a long time and I had heard lots of good things about this place..wish to go there sometimes in my life. all the best of your travel aspiration.

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  2. “To get you a better hang of your life and give your self some time to let your life and the situations connected to it get sorted better” so true. traveling to new places definitely gives a new direction, an opportunity to explore the world.
    I too want to travel Jaisalmer, Jaipur and yes Kerala back waters. I am glad, a passionate travel blogger is a part of this blog train. 🙂

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  3. It was a good read specifically because it talked of travel as a means to explore and find yourself. I liked the choice of destinations and could connect very well there:)

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  4. Greece is on my bucket list for it holds that alluring charm in my mind from sources unknown!
    Look forward to your travelogues as and when you embark on visiting places on your wish list.
    Wishing you a great year ahead.

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  5. All the best with your travel list. I have started making my own list of places to travel and am planning to create vision boards too for my travel aspirations. Yes, greece and russia are on my aspirational list too.

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  6. Quite an eclectic list, that! Since you mentioned Jaisalmer, may I suggest adding the famous ‘Rann Utsav’ at Kutch too, to the list while you are at it. Heard rave reviews about it, complete with camping, bonfire, folk music and what not.
    It’s currently ON till Feb 29, in case you’re interested.

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  7. Wohoo 🙂 that is a great list and my wishlist places too. I wish you get to visit all these places soon and add the experience as travel blog posts soon.
    #vigorousreads #blogtrain #NYR2019 #Newyear_bloghop

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  8. The places on your list are common with mine. Greece is on my cards too. Exploring unseen regions of Himalayas sounds adventurous. Goo luck with your travel plans dear 🙂 Will watch your space of rthe stories to come:)

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