Xplorabox- The best way to keep your child away from gadgets!

Twenty first century kids are better known as digital kids! The ones who are always engrossed in gadgets to kill the times or rather to waste it. Parents are always concerned in keeping them off these gadgets to avoid the severe consequences following the digital addiction. But around 80% of these parents aren’t successful for the same. Most of the times they aren’t getting the perfect methods to replace the gadgets which should be compatible enough to occupy the kids and couldn’t quench their thirst for creativity.

Under these circumstances, Xplorabox comes to our rescue! They have got a range of creative mind games for kids of all ages which leaves them little or no time to grab those gadgets. They offer monthly subscription boxes of various themes in justified rates and not even a single theme is repeated . Thus, the kids get a monthly dose of creative games to keep them occupied and test their skills and even intensify it.

I tried their September subscription box of little space traveller for my daughter. Its the best one to keep a five year old naughty tot totally occupied and busy. The easiest way to let them know how to expire space and get some more education of the solar system. I just loved how it was packed systematically in which each different game was neatly wrapped in a different, convenient packaging with an instruction manual along with it.

The games in it included of:

Monster Mania game

Xplorabox Monster mania game

A super easy game that helps the kids interact better with their friends or siblings as they stack up the cards and arrange the cards to compete in a winning battle. It helps in enhancing their fine motor skills, problem solving skills, analytical skills and social plus emotional skills.

Space activity board

XploraboxSpace activity board

The kids in this game, get a stack of cards through which they find the flash cards and place them perfectly on the solar system board. A very good way to get their fine motor skills, reading skills, analytical skills and academic skills perfected.


Xplorabox Make my UFO

A pretty easy and creative technique to create an alien through the hints and the parts provided. This helps them to get their fine motor skills, creative skills and social/emotional skills updated.

My beautiful Earth

Xplorabox My beautiful earth

It’s a step by step guide for your kids to learn the earth’s rotation better. With the help of those materials present, they can easily create the solar system demo and explain it all to you. It helps in developing their fine motor skills, creative skills, social and emotional skills and academic skills.



They sent a partly prepared telescope with glasses needed for it and the child have to attach it to get the best result and tada my daughter is with her telescope in the balcony searching for comets each evening.

That’s was keeping my little one all hooked up recently and getting more knowledge on our solar system and space and she’s bubbling with joy and is full of praises for this game. I am sure all those parents with little ones are getting tempted to try this out for sure.

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Waiting for ISHQ last part!

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And… she went! He saw the car glide smoothly from his driving seat. He intentionally didn’t come to meet her, wanted to know if she missed him at the time of going or was relieved to see him not in sight. He suddenly felt all shattered knowing she didn’t even ask for him or tried to look if he was somewhere near. Slowly, in his own thoughts, he moved towards their room, which was now empty but had her fragrance and feel all in it. He remembered their last moment of closeness. The way he held her towards the wall…. and something caught his eye!

There was a small paper sticked on it. He jumped to grab it and it had her handwritten message that said…

Abhi thehro, abhi kuch din lagege

Wasl ko khwahish banane mein

Tumhe apna samajhne

aur tute dil ko manane mein

Abhi thehro, abhi kuch din lagege.

Rishta-e-benaam ko humnaam karne mein

Kahani ko naye agaaz se anjaam dene mein

Abhi thehro, abhi kuch din lagege.

Abhi hum apni apni khushbuo ko dilon se milne de

Unhe mehsoos karne de

Abhi thehro, abhi kuch din lagege…

“I wish I could know how many days you need!” He sighed! She was strange, first she was adamant to go away from him to get rid of him, now she’s written a note for him so that he won’t feel neglected! Strange, but may be that’s the strange type of love bond they were sharing about which uncle said, which all could understand, can see, but they can’t! Fifteen days!!! He have to wait for those days to know what has life stored in for them ahead.


She didn’t knew why, but life in Simla felt very slow. Although, she was busy on most of the time of the day in workshops and projects and later would go for sight seeing with Ghazal. But somehow, she couldn’t get rid of his thoughts. His smile used to always haunt her dreams, those eyes… she actually felt his eyes on her when she was alone and would suddenly run towards the others to stay away from those. His sentences, his poetries… everything seemed to be surrounding her each moment.

Ghazal often teased her about missing him badly when she used to sway away in her own thoughts while in a middle of a discussion. She used to get several calls of abbu and Phuppo daily, but neither did he call, nor did she did the needful. Often she dialed his number on her mobile, but calling him felt strange somehow. It was she who said him she won’t miss him, remember? And she remembered the way he have told her he’ll miss her a lot. Just the thought of it, got her blushing!


“Nazm! Here’s a courier for you!” Ghazal was too excited. “And guess where it’s come from?” She tried making her cheer from her dull mood when she didn’t respond much for the parcel. “One of the fellow teachers who we have collaborated here?” She was least interested. “Nooo crazy! It’s from jiju!” She shrieked and ran with the huge parcel as she jumped towards her eagerly to know what’s inside when she heard his name. Ghazal gave it back to her after almost half an hour and she was nearly dying of curiosity to know what may be inside for her. She didn’t know why, but just the courier from him was enough to get her excited.

It opened up to a beautiful bunch of red roses arranged in a beautiful unique flower shape and a hand written note with it that said,

Unse kehna koi aj bhi tum bin

Hijr ki jhulasti dopaharo mein jalta rehta hai

Habzada raaton mein palkon se sitare ginta rehta hai

Shaam ke udaas lamho me dariya kinare baith kar tumhe yaad karta hai

Aksar darakhton par tumhara naam likhta aur mitata rehta hai

Hawao se tumhari baatein karta hai

Tumhe laut ane ko kehta hai

Koi tumse bichad ke bahot udaas rehta hai…

Koi tumse bichad ke bahot udaas rehta hai…

Ohh such a poor sad fellow!” Ghazal, who was listening to all of this pretty intently teased her and she ran after her to grab the letter she took away from her!

After that day, she missed him more. Now she started realising, ever her life was incomplete without him. She came to know how much she missed him, loved him may be….


Today’s day was more hectic than usual! Those international clients needed a lot of convincing, time and attention for the latest deal. He had already told his mother and uncle to sleep knowing he would be late today, they have already called him at least five times today. Strange! May be they were just worried about him overdoing this work.

The whole villa was silent and dark, he slowly unlocked the main gate and made his way towards his room. It was lonely in there, but at least her feel was still there to console him. He sighed and unlocked the door only to be shocked that stoped his breath for a minute!

She knew he was at home. She had been back since afternoon today and have convinced Phuppo and abbu not to let him know about her coming back early. She wanted to surprise him, let him know how much she missed him and see the joy on his face on seeing her. But how she’ll say all this to him would be seen later on. He was late than usual. She felt guilty. It was because of her he was avoiding coming at home, because of her that he kept himself engrossed in work so that he won’t miss her. But not after today! She’ll care for him like he deserved. She’ll…. and he unlocked the bedroom door… it was the time to let him know about all this… it was the time to make him feel special… but how….

He was surprised to no bounds when he finally understood what was happening. She was clinging to him, hugging him tightly! He felt numbed as in a second she was in front of him and on another one she was running towards him and on the third hugged him tight. “Nazm, is everything ok? You are back early?” She slowly faced him with a blushed face and eyes that spoke thousands words. Slowly in a soft voice she spoke,

Kabhi tuta nahin mere dil se

Tere khayal Ka tasalsul

Guftugu jiski bhi ho khayal tera his rehta tha.

“If I would have known I would be getting such a great welcome after your workshop, I would have sent you way back! By God! All my tiredness have disappeared in a second.” He said happily and she just smiled with her inner happiness reflecting on her face. “Missed me a lot?” He asked looking in her eyes and she nodded in return and waited for him to say something.

Apni dhadkano me kuch aese mera naam lo

Ye waqt ruk jaye is lamhe ko tham lo

Teri ankho mein aesi jhalak ho mere pyar ki

Sahil pe jaese dhalti haseen sham ho

Lafzon se nahin hota hum se izhar ishq ka

Meri ankhon mein dekh kar khud ko pehchan lo!

He slowly in these beautiful words displayed her his feelings and she knew they didn’t need any formal acceptance to know how much they loved each other! Their ishq spoke with their eyes!

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Waiting for ISHQ part 3!

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It was their waleema function, the feast kept after a marriage. She was sitting in a crowd of cousins and girls from neighbourhood, decked up in a red Indian attire and of all them talking and giggling unnecessarily around her. “God knows what kind of bride blushes and smiles in these kind of weird discussions.” She herself was smiling forcefully. Just then he entered with a small bunch of young men. Looking classy in a royal blue kurta pyjama. There was a hush and bush around her, “come let’s vacant the adjacent seat, jiju has come.” Someone called up from the crowd and she gazed up at him. She was totally struck by the aura of excellence as he walked with long strides towards her and looked straight towards her. “Wow! Jiju is looking so handsome!” Another shriek from the crowd as he came closer.

He was walking as if in a magical spell literally staring towards her. She was looking gorgeous in red was a small word. And when she looked up at him, something made him stare straight in to her eyes and left him perplexed as he walked towards her and sat by her side unaware that he was surrounded by so many people around.

“Di, what did you get as your gift for wedding night?” One of the eager girls asked her while she slowly showed her ring to them. ” Wow Nazm, a diamond ring! Looks like jiju has been really impressed with your beauty to gift you this.” Gazal shrieked. “Not impressed Gazal, awestruck is the word.” Even he was in his naughtiest mood today while she glared at him sharply on his dialogue as the girls started laughing. “Oh! Was is two sided jiju or just your feelings are you sharing?” The questions were increasing. “Hmm… that’s something even I am trying to guess! But her expressions clearly say that even she shared the same feeling, isn’t it!” The last line was said a little lightly in her ears which made her glare at him more. “What nonsense! You know that’s not true.” She whispered between clenched teeth slowly with that smile still on it’s place on her lips. “Truth, my dear! I can clearly see in your eyes.” This forced her to look towards him and immediately look away blushing, his gaze was intense and with so much warmth in it that she couldn’t look at them straight. “Saw! I got the answer. Your face says it all now.” He said softly in a warm tone that made her heart beat even faster. Just then Phuppo came in with some guests and looked extremely relieved to see them talking softy and her reaction on it. “What a beautiful pair, I wanted to see this day since ages. I am so glad you both are happy together.” She kisses them both and blessed them.

From the next day onwards, he had to continue office as this was a sudden marriage and his work was all still unplanned. When he announced this on the breakfast table Phuppo was really angry while she heaved a sigh of relief. “At least his staring eyes will be off from home for some hours.” She thought and he was trying to convince his mother about the same. “What should I understand? Have you seen your newly wedded bride’s face? Look how her face has fallen on the thought of you leaving for office. She’s not even interacting with anyone here since we all gathered.” The attack was sudden and she, who was busy thinking about what great it would be if he went to office was totally struck.

“Oh yes? Then I’ll take her along with me in my office. She can give me company for the whole day in my cabin.” He smiled lightly as he saw her and knew exactly well that his mother has assumed it all wrong. “No thanks! I have lots to do at home today.” She answered him flatly and went straight to her room. She knew if she continued sitting here she would be targeted for the next hour.

After a little while he came towards her and blocked her as she was placing some clothes in the wardrobe. “Are you angry because I am going to office on the third day of our wedding?” He asked her in a strange soft tone. “Why would I be?” She glanced up with a surprise. “Rather I am quite relieved that I’ll get some time off without you!” This made him press his lips tighter together, “fine!” Came the reply and he went straight to get ready for his work without a word.


Life started a little abruptly, but was sailing! He had started with his work while she was continuing her weekly lectures for the course she was going through. They hardly interacted when alone and when with family, he would pass some hidden remarks and comments which only she understood and often blushed in its reaction. In short, always teasing her! That morning Phuppo was quite angry, “you both don’t even look like you’ve been married just a month ago. I have never seen Nazm getting ready in the evening and waiting for you neither have you taken her out somewhere. Is everything ok between both of you?” The question flustered them both. “Ofcourse ammi! It’s just I am so busy in my recent work and she’s tied up in her projects and all. Otherwise everything’s normal.” She nodded eagerly in agreement with his excuse. “I don’t know anything. Today, you’ll have to take her out somewhere. and not just for today, let me see you both going out frequently from now on. These are the days to enjoy, then soon you’ll get a child and then you’ll be all packed up with the little one and hardly get time to enjoy yourselves.” Another sudden turn of discussion which made them stare with a start at each other and this time they both looked away, each embarrassed in a different way. “Ok! Nazm, get ready by 7, we’ll be going out today.” Saying this, he left for the office.

“Nazm, I told you to get ready by 7 and it’s already half and hour above it. How much time you need more?” He came bursting in the room and stopped dead seeing her look so pretty in a light green dress with her hair loose and even she stopped dead with a straightening machine in her hand to turn towards him. “Just a minute more. I am just tying my hair and then we can leave.” She said slowly confused with the way her was looking at her. Even in the mirror, she could see him staring at her as she was fidgeting to get her hair tied. When he slowly came very near to her and said softly in her ears, “let them be open. You look beautiful with them this way.” He softly touched her long hair and tucked away some strands of them from her face while she was getting more nervous with all these closeness and his sudden remark and more importantly, the strange magnetic feeling between them which made her heart beat without brakes.

That evening, after years may be, they talked liked good friends. Both of them opening up with each other about their work and studies and views about the world.


“You want to go where?” Her father was totally shocked at the breakfast table, so were others. “Simla Abbu! It’s a two weeks camp for my course and very important for this year.” She answered normally. “Ok! So you both can go. As it is you’ve not gone anywhere for your honeymoon. You can extend the stay for it.” He said it lightly while her eyes flew open. “Wow! A honeymoon in Simla. You never told me Nazm, you wanted to go there for our honeymoon. We would have gone! Still, we can make it a month long trip, what say?” He seemed to be ultra happy or may be was teasing her as usual. “No abbu! How can he come? It’s a women only camp and in a women’s hostel.” She stared at him crossly as she replied to her father. “No worries! We can book a hotel or villa and you can go there when it’s needed.” This man had an answer to everything. “Actually it’s a camp not a college! So, the workshops can be starting at any time, on and off you see. So can’t do that too!” She gave him the news flatly. “So, forget it! You are not going. Either we are going together, or you aren’t going!” This sparked her totally, how dare he! “This is very important camp for my career and I am going. Why are you stopping me?” She started to argue when Abbu calmed them both down,”Ok Nazm! You can go, but take Gazal along with you. She can do the sightseeing during that period and two are always better than one, all right?”

“Oh thanks Abbu, this is great!” Both the sisters jumped with joy and bubbling, they both went inside. She showed him a thumbs down sign as she ran in.

“Uncle? Why did you allow her alone.” He asked him accusingly while Mr. khan turned towards him calmly and said, “sit down young man! It’s time we had a man to man talk!” The dangerous tone that always captured him to talk freely with him and let him know all his doubts!

“I know everything is not like a usual husband and wife between you as you both show!” Zeeshan was shocked, he started to defend when he raised his hand and told him to stop. “I have raised you both my boy! Can understand what’s going on and it’s entirely normal. You will take time. But, do you know what my experience of years say? It clearly can see how much you both love each other! It’s just that you both can’t understand your own feelings. That’s why I permitted to let her go away from you. Some time alone, and she’ll know what’s she’s missing in life. Do you know separation in love from the one whom you love teaches you to love them more? Let her go, I am sure, when she’ll be back, you both will know where you both stand!” He went away explaining him as he slowly moved towards his room.

She was busy packing her stuff as she was to leave the next day itself. She heard him come to the room and thought of teasing him more with his plans being a flop of going with her. But something in the intensity of which he looked at her got her dumb. He continued walking towards her and she was walking backwards when a wall tuned out to be a dead end for both. He brought his face more closer towards her, “will you be able to live without me?” The question was soft, simply said but touched some chord within her deeply, “ofcourse! That’s why I filled the form. So that I can live without you for sometime with ease.” “Hmm why do I feel you are going to miss me like crazy?” He touched her cheeks with the back of his hands lightly but this made her heart thump aloud, ” again a misconception from your side. That’s never going to happen.” “May be! But I am going to surely miss you like mad and will wait for your return.” He said slowly looking in her eyes, kissed her lightly on her forehead and went away. She remained shocked with a thumping heart, unnerved soul and a crazy sense of leaving everything behind.


Next morning he couldn’t be seen. She was searching for him around as she sat in the car. Abbu and Phuppo bid her good bye but he wasn’t there in sure and neither did someone talked about him. She felt extremely strange, as if she’s leaving a part of herself behind…. “Nazm, jiju gave this to you!” Gazal gave her an envelope and continued gazing back at the streets from the car window as she opened it slowly with a beating heart. There, in his beautiful bold writing was written….

Shaam ke ujalo mein

Apne narm hathon se

Koi bolti Khushboo

Koi sochta lamha

Jab bhi likhna chahoge

Soch ke dareecho Se

Yaad ke hawalon se

Mera naam chup chup kar

Tumko yaad ayega!

Shaam theher jayegi

Haath kaanp jayege

Mera naam chup chup kar tumko yaad ayega

Sham theher jayegi….

Sham theher jayegi….,

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Waiting for ISHQ part2!

He entered the room with a soft click and was surprised! He knew she wouldn’t be waiting for him as an eagerly awaiting bride, but this was surprising. She was wearing a baby pink simple cotton salwar suit with no trace of anything that was remotely bridal, except for the mehndi designs on her hands and legs.

No matter what the circumstances of their marriage, something had to be out straight before everything else. “I know it’s a difficult stage for you. Believe me, I am facing the same issues. But whatever the circumstances, we are now bonded in a relationship and we have to respect that at least. I just want an assurance from your side!” He stopped midway as she turned back to look at him when he asked this. She looked frightened. As if she thought about something more of a commitment of their marriage right now. “Don’t worry it’s nothing as such you are thinking.” He assured her and she hated him for this! Once again he guessed her feelings even before she spoke them aloud. Imagine staying with such a person for the rest of her life! God help her! “I just want you to promise me one thing. Whatever is going on between us, you’ll never reveal of it anything to your father and my mother. Let them believe it’s a normal marriage. Don’t even let them guess that we are still on the stage of accepting each other as life partners. They’ll get hurt!” Now she was surprised. She never knew he was considerate enough to think at this depth. She certainly agreed to him on this thing for sure. “Ok! I’ll never let them even get a hint we are other than happily married couples.” She said softly.

He put forward his open palms so that she can touch it as a promising sign. “Promise?” She hesitated for a second, looked towards him. The same eyes with strange depth and something more in them which she couldn’t guess. She slowly clasped his palms, he caught it tight! She tried to free it. Suddenly, she was feeling scared of him, felt strangely vulnerable in front of him. He took out a ring from his pocket and placed it in her tightly clasped hands, “Ammi gave me this! Incase if someone would as you about the wedding night gift.” He held her hand and looked straight in to her eyes.

“I just hope one day, you’ll get used to my hand on yours! I wish to live a life like a normal husband with you as my loving and caring wife. I hope the sooner you accept this relationship the better. After all, I very well know you used to have a crush on me since your teens and always dreamt of marrying me” he started the usual teasing again. “What rubbish! Are you insane? Who said you that?” She was irritated. “Your face says it all. Every time you see me, you blush! You never look in to my eyes for the fear that I’ll catch your infatuation towards me.” His voice was coarse now. The topic of getting her blushed said in such tones got her actually blushing. “I can look in to your eyes anywhere anytime I want without any fear. You got that!” She looked in to his eyes with great guts but the unusual feelings pouring out from them, the heated gaze got her sweating and nervous. But she still held his gaze for some minutes and didn’t know what captivated her for so long. There was something in them that was puzzling, like those fill in the blanks in school. Some words were to be filled which she just couldn’t understood .”Why? What happened? Fell in my magic spell already?” He said slowly and she suddenly came back to reality and gazed away. “Never! I would never fall in that spell ever! You don’t attract me even an ounce. So it’s better that you forget about it entirely.” She held her chin up and started making her bed on the sofa. No matter how calm she looked doing so, in reality she was really shook with those eye contact from him.

“Stop it Nazm! Don’t behave like a girl. It’s just nothing, you are stressed, nothing else.” She scolded herself and looked at him with a pride in her eyes as if saying, “look I am here all normal and unmoved by you!”

Hum chheeen lege tumse ye shan-e-beniyazi

Tum mangte firoge apna ye guroor humse!”

He just went saying those words and switched off the lights. While those words created a havoc of blunders inside her. She was too disturbed by their sudden relationship, their sudden closeness and so much more….

And the challenge in this poetry was real! She was scared thinking if by any chance it came true, if by any chance she fell for him for real. But, she has to be strong, she was Nazm Khan, and she wasn’t blinded by these kinds of attractions easily.

“Still thinking of me?” Came the voice from the bed when he saw her sitting in the same position for a long time! “Never!” Came the crisp reply.

“Let me know till when can you stop yourself from thinking about me!” The challenge was open already!

Abhi yeh na pucho ke manzil kaha hai

Abhi to safar ka irada kiya hai

Na harungi hausla mein zindagi bhar…

Kisi se nahi khud se wada kiya hai….!”

This time even her reply was strong just like her thoughts! All ready to fight this strong attraction from her husband.

Let’s see who wins in this game of life… the husband with so much to speak, but all through his eyes! The wife with so much to face, including those tempting messages from her husband’s eyes…. or love!

Next part is here!

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Waiting for ISHQ! Part 1

She glanced at her reflection as she clasped her ear ring, there was gazing back at her someone she didn’t know existed before! The person in the opposite side of the mirror was just stunning, totally captivating. “Nazm!” She turned with a start! Gazal was standing there catching her breath. She was in a total fix. Nazm was looking beautiful in her golden bridal Sharara. She was ready to place her heavy worked dupatta on her head, all ready to come downstairs for her nikah ceremony. But, little she knew that it wasn’t possible now. Not when…. “Gazal, what happened? Why are you so nervous? Is everything ok?” She knew. She could sense it, something wasn’t right. There was something that was wrong down there. It was her Nikah ceremony, her wedding day. But God knew why, she felt as if there was something really bad that was going to happen.

“They are leaving Nazm, there’s a quarrel happening between Abbu and uncle Mirza.” Hearing this, catching the base of her long bridal dress, she swept downstairs with her sister. If her father was having a fight that too with her would be father in law, there has to be something really big reason for it and she wanted to know it. “Mirza bhai, I am marrying off my dearest daughter to you. Not a spoilt commodity for which I have to give something for you to keep her. I told you before, we aren’t going to give a penny in the name of dowry in my daughter’s marriage. Gifts yes, whatever we think our daughter wants as her wedding gift, we’ll gift her. That too by our own choice and wish, you can’t demand as to how much gold we have to gift to our daughter or how many watches are we gifting her husband?” Her father was in range, she could sense it with his each word he said. “Khan Bhai, we were just asking you, if you would be buying a branded watch for your son in law. If not, we are just suggesting you to give us the cash, we’ll buy it ourselves.” Mirza was very cunning this time. He knew he was standing between a crowd of hundreds. “And asking lakhs for just a watch?” Mr. Khan’s simple sentence said beyond words. “Of course uncle, I love international branded watches.” His son, the groom came forward for his father’s defence. Nazm couldn’t believe it. She could clearly see greed written all over his face. She didn’t believe she chose a man who depended on his bride’s father to buy him his favourite watch. “Oh, so how many international watches do you own now young man?” Phuppo, her aunt came forward and asked in a strict tone. She could see him staggering for words, “Well, aunty, let’s make it simple. Uncle Khan is like my dad now as he’s the father of my life partner. So I can ask him to buy me a good gift for my wedding.”

“And what if I said no! I can’t afford such a gift that’s worth twenty to twenty five lakhs! Then?”

“I know you are joking uncle, after all you know, it’s your daughter’s nikah ceremony today. And if she doesn’t get married on the same day, you know how hard it’s going to be for her in front of the society!” He smiled wickedly.

Zaaatttt! Her palms burned where she had slapped him. She heard the blackmailing words from the stairs, but she couldn’t bear the fear that ran on her abbu’s face when he said such things about her. “You know what, I’ll face the society with pride, that I didn’t marry a greedy, slave of a dowry man! If the society points out to me, I have the guts to answer them, just like I had the guts to convince my dad that you were a good fellow to marry! But, now I know what sort of a rotten man you are!” She chewed each of her word and faced Mirza uncle, “Sorry uncle, but I couldn’t marry your son. The one who depends on my father for his hobbies, I don’t think so he can afford a wife, when he can’t even afford his own needs and demands. It’s better you try to sell him somewhere else, or rather flaunt him off outside some shrine! At least the spectators will give you some pennies to see this dowry beggar and within a decade or so, you can buy him an international watch with that!” She spat at him forgetting all her basic manners. Forgetting she was dressed as a bride, forgetting that she was surrounded by hundreds of people. She just knew he was asking dowry from her dad to marry her, as if… as if assuming she was a load on him, which they were taking from him in return of those money!

“Phew!! That was harsh Nazm!” He came from behind the crowd. With a seriousness of his face that couldn’t be hidden and with a dangerous expression on his face he went straight opposite the groom and said,”Hope you got your message loud and clear man. You don’t need a watch to know your time is over here!” Zeeshan showed him the way towards the gate while the groom just gritted his teeth. He was staring with dangerous hatred towards Nazm but Mr. Khan came in front of her.

“Mirza! My daughters are my pride! I know they are worth of crores. But I won’t ever exchange them with crores to get them their life partners. Your son may be for sale, but we refuse to buy him for some lakhs and in return get a life full of misery for my child thereafter. So, it’s better that you leave now!”

Both the father and son hadn’t expected this kind of humiliation. They were standing stunned staring at the bride’s family when one of the guests from their side came and told them silently,” it’s better that you leave Mirza, if they call the police and get you arrested for asking dowry, you’d pray for your death in jail.” That was when one of the other guests overheard them and called the police for the same, but they have dispersed till then.

After taking the necessary details, the police authorities went in search for the groom’s family. Her father dropped in a chair near the stage. He was looking around with sad eyes, it would have been her daughter’s wedding day, it would have been her happiest day, but what did it turn out to be! If only, he would have inquired better, if only he couldn’t have been blinded by those sweet talks they did in front of him.

Nazm saw her father’s tears. She forgot hers! She went towards him and hugged him,” Abbu, it’s ok! They weren’t good people. Everything would be ok Abbu!” Even phuppo came towards them and assured them it wasn’t anything to worry but her father didn’t utter a word. He just went inside with his head bowed down. She clunged to phuppo and Gazal with silent tears and saw him leaving.

“My baby, it’s ok dear! He wasn’t worth you beta. Good that we knew them before the wedding, otherwise he would have made our lives hell after marriage. I did told bhaijan that…!” She stopped in between then continued,” let it be. You just go and rest, everything happens for a good reason.” She tried letting them go inside, when her father came and told them to stop!

“Apa, can I ask you something?” His face was towards phuppo, “you asked sometime before about Zeeshan’s proposal for Nazm, are you still adamant on that?” Phuppo was glad,”oh yes! You know how much I wanted that Bhaijan”.

He then faced towards Nazm,” I am still not forcing you! You know how much I wanted you to marry Zeeshan but you wanted an engineer and hence you chose Mirzas when it came for marriage. But today, I am asking you once again, would you consider Zeeshan as your husband?”

She was stunned! She didn’t knew what to answer. Suddenly, his face sprang to life on her mind. The 6’2 heighted, tanned skin with strong features. He was all a girl could ask for. What she didn’t like was, he always used to stare her with those deep penetrating eyes. Used to read her mind, say exactly what she was thinking before her and knew her better than herself. They grew up together alright. Phuppo has been staying with them since she got divorced and later when her mom died, she played an important role in their upbringing. She loved her a lot, she never ever missed her own mother because she had Phuppo who loved her so much. As for Zeeshan, she hated the Mr. perfect he was always! Doing everything so well as if to let her down. Irritating her with those hidden poems and sarcastic comments. That was the reason she agreed for the Mirzas instead of Zeeshan saying that she loved engineers more than mere businessmen and for the first time in life she saw him go blank.

And now her father was asking her if she wanted to marry him! After just an hour of her marriage being called off, he was asking her to consider marriage again? “Dad, what’s the hurry now! We can talk about it later.” She tried to dissolve the subject but he wouldn’t budge this time,”this is the right time my girl. It’s not that I am afraid of the society. I just want you to marry the best guy incase if I die. These type of greedy eaters are everywhere, not all the times can you be saved. Hence, I want to see you married. A pair of greedy men can’t destroy your happiest day, can’t let you cry like a widow on your wedding day.”

“It’s better if you ask him first.” She said in a low tone after hearing his views. “I want to know your answer first. According to the shariah, you should be the first one to give the consent for the marriage.” He talked to her calmly.

“All right, if he’s ready for it. I don’t think so he’ll be now ready for the wedding after being rejected the first time.”

“I AM READY !” Came the strong voice from behind. Her heart started beating heavily, ” Ok then Zeeshan, call the Qazi at the earliest!” Abbu was all excited again while her protest of getting this slow down a bit died in herself as Phuppo took her upstairs again.

She caught his eyes as she started climbing those stairs with Phuppo, they didn’t have the hate that she has grown accustomed to catch in them recently. Rather, something different, as if a sea of joy, that was going through beyond that calm face with a soft hill of concern….. and something that she couldn’t guess! May be, because she couldn’t feel it… but just gaze at it numbly… while she climbed the stairs with Phuppo….. she just kept thinking….

Jo hua wo hua, wo hua bhi nahi

Ya’ni jo kuch tha,wo tha bhi nahi

Ek ajab daur-e-haal hai is dil mein

Ya’ni mein bhi nhi aur wo bhi nhi

Lamhon me ab muamla kya hogaya

Dil pe ab kuch guzar raha bhi nahi

Jane ab kaha le chali hai ae zindagi

Mein to khud se kahin gaya bhi nahi!

(Next part coming up this week… let me know if you loved the Urdu poetry and want more romantic ones included in the next part)

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How to make a Style statement with perfect fashion accessories!

Your style defines how you carry the timely fashion along!

That’s what I believe in strongly! Fashion is revolutionary, it keeps on moving in a rotating circle creating some drastic differences in trends and styles! But, no matter how much trendy your attire be, if you can’t carry it with a majestic charm, it’s all a waste! That’s where your style statement matters! The unique way in which you pair your accessories and twist your style, creates the stirring difference you desire! Let’s today, read some quick tips that can help you create an awe-inspiring fashion statement and make you stand out in a crowd!

Multiple chain necklaces!

Seen enough of those long and short chains tangled together and joint with a common pendant through those magazine pages. It’s all a vogue nowadays! Just choose your favourite coloured stone pendant, try some multiple shaped chains and brace them together to get a perfect necklace to make your even plain dress look all the glamorous and classy! An extra long necklace with your luck hung on it that carries your zodiac charm, or favourite colour highlighted through your choice of ruby, it all gives that extra spark to your dressing style as you flaunt your favourite neck piece elegantly!

Belt up your style!

Do you know the one thing common in the New York fashion walk this year? It was the belts! Those bewitching, clasping belts just above the waistline or on it, either ways gives a upper level look to your attire! From trousers, to sundresses! Jumpsuits to gowns, all create an appealing look of hooked with an exquisite looking belt clunged on them.

Heel them smartly!

We are not joking when we say that see through shoes and heels are grabbing attention more than celebrity weddings are doing this year! Either you can pair a simple transparent heeled sandals with any of your dress to give it a classy look, or choose a see through shoes along with your chic dress to give yourself a classy add on your style! Also, the mighty pumps are the best to represent your whole self with a touch of delicacy plus fanciable look on it!

Clutch it well!

The best company a woman can flaunt anywhere and everywhere proudly is a perfect arm candy! The more elegant your clutch looks, the more smashing your persona would look! Match it or contrast it with the colour of your attire and make a ravishing embarkment on the crowd! Whether it’s stone studded or flower embossed, they should be the real crowd captivator! If you think clutching is too much of a task for your style, try slinging them around your arms! Even those create the ravishing effects on gazers.

The one name that’s evolving in the world of exquisite clutches sandbags is embrayage.lux! Their especially designed, individually customised and exclusively made clutches intensify your glamorous look as you flaunt these beautiful creations! Either personalise your purses with your name carved on it, or customise them to match your designer outfit,or simply carry the stone studded precious one to make your presence felt upon masses! Some enchanting, attractive bags can also play a promising role in beautifying your presence with the help of a stunning arm candy!

With these points all jotted down firmly in your style diary, I am pretty sure you are ready to hit the next bash with a clash of fashion fusion wit the best accessories making an impressive style statement!

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Home Remedies for Pregnancy nausea!

Pregnancy, a stage in a woman’s life that has so much more strings to attached to it! The journey that’s nine months long and makes you experience a new feeling each day. No two woman can say they had the same pregnancy period, neither can a same woman say she had the same issues with all her multiple pregnancies. Each baby gives her mommy a different time.

Similarly, there are always certain discomforts during pregnancy that a would be mother experiences. The feeling of these nine months and whatever she goes through during this time is unexplainable, undefinable. Though, the labour pains are highlighted massively, no one understands the pain that a woman bears during the entire period of nine months!

While the problems are innumerable, you can’t solve them all with medicines as medicines are often avoided during pregnancies as they can have some adverse and major effects on the baby. Hence, comes the lifesavers, the home remedies for pregnancy issues! These tips and cures doesn’t need you to hit any store or pharmacy, just need your kitchen stocks and are super light on your health and are extremely beneficial to treat the problems during pregnancy.

Honey lemon and ginger ale

We all know the common issues of nausea-tic feelings or morning sickness during the early terms of pregnancy. For some these stretch for three months, for few till six and for a handful the nausea lasts till the baby’s delivery. You just can’t keep taking tablets for the same for such long period. Well, during these times, this solution does the magic. Just pour some warm water or it can be on room temperature too, add in a teaspoon on honey, half lime’s juice and few strands of shredded ginger. If you have complexities, you can avoid the ginger during first three months.

Sugar cane juice

Do you know, a lot of vomiting during pregnancy often reduces your glucose level in the body and hence increases the nausea-tic feelings more? What’s more natural and best for glucose rebuilding than a fresh glass of sugarcane juice. You can have it chilled for better comfort in case you don’t already suffer from cold.

Milk- water and rose water solution!

Often, those vomiting during pregnancy are followed with severe problems of acidity and heart burn. And in most cases, it’s incurable no matter whatever you have! At least, you can relieve it with this solution. Add 1:4 ratio of chilled milk and water wherein, milk should be one part and water it’s third and add few drops of rose water. You can also add Roohafza sherbet if you like and drink it. This would definitely make you feel better and relieve that acidic attacks for some hours.

Ice cubes!

Ice cubes are the best comfort candies when you feel uncomfortable during pregnancy. Just take some cubes and let it stay in your mouth for certain seconds, you can keep a glass with you to take it again for some time. This surely makes a huge difference against that nausea feeling.

Citric fruits

During pregnancy, citric fruits or their juices are the best natural remedies to cure nausea. They instantly relieve the uncomfortable feelings and are also full of vitamins and essential nutrients.

Well, now we have some great home remedies that would certainly help you a lot to cure the morning sicknesses and nausea during pregnancy.

P.S. sharing these tips with the experience of my own during my three pregnancies!

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First crush or first love part 3!

Read the first part and second part before reading this!

“Dad, what’s the rush? This is just impossible. I am not ready for it now!” She exclaimed! “This boys really good. You don’t get to see such ones around much. And everything is ready here, all the family guests from abroad are in India too. Even your elder sister is here this time, after this she may not be able to visit India for three years.” “That’s all secondary dad, but an arranged marriage? I don’t think so I am comfortable with this idea.” She let him knew her doubts but this left her dad really shocked. ” It was you who said that you need an arranged marriage, remember? I asked you before around a hundred times if you have someone in mind let me know, we’ll sort it out. But you said to arrange as per my wish. Then too, even if you are in a doubt now, you can meet this person and talk to him. I liked him a lot, even you’ll like him. And if by suppose, you have someone else in your mind, let me know I’ll definitely consider your choice first.” His father assured all her doubts. But she was confused. How can she let her dad know about the person with whom she had just met two days back and that too only thrice! On what basis can she tell him she loved him by only passing few glimpses. And what if that boy wouldn’t reciprocate her feelings? “Oh no, he asked me if I am engaged, right! That means even he was interested in me. So what if he didn’t exclaim his liking, I can talk to him first about it, I can ask him about it clearly.” She thought with a ray of hope and asked her dad for a day’s time to give him the final answer about the same.

She went running along the whole house. It was all crowded with guests from all over the country and abroad. She went around the outer rooms and the inner but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. After searching each corner for around three hours she returned to her room, almost fell on her bed and cried her heart out. She had the day of hope till today morning, but the source was nowhere now. She loved him, she knew that. She could feel the pain of not seeing him anywhere, not knowing whether he thought about her in the same manner, not knowing if could ever meet him again and if they would be able to marry each other. It was her first love and that too which was left incomplete. That night she cried for her new founded pain. For the experience of first love in it’s saddest form. May be they weren’t destined to meet, may be it was written in destiny that she would find only hurt in her first love! “Oh God, please let him be forever in my destiny!” She prayed as she lay on her bed with tears falling on her pillow as she mourned for her incomplete first love!


The air conditioner in the room was in it’s lowest degree. The room was chilling cold yet she was perspiring. The delicate fragrance of flowers in the room was making her dizzy. She was clad in her pastel coloured pink wedding dress, all beautiful but her heart was somewhere else. She have agreed for this wedding without even seeing whom she had married. Although her relatives and aunt and dad insisted that she met him once before Te wedding, but she told them she loved surprises. While in reality, she just couldn’t face herself in the mirror when she knew she was marrying someone whom she didn’t love. Let alone the thought of facing the man himself. She didn’t knew how she was going to cope with her life from now on, but this was her test. Hope she gets along well. She shut her eyes tight to stop all those tears coming in her eyes.

She heard the footsteps that arrived towards her. He slowly upturned her face towards him but her eyes were tight shut. “Am I so ugly that you don’t even want to take a look at me even on our wedding night?” She opened her eyes instantly all wide with shock. She forgot all her crying and kept staring at him for moments uncountable. “Ohh! Then am I looking so handsome that you can’t take your gaze off me? I bet I should be the one doing that thing right now.” He asked with a light smile on his face and she looked away with a blush. “You? So you are Salian?” She was too shock to even speak something. “Yes, Mrs. Salian, I am your Mr. Salian. Nice to meet you on your wedding with me.” He was now laughing at her. “Why, you didn’t even asked to meet and see your future husband? Why did you get ready to marry me even when you didn’t know anything about me? Why Naina, what was the reason for it?” He asked her silently, looking straight in her eyes. “I didn’t care whom I was marrying. I searched for you for hours the next day of that wedding. But you just vanished. That’s why I didn’t ask anything about the person I was getting married to.” “And why were you searching for me for hours?” ” To tell you that I loved…..!” She stopped dead between her sentence and looked at him aghast. He was now smiling widely, looking at her eyes and enjoying the flow of blush on her face. “You loved what?” He asked to tease her. She started looking away with a soft shy smile on her face.

“I know it’s my fault. I had to speak to you something about this before I went to your aunt and dad! But I was so glad to know that you weren’t committed and knew very well that aunt would definitely grab you a good husband from the same wedding. That’s why on the next morning I called up my parents and made them speak to aunt and fix everything. I had to rush because you know we have to leave for England the next week.” He explained her everything and she was finally beaming from inside knowing that finally her first love was her life partner after all. “But you didn’t complete your sentence, though? You said you loved something, can I know what or who it was?” And that was just the start of their love story!


They were back in England after spending a week at relatives place. His apartment was just what she dreamed of. After a warm welcome from his parents, they headed towards their room. He started showing her their room when she stopped dead on her steps. There lay a small pink book neatly as a showpiece on the side table of the bed, she started moving towards it. It reminded her of something, the scenes that she couldn’t even remember existed in her life started playing back. She picked it up and read it slightly loud,

Your smile raises my hopes everyday!

Your eyes are the reason for my smile,

I wish you never ever go away,

For I’ll love you beyond miles!

Then she glanced at the photo frame just beside the book, it made her go numb with shock. She went back in time, years back…. she was staring at him from the balcony….. threw the book towards him and ran away!

Salian took the book gently from her hands. ” Do you know what this is and where it’s from?” She turned towards him surprised and he said with a smile, ” I had a crush! My first crush. She was a small girl, a teenage girl, may be just out of high school. She used to stay opposite to my flat that I shared during my engeneering days. I used to daily go to my balcony to get a glimpse of her while she did her work on hers. Though I liked her very much, but I couldn’t approach her for the same. She was very small you know and even I was studying at that time. But I always felt something unique when she was there. I never knew if she liked me too, but it didn’t matter at that time, I just had a secret crush on her and that was enough. And one day, I caught her crying in the balcony, it caused me pain too and then she threw this towards me and went away. Never to come back! I read it and got to know even she liked me as much as I did. You see, she was my first crush and I have read it somewhere, you never forget your first crush! And I am the living proof of it, I’ll always remember her in my life.” He finished and turned towards her and caught her crying with her tears rolling down her cheeks. “Hey Naina, please don’t cry! I know you are hurt. But your role in my life is entirely different. I told you all of these, because I didn’t want to hide anything between us and you are the love of my life. I agree I felt the same attraction towards you as I felt for her, I don’t know what it was, but it felt as if you are just the same person that I have met years back and was always with me in all these years. So please don’t be insecure, I would love you always, no matter what happens, always!”

Little he knew of why she was crying! Even she had it read it that day in the train, you never forget your first crush! But, she did. She forgot about it all during these years while he remembered each moment of it. And she remembered reading some more lines of the same book, what is destined to meet you, will meet you in all circumstances! So strange it was! Both of these lines of the same book had totally different effects on her life. Salian came back in her life after going away from her twice because he was destined to meet her and even though he remembered his first crush till years ahead, she forgot all about it!

Someday, may be someday she’ll let him know that she was her first crush! Today, she was too overwhelmed with the sudden confession from his part and the reminiscing of the past events. But someday, she’ll let him know how Destiny played hide and seek with them. Till then, may be she can solve the dilemma that whether they are each other’s first crush or first love?!!

First crush or first love! part 2

Read the first part here!

It was pretty difficult carrying that heavy lehenga along with the long dupatta, apart from it the dozens of bangles and some delicate jewellery was enough to keep her busy in the mehndi function! They had come all the way from Madhya Pradesh to Chandigarh to attend her cousin’s wedding and her aunt was adamant to make her dress at her best so that she should be the next bride this season. It was just last year that she have completed her education and started with a job at a reputed international school, but relatives behaved as if she’s been a spinster since decades and was desperate for a husband. Ufff! Only if she could tell them to mind their own businesses! Bang!!!!

She looked up shocked at the person whom she knocked with in her fiery of thoughts. He gazed back at her with the same shock but something gripped them together. Though she wanted to, she just couldn’t avert her eyes from him. It was the most captivating ever, must say he was the most good looking man she came across of recently. But he was staring at her with so much intensity, she felt pretty nervous and tried to get free from his hold. He was catching her shoulder so that she couldn’t have fell otherwise. Embarrassed, and nervous, was what both of them felt when they went away. But going after some paces, they returned back and gazed at each other, as if figuring out what was the magnetism about?

He saw her again. She had wet mehndi applied on both of her hands and was struggling desperately to keep her long loose hair and the large dupatta out of the mehndi and from falling too. He smiled lightly. She was cute, or it was beautiful! But whatever it was, he just couldn’t get out of the magical spell she casted on him when they clashed some time before. As if still in a spell, he walked slowly towards her and stood in front of her. She looked up to him was stunned as he caught the other side of her now falling dupatta and started rolling it on her neck in the form of a scarf which also clasped her loose hair with it. Then she watched perplexed as he slowly put the remaining hair of her face and tucked them behind her ears. She kept watching him with a blushed face and stunned expression while he slowly walked away from her.

The next day was the official wedding day! All the bride’s side were clad in red punjabi suits. She thought wearing punjabi suit would be a lot easier than that of lehengas, but how wrong she was! The heavy handwork on her dress and the numerous sleets of her bottom, plus the super large heavy dupatta and those jewellery and the love of her high heels and her long loose hair, “Oh my God! Why did I even agree to dress according to Aunt’s choice!” She started walking towards the verandah when she saw him coming from the opposite side, all strong and smart in his well maintained physique and stunning looks. The black sherwani he wore gave him the aura of power and style he carried. Unknowingly, she looked away when he caught her staring at him. Her heartbeats increased as he came nearer. As if by a command, they both stood for a while when they were exact beside each other, glanced at each other, he smiled looking in her eyes. As if captivated by that charming smile, she smiled back shying and slowly walked away from him.

That night when her cousin went off with her husband in car, everyone had tears in their eyes. But were happy for the married couple. She hugged her aunt to consolidate her on this matter but aunt has something else in her mind. “Don’t worry dear, I am not tired at all with this marriage, now is your turn next to get married. I have everything planned and I’ll see to it that you are married this year itself!” She said as she hugged her back, but quite loudly which somehow embarrassed her. She just smiled forcefully when her gaze went up and she caught him staring at her with a puzzled expression, as if he heard what aunt just said. She turned back rapidly to go inside when she heard him say from behind, ” hey, wait!” She stopped but didn’t turn. “I just heard that aunty saying you were to get married this year, well, just wanted to ask, are you engaged to someone already?” She turned towards him, he was confused with a serious expression on his face. She just nodded her head in negative. He sighed with relief with a big smile and returned to walk away from her.

That night she wasn’t able to sleep. Her dreams and thoughts had that eyes and smile in them. Even if she did, she couldn’t take off his image away from her. That night she knew finally, what love was! She knew he was the one with whom she could spend her whole life happily ever after! She couldn’t ask for anything else in her life. This was the most happiest moment of her life.

But the next morning a total shock to her! This was something she never expected! Even if she suspected, this was totally shocking at this time.

Next part coming this week…

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First crush or first love!

He was handsome! The most good looking boy she has seen ever. Or may be she felt it that way! She used to daily stand in the balcony at 8am in the morning for she knew he would be there to sip his cup of coffee. Between fidgeting with those towels and night clothes to be hanged on the rack in the balcony, she would slightly glance at him. But he never looked back at her. Just a passing glance, and then would return inside. But she stared after him for long.

It was just a week ago that they migrated from Delhi to Nainital. Her dad was in government service and it required him to change locations quite often. She was studying in the girls hostel previously, now it was her last year in high school and soon she would be enrolling in college. But just within a week, this boy was already in her dreams. He was tall, attractive, with dark brown eyes and short hair. But this style suited him too much. Always dressed well, he seem to be a college student. She often caught him going towards the bus stand with his college bag in the morning.

Slowly, their relation with the neighbourhood grew. She got to know that he was an engineering student of the nearby college. He was staying here with his fellow friends. She always missed a heartbeat whenever he was around in the colony or in the opposite balcony. May be, it was the infatuation Ms. Mary told her in school. Girls always get attracted towards boys she said. But, she knew somehow that this was different. She felt something more for him, something that she just couldn’t describe, but was beautiful and gave her lots to dream of!


It was around a year that they have shifted here. Her exams were already over and she was waiting for her results. Didi’s wedding was fixed and she was behaving strangely now! Always in her dreams smiling, or chatting with her fiancé on phone. Naina wanted to share her feelings with her, but something stoped her from inside.

It was Valentine’s Day the next week! Didi took her along to get a gift for jiju. Unknowingly, she picked up the tiniest book that said, To you my love! And in which were some beautiful lines that expressed how she felt nowadays!

Your smile raises my hopes everyday!

Your eyes are the reason for my smile,

I wish you never ever go away,

For I’ll love you beyond miles!

She took that book and kept it with her. She knew she’ll never be able to gift him this for he didn’t reciprocated her feelings and would consider her action childish. But still, it made her feel good just to read those lines again and again and dedicate it to him in her mind.


She felt devastated when dad told they were to migrate again within three days! She cried her eyes out, tried to convince him to stay longer because of her studies, but even he was forced to leave as his job demanded.

It was the last day, last morning and the last time she’ll be able to see him. She glanced at him the same time in the morning. He was as fresh as ever! She stared at him with tears in her eyes. Something made him look up, he glanced at her, he going to avert his gaze when he saw her crying. As if to ask her something he opened his mouth, but then she did the incredible! She threw towards him a small packet which he though stunned, caught it perfectly! He looked at it shockingly and back to her. But the girl in navy blue top and jeans with a high ponytail was already running back in her room.

Then, she left! That day she read in a book, You never forget your first crush! This was for sure, she’ll never forget him, never! He was the first person whom she have like for loved or was infatuated to, she’ll always have a soft corner in her heart for him!

Wiping her tears, she flipped some pages. There it was written, if your partner is in your destiny, he’ll meet you in any condition. You may be miles apart or decades pass, if destiny has written your names together, you’ll unite some day, surely!

She sighed…. please God, let him be in my destiny! And the sixteen year old girl fell in sleep….

To be continued this week…..

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