Wedding shoes: Tips, tricks and how to pick the perfect pair

Wedding shoes are the second most important part of a bride’s attire, just after her wedding dress. It is necessary that the shoes complement her outfit. In order to pick wedding shoes that go well for the shoes of  brides , it is important to keep certain things in mind while buying them.

When to buy:

Wedding shoes for women should be picked well in advance from the wedding. One ideally shouldn’t wait until the last minute, especially if one is shopping online, because sizes run out really quick. Post this, the lead time is also long, especially if the shoes are handmade. 

Also, if you get it sooner, you can also wear it during the wedding dress fitting, so ensure that it matches your dress properly and that the hem is right. This also helps to prevent future alteration costs.

The venue:

You should have a good idea as to how much walking you will need to do throughout the day, whether it is a wedding hall (marble/wooden etc.) or a garden if it is a garden you need to keep in mind if it’ll be grassy or muddy and your heels wedding shoes may get stained. A great way to stop heels from sinking into grassy surfaces is to use heel protectors.

The type:

You need to decide the type of wedding shoes- whether they are heeled shoes or flats.

You should go for heels if your wedding dress is of a longer length because it gets kind of messy with flats. Also, you wouldn’t want to spoil your long bridal dress by slipping it away on the ground when you walk.

You should go for flats as wedding shoes if the outfit you wear is going to be kind of bulky. Also, during sangeet, mehendi etc. where people tend to dance you should go for flats because it is simply more comfortable

The heel types:

The bride should pay special attention to the type of heel the shoes have that she is trying on. It is important to keep in mind that while stiletto type bridal shoes do look very elegant, they can be pretty painful to walk in all day, especially if the bride is not accustomed to wearing them. So, the ideal heel type is slightly wider heels like wedges, platforms or pumps, which will provide more comfort and stability.


The colour of your wedding shoes should complement your wedding dress. People usually tend to go for clean white, champagne, ivory, beige or nude tones. However, vibrant wedding shoes look great too. You can choose wedding shoes with a matte finish, glossy look or even a sparkly look.


A wedding is a long process, and the bride will have to be on her feet all day long, and it is a sad sight to see her limping and wincing in pain throughout the entirety of the day. Thus, the comfort of the shoes is the most important aspect. The material of the wedding shoes matters too.

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