Book review — Something’s Cooking – Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes by Kalyon Subbarao

Food books have all been my favourite. I love reading about new food varieties and even try them out at home. And breakfast being my favourite meal of the day, I’m always considered about having this in healthy manner that keeps me active and healthy throughout the day. And when I got my hands on this book by Kalyon Subbarao, I felt too glad that I read it.

About the book

This book by Kalyon Subbarao is something that every family should own. It not only guides you with some exclusive Indian breakfast meals, but also lets you know about the energy you get through it. (Since the calorie count is given in the recipes) . Even the systematic way in which each recipe is listed out makes it absolutely convenient to find the recipes and access it perfectly. From the content page to the last one, everything is to the point and precise and I don’t think so could get a better editing done on any cookbook. (Plus marks for the attractive fonts and infographics.)

About the author

Kalyon is a passionate cook. He left with years of corporate job just to start his journey towards being a chef. And his great efforts made him a founding member of Kitchari Katering, a food on wheel initiative that partnered with IRCTC to provide food to passing travellers. He is also associated with GORB, a startup of ZEE livingfoodz. He also has an You tube channel and blog where he shows off his culinary talent perfectly.

My take on the book

Personally, I’m a new fan of Kalyon and his food blog. His recipes are totally enticing and something I found totally easy to prepare as well. I have tried some of the recipes of this book like rava dosa, lapsi rava pulao, vegetable upma, urad dal roti, Palak spinach dosa and Besan ka chilla. These are really fantastic and super easy to prepare and yummy to taste. Have found these recipes really useful.

This book is certainly a must read for all good enthusiasts. Whether you are a pro in kitchen or are an occasional cook, you’ll certainly find this book very interesting and useful. I think even you should try all the recipes in the book by downloading it from here.

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