Book review- Bhrigu Mahesh PhD The Return Of Dayamanti by Nisha Singh.

New week, new book and here’s the most anticipated review! I just finished reading a new thriller, mystery novel in fiction category by Nisha Singh, the famous author of the book, The witch of Senduwar. It’s the second book of this series featuring the inimitable detective namely, Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD,  in the book The Return Of Dayamanti! 

I must say, this novel thought me varios sides of indian culture and tradition that I myself wasn’t aware of. The author here, brilliantly and in so much detail describes the Indian culture profoundly well amidst the interesting twists and turns of the mystery. The book leads you to the introductory part of the mystery in the starting, while giving you ample time and idea to derive your idea about the mystery the best way. And you also get a sneak peak in the ancient historic practises of indians in this part.

While you proceed in the second part, the mystery, which is still unsolved, takes a shocking turn and goes on from being a thriller to a mysterious murder case! As the various clues and evidences get unveiled, you feel so much at the loose ends about your guessing about the whole mystery. The writer so very well, brings about the most unexpected turns in as the mystery proceeds.

Till you proceed the third part, you are at your curiosity’s end to find out the culprit, and unexpectedly so, you find out, but in the most weird way! And the connections those minute incidences in the story had till the end and how brilliantly were those threads connected is just amazing! 

I am still very much awwed and amazed with the character of Bhrigu Mahesh, he is certainly a psychological genius and an impressive detective. The fabulous way in which he observes the smallest of the details and keeps them in his mind, and later connects his observations with the results will leave you astounded. 

Summed up, this novel has it all! The spice of a mystery, the grip of a thriller, a detailed yet an impressive expression of indian psychology and some even unexplored indian history with a little sarcasm about our very prejudiced and ancient mentality along with a hint of sarcasm about our beliefs. All these are so very brilliantly bounded up in a very admirable way with just the proper words needed for the same. 

Apart from some of spelling mistakes, and a little irreverent details in the starting, I didn’t find any dull minute or paragraph in the entire book. If you love fiction and are a fan of mystery novels and like to challenge your theories now and then, I think you should check up this book and also the series of Bhrigu Mahesh for some fresh and challenging time reading.

At the end of each book, I always sort out some sentences or words that do inspire me and leave a mark on my memory, here are some from this book too.

“Simple is any person who is in the outside as he is inside. He can be a factory worker or a great thinker, if he is true to himself, he is a simple man and in the least ordinary.”
“Well, I could have used  psychology, but it feels so wrong! They have made the word sound as if we are moving in to the world of blurry images, indistinct landscapes, hocus pocus and a lot of  mumbo jumbo that has neither head nor tail. The world of psychology has evolved more as a science equivalent to tantra mantra and I hate to acknowledge what they have done to it.”
You can get the book in paperback and also in e-book from online stores.

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Book review- Second Chance(fiction) by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa!

If you were given a second chance how would you change things…

Book , fiction.

The tagline says it all, but couldn’t do justice to the exquisite matter in the book second chance, a great inspiring  fiction written by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa! A doctor by profession, born in the Holy city of Ujjain, grew up in Dewas, madhya pradesh, india, he is a gem under shells I must say.

By reading this book, I just couldn’t believe it’s just his second book in his writing career. Second  chance is an inspiring story of an arrogant bussiness man, Shekhar and his journey towards getting his punishments of his wrong doings then leading him to change for better when he gets the second chance.

Inspiring and astonishing, the story unfolds certain facts of Shekhar’s life which we can all relate to some how or another. While you flip through the pages of this exciting journey, you won’t find a single moment of dullness in it. Each detail emphasized, each matter explained, each event in the life of Shekhar has been explained brilliantly in the later part of his life.

The scenario descripted of hell would give you goosebumps as you read it. I actually did feel that eeriness when I went through those details of hell and punishments of his deeds, the writing power is that effective! I must say the creativity with which the writer later connect each coming incident with those already passed off is simply awesome. 

I personally am impressed with all the perfect elaborations and those exciting twists and turns the story takes as it moves forward. The suspense, the inspiration and the narration is done the best way by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa. 

Some lines and incident from the novel really inspired me, when shekhar says, he got blessing by just giving 500 rs as charity, which he never got before even after spending lakhs at bars. The funding lines, no money can give you contentment and happiness. Do what your heart wants and what you will get would be priceless!

After reading the whole book, I would say, I evolved as a different persona all together, a better one, as if even I got a second chance in my life. Do read it, may be even you can rectify your mistakes before its too late!

You can buy this book at Amazon in ebooks or paperbacks too here Or drop in your comments to Dr. Sandeep Jatwa here