#BlogchatterA2Z 2019 theme reveal!

It’s April starting soon guys! The month for which Indians wait desperately! Why? Well, because it’s a month gul of holidays and vacations! The onset of spring and summer bring lot of joy for Indians as they enter the holiday mode with family, friends, colleagues and so on! While the parents and teens are getting joyous on the onset of their vacations as it’s April, we bloggers are rejoicing the idea of the extravaganza we are gonna experience because of the excitement of daily blogging!

Oh yes! It’s April going to be soon and is the #BlogchatterAtoZ with blogchatter! The writing fest got which bloggers wait eagerly for the whole year to show off their writing skills on a daily basis for some more eager and excited readers! The fest where in though, we write more, you tend to explore more! It’s always the joy of sharing our inventions and creativity and you gaining with the same!

After an excellent response on my travel blogs of around the globe last year, this year, I’m going to go for an entirely different genre for the #AtoZbloggingfest. It’s going to be exciting, loving, hating, love, emotions and lots more emotions engulfed in a post daily!

Yes! You guessed it right! This year, I’m going to bring about the best in my creativity out with fiction! It would be a journey of hatred and more hatred and may be love too, you have to wait to know that, each day for 26 days all fitted in 26 blogs!

So are you excited to read a new twist in a most unique fiction blog daily for 26 days? Well, I’m overly excited to get publishing those blogs and just can’t wait for April to enter our calendars soon. Let’s hope the time runs fast and it’s }#BlogchatterA2Z here already!

Sangli-Maharashtra #XploreBharat!

The journey through incredible India is taking various turns and twists and is arriving to a new state, new city daily! Today, the train has arrived from the magnificent Ajanta and Ellora caves by preetispanorama to Sangli, a small yet serene place in Maharashtra.

Located at the borders of Maharashtra, just alongside Karnataka, Sangli is a small district consisting of various small villages and a more simple kind of lifestyle. More known as the turmeric city of India, this district still holds some primitive feel in it. Consisting of vast pasture lands with more than average fertility in them, most of the area around this city is covered with either forests or farms.

As I entered the city and started my journey towards my Aunt’s place, the lush green open farms provided a beautiful view to my city addicted eyesights. The fresh breeze, the huge roads and huge trees alongside the roads welcomed me with warmth in the weather. The houses here are surprisingly well kept, equipped and spacious. Almost every second home is a multi storied Bunglow with a big garden or verandah on the outer side which is often used as home plantations. I actually had at least six vegetables grown on the home gardens of my aunty during my stay here.

While the city plays a non existent role in most of the maps and books across the country, you’ll be surprised to know that this city offers the best quality and highest quantity of turmeric in world. Apart from it, it also prides in having the biggest sugar factory in Asia. Also, the educational colleges, especially the engineering and medical institutes are ranked as one of the best amongst whole of India!

Though I would recommend a leisure trip to this city to just unwind yourself as you stroll around the green parks or gaze around the pastures of farms and take in the breath of fresh air while you devour their local maharashtrian cuisine, there are also certain places of tourist interest in the city which also strives to have a long history behind them.

The Sangli fort has an incredible history behind its existence. This fort along with having some important government centre in it, also includes a museum in it. The vintage fort expertly generates lots of knowledge of some of the old history period though it’s cravings and museum.

Irwin bridge is another tourist attraction in this city that’s included in the city’s heritage sites. This firm bridge was built during the British rule and connects Sangli to some prominent places nearby.

Dandoba hill is another beautiful part of the city that gives you a refreshing view and experience when here. The view from the hillside, especially during monsoons is magical. You just couldn’t miss the scenic beauty it has when you’re anywhere near sanghli.

Apart from these famous destinations, there are great many temples to visit especially for devotees. The basic lifestyle here, the simplicity and the pure aura of the city, the slow life cycle is another pride of the place. Specially for metropolitan residents like myself, I find immense solace and peace when I visit the city and just love plucking the farm fresh veggies and having a simple meal prepared with it!

Get ready for a cool trip to jodhpur and Jaisalmer with Rohan tomorrow!

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Top 5 sensitive baby wipes in India!

Newborn babies are delicate. So are their skin! Especially the ones that are premature and need extra care and conditioning. Each product you use for them should be chosen with utmost care, checked atleast twice and must be natural and safe. Avoiding any type of chemical to come in contact with these little ones is another special care that needs to be taken in to consideration. From soaps to baby oils, from diapers to Top 5 sensitive baby wipes in India

Top 5 sensitive baby wipes in India

baby wipes, each of the essentials that come in contact with their skin and body should be entirely chemical free and most natural soft. That’s the reason we should be having all the information on some of the most natural and est sensitive baby wipes available in markets in India!

Mother Sparsh unscented 99% water wipes

Mothersparsh baby wipes

The one baby wipes which can be called the most natural as they are made using the most naturally ingredient, water. These baby wipes are purest in their form as they consist of 99% water and thicker to use which makes them extra safe for even cleaning the face of the baby. These cotton fib-red wipes are non scented and thus causes no kind of allergies in the child. Apart of these, they doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and our tested and recommended by most of the paediatrics. You can easily get access to these wipes from local stores of online e-commerce stores like first cry, amazon or just click here to know more.

Mama earth sensitive baby wipes

Mama earth
Mama earth baby wipes

The first ever baby wipes in India which are made using bamboo fiber which are the fastest growing plants and hence, regenerates rapidly. These doesn’t contain any amount of chemical or polyester fabric which makes using it extremely safe even for a premature baby. These extra sensitive baby wipes hypoallergenic, paediatric tested and contains some beneficial ingredients like Shea butter, almond oil, aloe Vera which are totally safe and best for baby’s skin care.

Pampers baby wipes

Pampers baby wipes

Pampers have launched their baby wipes for quite some time in the market and even these wipes are being tagged as the best for sensitive skin of the newborn babies. These wipes contain no percent at all of phenoxyethanol, paraben, alcohol or perfume. It also includes ph balancing lotion for more softer skin of baby

Pigeon baby wipes

Pigeon baby wipes

These soft baby wipes especially curated for sensitive skin of babies contains organic plant extracts like chamomile and rose hip and this is extremely safe to use. These high quality extra soft wipes are microbiologically tested and alcohol and chemical free hence guaranteeing high quality hygiene for babies.

Dove baby wipes

Dove baby wipes

Dove is a trusted name is soft skin care. The same trust gets carried in its baby wipes which are ultra soft, natural and safe for babies and even new born ones. These wipes are as gentle as water and is paediatrician and dermatologically tested and also alcohol free. Thus, provides the most gentle and natural care for your babies and is suitable for all skin types.                                                    

These baby wipes are suitable for babies and their sensitive skins and work best for cleansing purpose of them and provide safe and soft care for babies, just the care they deserve!

Relive your childhood event by kangaroo kids preschool!

Kangaroo kids is a well known name in the education world! Thousands of parents have trusted the institution for the children’s better education before the school and have recommended the same to others! The kids transferred from this institution to the senior schools are often tagged as scholars and do take on their curriculum easily well.

Well, the most trusted preschool among mommies recently organised an event for all the better reasons. The event which lead the kids go out and take a look at the childhood their parents spent like and relive the moments with them. This event actually got the kids a sneak park in to what fun and learning without gadgets could be like and why is that their parents indulge in that nostalgic wave of their childhood days now and then.

Though basically a preschool, the staff and teachers managed to create an excellent event for kids of all ages. On 9th and 10th February 2019, they made sure all the parents that are aware with the kangaroo kids name do attend or are tempted to attend the wonderful event they organised.

From dart games to basic gaming skills. From art and craft to making a beautiful creative of your initials, everything was properly guided by a teacher and helped the children in learn something new as they created master records in the activities.

The cupcake and sandwich making sessions in the lil master chef section tempted the kids to enjoy another fun experience where they can enjoy delicacies prepared by them and boasted it all so proudly!

The puppet show left them overjoyed watching fabulous performances by those hardworking teachers along with the puppet and entertaining the kids so well. While the katputli show left them roaring with laughter and screaming on top of their voices for some more fun!

There were also slime making sessions, Bioscope watching experience, magic show sessions and so much more to entertain the kids. Even small startups were introduced and helped to be promoted. The mini dance sections by lil kids over rocking songs added to the glamour of the enjoyment!

The fact that a preschool can organise such a mind blowing event leaves me surprised! Imagine the efforts and talent of the teachers and creators that went to make it all run smoothly which actually left each parent visiting them contented and glad that they got a chance to introduce their kids to the wonderful time they did spend as a kid. All thanks does to Kangaroo kids preschool staff and organisers!!

The heavenly Kashmir- #XploreBharat!

Today the #XploreBharat Blog Train has come to KASHMIR with me from OOTY by Jai’s writing retreat.

Kashmir Beautiful KASHMIR

Along the northern borders of India, lay the heavenly beauty of Earth! A beauty that’s incomparable, that’s so serene, it leaves an impact on your minds even after years of watching them live. Some views which are so pleasant to look at, you wouldn’t want to gaze away from them, just indulge in that heavenly view for ever and ever…

Dal lake

Dal lake Dal lake

I went kashmir three years back with my family. Though the trip was quite tiresome and lengthy as we commuted through train and road, I still remember those first rays of sunlight as it fell on us when we came out of the over packed car to just outside one of the entrance of Dal lake. You can imagine the beauty of greyish blue sky meeting up the pale blue lakes on the early twilight period and the chill in the climate that suddenly made us shiver. The peaceful journey on the lake that took us to our house boat while we were still under the magical spell of the place made all the tiring feel go up in the air. I can still feel the same sweet feeling of being there each time I close my eyes and recollect my first boat trip on Dal lake.


Dal lake City on water- dal lake

For Dal lake, I always use one phrase, it’s a city on water! It’s unbelievable how the locals there live in houses which are actually houseboats and have their whole civilisation revolving on the lake. I don’t think so anywhere else in the whole world you’ll see a whole market on a lake that consisted of various shops, restaurants in the middle of the lake and even salesmen approaching you to buy their products as you take a leisure ride on the cushioned comfortable boats, shikara! Imagine devouring hot Barbeque freshly grilled in the middle of the lake and devouring your favourite fruit plate as you take your ride along.

That was dal lake, one of the best and beautiful looking lakes in the whole world which actually gets tiled up with ice during winters and even then you can see locals commuting through it and kids going to school from their house boats walking over the ice. I know it’s unbelievable but magical too! If you ask me, I would suggest everyone of you to visit this place once in your life. Just to experience what serenity with beauty looks like.



Sonamarg- KASHMIR


While you go away from the city life of Srinagar, you enter another side of this paradise that’s heavily populated with tall pines, shadowed with ice clad mounts, complimented with fast flowing clean and lush rivers and some stunning views that’ll leave you wondering about the creativity of nature! Sonamarg is another beautiful diamond in the crown of north India. The climate here is often more chilled than in Srinagar and we can actually see lots of rural Kashmiri population here. The typical one storey, two storied basic houses, the local men clad in native Kashmiri jubba and their breeding of Kashmiri hairy goats and sheep. For tourists, they have started some water sports in those flowing rivers, the vast roads often has some green mounts along with them when you get out to look at them you’ll find yourself in front of those calendar images which has so much of greenery and beautiful mountains behind them to enhance their look. A visit to Sonamarg is a feast to eyes and a treasure for your memory!


Sonamarg Beauty of Sonamarg


Some hours of road trip from Sonamarg, but each view is eye captivating as you reach Pehelgam. The lush green and a bit primitive area of Kashmir that’s another must visit destination here. You’ll find the hotels here which would let you travel back decades in history, the natural way in which they breed their animals, the gentle feeling with which they groom their horses and the humble way in which they treat their guests and tourists are the most amazing thing to happen to you. Remember the jab hum jawan hoge song of Amrita Arora and Sunny Deol, that’s Pehelgam! The place where in the roads are the thinnest and still you’ll see the expertise of the drivers as they climb the ghats of the thinnest round about roads as they take you to watch the peak of this beauty and more beautiful pastures of land ahead.

Saba at Pehelgam

Saba at Pehelgam


Gulmarg Gulmarg

There’s also Gulmarg! The snow world of Kashmir! The one place which has some snow left even in the hottest temperatures. You can feel being on the top of the world as you are now at the Himalayas. The snowing beauty and being so near the Himalaya mounts brings out the best feelings in the world. Some of the tourists also can see the higher levels of snow, but those with kids are not allowed. So, I haven’t seen that side of snowing beauty which also gives you a sneak peak of Leh, but still, what I saw was a feast for my eyes!

Gulmarg Gulmarg- KASHMIR


It’s not every place on Earth that you can call Kashmir, Kashmir can be felt, rather than watched or visited. Believe me, when you call a place a paradise on Earth, it has the charisma in it, the charisma to engulf you with its specifically beauty, with it’s awesome serenity!

The next stop of this #XploreBharat Blog Train is Shillong by Sonia.

This post is a part of the #XploreBharat Blog Train hosted by Aditi, Esha, Maheshwaran, PraGun, Preeti, Saba, Sanjota, Sonia, Sudip, Suhasini, Supriya

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Book review- Waise ek baat hai!

Book reviewBook review

For all the poetry lovers out there, especially the ones who enjoy reading Urdu and Hindi poems, here’s a sure to read treat that you just can’t miss! Waise ek baat hai- a book on love, relationship, betrayal and emotions by Sumit Mittal is the one book that describes these emotional aspects in the life of millennials in a beautiful way! A Book that is around 50 minutes of read covers human relationships especially the romantic ones in the most grasping poems each displaying the deep thoughts and feelings of the poet in a better way than another.

About the author:

Sumit Mittal, a young budding poet debuting with this book because of constant encouragement from his friends, based from a town city, Raigad in Chhattisgarh, India. He has got his graduation degree in journalism from the university of Manipal and is a part time theatre actor and also loves singing. His belief in love and it’s power of being the supreme emotion got him writing this book full of poetries that depicts his strong feelings on love!

My take on this book:

I liked the way this book is systematically wrapped up! It neatly lets you read your favourite poetic lines in Hindi script later defining the same meaning in English and also, the poetic phrases and the meaning of the poetry doesn’t change even in this process. I loved the way the author has beautifully scripted each poetry, some emotionally, some romantically while some are dedicated to humans in general. Also, apart from the smile(muskurahat) Of someone special, I found no other idea or phrase being repeated in the whole book. Another plus point of this book is that it doesn’t get you bored by the same idea or listing of the poetries, some are simple four liners that describe the emotions naturally, while some exaggerate their way to longer ones. This, keeping you hooked up as you move on from page to page to find even more poetries scripted on the next one.

My favourite lines of the book!

Though, i loved reading the whole book and finished it within no time, some of the lines of the poet really got submerged in my thoughts. Would like to copy those lines here too. These are:

  • हर ख्वाईश पूरी हो ये बात जरुरी नहीं होती जो मैं आज हूँ, शायद मैं होता अगर तू मुझे मिल गयी होती

This is not necessary That you get everything you wish for I may not have been what I’m today If you and I were together

  • ज़ीने के नीचे छुपा कर रखी है जीने की वजह तेरा कोई खत संदूक से निकल आज फिर हाथों में आया

Beneath the steps is hidden The reason why I am alive It seems as if a letter from you has come out of chest And brought everything back to life

  • जो भी है जेहेन में सोचता हूँ उसे नज़्म कर दूँ मेरे हर शब्द में अक्स है तेरा सोचता हूँ कागज़ पर तेरी तस्वीर कर दूँ

I feel whatever is there in my mind I should try and express that to you Every word of mine bears your reflection I think with those words I’ll picture you

  • बड़े अजीब होते है कुछ रिश्ते निभाए तो यूँ लगता है कि रोज क़त्ल होता है मेरा निभाए अगर तो नज़रे नहीं मिला पाते खुद से

Some relationships are strange It seems to be so My soul’s being butchered everyday in exchange Even then I try meet expectations upto I can’t do anything else cause I’m unable to change

Review and ratings:

  • A must read even if you can’t read Hindi script, the English one is also great!
  • Easily readable lines and languages, nothing complicated in there.
  • Nicely scripted and organised e-book.
  • Ratings- 4.5-5! You can buy the kindle edition or the e-book for 49INR by clicking here!

XploreBharat blog train!

Hey travel loving Indian bloggers out there! Do you think you have enough experience or love of your travel diaries to joy it down in a blog? Or have some sweet lite memories that you would love to share with the world around? How about getting those lovey pictures of beautiful destinations across India getting viewed and loved by all Indian across the planet!

Well, we team 11 members of the proud blogbooster group bring along an Indian originated train just for Indian destinations to be covered for all Indian travel loving bloggers out there! You just have to board the train and pick up your favourite destination and write all about it you can and be a part of this 70 days blog train! Sounds cool isn’t it? So just fill in the below form after checking the recules mentioned below and get yourself included in the much happening Indian blogtrain!


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Travel aspirations for new year!

New year resolutions all planned? Are all your resolutions dedicated just to your eating and living habits? Yeah? Thought so! That’s the food for your body, but what about your soul food? Ok! I get it. Lot of you are planning to depend some ME time for yourself or give an ample of time snatched from your daily routines to your yogas and meditations. But, is it enough? Enough to kill those piling up stress because of your sooo busy lifestyles and the continues struggle to manage to let those new year resolutions stay intact in the course of time!

Obviously, it ain’t enough! That’s why travelling from time to time in regular intervals is preferred to get you a better hang of your life and give your self some time to let your life and the situations connected to it get sorted better. That’s the reason I always resolve to travel atleast a little throughout the year between some gaps. Simply to get my life sorted the better way, to evolve myself as a better person able to deal better. To explore more of the charismatic universe around me. To know how the other side of the globe lives and can I adjust in the same situation too?

As a travel blogger, I always am in the struggle to find new places which I haven’t been before. Which has that charm to woo me up, the newness in it to refresh me and so much more that’s still unsaid because I haven’t been to these places before, isn’t it!

For this year, I aspire to explore more hilly ranges of Himalayas which are away hidden under the shelters of Nepal! Do you know, a great amount of unseen snow clad Himalayas comprise a beautiful destination at Nepal and is often visited only by adventurous tourists? The local tourists are yet to explore the stunning beauty here. This year, I plan to take a tour and indulge in this serene beauty of Himalayas.

I even have a wish to visit Jaisalmer, the beautiful dessert in the middle of Rajasthan that lets you feel the beauty of those dry desserts. The dessert safari, the local life out there, the historical qillas, there’s so much to explore!

Greece is another such location that attracts me towards it! Couldn’t define why, but those stories of those handsome Greek Gods have always been a keen interest for me since childhood. Those cultural richness in the infrastructure of this country is another reason for it being in my wish list. And of-course! Who wouldn’t like to adore that natural blessed beauty of this country.

Russia has been in my aspiration lists since the end of last year and I’ve resolved to visit the place in the late winters of this year. Apart from their snowy beauty, I think the fact that I’m learning their language and would love to know more about the lifestyles of the locals here makes it in my Wishlist for travel. I would definitely love to see the practical side of all my theory classes and experience a most chilled winter over here.

These are just a part of my new year aspirations which are on the top of the list! If you know me correctly, you’d definitely be knowing what kind of a greedy soul I am when it comes to travelling. There’s always a room for a quick holiday and vacation with my family even when my schedule is tightly packed and I intend to increase that quality holiday time this year! Well, that’s my new year resolution. A resolution of a travel freak and wanderlust!

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Extra Gentle variant by India’s Leading Baby Wipes Brand Mother Sparsh: 99% Unscented Water Wipes

The Sparsh!

Touch, the very first sense that a baby can feel after birth! The Sparsh or touch that depicts the care and comfort the child can get from somebody. The feeling that ultimately makes the little one feel at home, feel loved! This touch on the baby should be as soft, as delicate as the baby’s skin itself! The best care for this soft skin should be given in order to keep the baby safe, comfortable and happy.

C:\Users\Prerna-PC\Pictures\Mother Sparsh Uncented Wipes.jpg


That’s where I trust the newly launched premium 99% water wipes from Mother Sparsh. The baby wipes which works soothingly on the baby’s skin and makes them feel clean and cared at the same time. These thicker baby wipes makes them extremely comfortable for the baby’s skin and prevents any kind of harsh effects on the baby’s skin. The natural ingredients used in these wipes make it more trustful and totally safe to use without any side effects.

Neonate skin care!

For all those mummies looking for extra tender care for their premature born babies, this product is something extremely useful and trusted. Made with the finest natural plant fabric, these 99% pure water those are free from harmful ingredients like paraben, alcohol, sulphates, fragrances, etc. That makes it totally safe to be used on delicate skin of Neonate. The quality of fabric being three times thicker than any other ordinary wipes is another quality that makes it better for neonate babies.


No harsh fragrances!

As Mother Sparsh baby wipes contain no fragrance at all, they are their most natural form with nothing to cause discomfort to the child, not even any scent or fragrance which can otherwise cause some breathing or allergic issues in babies. These #UnscentedWaterWipes provide the best, gentle care for your baby’s skin.


Plant derived natural fabric!

They say nothing cares for the humans more as the nature cares for them! Hence, a natural source is the best ingredient to be used in a baby’s skin care. That’s one of the reason, Mother Sparsh uses 100% natural ingredient, plants to make these #SensitiveWipes. Derived from the plants, they give the best care to the cottony soft skin of the babies and leaning them gently.

Best care for hands and face!

Face is the gentlest part of the body. Its skin being very sensitive is more prone to allergies as compared to other parts of the body. Thus, choosing anything for face care is a serious issue. And when it comes for babies, it’s a matter of extra concern. With Mother sparsh 99% water wipes, you can be sure of it as water is its main constituent and prevents all kinds of allergies and reactions on the baby’s skin. Thus, it makes it suitable to be used on any part of the child, even on hands and face.


Moisture lock packaging!

The Mother sparsh water wipes come with plastic lid on the pack that makes it shut for any kind of germs and dust. It also makes it easy to use, keeps it safe longer and makes it travel convenient.


Mother Sparsh to Mother Earth

Mother Sparsh 99% unscented water wipes are formulated with only natural and organic contents which makes it 100% biodegradable. These wipes are not only kind on baby’s skin but on environment too.


I recommend MotherSparsh!

Because of the various reasons specified above and the personal experience of using it on my baby, as a mother, I would definitely recommend it as safer use products for your baby! I liked the soft cottony feel of it on my baby’s soft skin and how it cleans deeply without any harsh rash or any strong scent or fragrance to make my little one uncomfortable. This is truly the gentlest care your bundle of joy can have, the best touch, the best sparsh, Mother Sparsh!