The perfect travel partners this holiday season!

Ok! I understand vacations are round the corner and so does the need to plan the much needed holiday that you have been so eagerly awaiting since last few months. And we can swear for the innumerable efforts you are going to definitely put in to make holiday the best one so far. So, when planning your next trip, why not browse through the best options to explore this season through my recently launched travel ebook A2ZOfGlobetrotting and arrange a systematic plan that works beautifully to curate the best travel experience for yourself and your family!

Let’s quickly know of those travel partners that are going to be your eternal company throughout your tour even though your family and friends may be away or you may be travelling solo. Got the hint? Yup! Those backpacks are destined to remain at your side even after the whole trip crew and members may resign towards some another direction.

The need for the best quality travel bags!

You ain’t looking for a broken handle or dripped chain in the middle of your holiday in front of a hundred spectators, are you? So, you better choose your travel gears wisely this time. Let’s not this minute issues create a bigger ones while you explore your side of pleasure in a totally alien destination.

Where to buy the best luggage from?

I understand this question follows a polygamy system! Have got innumerable answers to it which are better heard than worked! Why not look for a trustworthy brand of luggage and bag packs that has a great history of offering some trendiest looking bags and the best rates and with hundred percent customer satisfaction? Travolic is a genuine such brand which I prefer when I have to handpick my travel gears for a quick holiday or a family long vacation. The evolving masters in luggage world that manufactures each of their product with care and even personalises those bags as per your demands.

Read those reviews!

Alright! Now we can’t just trust the brand endorsement alone if we are going to purchase our travel companions to take with us to another state or country! So, what do we do? We refer to the most trusted part of determining the best quality bagpacks by referring to their reviews by the previous customers either through google app or other shopping sites. Remember, word of mouth speaks volumes about the experience with a certain product. Thus, check those verified reviews once before you opt for a certain brand!

Find the most suitable bag pack

You just can’t frame a perfect holiday of your travel partner isn’t entirely suitable to your needs and demands! Grab the one that efficiently suits your purposes. You should know which bag serves the purpose for your convenience perfectly well. For example, a duffel bag seems more suitable for a family leisure trip while a trolley keeps you organised on your business trips. A rucksack is your perfect solo travel partner and kids scooter bags keeps your children managed and entertained throughout your holiday.

Looks do matter

Now, don’t end up looking all boring or too funky when you travel around! Choose those bag packs which are unique in designs, look classy and elegant when you carry them and match your style as you stroll with those company of yours! After all you will be flaunting your best side at your side as you move around globally! Make sure, it’s the side that portrays you well, not contrast you drastically and create an abrupt definition of your version of personality.

Budget counts

Now comes the best part! We all are concerned about the prices of our gears, always! For the country that’s too obsessed with rates and offers and discounts, budgets are often deciding factor for a certain purchase. Get the best rates for your travel gears, find the most amazing travel bagpacks in cheapest rates or wait for those quarter yearly discounts and offers to make your purchases. I am not joking when I say that I found travolic better priced than most of the brands I searched on recently.

Jotted down these tips? Now what are you waiting for? Hit the link here to start organising your next holiday perfectly as you chose your perfect travel partner this holiday season!

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Waiting for ISHQ last part!

Read the first, second and third part to enjoy the whole love story!

And… she went! He saw the car glide smoothly from his driving seat. He intentionally didn’t come to meet her, wanted to know if she missed him at the time of going or was relieved to see him not in sight. He suddenly felt all shattered knowing she didn’t even ask for him or tried to look if he was somewhere near. Slowly, in his own thoughts, he moved towards their room, which was now empty but had her fragrance and feel all in it. He remembered their last moment of closeness. The way he held her towards the wall…. and something caught his eye!

There was a small paper sticked on it. He jumped to grab it and it had her handwritten message that said…

Abhi thehro, abhi kuch din lagege

Wasl ko khwahish banane mein

Tumhe apna samajhne

aur tute dil ko manane mein

Abhi thehro, abhi kuch din lagege.

Rishta-e-benaam ko humnaam karne mein

Kahani ko naye agaaz se anjaam dene mein

Abhi thehro, abhi kuch din lagege.

Abhi hum apni apni khushbuo ko dilon se milne de

Unhe mehsoos karne de

Abhi thehro, abhi kuch din lagege…

“I wish I could know how many days you need!” He sighed! She was strange, first she was adamant to go away from him to get rid of him, now she’s written a note for him so that he won’t feel neglected! Strange, but may be that’s the strange type of love bond they were sharing about which uncle said, which all could understand, can see, but they can’t! Fifteen days!!! He have to wait for those days to know what has life stored in for them ahead.


She didn’t knew why, but life in Simla felt very slow. Although, she was busy on most of the time of the day in workshops and projects and later would go for sight seeing with Ghazal. But somehow, she couldn’t get rid of his thoughts. His smile used to always haunt her dreams, those eyes… she actually felt his eyes on her when she was alone and would suddenly run towards the others to stay away from those. His sentences, his poetries… everything seemed to be surrounding her each moment.

Ghazal often teased her about missing him badly when she used to sway away in her own thoughts while in a middle of a discussion. She used to get several calls of abbu and Phuppo daily, but neither did he call, nor did she did the needful. Often she dialed his number on her mobile, but calling him felt strange somehow. It was she who said him she won’t miss him, remember? And she remembered the way he have told her he’ll miss her a lot. Just the thought of it, got her blushing!


“Nazm! Here’s a courier for you!” Ghazal was too excited. “And guess where it’s come from?” She tried making her cheer from her dull mood when she didn’t respond much for the parcel. “One of the fellow teachers who we have collaborated here?” She was least interested. “Nooo crazy! It’s from jiju!” She shrieked and ran with the huge parcel as she jumped towards her eagerly to know what’s inside when she heard his name. Ghazal gave it back to her after almost half an hour and she was nearly dying of curiosity to know what may be inside for her. She didn’t know why, but just the courier from him was enough to get her excited.

It opened up to a beautiful bunch of red roses arranged in a beautiful unique flower shape and a hand written note with it that said,

Unse kehna koi aj bhi tum bin

Hijr ki jhulasti dopaharo mein jalta rehta hai

Habzada raaton mein palkon se sitare ginta rehta hai

Shaam ke udaas lamho me dariya kinare baith kar tumhe yaad karta hai

Aksar darakhton par tumhara naam likhta aur mitata rehta hai

Hawao se tumhari baatein karta hai

Tumhe laut ane ko kehta hai

Koi tumse bichad ke bahot udaas rehta hai…

Koi tumse bichad ke bahot udaas rehta hai…

Ohh such a poor sad fellow!” Ghazal, who was listening to all of this pretty intently teased her and she ran after her to grab the letter she took away from her!

After that day, she missed him more. Now she started realising, ever her life was incomplete without him. She came to know how much she missed him, loved him may be….


Today’s day was more hectic than usual! Those international clients needed a lot of convincing, time and attention for the latest deal. He had already told his mother and uncle to sleep knowing he would be late today, they have already called him at least five times today. Strange! May be they were just worried about him overdoing this work.

The whole villa was silent and dark, he slowly unlocked the main gate and made his way towards his room. It was lonely in there, but at least her feel was still there to console him. He sighed and unlocked the door only to be shocked that stoped his breath for a minute!

She knew he was at home. She had been back since afternoon today and have convinced Phuppo and abbu not to let him know about her coming back early. She wanted to surprise him, let him know how much she missed him and see the joy on his face on seeing her. But how she’ll say all this to him would be seen later on. He was late than usual. She felt guilty. It was because of her he was avoiding coming at home, because of her that he kept himself engrossed in work so that he won’t miss her. But not after today! She’ll care for him like he deserved. She’ll…. and he unlocked the bedroom door… it was the time to let him know about all this… it was the time to make him feel special… but how….

He was surprised to no bounds when he finally understood what was happening. She was clinging to him, hugging him tightly! He felt numbed as in a second she was in front of him and on another one she was running towards him and on the third hugged him tight. “Nazm, is everything ok? You are back early?” She slowly faced him with a blushed face and eyes that spoke thousands words. Slowly in a soft voice she spoke,

Kabhi tuta nahin mere dil se

Tere khayal Ka tasalsul

Guftugu jiski bhi ho khayal tera his rehta tha.

“If I would have known I would be getting such a great welcome after your workshop, I would have sent you way back! By God! All my tiredness have disappeared in a second.” He said happily and she just smiled with her inner happiness reflecting on her face. “Missed me a lot?” He asked looking in her eyes and she nodded in return and waited for him to say something.

Apni dhadkano me kuch aese mera naam lo

Ye waqt ruk jaye is lamhe ko tham lo

Teri ankho mein aesi jhalak ho mere pyar ki

Sahil pe jaese dhalti haseen sham ho

Lafzon se nahin hota hum se izhar ishq ka

Meri ankhon mein dekh kar khud ko pehchan lo!

He slowly in these beautiful words displayed her his feelings and she knew they didn’t need any formal acceptance to know how much they loved each other! Their ishq spoke with their eyes!

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