Hydrating with instacuppa #SuperBloggerChallenge2018.

12 O clock in the noon, April sun already beaming in its hardest form and a huge pile of work to be done! I was already feeling dizzy and parched. A swift movement to get my flask made my office go on a merry go round trip again! I caught the edge of the table, gathered my self together and grabbed the flask with a protein shake in it. The shake prepared at 7.00 am in the morning would have turned almost stagnant right now. I opened it started to drink it, yuk! The smell coming out of it was enough to make me go nauseatic again. I have to do something, I just can’t keep on revolving here and there, again and again, the whole day. I didn’t want to turn in to mother earth you know!

That evening my dietician cum physician was quite angry with me! “I told you never go for over dieting!” She almost gritted her teeth. “But I haven’t. I follow all the diet chart you give me religiously well.” I was beginning to feel like an ill patient already. “Hmmm! When was the last time you had some fluid?” She inquired. “Actually, it was a protein shake, I tried having it in the morning but it had already started smelling awful till noon in that flask thing”. ” oh! So we get the hang of it! You are just dehydrated.” Here, she knows everything. I always boasted amongst my friends that my dietician was a health and fitness google! She knew almost all going in the health and fitness world.

“Well, actually, due to lack of water intake, we often feel that we are hungry. Here, intake of enough water takes its part and helps our body functions go working perfectly well. That’s why staying hydrated is the key to fitness. Even though we may be followings healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals, a dehydrated schedule spoils everything.” She said. “I agree! And that’s why I carry sometimes chilled, sometimes warm water in the flask. But, the cold one turns warm and the warm drink gets a strange taste after some hours. How can I manage to stay hydrated when I am so much busy with my work? I can’t have that strange smelling liquid. Nor can I rush from my cabin each half an hour to get a new fresh detox drink.” I kept my problems in front of her. “Try instacuppa”. she said. ” oh! Now, what’s that? Another bottle of my fitness or detox drink?” “Not a regular bottle. It’s a thermosteel flask. The perfect solution to your problems.”

Then she went on in detail. “Fill in your daily detox liquid in this container. It has a unique infuser rod to keep your fruits in it and a water container with vacuum insulation that ensures that our cold beverages remain cold for 24 hours and hot beverages remain hot up to twelve hours. Perfect for your hot green teas and cold detox liquids. It lets your water stay in your preferred temperature for hours and fresh too.”

“And it won’t smell?” “It won’t smell bad, in fact, your drink will stay fresh as if you’ve just made it.” She was quite confident. “You can check mine here.” She showed me her infuser. “Hmm! This looks good”. ” And can you see its outer coating? It’s beneficial too. The Powder-coated matte finish never sweats, preventing slippery bottles or dreaded stains on wood surfaces. Thus, your infuser stays dry always and the temperature in it remains maintained.”

All those praises went on my head and the next thing on my way home, I ordered my own instacuppa thermosteel flask right away. Delivered the very next day, it certainly was quite a package. Reading all the instructions and following all the guidelines I made my first detox drink in it.

Fruits were sliced and put safely in the rod, water filled up and infuser well locked. I got it all covered in its sweat absorbing cover and yo, we were good to go! Till 10 am, the drink was as it is and even the temperature showed no difference. Let’s wait until mid-afternoon.

I was pleasantly surprised that even after 5 pm in the evening, I felt I was drinking a fresh detox drink. I fell in love with the product. Went home, read again the cleaning instructions, and again filled with some black coffee.

Whoaa! Even after 11 pm at night, I felt I was sipping a freshly made coffee.

Now, my purse has a new guest in its place, the instacuppa infuser. Lifesaver for me and I should say for anyone who needs to stay hydrated and fit or just have a habit of carrying their liquids along with them. I have even gone through their various more unique products and have found them really interesting for regular use too.

Let’s say as of now, I am a huge fan of instacuppa and how got my wishlist full of its various awesome products like an instacuppa fruit infuser water bottle- Tritan edition. https://instacuppastore.com/collections/instacuppa-fruit-infuser-water-bottles/products/instacuppa-fruit-infuser-water-bottle-1000ml and instacuppa green tea detox water bottle- double walled glass edition. https://instacuppastore.com/collections/instacuppa-detox-water-bottles/products/instacuppa-double-walled-glass-green-tea-detox-infuser-bottle.

picture credits- instacuppa store.

picture credits- instacuppa store.

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Be healthy your own sweet way!

Health is just so important! Being considered wealth commonly, we very well know how much it’s worthed. But, what we don’t know is to maintain this wealth perfectly in our safes forever. To maintain anything precious, a little effort on our part is needed so that it doesn’t disintegrate. So, a healthy body to be maintained calls for some efforts from individuals too.

We being so much busy nowadays have hardly any time to follow a proper meal schedule, let alone the idea of following regular exercise and diet plan. Taking all these efforts for some time may be possible, but a healthy body calls for constant attention for its well being. Concluding it simply, a 21st century individual has hardly the appropriate time, effort and sources to carry out the proper workout schedule and diet needed for a healthy body.

So what? We go on having bulging tummies? Forget about those tempting perfect figure? Be a victim of heart diseases and cholesterol problems? Nah! Read this quote thats a solution in itself!

Ever heard about little things that matter much? So, does little steps. As said perfectly above, There is no one giant step that does it, it’s a lot of steps! We may not be able to take out a huge chunk of our times daily for a proper exercise session or a jog, but taking on stairs instead of elevator can do wonders too. I really try and walk that mile toward the station daily while commuting from office so that I can burn atleast some calories gained that day.

Other than this, a little aerobics steps one or two doesn’t harm when you are busy watching Doreamon with your kido. Or taking her to an evening walk and also getting those groceries you need while doing so.

Yes, even a little stretching up done while are busy cleaning around the living room, or a little fast walk when you are moving from cabin to cabins at office can be included in being exercise for your body.

As rightly said above, lets creat habits not restrictions! Lets make our health and excercise a habit that tend to stay with us longer than making it a restriction that may seem like a burden later on.

At this time, these little habits created while you still carry on with daily routine can actually help you be mor healthy. Believe me, these little steps along with some tiny alteration in your meal plan may result in a better, healthier you and without even bothering to constraint your self with some extra training session.

So, even if your health was neglected till date, or you just couldn’t find enough time for a good excercise training session, you can start from today onwards. Lets from today make your everyday living a healthy workout for yourself and helo yourself become more healthy and fit. After all, all’s well when health is well!

For more inspiration, check this super cool video from Saffola that’s gives you some ideas on how you can get a better health your own sweet way, #ApneTareekeSeHealthy.

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