3 instant healthy and yummy snack ideas for kids!

Fussy eaters

Today, as mothers our prime concern is to make our kids eat healthy! Their proper diet and better growth is all we are stressed about. But the more we stress on this matter, the more our kids make a point to fuss on the subject and refer to junk and packet foods. The struggle every mom faces to bring their kids towards healthy foods and snacks is real. Today let’s read about some healthy snack ideas that can give your kids a delightful meal yet the right content of nutritional value.

healthy cookies

Healthy cookies — Preparing cookies at home can be a time consuming and tough task. Even so, making it with healthy ingredients is another stressful procedure that isn’t always possible. It could be really good if someone would have made it with just as hygiene and care as we mothers do! Early foods is one such brand which have taken this initiative forward and have discovered dozens of flavours for cookies which are healthy, organic and yummy too. They have the ones with beetroot, melon seeds, ragi, oats, etc. And the best part here is that these cookies aren’t made in typical sugar that can be harmful to us if taken in excess, it consist jaggery! Thus, when my kid keeps are munching these cookies I know they are not intaking something harmful and are getting a dose of health in each bite

Healthy food for kids

Sweet or namkeen sheera — Sheeras can be really yummy filling. If your kid demands an evening snack, then try the sheera. It has the capacity to keep their yummy filled for around 1-2 hours. You can either make it using semolina or oats. Both of them are quite healthy for little ones and also light on their tummies. Or you can also mix both of them and prepare a nice sheera with some healthy veggies or fruits included too. And if you want to add in some extra nutrition in it, try Early foods dry fruits seven seeds powder. If can be mixed in any of the sheera to add its rich mineral and vitamin content and give your child a fuller, healthier meal. This seven seeds powder as mentioned contains the seeds of the seven melons and fry fruits which are finely powdered and are very beneficial. A snack consisting one or two teaspoon of these powder is surely going to be great for your child.

Healthy drinks for children

Early foods almond and dates healthy drink mix

A porridge— If you have a toddler crying for a snack or the one who loves gobbling liquids, porridge is the best option for their evening back meal. Again, there are various ways of preparing a healthy porridge. There are oats or semolina and even other flours that can be really good for a yummy tasting and filling porridge. If you want to skip all of these and create some unique taste that’s superb and even best for your child’s nutritional plan, try Early foods dates and almonds healthy drink mix. It has a really delightful taste and the benefits of almonds and dates grinded to make a perfect powder. Just add in the making of the regular porridge instead of oats or semolina or flour and let your kid enjoy a pleasant tasting healthy snack in minutes. You can also just mix it with a warm glass of milk and offer it to your kids for a light treat at midnight or before school.

Children are mostly fussing at meal times. But snacking is something when they tend to enjoy eating and devour everything offered to them happily. Make sure you take full advantage of this situation and offer them nutritious Early foods snacks that’ll not only provide them with all the essential vitamins, but they’ll also love it’s lip smacking taste!

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  1. Why only for Kids.
    I love eating healthy and this can definitely help me to choose the healthy snack.

    Thanks for Sharing.
    Prashasti Patel


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