Secret to lustrous hair revealed – Sesa’s Onion Haircare range!

Beautiful and lustrous hair is a dream that everyone aspires of but hardly anyone achieves. Unless you’re gifted with naturally wonderful tresses, getting that lustre and life in your hair can leave you tired of the unsuccessful attempts. Yes, I agree there is a plethora of options available in excellent haircare range. But don’t forget the amount of harsh chemicals that enter your hair with these hair care products can actually lead to more damage than benefits. So, aren’t we in a desperate need to try some products which are exceptional in providing healthy and shiny hair, but doesn’t have any side effects as well!

Enters Sesa Onion hair care range! The three weeks usage of these entirely natural products ensure that your hair get better and healthy, just like as you dream! Want to know how? Keep reading!

  • About Sesa

Sesa is a 25 years old hair care brand embracing Ayurveda and herbs under its wings and providing mild but effective products to beautify your hair better. Recently, they have launched a special onion haircare range that ensures proper regrowth of hair, leading lesser breakage and making them attractive and stunning. I have tried their three exclusive products which are:

  • Sesa Onion hair oil with Bhringraj — The ayurvedically blessed Sesa’s onion hair oil includes Bhringraj that not only prevents hair loss, but also promotes collagen production that ultimately boosts hair growth considerably. This is an absolutely cold pressed oil that ensures to nourish your hair getting within making it appear stronger and vibrant. Another astounding feature of this hair oil is that it contains no nasty substances like paraben or mineral oil, silicone or fibres that tend to damage your hair. Since it comes with an easy to apply hair brush, using it becomes all the more easy and I apply it very conveniently twice and even thrice a week.
  • Sesa Onion shampoo with reetha and shikakai — After oiling my hair, I leave it overnight and next day wash it with Sesa Onion shampoo with reetha and shikakai. Both of these ingredients are very healthy for the hair and that is why they prevent extreme loss making them stronger in due time. What’s more, using this shampoo also prevents hair breakage and make them grow again. Even this shampoo is without any harsh or harmful chemicals or components that may lead to negative effects on hair.
  • Sesa onion conditioner with reetha and shikakaiand other healthy ingredients — My post shampoo ritual is using Sesa’s onion hair conditioner evenly and letting it stay for around 2-3 minutes on my hair. Since it contains amazingly beneficial ingredients like reetha, shikakai, aloevera, hibiscus, onion and amla, it further boosts the strength of my tresses. The deep conditioning effect makes my hair appear smoother and softer for long preventing the breakage and fall.
  • My take on Sesa’s Onion Haircare range

 I have used this hair care range for three weeks and I must say that very positive impact and effect on my dress is. Would highly recommend you for healthy growing smooth and silky hair.

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To order please tap on this link

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