First time mums and mothersparsh!

Pregnancy nausea

The first nausea, the first dilemma in life that leaves you both scared and excited at the same time, those first tears you get in your eyes that’s not because of pain, but something eternally devine! Those sleepless, restless nights which have loads of promises of happiness attached to it. Those moments of uncomfortable and weird things happening to yourself but you love them all the same. Those times when someone’s kick never hurts you, and finally that time when the most severe pains in the hospital doesn’t make you weak, rather evolve you as a stronger person, a better version of yourself, a mother!

First time mum

Yes, I am talking about the epic journey of pregnancy commencing with those nauseas and ending with a bundle of joy wrapped in your arms. Remember, the feeling when you smell the sweet scent of the little one and felt your fragrance get reflected in another human being? Do you recollect the first feeling of considering yourself more than a woman, loving yourself as a mother of somebody?

First time Mums

The fear that arises simultaneously with this unique excitement is natural. You suddenly get a small being in your hand who’s totally dependent upon you even for their minute needs. That fear you feel first time in your life very severely. But, that’s where your strength evolves too. You decide to care for the little one more than yourself and suddenly you are engrossed in their needs more than of your own.

That’s motherhood! The limitless caring and love for your baby and the feeling to make the world stoop to your child’s happiness and needs. While you are busy recovering from your post pregnancy changes of your body, you also are busy in meeting the unstoppable demands of this innocent little fellow. The support you get in this time of your life is precious and totally unforgettable throughout your life. Not anyone except the most trusted people of your life are permitted to help you in this journey of motherhood.

That’s when you even choose the baby products you use for the baby with so much care and the brand that you trust the most. It’s not a surprise that the products you use for the baby are those which are delicate on their skin, just as the babies are! Care for their newly soft skin, just as you care for them. Feels on their body just as a mother’s touch, a mother’s Sparsh!

Mother Sparsh water wipes

That’s what I trust the most when it comes to my little angel, Mother Sparsh. A baby care products brand that’s renown for being gentle on my baby’s skin and carry no harmful chemicals that could adverse effect on her skin. The first ever watery wipes from Mother’s Sparsh gently cleanses her delicate skin while leaving a soft fragrance thus guaranteeing hundred perfect safe and hygienic for my little one. Those wipes which are paraben and alcohol free, hypoallergenic, PH balanced and hence prevents even the remotest chances of diaper rashes. That leaves me so relieved when it comes to skin care and diaper cleaning process of my baby.Its definitely  the touch that I trust! The first touch that touches my baby the same way I do, with care, with gentleness!

The perfect travel partners this holiday season!

Ok! I understand vacations are round the corner and so does the need to plan the much needed holiday that you have been so eagerly awaiting since last few months. And we can swear for the innumerable efforts you are going to definitely put in to make holiday the best one so far. So, when planning your next trip, why not browse through the best options to explore this season through my recently launched travel ebook A2ZOfGlobetrotting and arrange a systematic plan that works beautifully to curate the best travel experience for yourself and your family!

Let’s quickly know of those travel partners that are going to be your eternal company throughout your tour even though your family and friends may be away or you may be travelling solo. Got the hint? Yup! Those backpacks are destined to remain at your side even after the whole trip crew and members may resign towards some another direction.

The need for the best quality travel bags!

You ain’t looking for a broken handle or dripped chain in the middle of your holiday in front of a hundred spectators, are you? So, you better choose your travel gears wisely this time. Let’s not this minute issues create a bigger ones while you explore your side of pleasure in a totally alien destination.

Where to buy the best luggage from?

I understand this question follows a polygamy system! Have got innumerable answers to it which are better heard than worked! Why not look for a trustworthy brand of luggage and bag packs that has a great history of offering some trendiest looking bags and the best rates and with hundred percent customer satisfaction? Travolic is a genuine such brand which I prefer when I have to handpick my travel gears for a quick holiday or a family long vacation. The evolving masters in luggage world that manufactures each of their product with care and even personalises those bags as per your demands.

Read those reviews!

Alright! Now we can’t just trust the brand endorsement alone if we are going to purchase our travel companions to take with us to another state or country! So, what do we do? We refer to the most trusted part of determining the best quality bagpacks by referring to their reviews by the previous customers either through google app or other shopping sites. Remember, word of mouth speaks volumes about the experience with a certain product. Thus, check those verified reviews once before you opt for a certain brand!

Find the most suitable bag pack

You just can’t frame a perfect holiday of your travel partner isn’t entirely suitable to your needs and demands! Grab the one that efficiently suits your purposes. You should know which bag serves the purpose for your convenience perfectly well. For example, a duffel bag seems more suitable for a family leisure trip while a trolley keeps you organised on your business trips. A rucksack is your perfect solo travel partner and kids scooter bags keeps your children managed and entertained throughout your holiday.

Looks do matter

Now, don’t end up looking all boring or too funky when you travel around! Choose those bag packs which are unique in designs, look classy and elegant when you carry them and match your style as you stroll with those company of yours! After all you will be flaunting your best side at your side as you move around globally! Make sure, it’s the side that portrays you well, not contrast you drastically and create an abrupt definition of your version of personality.

Budget counts

Now comes the best part! We all are concerned about the prices of our gears, always! For the country that’s too obsessed with rates and offers and discounts, budgets are often deciding factor for a certain purchase. Get the best rates for your travel gears, find the most amazing travel bagpacks in cheapest rates or wait for those quarter yearly discounts and offers to make your purchases. I am not joking when I say that I found travolic better priced than most of the brands I searched on recently.

Jotted down these tips? Now what are you waiting for? Hit the link here to start organising your next holiday perfectly as you chose your perfect travel partner this holiday season!

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Xplorabox- The best way to keep your child away from gadgets!

Twenty first century kids are better known as digital kids! The ones who are always engrossed in gadgets to kill the times or rather to waste it. Parents are always concerned in keeping them off these gadgets to avoid the severe consequences following the digital addiction. But around 80% of these parents aren’t successful for the same. Most of the times they aren’t getting the perfect methods to replace the gadgets which should be compatible enough to occupy the kids and couldn’t quench their thirst for creativity.

Under these circumstances, Xplorabox comes to our rescue! They have got a range of creative mind games for kids of all ages which leaves them little or no time to grab those gadgets. They offer monthly subscription boxes of various themes in justified rates and not even a single theme is repeated . Thus, the kids get a monthly dose of creative games to keep them occupied and test their skills and even intensify it.

I tried their September subscription box of little space traveller for my daughter. Its the best one to keep a five year old naughty tot totally occupied and busy. The easiest way to let them know how to expire space and get some more education of the solar system. I just loved how it was packed systematically in which each different game was neatly wrapped in a different, convenient packaging with an instruction manual along with it.

The games in it included of:

Monster Mania game

Xplorabox Monster mania game

A super easy game that helps the kids interact better with their friends or siblings as they stack up the cards and arrange the cards to compete in a winning battle. It helps in enhancing their fine motor skills, problem solving skills, analytical skills and social plus emotional skills.

Space activity board

XploraboxSpace activity board

The kids in this game, get a stack of cards through which they find the flash cards and place them perfectly on the solar system board. A very good way to get their fine motor skills, reading skills, analytical skills and academic skills perfected.


Xplorabox Make my UFO

A pretty easy and creative technique to create an alien through the hints and the parts provided. This helps them to get their fine motor skills, creative skills and social/emotional skills updated.

My beautiful Earth

Xplorabox My beautiful earth

It’s a step by step guide for your kids to learn the earth’s rotation better. With the help of those materials present, they can easily create the solar system demo and explain it all to you. It helps in developing their fine motor skills, creative skills, social and emotional skills and academic skills.



They sent a partly prepared telescope with glasses needed for it and the child have to attach it to get the best result and tada my daughter is with her telescope in the balcony searching for comets each evening.

That’s was keeping my little one all hooked up recently and getting more knowledge on our solar system and space and she’s bubbling with joy and is full of praises for this game. I am sure all those parents with little ones are getting tempted to try this out for sure.

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How to make a Style statement with perfect fashion accessories!

Your style defines how you carry the timely fashion along!

That’s what I believe in strongly! Fashion is revolutionary, it keeps on moving in a rotating circle creating some drastic differences in trends and styles! But, no matter how much trendy your attire be, if you can’t carry it with a majestic charm, it’s all a waste! That’s where your style statement matters! The unique way in which you pair your accessories and twist your style, creates the stirring difference you desire! Let’s today, read some quick tips that can help you create an awe-inspiring fashion statement and make you stand out in a crowd!

Multiple chain necklaces!

Seen enough of those long and short chains tangled together and joint with a common pendant through those magazine pages. It’s all a vogue nowadays! Just choose your favourite coloured stone pendant, try some multiple shaped chains and brace them together to get a perfect necklace to make your even plain dress look all the glamorous and classy! An extra long necklace with your luck hung on it that carries your zodiac charm, or favourite colour highlighted through your choice of ruby, it all gives that extra spark to your dressing style as you flaunt your favourite neck piece elegantly!

Belt up your style!

Do you know the one thing common in the New York fashion walk this year? It was the belts! Those bewitching, clasping belts just above the waistline or on it, either ways gives a upper level look to your attire! From trousers, to sundresses! Jumpsuits to gowns, all create an appealing look of hooked with an exquisite looking belt clunged on them.

Heel them smartly!

We are not joking when we say that see through shoes and heels are grabbing attention more than celebrity weddings are doing this year! Either you can pair a simple transparent heeled sandals with any of your dress to give it a classy look, or choose a see through shoes along with your chic dress to give yourself a classy add on your style! Also, the mighty pumps are the best to represent your whole self with a touch of delicacy plus fanciable look on it!

Clutch it well!

The best company a woman can flaunt anywhere and everywhere proudly is a perfect arm candy! The more elegant your clutch looks, the more smashing your persona would look! Match it or contrast it with the colour of your attire and make a ravishing embarkment on the crowd! Whether it’s stone studded or flower embossed, they should be the real crowd captivator! If you think clutching is too much of a task for your style, try slinging them around your arms! Even those create the ravishing effects on gazers.

The one name that’s evolving in the world of exquisite clutches sandbags is embrayage.lux! Their especially designed, individually customised and exclusively made clutches intensify your glamorous look as you flaunt these beautiful creations! Either personalise your purses with your name carved on it, or customise them to match your designer outfit,or simply carry the stone studded precious one to make your presence felt upon masses! Some enchanting, attractive bags can also play a promising role in beautifying your presence with the help of a stunning arm candy!

With these points all jotted down firmly in your style diary, I am pretty sure you are ready to hit the next bash with a clash of fashion fusion wit the best accessories making an impressive style statement!

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Getting ready for #MyFriendAlexa!

So, it’s the first time for me! I am all nervous and confused and searching all those articles on Alexa rank and browsing through twitter with the hashtag, #MyFriendAlexa and literally spamming blogchatter team there with my queries! Thanks God their patient and didn’t block me for this!

But I guess, I have got the main idea digested! It’s a blogging festival! A big one! That’ll eventually help me get a higher performance for my blog and not to forget getting the better ranking at its highness, Alexa. The lower I rank at Alexa, the higher I rank in the blogging world. Plus the interactions and genuine feedback’s I would be getting on my blog would be another positive factor to look forward to.

What’s more? For the love of reading, I get to read some varied works of numerous bloggers all so experienced and amazing writers because of this fest. A minimum of eight or many in one or many niches are welcome here too.

I guess, I should dedicate my September to a month full of variety of niches covered in this blogging fest. I would start a chain of blogs with genres and cover almost all aspects of lifestyle and other niches while we complete the fest. For example, my first blog would be on pregnancy stages while second can be on fashion styles. I can dedicate my third one for food and the fourth one for technology. Similarly, writing on travel for the fifth and finance for the sixth would be a great choice too. I am planning to let my seventh post be dedicated to food and eighth one for travel! Who knows I may even cross the eight figure and write more! May be the ninth one would be on parenting and tenth one can be on home decor ideas and I can even write an eleventh on fiction and more on parenting and more.

Let see if these ideas work and I can survive through this challenge after the A2Z challenge! Wish me luck and stay tuned for a month full of varied and exciting posts!

Breathefresh vayu bags- A perfect solution for indoor air pollution!

Indoor air pollution!

Indoor air pollution is real! The daily use of electrical’s, chemicals in perfumes or room fresheners, pesticides, plantations, the continuous cooking and household works all are responsible for lots of toxins in air. The dust that enters the house through windows, footwear, rain wears and after kids outdoor play is humungous. These all contribute a lot to the air pollution in houses. These indoor pollutions are double as dangerous as the outdoor pollution is! While you just pass on the outdoor pollution sources as we keep on commuting, while we stay indoors, we are in continuous contact with these pollutants. Hence, major breathing issues can be caused with these reasons.

Breathe Fresh looked into this issue with the seriousness it deserves and brought about a range of beneficial, natural products that can help us deal with indoor pollution. These products are easily accessible through their site and on Amazon also. They are affordable and have all natural ingredients, hence they negate the side effects of air-borne chemicals in our houses. Varying from Air Purifying bags to natural Air purifier with anti-bacterial essential oil these products can be easily placed around the house to absorb the pollutants present in the air. Hence, providing a cleaner, fresh and pure atmosphere within the house.

Vayu bags from Breathefresh

I recently used Vayu bags from BreatheFresh, the only advanced air purifying bags with three layer technology providing maximum coverage of gases commonly present in the houses. Some of the benefits of using it are:

  • It absorbs excess moisture from humid and musty corners.

  • Keeps away the mold, mildew, bacteria and allergens.

  • Naturally removes odour.

  • As it’s made up of natural ingredients like activated charcoal, hence it doesn’t adversely affect in any sense.

Where to place it!

Just hang it in your wardrobe with your clothes or in your bathroom to let it absorb humidity and smell. Or place it in your car as an air purifier. You can also place in refrigerators to avoid smell mixing from various foods. You can place them in your travel bags too, it will keep all your belongings fresh.

My personal experience

I reside on twenty fifth floor, hence along with the breeze, there enters a lot of dust too. These dust particles often formed layers on our open bookshelf and this resulted in allergic bronchitis for my daughter. The unavoidable situation called for a safety measure that should be both natural, without any side effects and effective to cope up with the large amount of dust particles entering the place because of strong breeze.

Vayu bag seemed to fit in the criteria perfectly. I just placed it along the bookshelf that’s most frequently used by my kids at home. The effect on it was visible from the first day. I actually saw a rapid decrease in her breathing issues within a week of usage. We also got away with the flies and small insects that used to often gather around the books each day.

Seeing this my husband got so impressed with its natural ingredients and positive effects within days that he ordered one for his travelling needs as well.

He often goes for road trips for longer distance and hence always complains about his belongings stinking, due to excess moisture and even dampening of clothes sometimes. This had previously got him embarrassed a lot of time.

We just placed Breathefresh’s Vayu bag between his clothes while he travelled from Mumbai to Ajmer this time for a road trip. Quite surprisingly, even after rains being on a very scale during most of the trip and the bags being packed for more than fourty eight hours, there was no damp smell, no dampness between the clothes. And this had no side effects on clothes colour or other expensive materials present in the bag.

I have actually pre-ordered some more of these Vayu bags for my new house too. I’m pretty sure this will definitely be more useful to absorb the fresh paint smell in the new house that’s actually quite dangerous for children.

Hence, as a mother, a home maker and a lifestyle blogger, my review for breathefresh Vayu bags is a big thumbs up. It really works wonders to capture the unwanted smell and dangerous dust particles at home while keeping air fresh and germ free naturally.

If you care for your health and your family’s health, want to live in a home that’s actually sweet with no unbearable odours and is free of any type of harmful chemicals, I am sure you would love check these wide range of air purifying products from Breathe Fresh.

Instacuppa and me!

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

Health is nowadays everyone’s ultimate goal! But a healthy lifestyle seems a little more tricky to acquire. Regular schedules of workout, proper yoga sessions and accurate healthy diet comprises for the procedures involved for a healthy lifestyle. Which, we all more or less manage somehow. But, what’s most important is staying perfectly dehydrated and removing toxics of the body regularly. This is the most mandate step for a perfect healthy body.

Removing toxics from the body can be possible if we use good products for the same. I tried instacuppa fruit infuser water bottle, a great product with a infusing rod in the middle that allows me to put in the detoxifying agents in it which later gets locked in the lid. The amazing lock system makes it non leakable and the water stays fresh and the most detoxifying in it.

Black coffee is the one regular mantra I always have stay fresh. But due to my haphazard lifestyle, I could remake it every now and then. And once a made coffee can’t stay fresh old day. Hence, I got my hands on the Instacuppa coffee/tea infuser pitcher. Just add your required amount of coarse coffee in the infused rod in between and later add water and keep it chilling in refrigerator. When needed, just pour in your cup of black coffee and start your work on full bang on mood!

My husband is a huge fan of freshly brewed coffee. For him, I got an amazing gem of a French press coffee maker by instacupa. By just adding in coarse coffee beans and hot milk, mixing it lightly and pressing with the French presser I get the perfect cup of fresh coffee that’s keeps my husband going on all day.

When guests arrive, you need to present a perfect frothed drink to them. Whether it’s a hot chocolate drink for the kids or an aromatic cup of latte, without that finishing touch of frothing, coffee doesn’t seem exciting. With instacuppa milk frother, I get my coffees and other drinks presented amazingly with a great froth on it.

Getting my hands on these products have been quite easy too by just checking out through their website or buying it from Amazon too! I must say, for me, instacuppa has proved to be a saviour, what about you?

Product review- Eyova egg oil!

Hair fall problem has been seen consistently in all! Earlier, it was restricted to only females above a certain age to get hair fall issues, but recently, due to excessive pollution and the stress level being on continuos rise, even kids and men are facing hair fall issues too. The other issues like premature greying of hair, dandruff, split ends and restricted hair growth are some other issues prevailing amongst individuals.

Although there see various ways to avoid hair fall issues, I have come across an amazing unique product recently, that helped me cope with the issues of dandruff, split ends and hairfall.

Eyova hair nutrient is world’s number one egg oil hair nutrient that contains the oil extraction of twenty eggs in a single 50ml. Eyova bottle. Keeping in mind the needs of it’s users it has made a product that is beneficial for all hair issues.

Consisting of nutrients like biotin, that helps promote hair growth, omega 3 and 5 that regenerates hair follicles, good cholesterol which repairs, strengthens and moisturizes hair, antioxidants that prevent aging and strengthens hair roots and immunoglobulin which helps to revitalize hair and maintain healthy hair and scalp.

I started messaging it slowly on the scalp to spread evenly and left it overnight and later washed it off with mild shampoo twice a week for a month. The results are impressive as I can rarely see any dandruff on my scalp now. Even the hairfall issue has been resolved with split ends getting scarce too.

You can try the product to believe of it’s amazing benefits for yourself and mark the amazing change in your hair growth. Buy it from amazon or flipkart or snapdeal. Do follow them on instagram to get more information.

Fastest four healthy recipes with prawns and fish this #worldhealthday!

The need for a healthy diet!

A healthy diet is a healthy you! In this day of continuous stress and excessive work load cramping our body and soul extensively, staying healthy has become an essential target that’s too difficult to achieve! Either we are always on a go, hence, we end up ordering those restaurant meals or start heating up the ready to eat food with loads of preservatives in it. We hardly think about getting our meals organised. Like, getting fresh raw materials delivered at home and then preparing some unique dishes with it. There are numnerous online stores like cambay tiger available doing so nowadays which do deliver fresh fish for our wholesome meal in the minimum time at our doorstep. The lack of time to catch up with basic exercise and walks adds up to this misery. The result is in front of us. The machine depended generation today have turned in to a 24/7 working machine with serious illnesses like insomnia, diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure, hazardous chronic diseases, PCOD and most of all, obesity.

Sea food, a healthier ingredient!

While being on a consistent quest on finding the best, fastest and healthiest meal pattern, I came across some quite useful tips and recipes to attain better health with quality eating. While I sorted out some excotic, healthier and quality veggies for the purpose, I also made quite a discovery with the non veg ones. For example, one of the fastest meal option in sea food, prawns are even low in calories and protein than in chicken, yet with much more protein. Prawns contain magnesium, which plays a role in nerve and muscle function and bone devolupment. Fish is slow fat high quality protein and is filled with omega 3 ac plus vitamins such a D and B2 (riboflavin). Fish is rich in calcium, phosphorous and a rice source of minerals such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium and potassium.

Searching rapid recipes

Thus, I got a hang on some of the easiest, fastest health food recipes that contains these two and tastes yummy too! Let me share it with all you sea food lovers and health conscious foodies, believe me, they are extremely filling, have got enough nutritions that your body needs and taste just more than amazing.
Grilled fish in beetroot puree

•1 whole silver pomfret (or any other fish of your choice) cleaned and salted.

•1 whole beetroot grind in to a puree form

•half lime juice.


Mix on the fish lime and beetroot juice and keep it for grilling in tltour oven at 180° for 20 minutes. Turn the sides in between to get both the sides grilled perfectly. Serve hot with green chutney and green salad.

Healthy prawns tricolor tikka
•250 grams large sized prawns cleaned and without tail.

•Half a cup of calcium all cut in cubes

•Salt to taste

•Teaspoon of Ginger garlic paste.


Add salt and ginger garlic paste to the prawns and keep it for around ten minutes. Add prawns and capsicum cubes to the stick for tikkas. Put it in your oven at 180° for 10 minutes. Serve hot with schezuan chutney.

Prawns honey and olive oil salad:
•250 grams large sized prawns, cleaned and without tail.

•Small piece of broccoli, capsicum, cabbage and bell peppers.

•Half tablespoon honey

•Half teaspoon olive oil

•Salt to taste.


•Heat some drops of olive oil in a pan, add the prawns to it and add some salt. Let the water evaporate.

•Cut the veggies in tiny pieces and mix them with cooked prwans. Add honey and a little olive oil from top as dressing and enjoy your healthy salad.

Tomato prawns curry cooked in olive oil
•1 cup large sized prawns, cleaned and without tail.

•1 cup tomato puree

•1/2 teaspoons of olive oil

•Half teaspoon ginger garlic paste

•1 teaspoon coriander powder

•1 teaspoon chilli powder

•1 teaspoon cumin powder

•Coriander leaves to garnish and sal to taste.


In a pan, crackle the prawns in olive oil,. Stir fry for two minutes more after adding salt and ginger garlic paste. Add the coriander, chilli and cumin powder to it along with tomato puree. Cook for ten minutes, and some water according to your desired consistency of the curry. Garnish it with some coriander leaves in the end and enjoy with steamed rice.

These are some of the excotic yet healthy dishes you can prepare with fresh sea food in just less than an hour. But, the quest that arises with it is, where is the time to shop for those fresh sea food for these health meals? Well, fret not, just bookmark cambay tiger on your mobile, or follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and order from the various varieties of fresh sea food from them. They are the market leaders in serving fresh fishes since 1997.

As they say on their website, We clean it, cut it, fillet it, marinate it, and then either turn it into ready-to-cook fish products or freeze it. (There’s a whole science to freezing and storing.) Which is why not only does our fresh fish taste fresh, so does our frozen fish, marinated fish and our ready to cook fish.

So, why wait more? Get your choices personalised and customised the way you want them. If you like your fish marinated in a certain style, they deliver it so to you. If you love your sea food without tails, just like how I do, you can order it that way too.

As a better step for your better health, get going and start ordering your favourite sea food and cook it in the most delicious way with fresh sea food delivered from cambay tiger!

The freshest seafood now just a click away. Log on to
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Happy fishing!