Let’s TUBBR to trend!

Hey you all instagram and tiktok addicts! Hope you’re reading! Do you get satisfaction after posting a single post daily on your social media channels? Do you get carried away with some likes on your posts or you’re the one doing a happy dance after every fan you get on your tiktok page? How about if I tell you you’re going to get your own personal social networking app for yourself! The one app that has your various sides of personality shadowed through it’s various walls. The app that lets you share your each moment of your life and that too all categorised in different sections as you desire. The app that lets you flaunt your micro blogging or influencing skills to your desired audiences in the most systematic and safe way. Tempting isn’t it? Well, let’s hear about TUBBR today!

What’s TUBBR??

Well, it’s the most recent, more happening and most fastest downloadable app in trends nowadays! It’s an amazing app that helps you unleash your panoramic personality through it’s different walls all customised and personalised through you, yourself! This app allows you to bring the influencer out by clicking and uploading those hundreds of pics and gets them all placed in their own proper walls and gets them the destined viewers they deserve.

How do you use TUBBR!

TUBBR is a cake walk is an understatement, mind you! It’s actually a cake dance! The most fun and easiest way to create your walls by just a touch, naming it of your choice( please don’t keep those boring names like food, fashion, etc. making it exciting like saba’s fooderies, the wanderlust me, etc) and describing those walls in your own unique words and Tadaa! Your wall is created! Now get posting your favourite pictures from your galleries that’s related to that wall. Ah yes! You can even add your blog link if it’s from your blog or your instagram link for that matter. Not to forget getting your location also saved in your pics that helps your subscribers know where exactly you clicked that pic at!

Now get creating as many walls as you like and get addicted to adding those wonderful pics in it. You also keep on getting new subscribers as and when you post something who would just love your uploads and like them or even react or comment on them. Well, you can start counting your likes here as well! Shhh!! You can keep your secret walls private too. Don’t let all peak in your personalised walls. While those you wanna just show up, come on! Let it be public and famous.

What do I do at TUBBR?

Well, I am an explorer! I love to explore everything about food, fashion, travel, beauty, etc. and not to forget I am a mommy too! So I just love to share my cute little moments wit my kiddos as well. Hence, I have a jolly great time uploading all my day to day activities and food pictures along with my travel collections and mother journeys that I share on my different walls. You can easily find my walls if you search for When saba tries mothering, saba’s foodventures, when saba’s Globetrotting, saba’s health advices, saba’s whereabouts, saba’s fashionfiestas, saba’s beauty preferences and more are going to be coming soon. I just can’t get enough of sharing my collection with my subscribers there. And why not? They seem to love and react my each story on almost on each of my wall. What more does a blogger and an influencer wants than loads of love and appreciation!

TUBBR is where I got my dream audiences. The one app that lets each side of my personality reflect through my walls. The one app that happily accepts my personality as that being of a versatile characteristic and getting me climb higher in my journey of inspiring others.

Oops! Still thinking? Wait, you want to check out the app and you can’t download it right? Don’t fret! As it’s precious, so it’s special and it available commonly yet. I can let you get it by just clicking on my access code PFPZ84 and download it to lead others and make your mark in this astounding rocking app before others do. Hurry! I’ve just got a hundred lucky and precious invites and most of them are used already. You don’t want to lag behind in this race of influencing right?? Don’t wait, let’s TUBBR it now! Check the video here!

First time mums and mothersparsh!

Pregnancy nausea

The first nausea, the first dilemma in life that leaves you both scared and excited at the same time, those first tears you get in your eyes that’s not because of pain, but something eternally devine! Those sleepless, restless nights which have loads of promises of happiness attached to it. Those moments of uncomfortable and weird things happening to yourself but you love them all the same. Those times when someone’s kick never hurts you, and finally that time when the most severe pains in the hospital doesn’t make you weak, rather evolve you as a stronger person, a better version of yourself, a mother!

First time mum

Yes, I am talking about the epic journey of pregnancy commencing with those nauseas and ending with a bundle of joy wrapped in your arms. Remember, the feeling when you smell the sweet scent of the little one and felt your fragrance get reflected in another human being? Do you recollect the first feeling of considering yourself more than a woman, loving yourself as a mother of somebody?

First time Mums

The fear that arises simultaneously with this unique excitement is natural. You suddenly get a small being in your hand who’s totally dependent upon you even for their minute needs. That fear you feel first time in your life very severely. But, that’s where your strength evolves too. You decide to care for the little one more than yourself and suddenly you are engrossed in their needs more than of your own.

That’s motherhood! The limitless caring and love for your baby and the feeling to make the world stoop to your child’s happiness and needs. While you are busy recovering from your post pregnancy changes of your body, you also are busy in meeting the unstoppable demands of this innocent little fellow. The support you get in this time of your life is precious and totally unforgettable throughout your life. Not anyone except the most trusted people of your life are permitted to help you in this journey of motherhood.

That’s when you even choose the baby products you use for the baby with so much care and the brand that you trust the most. It’s not a surprise that the products you use for the baby are those which are delicate on their skin, just as the babies are! Care for their newly soft skin, just as you care for them. Feels on their body just as a mother’s touch, a mother’s Sparsh!

Mother Sparsh water wipes

That’s what I trust the most when it comes to my little angel, Mother Sparsh. A baby care products brand that’s renown for being gentle on my baby’s skin and carry no harmful chemicals that could adverse effect on her skin. The first ever watery wipes from Mother’s Sparsh gently cleanses her delicate skin while leaving a soft fragrance thus guaranteeing hundred perfect safe and hygienic for my little one. Those wipes which are paraben and alcohol free, hypoallergenic, PH balanced and hence prevents even the remotest chances of diaper rashes. That leaves me so relieved when it comes to skin care and diaper cleaning process of my baby.Its definitely  the touch that I trust! The first touch that touches my baby the same way I do, with care, with gentleness!

5 Home Decor ideas to Glorify your Diwali!

Home decor ideas

When festivities knock your doors, it’s your duty to make your home look the best to welcome them with a beautiful charm! Let’s look around for some latest trends in home decor for 2018 which can beautify your house better and give your guests something to gaze at when they visit you during Diwali.



Chandeliers are something that seem to add the glow to your whole room to give it the finishing look! The latest trends in chandeliers includes of the new metal range of chandeliers which give your living room the vintage look redefined in the best way. The over the table chandeliers with the glittering sliver look is what you need to give your homes the party look during this Diwali.

Artificial plantations

Artificial plants in home decor

The one more thing that’s more in trends recently in home decors is artificial plantation. These plants look natural and refreshing when they hung over your walls to give your homes a green house look and doesn’t need much maintenance too. These plantations are also available in creepers form which if counted appropriately at your living rooms can intensify your decor. The short plantations available in various flower forms does look beautiful when places in kids room or studies or personal bedrooms.

Wall stickers

Wall stickers Wall stickers in home decor

Wall stickers are best in budgets home decor. They tend to give your rooms your choice of look with perfection and look great on your walls. You can give your rooms the funky look, the natural look or the animated look you need for your kid’s room.

Funky coloured armchairs!

Bright coloured armchairs Armchairs in home decor

Nowadays these chairs with bright colours and soft backrests look super comfy and admirable in your living rooms. These chairs look awesome in every corner of your home and give your homes the bright, peppy look you aspire!

Wooden artistic show pieces!

Wooden showpieces Woods art pieces in show pieces

Some creative art pieces made from raw wood, unpolished and undecorated, totally in its natural form tend to make great show pieces in home decors! These unique pieces of wood are low in maintenance and last longer.

So this Diwali, revamp your homes in the most amazing way and welcome your happiness with style!

Waiting for ISHQ part 3!

Read the first and second part!

It was their waleema function, the feast kept after a marriage. She was sitting in a crowd of cousins and girls from neighbourhood, decked up in a red Indian attire and of all them talking and giggling unnecessarily around her. “God knows what kind of bride blushes and smiles in these kind of weird discussions.” She herself was smiling forcefully. Just then he entered with a small bunch of young men. Looking classy in a royal blue kurta pyjama. There was a hush and bush around her, “come let’s vacant the adjacent seat, jiju has come.” Someone called up from the crowd and she gazed up at him. She was totally struck by the aura of excellence as he walked with long strides towards her and looked straight towards her. “Wow! Jiju is looking so handsome!” Another shriek from the crowd as he came closer.

He was walking as if in a magical spell literally staring towards her. She was looking gorgeous in red was a small word. And when she looked up at him, something made him stare straight in to her eyes and left him perplexed as he walked towards her and sat by her side unaware that he was surrounded by so many people around.

“Di, what did you get as your gift for wedding night?” One of the eager girls asked her while she slowly showed her ring to them. ” Wow Nazm, a diamond ring! Looks like jiju has been really impressed with your beauty to gift you this.” Gazal shrieked. “Not impressed Gazal, awestruck is the word.” Even he was in his naughtiest mood today while she glared at him sharply on his dialogue as the girls started laughing. “Oh! Was is two sided jiju or just your feelings are you sharing?” The questions were increasing. “Hmm… that’s something even I am trying to guess! But her expressions clearly say that even she shared the same feeling, isn’t it!” The last line was said a little lightly in her ears which made her glare at him more. “What nonsense! You know that’s not true.” She whispered between clenched teeth slowly with that smile still on it’s place on her lips. “Truth, my dear! I can clearly see in your eyes.” This forced her to look towards him and immediately look away blushing, his gaze was intense and with so much warmth in it that she couldn’t look at them straight. “Saw! I got the answer. Your face says it all now.” He said softly in a warm tone that made her heart beat even faster. Just then Phuppo came in with some guests and looked extremely relieved to see them talking softy and her reaction on it. “What a beautiful pair, I wanted to see this day since ages. I am so glad you both are happy together.” She kisses them both and blessed them.

From the next day onwards, he had to continue office as this was a sudden marriage and his work was all still unplanned. When he announced this on the breakfast table Phuppo was really angry while she heaved a sigh of relief. “At least his staring eyes will be off from home for some hours.” She thought and he was trying to convince his mother about the same. “What should I understand? Have you seen your newly wedded bride’s face? Look how her face has fallen on the thought of you leaving for office. She’s not even interacting with anyone here since we all gathered.” The attack was sudden and she, who was busy thinking about what great it would be if he went to office was totally struck.

“Oh yes? Then I’ll take her along with me in my office. She can give me company for the whole day in my cabin.” He smiled lightly as he saw her and knew exactly well that his mother has assumed it all wrong. “No thanks! I have lots to do at home today.” She answered him flatly and went straight to her room. She knew if she continued sitting here she would be targeted for the next hour.

After a little while he came towards her and blocked her as she was placing some clothes in the wardrobe. “Are you angry because I am going to office on the third day of our wedding?” He asked her in a strange soft tone. “Why would I be?” She glanced up with a surprise. “Rather I am quite relieved that I’ll get some time off without you!” This made him press his lips tighter together, “fine!” Came the reply and he went straight to get ready for his work without a word.


Life started a little abruptly, but was sailing! He had started with his work while she was continuing her weekly lectures for the course she was going through. They hardly interacted when alone and when with family, he would pass some hidden remarks and comments which only she understood and often blushed in its reaction. In short, always teasing her! That morning Phuppo was quite angry, “you both don’t even look like you’ve been married just a month ago. I have never seen Nazm getting ready in the evening and waiting for you neither have you taken her out somewhere. Is everything ok between both of you?” The question flustered them both. “Ofcourse ammi! It’s just I am so busy in my recent work and she’s tied up in her projects and all. Otherwise everything’s normal.” She nodded eagerly in agreement with his excuse. “I don’t know anything. Today, you’ll have to take her out somewhere. and not just for today, let me see you both going out frequently from now on. These are the days to enjoy, then soon you’ll get a child and then you’ll be all packed up with the little one and hardly get time to enjoy yourselves.” Another sudden turn of discussion which made them stare with a start at each other and this time they both looked away, each embarrassed in a different way. “Ok! Nazm, get ready by 7, we’ll be going out today.” Saying this, he left for the office.

“Nazm, I told you to get ready by 7 and it’s already half and hour above it. How much time you need more?” He came bursting in the room and stopped dead seeing her look so pretty in a light green dress with her hair loose and even she stopped dead with a straightening machine in her hand to turn towards him. “Just a minute more. I am just tying my hair and then we can leave.” She said slowly confused with the way her was looking at her. Even in the mirror, she could see him staring at her as she was fidgeting to get her hair tied. When he slowly came very near to her and said softly in her ears, “let them be open. You look beautiful with them this way.” He softly touched her long hair and tucked away some strands of them from her face while she was getting more nervous with all these closeness and his sudden remark and more importantly, the strange magnetic feeling between them which made her heart beat without brakes.

That evening, after years may be, they talked liked good friends. Both of them opening up with each other about their work and studies and views about the world.


“You want to go where?” Her father was totally shocked at the breakfast table, so were others. “Simla Abbu! It’s a two weeks camp for my course and very important for this year.” She answered normally. “Ok! So you both can go. As it is you’ve not gone anywhere for your honeymoon. You can extend the stay for it.” He said it lightly while her eyes flew open. “Wow! A honeymoon in Simla. You never told me Nazm, you wanted to go there for our honeymoon. We would have gone! Still, we can make it a month long trip, what say?” He seemed to be ultra happy or may be was teasing her as usual. “No abbu! How can he come? It’s a women only camp and in a women’s hostel.” She stared at him crossly as she replied to her father. “No worries! We can book a hotel or villa and you can go there when it’s needed.” This man had an answer to everything. “Actually it’s a camp not a college! So, the workshops can be starting at any time, on and off you see. So can’t do that too!” She gave him the news flatly. “So, forget it! You are not going. Either we are going together, or you aren’t going!” This sparked her totally, how dare he! “This is very important camp for my career and I am going. Why are you stopping me?” She started to argue when Abbu calmed them both down,”Ok Nazm! You can go, but take Gazal along with you. She can do the sightseeing during that period and two are always better than one, all right?”

“Oh thanks Abbu, this is great!” Both the sisters jumped with joy and bubbling, they both went inside. She showed him a thumbs down sign as she ran in.

“Uncle? Why did you allow her alone.” He asked him accusingly while Mr. khan turned towards him calmly and said, “sit down young man! It’s time we had a man to man talk!” The dangerous tone that always captured him to talk freely with him and let him know all his doubts!

“I know everything is not like a usual husband and wife between you as you both show!” Zeeshan was shocked, he started to defend when he raised his hand and told him to stop. “I have raised you both my boy! Can understand what’s going on and it’s entirely normal. You will take time. But, do you know what my experience of years say? It clearly can see how much you both love each other! It’s just that you both can’t understand your own feelings. That’s why I permitted to let her go away from you. Some time alone, and she’ll know what’s she’s missing in life. Do you know separation in love from the one whom you love teaches you to love them more? Let her go, I am sure, when she’ll be back, you both will know where you both stand!” He went away explaining him as he slowly moved towards his room.

She was busy packing her stuff as she was to leave the next day itself. She heard him come to the room and thought of teasing him more with his plans being a flop of going with her. But something in the intensity of which he looked at her got her dumb. He continued walking towards her and she was walking backwards when a wall tuned out to be a dead end for both. He brought his face more closer towards her, “will you be able to live without me?” The question was soft, simply said but touched some chord within her deeply, “ofcourse! That’s why I filled the form. So that I can live without you for sometime with ease.” “Hmm why do I feel you are going to miss me like crazy?” He touched her cheeks with the back of his hands lightly but this made her heart thump aloud, ” again a misconception from your side. That’s never going to happen.” “May be! But I am going to surely miss you like mad and will wait for your return.” He said slowly looking in her eyes, kissed her lightly on her forehead and went away. She remained shocked with a thumping heart, unnerved soul and a crazy sense of leaving everything behind.


Next morning he couldn’t be seen. She was searching for him around as she sat in the car. Abbu and Phuppo bid her good bye but he wasn’t there in sure and neither did someone talked about him. She felt extremely strange, as if she’s leaving a part of herself behind…. “Nazm, jiju gave this to you!” Gazal gave her an envelope and continued gazing back at the streets from the car window as she opened it slowly with a beating heart. There, in his beautiful bold writing was written….

Shaam ke ujalo mein

Apne narm hathon se

Koi bolti Khushboo

Koi sochta lamha

Jab bhi likhna chahoge

Soch ke dareecho Se

Yaad ke hawalon se

Mera naam chup chup kar

Tumko yaad ayega!

Shaam theher jayegi

Haath kaanp jayege

Mera naam chup chup kar tumko yaad ayega

Sham theher jayegi….

Sham theher jayegi….,

Read the next part here!

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How to make a Style statement with perfect fashion accessories!

Your style defines how you carry the timely fashion along!

That’s what I believe in strongly! Fashion is revolutionary, it keeps on moving in a rotating circle creating some drastic differences in trends and styles! But, no matter how much trendy your attire be, if you can’t carry it with a majestic charm, it’s all a waste! That’s where your style statement matters! The unique way in which you pair your accessories and twist your style, creates the stirring difference you desire! Let’s today, read some quick tips that can help you create an awe-inspiring fashion statement and make you stand out in a crowd!

Multiple chain necklaces!

Seen enough of those long and short chains tangled together and joint with a common pendant through those magazine pages. It’s all a vogue nowadays! Just choose your favourite coloured stone pendant, try some multiple shaped chains and brace them together to get a perfect necklace to make your even plain dress look all the glamorous and classy! An extra long necklace with your luck hung on it that carries your zodiac charm, or favourite colour highlighted through your choice of ruby, it all gives that extra spark to your dressing style as you flaunt your favourite neck piece elegantly!

Belt up your style!

Do you know the one thing common in the New York fashion walk this year? It was the belts! Those bewitching, clasping belts just above the waistline or on it, either ways gives a upper level look to your attire! From trousers, to sundresses! Jumpsuits to gowns, all create an appealing look of hooked with an exquisite looking belt clunged on them.

Heel them smartly!

We are not joking when we say that see through shoes and heels are grabbing attention more than celebrity weddings are doing this year! Either you can pair a simple transparent heeled sandals with any of your dress to give it a classy look, or choose a see through shoes along with your chic dress to give yourself a classy add on your style! Also, the mighty pumps are the best to represent your whole self with a touch of delicacy plus fanciable look on it!

Clutch it well!

The best company a woman can flaunt anywhere and everywhere proudly is a perfect arm candy! The more elegant your clutch looks, the more smashing your persona would look! Match it or contrast it with the colour of your attire and make a ravishing embarkment on the crowd! Whether it’s stone studded or flower embossed, they should be the real crowd captivator! If you think clutching is too much of a task for your style, try slinging them around your arms! Even those create the ravishing effects on gazers.

The one name that’s evolving in the world of exquisite clutches sandbags is embrayage.lux! Their especially designed, individually customised and exclusively made clutches intensify your glamorous look as you flaunt these beautiful creations! Either personalise your purses with your name carved on it, or customise them to match your designer outfit,or simply carry the stone studded precious one to make your presence felt upon masses! Some enchanting, attractive bags can also play a promising role in beautifying your presence with the help of a stunning arm candy!

With these points all jotted down firmly in your style diary, I am pretty sure you are ready to hit the next bash with a clash of fashion fusion wit the best accessories making an impressive style statement!

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Home Remedies for Pregnancy nausea!

Pregnancy, a stage in a woman’s life that has so much more strings to attached to it! The journey that’s nine months long and makes you experience a new feeling each day. No two woman can say they had the same pregnancy period, neither can a same woman say she had the same issues with all her multiple pregnancies. Each baby gives her mommy a different time.

Similarly, there are always certain discomforts during pregnancy that a would be mother experiences. The feeling of these nine months and whatever she goes through during this time is unexplainable, undefinable. Though, the labour pains are highlighted massively, no one understands the pain that a woman bears during the entire period of nine months!

While the problems are innumerable, you can’t solve them all with medicines as medicines are often avoided during pregnancies as they can have some adverse and major effects on the baby. Hence, comes the lifesavers, the home remedies for pregnancy issues! These tips and cures doesn’t need you to hit any store or pharmacy, just need your kitchen stocks and are super light on your health and are extremely beneficial to treat the problems during pregnancy.

Honey lemon and ginger ale

We all know the common issues of nausea-tic feelings or morning sickness during the early terms of pregnancy. For some these stretch for three months, for few till six and for a handful the nausea lasts till the baby’s delivery. You just can’t keep taking tablets for the same for such long period. Well, during these times, this solution does the magic. Just pour some warm water or it can be on room temperature too, add in a teaspoon on honey, half lime’s juice and few strands of shredded ginger. If you have complexities, you can avoid the ginger during first three months.

Sugar cane juice

Do you know, a lot of vomiting during pregnancy often reduces your glucose level in the body and hence increases the nausea-tic feelings more? What’s more natural and best for glucose rebuilding than a fresh glass of sugarcane juice. You can have it chilled for better comfort in case you don’t already suffer from cold.

Milk- water and rose water solution!

Often, those vomiting during pregnancy are followed with severe problems of acidity and heart burn. And in most cases, it’s incurable no matter whatever you have! At least, you can relieve it with this solution. Add 1:4 ratio of chilled milk and water wherein, milk should be one part and water it’s third and add few drops of rose water. You can also add Roohafza sherbet if you like and drink it. This would definitely make you feel better and relieve that acidic attacks for some hours.

Ice cubes!

Ice cubes are the best comfort candies when you feel uncomfortable during pregnancy. Just take some cubes and let it stay in your mouth for certain seconds, you can keep a glass with you to take it again for some time. This surely makes a huge difference against that nausea feeling.

Citric fruits

During pregnancy, citric fruits or their juices are the best natural remedies to cure nausea. They instantly relieve the uncomfortable feelings and are also full of vitamins and essential nutrients.

Well, now we have some great home remedies that would certainly help you a lot to cure the morning sicknesses and nausea during pregnancy.

P.S. sharing these tips with the experience of my own during my three pregnancies!

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Are we free? Really?

Just days back we celebrated our 72nd Independence Day! From all those lengthy Independence Day speeches, to the most creative Independence Day quotes! We have celebrated it with lots of vigour and excitement. Not to forget all those patriotic forward messages and images on freedom that were so frequently circulated all over the social media.

But the question is, how can we scream of happy Independence Day while we are still caged in the prison of traditional values and systems that have been slaving us since centuries? Just how can we shout out that we are free when our judgements are still bottled up to what our Society used to think about years ago and we still think the same? How can a country celebrate it’s s Independence Day when half of it’s population is still deprived of basic meals twice a day? Where in, these kids may not get food at regular intervals, but they easily get access to drugs and become an addict to it even before crossing their teens!

A nation that prides of being the largest practiser of democracy and human trafficking as well! Isn’t it strange? Where humans are sold in just a price of hundreds, not even thousands or lakhs. Is human life of no value in a country that has been independent since decades?

We are a nation where in dowry is the prevailing factor in fixing a marriage and later breaking it. Where in caste system still determines a persons educational and family life thereafter. Where child marriage and labour are still crossing paths in many states. A country that worships the women deities and where many women are degraded physically daily and they still have to be caged in their own house so that no one knows that they have victimised.

On what basis can we call ourselves free when still blame the victim more than the attacker and harass her to death! Just how much we deserve to be called free when our female children don’t even have the freedom to be born? They are killed inside the womb mostly and later even if they survive, they are either given away or sold out.

It is sarcastic how we are moving towards the IOT and satellites on one hand and on the other hand, we are dividing the united country on the basis of the food they eat. Does a free or independent nation steeps so low that they judge your character or persona on the basis of attire you wear?

What’s the use of being independent when we are so much dependent on our mentalities dating back to the uneducated ancestors to live a life of an educated person in a progressing country. Do you actually think these slaves of our society won’t revolt? Just like our leaders revolted years back against the biased rulers of our country, so will these slaves of society revolt one day. They’ll break the barriers hindering their progress and set themselves free.

But for this revolt, we need to wake up! We need to understand that freedom doesn’t just mean that you no longer have the reigning power on top of your head, it’s actually setting each and every citizen of the country free. It’s getting each of them uncaged from the prison of society that doesn’t even let them breathe according to their wish. It’s making our country so safe for every woman and children that they can move freely in their nation. It’s about changing our outlook towards others in the practical way and not judge others on the basis of what our traditions told us!

We could actually call ourselves free when each Indian stops asking himself this question, Are we free? really?

The Independence Blog Train has been hosted by Foodietweeter and Prettylilthings  and should not be repurposed, republished or used otherwise. Thanks Vidya for introducing me and get ready to read an interesting post by Shilpa in the next journey!

Getting ready for #MyFriendAlexa!

So, it’s the first time for me! I am all nervous and confused and searching all those articles on Alexa rank and browsing through twitter with the hashtag, #MyFriendAlexa and literally spamming blogchatter team there with my queries! Thanks God their patient and didn’t block me for this!

But I guess, I have got the main idea digested! It’s a blogging festival! A big one! That’ll eventually help me get a higher performance for my blog and not to forget getting the better ranking at its highness, Alexa. The lower I rank at Alexa, the higher I rank in the blogging world. Plus the interactions and genuine feedback’s I would be getting on my blog would be another positive factor to look forward to.

What’s more? For the love of reading, I get to read some varied works of numerous bloggers all so experienced and amazing writers because of this fest. A minimum of eight or many in one or many niches are welcome here too.

I guess, I should dedicate my September to a month full of variety of niches covered in this blogging fest. I would start a chain of blogs with genres and cover almost all aspects of lifestyle and other niches while we complete the fest. For example, my first blog would be on pregnancy stages while second can be on fashion styles. I can dedicate my third one for food and the fourth one for technology. Similarly, writing on travel for the fifth and finance for the sixth would be a great choice too. I am planning to let my seventh post be dedicated to food and eighth one for travel! Who knows I may even cross the eight figure and write more! May be the ninth one would be on parenting and tenth one can be on home decor ideas and I can even write an eleventh on fiction and more on parenting and more.

Let see if these ideas work and I can survive through this challenge after the A2Z challenge! Wish me luck and stay tuned for a month full of varied and exciting posts!

Unclog Your Baby’s Discomfort!

Babies and blocked nose!

A happy baby is a happy you! And for the baby to be at their best moods, they require proper and comfortable sleep and regular meals. And what not does a mother do to keep her baby happy!  But those days when your baby gets affected with rhinitis, those are the most difficult days and nights for the parents and the babies. They tend to cry a lot at short intervals during night time because they can’t sleep as the blocked nose discomforts them then.

Effects on rhinitis on kids!

Well, we all know that babies and toddlers are obligatory breathers, this adds in to sleep deprivation during blocked nose. This in turn makes them cranky during the daytime too. And because of this blocked nose the kids fuss a lot while having their meals too. It’s often seen that the children start losing weight regularly when they face rhinitis as it effects both their sleep and meal cycle largely. Even older children seem to feel down when they have rhinitis. They end up with distracted study habits and lesser play time with frequent mood swings too.

Parent’s take on curing rhinitis!

As parents you turn your attention towards various home remedies and medication for your child’s comfort. Some of us trust the grandma’s all time solution of turmeric milk that relieves the cold hence ultimately the congested nose in some days. While some parents believe a saline water provides relief here too. Vaporisers are also considered as one of the healers for blocked nose.

Nasivion is good too!

One of these remedies that have proved effective and providing comfort in most cases of rhinitis is NASIVION® 0.01 % & NASIVION® 0.025 % which are Well-tolerable and provide efficacious relief from rhinitis especially for little ones. These drops when given in proper dosage, that is, Nasivion® 0.01 % nasal drops for infants up to 1 year of age helps in relieving blocked noses hence it’s a fast-acting decongestant. With Oxymetazoline being its ingredient, Nasivion provides relief to block nose issues in baby in the minimum of time soothing them mildly, thus giving them the innocent care they need. For children aged between 1 to 6 years only, instill 1-2 drops into each nostril 2-3 times per day can proof effective too.

Doctors first!

For all these blocked nose relievers you are using on your child, make sure you consult your doctor before the usage. They can even change the above mentioned dosage as per the age and health of the child. Don’t let rhinitis hinder your child’s growth and playfulness, provide them the gentle and effective care they need!

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I grew up….

She felt the chill pass through her veins when the drop kissed her forehead! Then came another, one more and tip, tip, tip, the rain started. She veiled her face with her file and ran to the nearest small local cafe. People were already rushing to get saved from rains. Luckily, she caught a chair at a small table and ordered tea. She gazed out, sighed, it’s rains again, already! No wonder the scorching heat was unbearable but the rains, more nuisance. Stressed! She felt, deep in her thoughts, she gazed out.

That feeling when the room went dark and she was sneaking out of the window to find the grey formation of clouds around and screeching with delight watching them,”Mummy, it’s going to start raining, yay! Yay!” And this catching a glimpse of dark clouds and crying out silently,” The trains are going to be late, shit!” She grew up!

Opening up her little palms, enjoying the kisses of those cold droplets on her hands, trying to collect them all in her tiny clutches and now wiping her hands as soon as they got wet from rains, she grew up!

Closing her eyes, giving in herself to the sky, let the clouds get a better view of her face as they pour some rainy love on it to now shielding it with something so that her make up didn’t fade away, she grew up! I bet her wet innocence was more attractive than her dry make up!

Splash! Splash! One foot after the other and giggling loudly as she dashed through the paths after her friends to now double folding her denims and keeping each step lightly so that don’t even the slippers get some dirt of the rainy streets, She grew up!

Dancing freely to get more wetter than she already was to now hugging herself even more so as to avoid the drenched form, she grew up!

From enjoying the rainy long days from within the window to worrying about getting the washed clothes dry, she grew up!

A sigh passed her lips as she frowned thinking, the rains are the same as they were then, the grey colour of the clouds when it’s about to rain has been their tradition since infinity, the green grasses getting soft and muddy and the formation of those tiny puddles have been as it has been since years! Then what changed? Why can’t the rains now be the same as they were then?

what made her actually grow up? She glanced at the watch hanging, time? Time just passes, growing up is mandate, but time doesn’t restrict you from enjoying something that’s naturally beautiful! Then what? She saw the rush, she knew the answer already!!

The voices were clear even today, “wash off your feet, you splashed the whole puddle on your legs, wash them vigorously.” “Shhh! Don’t scream on just the sounds of the rains, so silly it looks!” “Why did you get drenched? You should have stood under some roof.” “Hey, change fast.You’ll catch cold otherwise.” These statements, these repeated commands, some way or another left a mark on her memory and ultimately her life.

It was the society! The society that forced her to grow up, the people around who created norms and broke them according to their conveniences and carved the same prints to the younger minds, just because they have been passed the inheritance of the same. This society which gradually changed the fun associated with nature into nuisance and the growing minds readily agreed to it and grew up defining it the same way to carry this tradition forward.

Growing up doesn’t means giving up joy and innocence, it’s rather a process to increase the same by passing it out to others. She stood up, smiled widely and knew what to do next!

The small crowd gathered near the cafe were smiling watching the lady who was enjoying rains with little kids of the area, as if she was one if them, as if she wasn’t a grown up!