How TLN is different from other Language learning institutions

TLN is one of the several Language teaching organizations that are active in 2021. The Language Network came into existence with a singular goal: To create a Language learning platform like none other! Read more to know about how TLN provides online language skills training and how it is different from the other organizations out there.

TLN’s unique attribute that makes language learning fun

  • Expert Hiring

At TLN, we believe in hiring the best and we do not settle for anything less. Our Language experts are carefully picked from the bunch. Only C1 and C2 level trainers and teachers are hired to make sure that our students learn from the best.

Those who have B1 and B2 certificates are asked to complete their language studies and then apply at The Language Network. This makes sure that our students are not left hanging by those with incomplete knowledge.

  • Translation and Subtitling

Trainers and Language experts at TLN focus on Translation as a means of learning a new language. Translation and transcription are important in learning. Teaching approaches are focused on these concepts.

Subtitling is another concept that is of importance while learning a new language. Watching movies with subtitles is one of the best ways for adolescence to start learning and understanding a new language. Here, at TLN, study material includes Subtitled learning methods.

  • Study Material

Talking about the Study material, TLN takes pride in creating our own study material and language course training activities. But very few know that our language courses and study material are created after carefully understanding the Government approved language syllabus and books. We can dauntlessly say that our study material is perfect for language learning.

  • Learning Management System

LMS is one of the most important aspects of creating a learning module online. The top-notch learning platforms on the internet have a stable LMS. It aids in learning, keeping a track of the progress, administrating courses and tests, and other tasks.

Having a cool LMS makes learning fun and more interactive. TLN has integrated its official website with a highly sophisticated Learning Management System for its students.

  • Cultural Approach

Culture plays a vital role in any language. One can say that the two go hand in hand. At TLN, our teachers understand this and incorporate cultural learning along with language to create a sense of better understanding for our students.

Blogs at TLN also focus on the cultural aspect of learning and we constantly come up with blogs that encourage culture learning.

  • Immigration

TLN is focusing on Immigration too. Many students aspire to learn a new language with hopes to visit a specific country. Sometimes they do so in order to understand songs of a specific language. But for the former, there’s good news.

TLN is on the verge of expanding its connections. Our founders are in talks with several schools and colleges in foreign countries. So, when our students complete their courses, they can be directly instilled into these organisations.

  • 7/11 Support

We do not believe in slavery. So we take an hour off every day and provide 7/11 online support. Students can reach us any moment of the day and get their doubts cleared. No query, no matter how trivial, is answered.

  • Free Counselling

Free counselling is another feature that makes TLN stand out. We offer free counselling to our students and help them discover their paths. Help them clear their doubts. TLN believes that growth will only take place when it is collective. We move forward and leave no man behind, or woman. Human. Leave no human behind.

  • Small Batches

This is one of the most important features of TLN. We believe that small batches are better when it comes to learning online. This way, more focus can be given to each student.

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