Here’s how you can make your content on Helo more engaging


Helo is a platform that not only promotes local talents and trends, but also provides users with an opportunity to help them gain popularity in their own and wider communities. As a fast-growing platform, Helo India also attracts many famous and emerging artists and celebrities, who make relevant content on the app, which helps them reach out to the diverse user base of over 50 million monthly active users.                  

So how do you get the perfect audience for your content? One of the most important things to keep in mind is the originality in your content, which would hold a lot of potential to splurge and be shared on the platform, eventually leading to an increase in your following. 

A perfect post with an attractive caption and proper hashtags is what is highly recommended to reach the masses, however, an even more important point than that is the kind of audience you have. On       Helo, you not only create and share content, but you engage with your audience. Replying to a comment on your post is nothing less than writing a fan mail. You have to be there for them to know that you will always care to reply. 

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Then come the hashtags, as they are key to increase the reach amongst your category. And yes, creative content around the most trending posts always works. Another thing that helps is actively following other content creators, talking to them and engaging in their posts. A good gesture never goes in vain. 

Following these tips will not only help you increase the reach of posts, but will also help in gaining new followers. And there can be no better feeling than knowing there are thousands or millions of new faces whom you can connect with and gain popularity. A chance to be popular with your original content, made possible by the Helo App.    

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