Mafia — the thrill is here!

Friends — they meet, disperse and reunite! But how many times have a reunion turned into a game of thrill and horror to anyone? Just when have you watched a simple game taking numerous turns and entering the lives of people changing it entirely? Maybe never! But now you’ll see, in the new web series by ZEE5 called Mafia! A psychological thriller beautifully depicted and carefully curated to woo your senses and give you a nail-biting experience.

Image source –ZEE5

The cast and direction

Mafia, a magnificent thriller web series, is directed by Birsa Dasgupta and produced by Prambrata Chatterjee and can be seen in both Hindi and Bengali language. The main leads are played by Anandita Bose, Ishaa Saha, Ridhima Ghosh, Madhurima Roy Ankita Chakraborty, and Namit Das. With the idea of releasing the series in both the languages simultaneously, this web-series is surely going to kick a large audience.

The central idea of the series

If you are wondering what the word Mafia is working on this series, so let’s shed some light on it. Mafia is a popular game that takes you beyond your physical presence and reaches your psychological self. And this series beautifully extracts the impact of such a game on the life of 6 friends that reunite and dare each other to play the game. And there’s more — may be in the face of this game, there are evil intentions of someone!!

Image source – ZEE5

Where’s the thrill?

For thriller lovers, this isn’t an ordinary series. It has the intriguing thrill of a murder mystery, the horror of finding the next dangerous moment, the gripping feel of knowing the culprit yet getting it wrong in the end and the anxiousness to know more! The series that has drugs, dare, sex, betrayal and murder all engulfed in it, is said to be the most unique and thrilling coming from the makers till date.

Why watch Mafia on ZEE5?

ZEE5’s Mafia takes you to a new journey towards friendship, betrayal, reunion, being nostalgic and the terror it holds. And if you want more reasons to watch it, let’s discuss that too!

Mixing games with reality — It’s essential to keep the games in its place and not let them enter your real world. But, the six friends in Mafia did just the opposite. Watch to know-how!

The murders and the mystery — Well, when a game reveals more than just the winner, it goes beyond saying that it’s going to reveal some ugly memories and would lead to lots of murders to prevent the mysteries from coming out. Watch to know why those murders happen and which mystery is to be kept unsolved.

A never before narrated concept — I wonder if you’ve even seen it heard about such a game that enters your life just like soap in water and mixes with it causing all those dilemmas and events? Not me for sure! That’s why you should watch Mafia on ZEE5 to view and understand a concept that wasn’t ever shared before.

If you are a fan of crime series and love to watch the thrillers, then wait for the 10th July 2020! You are going to get your dose of thrill in the most anticipated web series in Hindi by ZEE5. So, are you ready to take the dare to watch the series and not get hooked to it?

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