5 facts about French language that we bet you didn’t know!

Bonjour! Comment Allez-vous?

Ok, so I have been struggling with the French language since years now! Though, I wouldn’t deny it has a unique beauty of its own, but you couldn’t say it’s an easy peasy task! You have to undergo a lot of stress connecting those words, getting the right pronunciation and even having the grammar correct. But in the end, everything connects and makes sense after a certain period of time. But I would really want you to be aware of these crazy facts about French language which can actually make your learning process easier.

  1. They have got more silent alphabets than the talking ones!

Don’t you go crazy bridging the gap between the silent alphabets in the words and the pronunciation of the sound? Well, you’ll be surprised but this language has more silent alphabets and almost all words has at least one of these in it. So, you can forget the ease of speaking without facing the challenge of the muted alphabets.

2. Where is the W there? 

Have you ever wondered why don’t you get to view a W or dooblewey as they call it in the French words. Ok, so you found it in a wagon or in western. But remember, both of these words are not of French origin. They are adopted from another language.  And even if they find the need of adding W sound in French, they’ll make it a V! For example; Walles is actually called le Pays de Galles! In short, W is politely avoided in this language.

3. E is the most common letter

Starting from homme to etudier, etre, merci; mercredi, elles and more, you fill E being the most active vowel of French language. And you’ll be more surprised to know that all 5 accent marks of this language can be found on letter e unlike any other vowel of this language.

4. It’s all about their highness – the voyelles 

I don’t know if it’s only me, but I think French people treat their vowels as royalty or an Indian unmarried girl. It’s never left alone in any circumstances and the alphabets before and after it have to sacrifice their sounds to fill in them. Well, even the number of vowels you normally find in most of the words is alarming. (And imagine all of them being silent or not being pronounced in their original sound!)

5. It’s the language with the largest number of homophones

Ok, so homophones are words sharing the same sound but with different spellings. Si mon tonton tond ton tonton, ton tonton sera tondu. – If my uncle shaves your uncle, your uncle will be shaved. No, this isn’t your regular tongue twister, but a basic French sentence that has different words. Like, you will find vert as green, verre as glass and vers as towards being spoken as “ver” though their meanings and spellings are entirely different!( So much for decreasing the confusion in a language!)

Apart from it, you’ll be shocked to know that counting in French is more of an addition business and this language has more than millions words out of which 20,000 are created each year! And even after knowing so much, if you learn this French, let me tell you, you’ve fallen in love with this romantic language. Nothing surprising! So have I! I am obsessed with it sine almost a decade, teaching and still learning it to make my French better and almost as native as n local speaker! Wish me luck!

Bon journèe!!

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  1. All the best to you.
    I ‘m planning from a very long time to learn French. It gets postponed for one reason or the other. Your pointers are must to note down


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