Essential factors you need to normalize with today’s moms!

Normalise parenting

Motherhood is a unique journey. You go through the roller coaster ride from the day you conceive to the time they are overgrown. Well, as each mom is different, even their preferences, ways of tackling the kids and handling crises differ. Some of you talk out in detail to handle your child’s tantrums while many moms out there try to punish the kid.

You often think your only child is leg out in attention while there would be moms who consider all their four kids getting proper attention and son on. But hey, there isn’t anything wrong in any of your methods and mantras. Instead of judging and talking about other moms, their choices, preferences and ways, why don’t you broaden your thoughts and welcome their diversity? Why don’t we normalize preferences of parenthood as all the other things. You can take tips from these tips below:

  • Normalise having more than two kids —Well, most of you have one kid or two for that matter. And you might already feel handling a dozen kids! (We understand the struggle!) But that doesn’t mean you should judge or frown upon a mom of four or five. It’s totally her and her partner’s choice if she loves kids blabbering around in her house. As long as she can afford their basic utilities and grant attention to each of them plus stay healthy and happy, let her enjoy her motherhood and you can actually ask such mothers for some tips on parenting.
  • Normalise no kids for long or ever — Well, that was for moms! I would say women without kids can be moms too. (If we consider their spoilt partners as one!) So what if they want to have their first child after a decade of getting married or simply don’t want one. Why frown on such ladies and think of them as cruel or boring?
  • Normalise home schooling or grown up training — If one of your mommy friends doesn’t want to send your child to a formal school and train the kid on their own, then it’s alright! If she thinks she can teach them everything without having the child handed to strangers, who are you to comment on her decision. Also, if she wants to enrol the child in a school after seven years, even this is awesome. Let’s not stress upon why she does this! So far as the kid is getting educated and gaining knowledge, even her way of educating is normal.
  • Normalise having a c-section delivery — There’s this common misconception that a c-section delivery is the easiest way to have a baby without labour pains. But how wrong you can be? The pain during the labour pains are natural and you just can’t get a way out of them through a c-section delivery. In fact, the pain and inconvenience these moms go through after having this operation can never be termed as an easy way out anyways.
  • Normalise working mommies — In India, we still frown upon the proper parenting tricks of working moms. Why? Do you think just because a mother dedicates half her rime to her career does she become a less mother? Well, if you compare he’d parenting with non working moms, they seem to bear double the problems and tantrums in dealing with their kids and probably are paying the role better than non working moms.

In short, being a mommy is totally an amazing feeling and absolutely normal in any ways you do! Then why judge others when you can lend your support and make it an easier and better journey for all of you.

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