Switch to swadeshi with itokri!

I am a shopping addict! Obviously, you can imagine the online shopping and e-commerce sites I hit all the time. Yes, there is a myriad of options available in incredible fashion accessories and necessities on these sites. These are from all across the world and made with extra care and consideration. I don’t even doubt their quality. No doubt we all provide them a generous business throughout the year. But do you know we have some amazing talent in our country as well? And believe us, the accessories, the materials and varieties you get here won’t be found even in the most premium international brands.

Introducing itokri

Itokri is a brilliant shopping site that offers incredible options of items from fabrics to jewelleries, shoes, handcrafted home décor items, home décor items and more. These are made especially by the craftsmen from the ground level workers and also the best workers from across the country which are expert in these tasks. They also ensure to not to waste the natural resources by any which ways and use all eco-friendly items to produce and manufacture these products. Providing only eco-friendly packaging, they win hearts all the more!

My experience with iTokri

After hearing so much buzz about itokri, I thought of shopping for some unique items from their website. Let’s read how I liked their website and products.

Website — The itokri website is easy to use and mobile friendly as well apart from being easily accessible via desktops. You’ll find a different section for each and every item which is adorned with the right images and the exact details of the items. Even checking out with the products in the cart, applying codes and payments and placing order is simply efficient on this website. I found placing order for different products on this website totally a breeze.

  • The products — Let’s talk about the products! So, I bought a 100% pure cotton readymade pant from the stitched clothes section of itokri and I must say, from the Lucknowi thread work to the colour and fabric, everything is top notch and just as described on the website. Even the oxidise necklace with some colourful fonts on it is simply astounding and worth the rate. My favourite is the tiny nose clip that’s priced rightly and looks fantastic. Even the bamboo hair clip and 100% cotton face mask won my heart. So far, I have no complaints of issues with the products I bought from itokri. These are of excellent quality and looks just as perfect as they were in the images on the website.
  • The packaging — You’ll be surprised that itokri packs all these items in a box made up of used paper and wrapped neatly in an old newspaper. This is really thoughtful of them as they believe a lot on sustainability and urge you to try these as well by shopping through their website.
  • My take on itokri

I would highly recommend itokri for your regular day-to-day lifestyle shopping and even for luxurious options of occasional items. The items in here are suitable for gifting as well. So, when swadeshi is so impressive, why pay double the amount to others?

And if you want to simply surprise your brother with a nice gift, then a nice Rakhi along with other enticing products would be really ideal.

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