Magnificient monsoon menu at Chaayos!

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Monsoons are just magical! While the world cherish the charisma of it in the beauty of nature and flowing breeze, we foodies tend to think only about which snack would best compliment the climate and where! Grabbing a proper meal to compliment the weather always enhances its beauty, says all the foodies ever! And getting your hands on these deliceous snacks is not a cake walk, mind you!

Well, when I was already craving for a perfect snack to satisfy my growling tummy as the rains hit my window, I came across this picture on the chaayos instagram handle!

Believe me, the growling increased and I felt I should just grab it from the screen to taste this tempting yummy dish.

Ok! It was quite some time now, and my cravings were under control now, but the hunger still remained. Had to do something of it! Well, what more, adding more torture to my hunger, I got to see this on chaayos twitter page. Scrumptious, no doubt. Wish I could just snatch it from there. Cursing the already heavy flowing rains, I grabbed my rainwear and went for the bike.

Chaayos has innumerable stores across the country, Delhi being their main hub. Well, thank God they have almost ten branches in Mumbai too. I went for the chaayos, Todi mills, lower parel. A wide smile and a loud greeting that followed my entrance there lifted my mood more. This place looks cool, I thought and rushed in. A ground plus one floored outlet, with lots of table and chairs neatly arranged, some cute posters on the wall and exceptionally well designed interiors. Gazing for minutes wasn’t enough here.

Now, comes the food! The monsoon menu had paneer/chicken opened stuffed paratha, chicken kadhahi sandwich, bun samosa, barish wale pakode, chicken kulhad kulcha, kulhad jalebi and shahi chai! You know what? I ordered them all!! Sont belive it? I have pics to prove it. (I had a partner in crime to enjoy the meal with me so don’t get shocked)

The chicken open paratha was super deliceous with savoury chicken and cheese stuffed generously on top of a soft paratha. Well, don’t blame me if your mouth waters, you are reading it! The kadhahi chicken sandwich was astounding too, with chicken, sauce and veggies all pressed under the pressure of softest bread. Hmmm…. Yummy it was! The kadahi chicken kulcha( soft, battery indian bread) had chicken cooked in indian spices served in a kulhad (container made up of clay), and buttered kulcha to give it a strong competition. I think, they both have scored well here. Now comes the best, crispiest and wholesome barish wale pakode. I was actually munching it greedily enjoying the rain view outside through the doors. Paneer pakode among them were my favorite. Loved the chilli pakoda, the tallest of all but equally crunchy and yummy. The dessert consisting of kulhad jalebi made a way happily through my already full tummy! I have never before had a jalebi that’s crispy. This new crispy jalebi made me a crazy fan of it. Well, I am already full! But, what kind of indians are we, if we cannot end our conversation without sealing it with a chai! So, here comes the shahi kulhad chai. Served in a kulhad, this chai actually consisted of generous pieces of almond and strands of saffron in it. Unbelievable, isnt it? Try and have yours. You can actually devour the tea through its rich aroma before sipping it lightly over.

That was just the food during monsoon. But this place led me more curious to check what’s in store otherwise too! A curious food explorer always find their way to satisfy their curiosity in the most easiest manner. So, I actually visited almost all of chaayos outlets in Mumbai, and well, its each outlet says a different story.

Designed taking in to consideration it’s signature chai style, they decorated each outlet with a unique, impressive theme! Here, let me give you a short description of what I found so astounding about these outlets.

Monsoon, books, a strong cup of tea and your favorite palak kachori and blue berry lemon cake makes it a perfect hour spent over here. The interiors out here has pages of books everywhere you glance at, hence giving you the inspiration you need for your work at chaayos, versova.

After a movie, what you need? Exactly! Your personalised cup of tea, yummy paneer tacos and a friend to point out how you liked the movie. The same goes amazingly well at the chaayos at kurla, Phoenix. Here, they have made quite an impression by decorating the whole place with kettles and tea glasses. Hence, enhancing the beauty of the theme

While you Just want to enjoy the cool climate outside with your light cup of tea, a chocolate factory cake and chana masala, the chaayos outlet at Bandra gives you some refreshing air to enjoy with their huge outdoor seatings available. (They even have an indoor seating if you don’t like out.)

These and some more outlets, spread across the city gives your tea love a new definition. The serious way in which we take our tea cravings are carried by them too. That’s the reason they pride in preparing around twelve thousand variety of tea, (depending upon your taste too) and are still on a quest to experiment with chai some more!

Box 8 a perfect meal time! 

Box8 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

A healthy with a variety is always yummy to have! Box 8 is just the name what flicks in your mind when you think of pure Indian food presented in the most delicious, compatible way. 

Bringing in a healthier twist to our Indian flavours along with some juicy saucy touch to it, the box8 wraps and sandwiches are something to grab a bite of! The triple decker chicken sandwich is one of the example of thier scrumptious healthy treat. Three layered wheat bread sandwich along with s mixture of sauces, chicken and some veggies is just a perfect meal to grab.

The wraps are no lesser healthier and tastier.  Chicken mayo wrap and chef special panneer wrap are some of my favorite and exotic to have. The perfect Roti base and the delicious mixture if sauces with some veggies tossed is just so tempting, filling and healthy too.

I really liked the newly introduced concept of thier fusion meal boxes that contained everything from gravies too parathas , rice, salad and a deszert. The options offered in this is large too. I prefer the panneer makhani meal from those. 

The peshawari chicken box is something really tempting and exotic for the non vegetarians out there . Chicken pieces with masala and some plain rice is just lovely to try. 

Desserts are no more an exception when it comes for serving some delectable meals from box 8! Choco lava, gulab jamuns, moong dal halwa and muffins are some of them . But I prefered the chocolate brownies this time. Really liked thier soft heavily feel and the delicious chocolate taste. Thier signature bevarages of that being a lemon flavor and an ice tea is something worth trying too.

 These and those charming palettes and packing and on time delivery adds in to the glamour of this super delicious range of food offerings.

Apart from all these, the interview I recently read of the founder of box 8 chain really left me impressed and eager to try out more varieties from them what caught my attention most was this query and the answer to it.

When designing Box8’s menu, what did you want to keep in mind (in terms of taste, value for money, variety and so on). How do Box8’s dishes appeal to the Indian palate?

The focus lies in preparing food which is delicious, easy on the stomach and made from quality ingredients, allowing the consumers to order food frequently

Our mantra is: Serve what we love to eat.

We have a twofold intent, one is to offer our customers different experience through different categories and second is to be a one stop solution for a full course meal or for snacks:-

‘All in one’ offers a wholesome indian meal with a main curry and a side curry along with rice or paratha and a dessert to compliment. ‘Box’ offers fusion of different indian delicacies like dal, Paneer, rice along with Chatni, salad etc.

Wraps, sandwich and salads in many cases acts like evening or late night snack.

Food Review- Mojo pizzas, Chakala, Mumbai!

 Mojo Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Ravishing pizzas is the most tempting idea for a meal! The varied choices offered nowadays in various types of pizzas do add to the temptation of having them almost each day.

While most of the pizza offering hubs serve almost the same variety of pizzas in the same way, Mojo pizzas has something really enormous, yummy and tempting to offer you in the category of pizzas.

The perfect soft base with a crunch edge and the right amount of fillings with a generous use of cheese can turn anyone on. I am really a super fan of their pizzas after having some really delectable offerings from them.

The crowded house cheesy blast pizza is something to die for! If you are a true pizza lover, you’ll definitely fall head over heels in love with their huge sized vegetarian pizza with some tasty toppings of olives, chillies and fresh pieces of panneer. The cheese blast above these is enough to make your mouth water.

Crowded house cheesy blast pizza

All the non veggies out there, you aren’t left out too! The meat eater cheese blast pizza can  satisfy your hunger of ages! The huge pieces of  seekhs along with a sprinkle of spices and the ravishing cheese top is irresistible for any foodie.

Meat eater cheese blast pizza

And all these delivered just within twenty minutes of ordering and being dealt with a kind staff is really helpful and makes your experience a hundred percent satisfactory and guarantees a follow up for ordering from here a must!!

  • Stars- *****
  • Rate- approximately 900 per couple.
  • Recommendation – crowded house pizzas and meat eater pizzas.

Restaurant review- Morselo, Powai, Mumbai!

Food fanatics in Mumbai has a new astounding food idea round their way! Morselo, a new budding name in delicious meal options has just been introduced at powai, Mumbai. 

Morselo outlet at powai, Mumbai
 Having a three or five course meal in the most unique and amazing way, when Indian nayive taste fuse around with some western cheesy dips the results that evolve  haven’t been so efficient before. Some tantalizing delicacies offered in varieties in vegetarian and non vegetarian options is something worth having.

The perfect meal option.

Chicken chetinad, a meal comprising of baked fills, potato wedges, salad and lemon twist is something that’ll woo your senses with the perfect fusion of veggies and feelings.  Harissa kadhai chicken, where in the proper amount of chicken gravy is served well in a soft base and baked to fullest is another delicacy to enjoy! 

Harissa kadhai chicken with potato wedges and salads

Smoky pesto chicken, in a baked fill is an another taste booster that you’ll surely enjoy having. Chicken in pesto sauces can be such ravishing, an experience that was not experienced beore. 

Five course meal in one

Hassle back potatoes was what got me impressed the most. From the impressive looking potatoes to the fullest of its baking did full justice to the potatoes. 

Chicken  Yorker  was chicken balls with fillings that surely made the most scrumptious bites to have. 
Soft drinks offered by them, their signature offerings are something to taste for sure. You just couldn’t get a better fresh option to compliment your meals. The lemon twist,  where in line juice along with the best of salts comprises of a yummy drink. While, orange chilli tango is a fusion of orange drink with some light spices for a unique, perfect drink. On the other hand, coffee lovers have in a treat stored with the hazelnut frappe being the perfect coffee based offering. 

Lemon twist, orange chilli tango, hazelnut frappe

The desserts being tiramisu and brownie crumble and chocolate chip brownie are a treat to the fullest just to seal the delicious meal with the perfect sweet appetizers.

Choco chip brownie

Summed up all, the Indian fusion meal they offer with some excotic healthy options and unique offerings give you a perfect meal in no time and hassle.if you visit Mumbai, do drop in for a filling and healthy treat.

  • Stars- ****
  • Rates- 1000 INR for a couple.

Serein at the Malabar Hill of Thane 

Home is not a placeit‘s a feeling! Says an ancient quote. Very rightly put though, your home is the best part of your life and thus, you chose your special living experience very carefully. The perfect location, the best vicinity,  all amenities at your disposal and the greatest of all, the peace  and beauty that comes handy with your shelter.

I personally think the ambience around your house. ,the locality,  the means of transportation plays an important role when choosing a dream home for yourself and your beloved. Traveling conveniences, hospital and school facilities, easy accessible markets solutions are some of the prominent features in a housing area too.

When going through for booking a perfect home plan for my family, I came across the name of Serein by Tata Housing company!  An on growing project by Tata Housing that’s much talked about nowadays because of it’s some unique and fabulous facilities and not to forget he amenities that’s complimenting the plan.

The Pokhran Road at Thane Is a budding destination for fine living that’s grabbing a lot of attention nowadays. Surrounded by luscious green natural ambience and prominent beautiful lakes, this area is surely a delight to live at . The budding progress of sophistication and future promising views of this area makes it rightful to be called as the Malabar hill of Thane. The delightful view and infrastructure growing at Pokhran road makes it a promising destination to opt for! 


While the natural as sense of this area is captivating enough to tempt you to grab a booking out here, the project of Serien itself is a creation of marvel when it comes to creating beautiful homes.

Some of the prominent features offered for wellness living are:

  5. PARK

These along with the beautifully crafted interior patterns can be a dream royal life experience along with some captivating views of nature from your rooms. Some features  along with efficient designing , natural ventilation, rain water harvesting, waste water treatment and solar hot water which grabbed my attention were:


  •  Based on climatology, apartments designed to maximize north-western winds to cool the indoor spaces and provide well shaddoor areas in the summer.
  • Foyer/living & dining/passage, kitchen, bedrooms – premium quality large size vitrified tiles/marble
  • Utilities and all toilets – vitrified anti-skid tiles
  • CP fittings – premium quality Roca/Grohe or equivalent
  • Switches/sockets – Scheindler/Legrande or equivalent
  •  Granite top with stainless steel sink in kitchen

Wow! Isn’t it all that one require in s perfect home that gives you almost everyone you desire for! The perfect level of comfort, fitness, wellness, the ambience that’s soothing to die for and not to forget some really big names in educational and work facilities.

So, why wait more when you can actually just click  here and know more for yourself and get going to get a chance to live at #MalabaraHillsOfThane!