Indecent intentions!

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His mobile shrieked loudly that brought him out of this world. He looked away for a second as if to shed of the magical spell that captivated him seconds before. He felt her hands in his and let her go off quickly as it it held a current in them. Recieved his phone and went towards the window to talk to his secretary.

She was taken aback from the strange feeling that engulfed her just now. This was the most hateful man on the earth standing in front of her who have insulted her just some minutes before and there she blushing because he was staring at her? This was ridiculous. Sometimes hormones act crazily. Even if he was the last person alive on the earth, she wasn’t going to get weak in front of him. If he needs the house, fine, she’ll make sure he gets it then. Let him be a fool and buy it for double the money, as it is, she wasn’t going to stay forever in this place. Just a month or two, she was anyways going to leave the house,the world. She thought sadly. But she really wanted her last days to be spent here in this place. The clot of tears formed again in her throat. But this would never happen now, all thanks to this Mr. Khan, a fool headed disgusting man. She’ll now have to find a place for her accomodation too.

“The Deal’s done Mr. Pinto!” he said as he returned to the main room after talking to his secretary avoiding her entirely as he passed beside her. “The papers are ready, you’ll recieve the money in your account within 2 hours and I need the house by tomorrow noon, is it ok?” He had it planned all already and Mr. Pinto seemed to be happy to no bounds. She actually stumbled while coming out hearing this. “How can this be possible? You should have given me atleast a notice a week prior. I can’t vacant the place in a day!” “Actually lady, this is between you and Mr. Khan now. He is your new owner now. You can request him to grant you some time for arrangements.” Mr Pinto told it all lightly as if it was an easy way out. Well then, this was what she expected this from this man. He just cared for money, always. “Actually, I can’t grant you any more time than a day you know, my driver needs the place urgently.” She knew he was lying in front of Mr. Pinto. “Don’t lie, you are doing this purposely. To harrase me.” She replied slowly, yet chewing each word. “Oh yes! I am doing this to make you pay. And you will pay till you get destroyed fully. I will make you so weak that you’ll regret the moment you slapped me.” He looked at her with strong eyes. “Adil Khan never spares his enemies. Everything that is dear to you, I’ll snatch them away. I hate you to the infinity! And for this hatred, you will have to pay with your happiness, your life, your everything.” She was actually shocked knowing someone can hate her so much. She has just slapped the man for God’s sake and it was because he had touched her, a stranger touching you and you retaliating in defence is natural. Who takes it as a personal attack to enemity? Ofcourse, apart from a pigheaded  man with extra pride like Adil khan.
“So, do you think buying off the stock of some drinks and buying this house would weaken me? Defeating me isn’t that easy. I am stronger than you think. You won’t me able defeat to Sara Ali. I’ll give you your place within twenty four hours and show you, nothing can weaken or stop me, not even death can!” She stopped for a few seconds to breath. The last words were painful, but she’ll fight everyone, even death before her days are over. She wasn’t weak and she’ll show this to him and nature. “Do you think you can buy everything of my life with your money? Then let me tell you Mr. Adil.Khan, Money can’t buy everything. There are loads of people in this world who aren’t influenced by money.” “Oh yes? Like the bus driver last night?” He asked with a seductive smile.

He watched her eyes widen in surprise. “Do you think that bus yesterday ignored a fully drenched lady standing all alone in an empty road at late night just like that?” He smiled looking straight in her eyes, “money has power! And Adil khan depicts money and power! No one survives after messing with Adil khan. Tomorrow noon, I want the place empty, got it?”  He went away towards the door but returned within half a way, “ And yes, if you couldn’t find a place in a day to accommodate you? You know my offer is still open!” He smiled slowly as he told those last words and went with a pride in his walk towards his car.

Sarah was numbed as we passed her! So, her sligt doubt had been the real one. This was the monster behind that missed bus and all the misery yesterday and no doubt he followed her too and even see all that she had gone through. She remembered the moments when she have swayed and fallen and dragged herself in dirt till she reached her place. She suddenly felt embarrassed, knowing he did see her those moments and vulnerability, her clinging to the gate and….. Ofcourse! That’s why he bought this house today, anybody could have guessed her attachement to her home watching her clinging to it. “OMG that rascal” she fell on the nearby chair and took a deep breath. “I wonder if that person belongs to any human category at all. He saw me weaken up yesterday. He want to break me apart through this hateful tactics. But no, he couldn’t break me, nohing can. I have seen worst in my life, been away from all the lovable things she had. She’ll survive great even now. So what if it’s her home, her dear home…” tears started rolling down her eyes. She couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her paradise, home small little home. But just because of this ADIL Khan’s ego, she’ll have to leave it, forever! Never coming back.
Since last two hours she was sitting on the same chair all numbed and silent. Deep in thought. Thinking about how she could make it happen till the afternoon next day. “And yes, if you couldn’t find a place in a day to accommodate you? You know my offer is still open!” She remembered his words and got up with a start. All hatred in her eyes, she rose and started towards her phone. “Please God! Don’t let the boss call me today.” She prayed silently and went on with her work.

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  1. I was just waiting for this post. I couldn’t sleep. I am not sure to hate mr Pinto or Adil Khan.. I have some soft corner for Adil Khan , don’t know why.. I really wish him to break down one day and let Sarah win this battle


  2. Oh man, so finally this happened. But I have a feeling about Adil coming around eventually though I am worried about Sara now


  3. Uh! Bring on the next part. Can’t wait more…


  4. Now I am confused between Mr.Pinto and Adil…I will wait for Adil’s entry now..


  5. Arti says:

    Beautiful narration


  6. vidhya29 says:

    Another wonderful post! Crisp narration!


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