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Here I am with another fashion oriented interesting blog to give you updates about what’s trending in the fashion world and how you can spice up your look.

It’s pretty obvious that you guys got a little hint about what my blog is about….

So, let me elaborate.

Given you choose a perfect dress for outing, office, party or any other occassion, selecting accessories is a very vital part of looking fashionable.

Apart from clothing always give equal focus on what kind of jewelry you wear, handbags or any other kind of purse you carry, your footwear, scarves and many more to go on the list.

Even if you make plans at the eleventh hour accessories can make you look stunning and set you apart.

So, I am going to share what are most important accessories to keep in your cupboard and are fashionably evergreen.

1.  Handbags

They always manage to add a special effect to your attire. Carrying a solid color purse is always preferred if you are going to office or any formal meeting. You can try handbags of various patterns and colors with your informal clothes to give a fresh and vibrant look.

2. Backpacks

One of the most trendy and smart looking accessory of these days. They are used by almost every teenagers and are also very useful along with making you look smart. They are very budget friendly and are available in various sizes and patterns.

3. Sling bags

Completes your look especially when  you are going for a party wearing a beautiful lbd. For a night look prefer a silver, black or golden sling bag for a shimmery look. You can also carry them well with jeans and top, skirts and dresses. Prefer light subtle colors for day look.

4. Totes

Tote bags are very useful because of the huge space it provides to keep books, stationary and other essentials. They goes with casual outfits like kurta and leggings, jeans and salwar. You can also use it as a travel bag for a day trip. Totes are literally boon to the ladies when you need to carry a lot of stuffs in your bag and also look good at the same time.

5. Belts

One of the most essential accessories of all times. First of all you need to come out of the mindset that belts are only useful when you are wearing jeans or trousers. They can be used in a lot of ways like you can wear a thin leather belt with a solid shirt or t-shirt dress. You can also wrap it around a cool oversize woolen sweater, shorts or dungarees. 

6. Watch

Just take a note guys you aren’t suppose to set your foot off your house without wearing watch. It is the most important accessory that goes with both formal and informal look. You can try metal watches preferably grey for corporate purpose. Watches that are studded with stones look very expensive and elegant. You can wear them with dresses to get a royal vibe. 

7. Sandals

Put on a high heel sandals to match up with your office outfit with hair tied into a bun and a classy handbag to make heads turn. Choosing the right sandals will take your looks higher by several notches. You can try various patterns to get a hippy look if you want to try something new.

8. Flip-flop’s

Tired of wearing high heels and need to slip into something more comfortable?

Flip-flop’s are the best options even you are going to hang out with your friends. They are best for pajama parties or when you are just going for a casual night walk.

9. Scarves

They are very versatile and enhances your outfit instantly. You can pair it up with a tank top and skinny jeans. There is a inumerable number of ways to wear scarves like classic loop, rolled loop, knotted shawl, neck wrap, double sided twist and many more…. They work wonders in the winter days by keeping you warm and make you look beautiful.

10. Bracelets

Depending on the type, material and design of bracelets you can wear them with both traditional and western outfits. For traditional try to pick a golden or silver embedded bracelet and for western wears metallic bracelets are preferred.

11. Earcuffs

They gives you a very cool look and often goes with western outfit. 

12. Bunstick

For making instant buns they are really very useful. You can make high bun, low bun, messy bun and all other kinds of bun usinng it. So, always carry a bunstick with you especially in the hot summer days.

13. Pendant

A small pendant can be worn with pretty much everything. They look very subtle. Themed pendants are also available in case you are thinking to select an unique one for yourself.

14. Nose pins

Well mostly goes with traditional outfit but these days they are worn with pretty much everything. So, if you are looking for a new bold look grab one as soon as possible.

15. Tiara

You can wear them on special events mostly on birthdays. They look cute with skater dresses, lace tops paired with denim shorts and any other western dresses that gives you an ultra feminine look.

16. Jhumkas

You can have any kind of jhumkas for traditional outfits. Chandbalis look amazing with lehenga, anarkali and salwar kameez. Always remember that without earrings your Indian look is incomplete.

17. Stockings

They are the life savers in those winter days. Wear them with formal dresses, with shorts or even half jumpsuits to look stunning. Ankle length boots are the best footwear to go with stockings.

18. Sunglasses

Well I don’t think I need to explain you guys the importance of sunglasses. They are very vital especially during the summer season. You can wear them irrespective of your outfit. Try different shades and increase your collection!!

19. Hats

Covers your head and protects your face from getting tanned. There is a huge range of hats that you can try. Buy a hat for the sunny days when you want to go and chill on a sea beach, a royal hat for a wedding and so on…

20. Hair pins

Always keep a couple of hair pins with yourself especially to tie up your hair in a crowd, or anytime you feel your hair is going to turn into a mess. With hair pins and bunstick you can make different hair styles instantly.

So, guys make a list of accessories missing from your wardrobe annd buy them ASAP!!!!


This guest post is written by Krati Agarwal– A Fashion, Motivation and a Lifestyle writer. She has a keen interest in creating new content and loves experimenting things. An engineer by profession but a writer by passion. Follow her journey on Instagram @boldblushblog now!





Are we free? Really?

Just days back we celebrated our 72nd Independence Day! From all those lengthy Independence Day speeches, to the most creative Independence Day quotes! We have celebrated it with lots of vigour and excitement. Not to forget all those patriotic forward messages and images on freedom that were so frequently circulated all over the social media.

But the question is, how can we scream of happy Independence Day while we are still caged in the prison of traditional values and systems that have been slaving us since centuries? Just how can we shout out that we are free when our judgements are still bottled up to what our Society used to think about years ago and we still think the same? How can a country celebrate it’s s Independence Day when half of it’s population is still deprived of basic meals twice a day? Where in, these kids may not get food at regular intervals, but they easily get access to drugs and become an addict to it even before crossing their teens!

A nation that prides of being the largest practiser of democracy and human trafficking as well! Isn’t it strange? Where humans are sold in just a price of hundreds, not even thousands or lakhs. Is human life of no value in a country that has been independent since decades?

We are a nation where in dowry is the prevailing factor in fixing a marriage and later breaking it. Where in caste system still determines a persons educational and family life thereafter. Where child marriage and labour are still crossing paths in many states. A country that worships the women deities and where many women are degraded physically daily and they still have to be caged in their own house so that no one knows that they have victimised.

On what basis can we call ourselves free when still blame the victim more than the attacker and harass her to death! Just how much we deserve to be called free when our female children don’t even have the freedom to be born? They are killed inside the womb mostly and later even if they survive, they are either given away or sold out.

It is sarcastic how we are moving towards the IOT and satellites on one hand and on the other hand, we are dividing the united country on the basis of the food they eat. Does a free or independent nation steeps so low that they judge your character or persona on the basis of attire you wear?

What’s the use of being independent when we are so much dependent on our mentalities dating back to the uneducated ancestors to live a life of an educated person in a progressing country. Do you actually think these slaves of our society won’t revolt? Just like our leaders revolted years back against the biased rulers of our country, so will these slaves of society revolt one day. They’ll break the barriers hindering their progress and set themselves free.

But for this revolt, we need to wake up! We need to understand that freedom doesn’t just mean that you no longer have the reigning power on top of your head, it’s actually setting each and every citizen of the country free. It’s getting each of them uncaged from the prison of society that doesn’t even let them breathe according to their wish. It’s making our country so safe for every woman and children that they can move freely in their nation. It’s about changing our outlook towards others in the practical way and not judge others on the basis of what our traditions told us!

We could actually call ourselves free when each Indian stops asking himself this question, Are we free? really?

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Five best gift ideas for your sister this Rakshabandhan!

Picture credit- google search Rakshabandhan

Hey, it’s your sibling fest already, and are you still scratching your head what to gist your sweet sister? Worry not! I have got some loads of ideas that the girls of 2018 are super crazy of! The girls of today, the unstoppable, totally foodie yet an extreme health freak and a total fashion and beauty trend crazy! The ones who are totally addicted to tic toc videos and all that they are bothered about nowadays are to how to flaunt their Rakshabandhan gifts the best way on instagram, Facebook, snapchat or Twitter! So, for that crazy sister of yours, let’s find some cool gifts this Rakshabandhan!

Picture credit- the times of India The couple clad in ethnics.
Designer Kurtis

Designer Kurtis or Indian wear!

With priyanka Chopra and Nick Jones posting some traditional pictures of their engagement everywhere all clad in ethnic wear, the craze for Indian dresses. I am sure your sister is a social media addict and following all the celebrities religiously, she’s certainly love the ideas to post a cool pic with you on Rakshabandhan day and put a story on instagram which has this caption, #rakhiwithbro!

Jewellery as gift


You can never imagine how much a girl loves to have the perfect ring or a bracelet or a earring as a gift from her loved ones. And as a brother, if you are going to gift her the same, I am sure she’s going to help you with the next date with her hot friend quite easily. Just buy those ravishing pieces of stones or simple attractive accessories from online stores and gift her one all nicely wrapped. You’ll soon see yourself tagged on Facebook with #thanksbro for this #rakhi gift from her!

Smartphone as gifts

Smartphones, gadgets or its accessories!

Ok, so if you the brother who gets payed well or is saving money since last year’s Rakshabandhan for your sister’s gift, you can certainly gift her a gadget of her choice. What can a girl of the twenty first century love than a beautiful smartphone to show off and that gifted from her dearest brother! And even if you can’t manage the same, you can still buy her a nice smartphone cover or a laptop sleeve. She’ll certainly love that too. But just keep in mind, it should look as stunning as your sister! What’s more, you never know her snapchat stories gets with the tag, #bestrakhigiftfrombhai can get a dozen screenshots after all!

Chocolates, the best gift this Rakshabandhan!

Chocolates and sweets!

Chocolates and Rakhies have an eternal relationship. Not to forget those sweets that are such a mandate during festivals that make it a tradition that sweets are to be gifted at each festival among yourselves to celebrate it perfectly. And I am sure, your sister would be a crazy chocolate lover just like you are and you are going to have a fun time snatching away those half chocolates from her that you yourself gifted her on this day! These are the best gifts that never fail to impress the receivers. May be, till the next year you may get a chance to endorse for a chocolate company especially for Rakhi because of your sisters tweet saying, #chocolatesfrombrotheronrakhi!

Picture credit- tea me teas Green tea, a healthy gift this Rakshabandhan!

Health drinks and nutritional intakes as gifts this Rakhi!

You just can’t tell me that your sister isn’t health conscious! Well, everyone nowadays is! So why not help her get in perfect shape through your gift this Rakshabandhan! You can gift her some healthy protein powders, yoga mats or. A pack of green tea for that matter. Green teas are the best and easiest alternative for a fitter and healthier life nowadays and are in quite a trend for fitness too. For instance, you can check the amazing range of Tea Me teas which have got some really positive reviews from all the health freaks. Their variety of green teas comes in various flavours which are actually better and not bitter! I am sure you are going to be thanked due fully in your sisters before and after pics and tagged #healthygift which made me transform better!

Hope now you’ve got a pretty good ideas as to which of the above choices of gifts would be the best to gift your sister this Rakshabandhan. Well, than why to wait, it’s just few days left for the festivities to start, so go on, start your shopping for a perfect gift right now and get the tag of the #bestbrointheworld right now!

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Getting ready for #MyFriendAlexa!

So, it’s the first time for me! I am all nervous and confused and searching all those articles on Alexa rank and browsing through twitter with the hashtag, #MyFriendAlexa and literally spamming blogchatter team there with my queries! Thanks God their patient and didn’t block me for this!

But I guess, I have got the main idea digested! It’s a blogging festival! A big one! That’ll eventually help me get a higher performance for my blog and not to forget getting the better ranking at its highness, Alexa. The lower I rank at Alexa, the higher I rank in the blogging world. Plus the interactions and genuine feedback’s I would be getting on my blog would be another positive factor to look forward to.

What’s more? For the love of reading, I get to read some varied works of numerous bloggers all so experienced and amazing writers because of this fest. A minimum of eight or many in one or many niches are welcome here too.

I guess, I should dedicate my September to a month full of variety of niches covered in this blogging fest. I would start a chain of blogs with genres and cover almost all aspects of lifestyle and other niches while we complete the fest. For example, my first blog would be on pregnancy stages while second can be on fashion styles. I can dedicate my third one for food and the fourth one for technology. Similarly, writing on travel for the fifth and finance for the sixth would be a great choice too. I am planning to let my seventh post be dedicated to food and eighth one for travel! Who knows I may even cross the eight figure and write more! May be the ninth one would be on parenting and tenth one can be on home decor ideas and I can even write an eleventh on fiction and more on parenting and more.

Let see if these ideas work and I can survive through this challenge after the A2Z challenge! Wish me luck and stay tuned for a month full of varied and exciting posts!

Fight belly fat smartly!

Junks, untimely meals and stressed lifestyle! Your physic gets effected no doubt. The one thing for which you take pains to make it presentable gets the most effected and in the most weird manner by your unhealthy lifestyle practices. Who likes looking unshapely? But sometimes even lots of practices and efforts can’t get you the dream figure you desire for yourself. But for the remaining some, are these simple steps that can get you the desired body shape you want.

We very well know walking and jogging and exercises gets your body toned. This inclement hips, thighs, arms and legs. But, the most difficult task of all is to get that belly fat out of your body. The one adamant part of flesh in your body that refuses to budge even with some really great efforts put by us. Let’s get reading those important tips to level your tummy.

Sitting position alterations!

Do you know your sitting position can effects your body shaping and toning the most? Yes, during meals or otherwise, whenever you sit, try sitting on the floor with your one leg folded and the other half folded as if it’s pressing your stomach in. This will gradually tighten your tummy muscles and help in contraction of the skin.

The sitting and standing workout!

Remember during schools days we used to get punished to catch our ears and do the sitting up and standing action twenty times? Well, now you just have to do that. A daily ten minutes in this exercise can get your tummy tucked inside in its position really fast.

Stairs instead of elevators!

The really simple yet tiresome workout that guards our daily lifestyle but can do wonders for burning those belly fats. As you keep going climbing those stairs and going down through them, you are actually bringing about a huge difference in your figure.


A daily half an hour of vigorous cycling can do this incredible job of burning those belly fats within no time. The one exercise that can even your whole body at he same time and if continued for longer, helps in maintaining the same for years.

Green tea!

Cutting out those fats and cheese is what we usually do while we are on a diet or on a mission to reduce. But, adding this magical potion of green tea can actually help you loads in burning belly fats. Just two cups of green tea daily can keep your regime intact and helps in burning those extra fats from your body. Te-A-Me green teas are the best for working against belly fats where in the natural ingredients of ginger and honey leads to a gradual decrease in tummy fats.

With these simple yet daily procedures to be included in your daily lifestyle, I am pretty sure you can see a drastic change in your tummy bulging within no time!

Thanks a lot to our sponsor TE-A-ME and hosts Sayeri from and Jhilmil from , for having this fun carnival!

Kolhapuri VS Mules- The Battle of Shoes

There is a quote which determines our love for shoes like no other, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” by Marilyn Monroe. Shoes or ladies footwear whatever you call it, this has the same significance as the quote suggests. It is the fact that if you don’t pair the right shoes to your ensemble can look completely out of the place.  Nowadays there are so many types of shoes out there like wedges, Heels, flats, pumps and so on. The list is never ending and I would like to stress over two most trending shoes of this time.

Mules and Kolhapuri Chappals, these shoes according to me have been the most trending these days. Have you ever thought about handcrafted mules? I know you are surprised by yes, you heard me right! Modern contemporary shoes decorated with some traditional prints isn’t that amazing! Now the choice is yours, whether mules will win or our own traditional Kolhapuri will.

Let the battle of shoes begins!

1. Designer Ajrakh mules:

Absorbed in the bold elegance of Ajrakh, these block heels mules are the perfect round the clock sliders for women. This pair of shoe is my personal perfect as it is suitable for both casual and formal outings. The art of Ajrakh print enables the traditional vibe into the shoe but the classic finish and design of the shoe make it perfect for formal usage.

2. Pamir Rabari Kolhapuri Chappal:

Pamir Rabari Kolhapuri chappal with Mirror Embroidery, tribal pattern embellished and bronze zari. Rabari the art on the chappal is inspired from the tribe in Gujarat. This chappal is suitable for traditional as well as casual outings. You can combine these with a lovely set of kurti and palazzo or jeans and top.

3. Beige Kalamkari Mules:  

This heel is the true example of traditional art and modern contemporary design.  As per our normal routine, these are the most unique set of mules you can have.  Either you are going to work or for any casual outing, these are the perfect options for you.

4. Dabu Print Kolhapuri Chappals:

The Kolhapuri chappal is a mirror image of contemporary beauty. Made with artistic grandeur and authentic leather. Decorated with wooden buttons and bright yellow tassels this chappal is nothing less than a piece of art. Pair these up with your favourite outfit and make an everlasting impression.

Now you can judge what you feel is best for you! None the less, these both are my favorites and I can’t make a choice between these beautiful pairs of Mules and Kolhapuri. Make these yours and let others go gaga over these stunning shoes.

Guest post written by Ananya Jain.

I grew up….

She felt the chill pass through her veins when the drop kissed her forehead! Then came another, one more and tip, tip, tip, the rain started. She veiled her face with her file and ran to the nearest small local cafe. People were already rushing to get saved from rains. Luckily, she caught a chair at a small table and ordered tea. She gazed out, sighed, it’s rains again, already! No wonder the scorching heat was unbearable but the rains, more nuisance. Stressed! She felt, deep in her thoughts, she gazed out.

That feeling when the room went dark and she was sneaking out of the window to find the grey formation of clouds around and screeching with delight watching them,”Mummy, it’s going to start raining, yay! Yay!” And this catching a glimpse of dark clouds and crying out silently,” The trains are going to be late, shit!” She grew up!

Opening up her little palms, enjoying the kisses of those cold droplets on her hands, trying to collect them all in her tiny clutches and now wiping her hands as soon as they got wet from rains, she grew up!

Closing her eyes, giving in herself to the sky, let the clouds get a better view of her face as they pour some rainy love on it to now shielding it with something so that her make up didn’t fade away, she grew up! I bet her wet innocence was more attractive than her dry make up!

Splash! Splash! One foot after the other and giggling loudly as she dashed through the paths after her friends to now double folding her denims and keeping each step lightly so that don’t even the slippers get some dirt of the rainy streets, She grew up!

Dancing freely to get more wetter than she already was to now hugging herself even more so as to avoid the drenched form, she grew up!

From enjoying the rainy long days from within the window to worrying about getting the washed clothes dry, she grew up!

A sigh passed her lips as she frowned thinking, the rains are the same as they were then, the grey colour of the clouds when it’s about to rain has been their tradition since infinity, the green grasses getting soft and muddy and the formation of those tiny puddles have been as it has been since years! Then what changed? Why can’t the rains now be the same as they were then?

what made her actually grow up? She glanced at the watch hanging, time? Time just passes, growing up is mandate, but time doesn’t restrict you from enjoying something that’s naturally beautiful! Then what? She saw the rush, she knew the answer already!!

The voices were clear even today, “wash off your feet, you splashed the whole puddle on your legs, wash them vigorously.” “Shhh! Don’t scream on just the sounds of the rains, so silly it looks!” “Why did you get drenched? You should have stood under some roof.” “Hey, change fast.You’ll catch cold otherwise.” These statements, these repeated commands, some way or another left a mark on her memory and ultimately her life.

It was the society! The society that forced her to grow up, the people around who created norms and broke them according to their conveniences and carved the same prints to the younger minds, just because they have been passed the inheritance of the same. This society which gradually changed the fun associated with nature into nuisance and the growing minds readily agreed to it and grew up defining it the same way to carry this tradition forward.

Growing up doesn’t means giving up joy and innocence, it’s rather a process to increase the same by passing it out to others. She stood up, smiled widely and knew what to do next!

The small crowd gathered near the cafe were smiling watching the lady who was enjoying rains with little kids of the area, as if she was one if them, as if she wasn’t a grown up!

The strength of the heart!

“A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” – HerculesA quote that speaks volumes! Fighting, taking revenge and giving away whatever you got is easy, but do you think after some years, when you’ll recollect those moments, would you be happy by your reaction then?It’s often seen when you hit or retaliate back on some occasions, mostly it’s because of anger. Where you in you assume the situation to be something else while it’s something entirely different and sometimes it’s the wrong person attacked. We just go about spilling the beans and giving away our piece of mind to the opposite person in our anger.When we hit someone or speak roughly or rudely, we think of ourselves to be strong. For most of us strong is that person who attacks fiercely physically or verbally. Forgiveness is something that doesn’t even take a step here. Rather those who forgive or stay quite or ignore are often considered as coward.Well, let’s take it like this! Do you think it’s easier to keep quite even when you know the other person is wrong and you are right? It’s actually wisdom that instead of shouting back in the manner of those people, you choose to deal with it silently. You just can’t step back on puddle just because it got your feet dirty the first time. And do you expect your feet to be clean while you did so!Secondly, when you choose to forgive the person when he/she’s ashamed of their acts or even if they are not, if with time you tend to forget everything. The pain, the strength you showed when you gulped all those tears inside, the will power it took to not to react to the opposite person’s actions and the power to still forgive that person is something that makes you brave by heart! This brave heart depicts your true strength from within. It shows how strongly can you face life and those unwanted situations in life.And the benefits you get the same is the feeling that you won by without even uttering a word. The stressfree feeling of not having grudges against anybody and the pride of being the superior one. Forgiving the one’s who didn’t deserved that, but you deserved the same so that you could live in peace.Well, from today, let’s drop all the grudges, give up all those revenge ideas and be the one person you deserve to be, the one who forgives, shows the strength of a brave heart and can live in solitude forever!

When soul beautifies!

“Lol! Do you think you can even pick it up Amir? Let it be, it’s not your cup of tea.” The same mocking style, the same sarcasm, she was mocking him like always. Underestimating his capability as a worker, as a man, as a human. She just thought of him as a jerk, as a man good for nothing. Not that he did anything, like just anything that could have proved her wrong. She mocked him for being himself. The thin, boney fellow with a minimum height of 5’3, much lesser than men of his area. The one with voice very soft, not that it was low, but he never felt he needed to scream to show he had a high volume and luck as worst as his reputation amongts others, always on the looser side. That’s what she called him, a looser!

She herself picked up the heavy suitcases one by one and half dragged them, half pushed them and kept them in her room. She has just returned from her hostel after a year, couldn’t be back during the half yearly vacations because she had an important project to submit. She was just given her exams for the last year in medical. As bright as her fair skin and shiny eyes, she was an all rounder, a perfect girl with no negative sides in her. She was tall, say about just his height, was fair, had some amazing beautiful features that could force you to look at her twice, had large brown eyes and was a genius in her studies. So much that she finished her medical studies all through the scholarships the school provided her. Her parents, living in a small chawl, couldn’t have afforded to give their daughter a good education though they themselves wished her to get educated. Hence, even when they have to part with their loving daughter, they still gave her the education she deserved.

Amir missed her badly. He admired her so much. She was the only girl he have loved all his life. She was the secret love of his life. He wanted to tell her that, but he knew she hated him badly. And why not, he was an orphan, the son of her father’s relatives living since childhood with her father and carrying the job of a butcher at her father’s chicken shop. He knew she cringed being anywhere close to her, and it’s not her fault, he was always surrounded by a stingy smell of meat and chickens. Which girl would like to be around him then? But he couldn’t control himself from loving her with all his might. That was why even if she mocked him or insulted him, he never felt bad.

She was looking gorgeous in that pink dress she wore, chewing apples while aunty was busy cutting vegetables for lunch. Amir was staring at her from his room that wasn’t much far from where these two were sitting in the verandah. “What have you thought about your future humaira? You have completed your studies and you are soon going to join the local hospital as a doctor. What do you plan to do after that?” Aunty was asking her casually. “Hmmm nothing much maa, I’ll go on as time goes by. Let see what happens.”she just waved the question away. “Oh no! I was talking about marriage, do you like someone back there at the hostel? We want you to get married as soon as we can beta. After your brother staying away with wife, we really are worried about you.” “I haven’t thought anything about marriage maa, what’s the hurry? And why are you worried about me, I am strong, have stayed alone at hostel for so long and would be earning soon too.” Amir just couldn’t help but hear more intently the conversation going on there. “No beta. It would be really very good if we can marry you with a good man. We really want to see that day. If you don’t like someone already, let me suggest you one, I know if a very good boy who would keep you happy for your whole life.” Aunty have said something that gave amir the shock of his life. How could aunty find someone for Humaira, he thought she knew how much he felt for her and she loved him like his own son.

“Ok maa, let me know who he is, I’ll think about it.” Humaira was ready to drop the subject. “Amir! He’s a good boy, is hard working, works with your father and an honest man. He’ll definitely be the best one for you. Even your father wishes to marry you with him. And what else, he likes you too.” Amir controlled himself from jumping in an giving aunty a tight hug. She was indeed his mother figure. He loved her. He couldn’t have imagined a better way to send his proposal to humaira.

But the next instance he got the worst surprise of his life. “What? How can you even think of this maa? I will never marry that rotten rat, that looser Amir. Don’t you know how he looks? And he’s a son of a cobbler. That too the one who died of begging continuesly. When dad picked him up from road side, he was begging too. And he’s not even continued his study after tenth. So you think I’ll match him and he’ll be a good pair for me? Even if he would have been the last man on the earth, I wouldn’t have married him. He’s a weak, looser. He needs a woman to protect him, he’s so weak.. I wish him dead and to hell.” She stamped her feet and ran away to her room.

That day Amir cried after a long time, after his Baba’s death. He felt as if he was full of dirt and she was an untouched lotus. He already knew how she felt about education deeply, that’s why after she started her studies in hostel seven years back, even he started his private classes from the nearby school and started taking an interest in studies. The money for this he payed from working part time at the nearest garage. He just loved cars and hence, couldn’t help but work around with them as a part time job. For the chicken shop, he did that just for uncle. He knew how much uncle felt for his family business of the chicken shop and they have done so much for him. He just wanted them to know even after their son left them saying that he hated the father’s business and a cheap life, he wouldn’t ever leave their side. And for his looks and weakness, he wishes he could request nature to make him tall, dark and handsome just as she liked. After all, it wasn’t his fault he was the way he looked.

The next morning while having breakfast their eyes met, he actually lowered his gaze feeling hatred he saw in her eyes. He could hear those words again in his ears. She was starting at him with hatred and insult. After aunty went back to her work in kitchen she came and stood in front of Amir, “so you beggar, are you dreaming of marrying me you ugly rat? Do you think you can afford me, or any woman for that matter? So you have in you the husband thing by any chance?” She challenged him openly. “Look at you, you are good for nothing. Just keep in mind, don’t you dare think about marrying me. My parents have kept you as a servant and that’s what you are. You are a cobbler’s son and you are destined to remain on our shoe tips forever. Got that?” She snapped her fingers in front of his eyes. “you can’t ever, never be equal to us, never!” And she left with a pride walk.

Amir was thrashed! He Just couldn’t stay at the same roof with her any more and excused uncle and aunty saying he need to go to a neighbouring town to help a friend in business for some time and left. The insult, the hurt she gave him, he couldn’t just bear it. He left the town and within a week was under severe depression. His friend couldn’t see him like this. “Amir, be brave. Life doesn’t end up after a proud girl and her lashings. There’s so much to it. Come on, show her you aren’t weak, show her your own potentials.” His friend was trying to being him back to life. “She hates me Azar. I can’t bear seeing my own face in mirror. And you know what’s the sad part in this? I am a beggar’s, a cobbler’s son. I am a filthy weak and ugly fellow. I am a good for nothing man. These are all the facts she stated.” He again started weeping badly. His friend saw him, took about his favorite book, copied a quote from there and stucked it on the cupboard door along with a picture of a car.

It was another dreadful day in Amir’s life. He got up and took a look around, bright sunlight was entering in the room and then he read something written on the cupboard, something with that pic of the lovely car.

“You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.” – Ratatouille

He sat there gazing at it for four hours, then he started rushing, showered, changed in his best clothings, took out a bag and opened it to get an envolup, he touched it lovingly, and repacked it and rushed out to never come back to the old Amir again.

They were all packed up, all their belongings in a small bunch of bags in the varandah. They were just waiting for the owner to come so that they can hand him the keys and leave. Then there was the knock on the door, she opened up just to step back in shock. She wanted to clutch something that can prevent her from falling but he came forward in a stride and took her in his strong arms. Strong arms? How can that be possible. Was she dreaming?

Aunty rushed forward crying and hugged him tight. “Amir, where have you been my son. We have missed you so much. Why did you go away. Its been a year. Look what have happened to us after you went away. Our shop went in loss, everything is sold, even this house is! Our beloved house is also sold. And Humaira’s wedding got cancelled because they knew we were now bankrupt and the hospital deprived her of her job because of a minor fault is some case.” Aunty said it all while weeping and even uncle came forward with teary, silent eyes. He felt ashamed of himself of living them in this condition. And she was there standing aside embarrassed and may be still in shock.

“Don’t worry aunty, you aren’t going anywhere now.” He calmed them down.”But no beta, the new owner is going to come at any minute now, our house is sold off”. Aunty was explaining him when he called the name of the new owner, he was standing outside, he came in. Amir asked him the amount he payed for the house, removed a cheque book from his pocket, signed a single one with the amount and have him back. They were all staring at him when he turned back and then he knew he need to explain.

“My love for cars got me engineering degree I completed when I used to work in the garage. I started drawing good designs and even got a huge offer for some of them. But I didn’t want to leave uncle alone, so I just kept the letter packed in a bag. Then one day, after going from here feeling rejected because of what I was, I read a quote that made me understand my future lies in what action in do, not what my parents did or what I used to be before. Hence, I sold my designs, got working on some more and now I am the highest paid automobile designer in the whole city. I started with sports and mingling with people to forget Humaira but I couldn’t do that. So, I returned to try my luck once again and ask her if she would accept me now, for who I am, accept me for the souls I am not my body”.

Aunty and uncle were so proud of him. Humaira was crying and looked embarrassed too, ” I am sorry Amir, I judged you badly and punished for something you were not guilty of. My own deeds were in front of me when I got rejected because of bankruptcy and the job which I took a great pride on, was snatched away from me. I am sorry and I’ll be honoured to marry you”.