Top 5 South Indian cuisine Restaurants in Mumbai!

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Mumbai foodies are insane! They tend to crave for all types of food anytime and anywhere. From North Indian to South Indian, from continental to Italian, they just want to satisfy their cravings at the immediate moment possible. Just a minute of search on social media or google apps, and there they are off to their favorite food destinations within minutes and savoring their favorite delicacies. That’s where the need of listing some authentic places serving one of those types of cuisine, the South Indian cuisine arises. Hence, here comes a precise yet complete guide that gives you the perfect knowledge of the five best authentic South Indian food serving restaurants across Mumbai. These places are personally reviewed, revised through public reviews and opinions, approved by food experts and have been passed on through word of mouth of extreme foodies and experts!



An exotic chain of restaurants opened around Mumbai namely at Mahim, Bandra and Andheri, this is one of the best places to taste exact South Indian cuisine. For seafood lovers especially, this ones a treasure. From elegant and comfy ambiance that depicts some rich cultural heritage proves straight from South India to the dress code of waiters in their customized lungies, everything here takes you to a tour to the Southern part of India. The prominent feature of this place is that everything they serve has a certain yet perfect touch of coconut in it which automatically gives the food a yummy yet southern touch!



tawa fry fish

● Fish tawa fry- Delightful Rawas fried to extreme with spices and tastes heavenly.

● Corri ghassi- Rich yet thick coconut gravy especially a specific type served in prawns or chicken.

● Chicken chetttinad- Gravied well, spicy soft chicken which is the most unique type of gravy you could have.

● Soul kadhi- A typical South Indian specialty drink which contains a hint of kokum making it pleasant and spicy sour to drink.

With the most courteous staff to welcome your presence and a fabulously rich menu consisting of some delicious treats from South India, Thangabali charges just 1000/- for a couple(approximately).

Gughan supreme South Indian restaurant!


So, you’re a pure vegetarian and just love South Indian food a lot! Or you are based from South India and feel entirely homesick and searching like crazy for your typical Mum’s delightful tasty food served with all the love and care in a blissful homely ambiance and not to forget in the most basic, yet hygienic way! Well, you just have to knock the huge wooden doors of Gughan supreme South Indian Veg Cuisine, the one place that is regionally sourced, serves clean, wholesome food which is nutritionally rich and prepared in the most traditional, basic way without any preservatives or taste-makers. Located at the heart of Marine drive at South Mumbai, this place guarantees to satisfy not just your hunger, but also your cravings for a good, blissful food. From the century old wooden inheritance to cultural bounties of South, you could feel stepping in to your hometown just once again as you step in. The food they serve are prepared in the most basic format and tastes just like the most authentic South Indian way it should be tasting. All the love and southern spices that gets infused in the cooking results in some excellent and scrumptious soul food that satisfies your taste buds at it’s best.


● Their Tamilian Ethnic Banana Leaf Thali, served with 20 food items, is one basic meal offered that covers their entire southern feel and gives you the pure Southern feast feel as you devour the delicacies offered in it!

● Ghee Milaghapodi Idli is one of their highest selling type of idlies that consists of the granny’s purest ghee essence on the softest idlies along with home made type gunpowder prepared in most basic and natural way.

● Ghee Madras Onion Dosa is another of their crispy huge dosa embossed with basic South Indian onions and tasty masala.

● Biryani- The one dish that’s extremely unique with small sized rice engulfing the spices in it and giving it the desirable, special South Indian Biryani taste.


Gughan special biryani
kadahi idli

Other authentic South Indian offerings of theirs likes Payasam, Paniyarams (sweet and Savory), Pongal (Sweet &Savory), Rasam Vada, Iddiappam, Upuma, Dal Vada and more are evenly delightful and gives you the kick you need of the Southern satisfaction. Not to forget the very famous filter coffee and traditional sukku coffee for calming your throat and being the most beneficial for your tummy.

All these and more along with personalized attention and excellent hospitality is just around 350/- for a couple. Believe me, Gughan is the best you can get in a pocket friendly restaurant in Mumbai.

sukku coffee
filter coffee

South High restaurant


Another one excellent serving restaurants in Mumbai located at Lower Parel and Malad, this can be called a high profile South Indian food serving restaurant in Mumbai. With striking ambiance, comfy crowd around and a lavish menu, you just would love the South Indian food served here. The staff all clad in their traditional way, the southern music to charm the environment and pretty paintings from there gives you the southern feel you crave for when you’re here. Their ambiance can be a driving factor for foodies here but foodies have also shown lot of love for the taste of dishes served here.


south Indian thali

● Their South Indian thali is really good with lots of varieties to choose from and each of them differing yet yummy than another.

● Chicken bhatkali Biryani served with chilled Raita and papadam is worth trying with juicy chicken and yummy Biryani to taste.

● Kadipatta prawns is something that’s really going to redefine the taste of curry leaves and prawns in the most exciting way possible.

Their non vegetarian options are more preferable and tastier than the vegetarian ones but nonetheless, with just 1400/- for a couple, South high fits the bill quite fine.

Anna Rasoi  

Located at Malad West, this simple yet basic restaurant serving authentic South Indian delicacies, in pure vegetarian form is a budding place at Mumbai. The basic wooden furnishings and some imported mud straight from South gives it a typical homely feel when you’re here. For the food, they serve some exceptional varieties of South Indian delicacies in their own personalized way. In short, it’s a small and sweet place with huge and much to offer to foodies.


● Idli platter the most favorite of foodies here that consists of five different types of idli namely, Guntur milgapudi, schezuan, Manchurian and king idli. This platter lets you taste the diversity in their menu all cramped in a single plate.

● Schezwan chili dosa is worth having as with its spicy hot taste and thin crusted dosa, it leaves a tantalizing feel on your taste buds after having it. The ideal mixture of spices and south that’s worth having.

● Sheeras served here on a daily basis in unique new flavors daily are something that’s grasping a lot of attention among foodies too. The unique homely taste and softness of the sweet adds in to the deliciousness of it.

Though small yet serving some tasty vegetarian South Indian cuisines, Anna Rasoi can cost you just around 400/- for a couple.

special sheera

Banana leaf


Located at the heart of Andheri, this place has a typical South Indian touch in interiors but the traditional way of serving the food in a huge banana leaf adds in to the charm of the restaurant. Though simply lit and decorated, it still passes on the southern vibes in the ambiance of the restraurant.

Their food is genuinely Southern in basic and tastes exceptionally well. They have been in talks because of lot of praises carried for their delicious native, south Indian food.The variety in their menu is something that makes Banana leaf a place to visit on a regular basis in order to try out all of them.


● Mini idlies served over here have become a budding favorite among-st the locals because of its cottony soft texture and mild salty taste.

● Rajnikanth dosa is something that’s entirely unique, just like the name suggests. It’s hot, yummy and pretty happening.You’d definitely end up ordering it each time you visit the place.

● South Indian thali is one item in their menu that allows you taste all of the South with in one thali and is extremely heavenly to devour. The variety in this thali is something entirely exotic and lip-smacking.

Through years of its existence and being upcoming favorite of foodies and localities, banana leaf serves excellent South Indian cuisine in just 900/- for a couple.

These five South Indian restaurants are among the most favorite ones in their category and budding and blossoming each day even more striving to serve better delicacies and bringing out the traditional South Indian aromatic feel and taste in their food! For now, you can devour their heavenly offerings and enjoy the perfect south Indian food time and end your new year with joy, we will be back the next year to let you know more of such excellent outlets to win your soul, your heart, your taste buds! Bon appetite!

Getting ready for #MyFriendAlexa!

So, it’s the first time for me! I am all nervous and confused and searching all those articles on Alexa rank and browsing through twitter with the hashtag, #MyFriendAlexa and literally spamming blogchatter team there with my queries! Thanks God their patient and didn’t block me for this!

But I guess, I have got the main idea digested! It’s a blogging festival! A big one! That’ll eventually help me get a higher performance for my blog and not to forget getting the better ranking at its highness, Alexa. The lower I rank at Alexa, the higher I rank in the blogging world. Plus the interactions and genuine feedback’s I would be getting on my blog would be another positive factor to look forward to.

What’s more? For the love of reading, I get to read some varied works of numerous bloggers all so experienced and amazing writers because of this fest. A minimum of eight or many in one or many niches are welcome here too.

I guess, I should dedicate my September to a month full of variety of niches covered in this blogging fest. I would start a chain of blogs with genres and cover almost all aspects of lifestyle and other niches while we complete the fest. For example, my first blog would be on pregnancy stages while second can be on fashion styles. I can dedicate my third one for food and the fourth one for technology. Similarly, writing on travel for the fifth and finance for the sixth would be a great choice too. I am planning to let my seventh post be dedicated to food and eighth one for travel! Who knows I may even cross the eight figure and write more! May be the ninth one would be on parenting and tenth one can be on home decor ideas and I can even write an eleventh on fiction and more on parenting and more.

Let see if these ideas work and I can survive through this challenge after the A2Z challenge! Wish me luck and stay tuned for a month full of varied and exciting posts!

The trendiest desserts in 2018! #GodrejFoodTrends2018 #GFTR2018

Foodies are evolving and so are food trends! Strange hunhh? Never thought even food had a trend too? Or do you assume the latest craze for Italian or Mexican cuisine as a whole idea of food trend? Actually, that’s just the part of it. Food trends is the day to day preferences of foodies about various food items and their increasing demands comprises of a food trend. For instance, the recent healthy bowl options that are getting so much common is a growing food trend, while Indo-continental food that we delightfully have is a great food trend and there are much more. Related to these trends, Vikhroli cucina brings out the food trends report each year that has the best prediction done by food experts on diversed food trends and their possibility of getting more popular hence onwards!

Desserts are BAE!

From that large predictive list is the one dedicated to desserts! As they say so rightly, we indians aren’t just ready to desert our dessert! That sweet taste after our normal meal had become almost like an addiction to us. Although those calories do show us the red light, but dare we stop having those sweet taste buds at any cost?


Such are we! Hence I think the prediction of bite sized desserts taking a huge leap in 2018 is highly possible. We are now hung between our cravings for sweet after each meal and the growing fats threatening our healthy routine. So, the Savior here comes in the form of these bite sized positions. The one which are prepared in smaller positions so as to limit the consumption of the same. Such that in the end, we can say, “we had just little dessert after the meal.” And a little less guilt too!


I also feel presentation counts a lot! We have always heard that hindi dialogue,”jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai!” This is especially going to take quite a big leap in the dessert trends in 2018! Food, especially desserts that would look devastatingly tempting. Why? Because I feel somehow with the growing use of social media, we hardly order something to eat it, rather it’s to post it! A story on instagram or Snapchat is all we are concerned of nowadays. In the hussle of posting them on social media platforms, we often tend to forget to enjoy what’s been presentated such beautifully to us! But, again, some people will especially visit that place to enjoy that dessert because it looked so tempting on another’s Insta story! Hence the assumption comes automatically that the taste would be amazing too. So, I personally think there would be an increase in beautifully and uniquely presented desserts largely in 2018.


Healthy desserts are again something that’s going to reign the 2018 food trends. We just read above how guiltless food is important to health conscious foodies. Well, because of this, they’ll definitely choose deserts which consist of healthy ingredients rather than living them off altogether. Just recently, I have tasted innumerable desserts that used honey or brown sugar instead of white sugar, chia seeds being the prominent ingredient in many of the desserts, bananas and berries being included in many desserts and cakes. And not to forget the latest trends having cakes being made up of whole wheat and multi grain flour. Thus, I think even healthy options in desserts are going to dominate over the dessert trend in 2018.


Even indian fusion desserts seem to be a highest possiblilty this year. Did you ever before hear of pani puri or paan or motichoor laddoo flavoured icecream? Well, this is what’s reigning the ice cream world right now. The Indian fusion desserts are getting loved across the nation. People are actually enjoying a rasogulla pastrie. They are loving the idea of having their jalebies being made in Mexican style! Well, that’s another food trend that’ll definitely be seen quite a much in this year.

There may be more trends that are going to get a role in the Godrej Food Trends Report 2018, but these factors are going to effect our food choices and preferences a lot! But whatever the teendlist displays, one thing’s for sure, though we may not the have the habit of having our gargling session after meals, we just cannot quit or sweet toothing session after those meal times!

This post is a part of the Godrej Food Trends Blogging contest hosted by FashionableFoodz in association with Vichroli Cucina and should not be repurposed, republished or used otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. Godrej Food Trends Blogging contest, Fashionablefoodz or Godrej is not responsible for any kind of infringement caused.

5 Healthy and Tasty Breakfast Recipes.

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The perfect start of a day calls for a perfect breakfast! Hence, it’s extremely important to have a healthy breakfast whch is rich high nutritional value and what’s more, it should be yummy too.

Lets read below some easy and simple recipes of healthy meals that are good to taste too! You can try them as your healthy breakfast recipes and enjoy them on a daily basis.

Dates, oats and semolina cake

A healthy cake rich in iron, protein and fibre.


Half a cup of seedless soft dates mashed with hands to make them extra soft.

Half cup pieces of nuts

  • A cup of semolina.

  • 1 egg

    • Pinch of baking powder
  • Pinch of
  • Half cup brown sugar.


  • Beat the eggs adding sugar and milk.

  • Add in semolina, dates, baking powder and nuts and mix well

  • Bake at 180 degree Celsius in an oven for thirty minutes.

You can bake it fresh or store it for maximum three days and enjoy in your breakfast with warm milk to have a filling and healthy breakfast.

Healthy yogurt bowl

A healthy breakfast rich in proteins, vitamins, fibre, folate.


  • 1 cup yoghurt

  • Half cup chopped avocados

  • Half cup chopped berries

  • 1 teaspoon almonds( chopped)

  • 2 teaspoon honey


  • In a bowl add in the fruits and chopped almonds

  • Top it with honey

  • Mix it well and chill for fifteen minutes.

Enjoy your mummy and healthy yogurt bowl breakfast with a rekening sweet and sour taste.

Veg curtained eggs

A healthy and filling breakfast meal with lots of proteins, fibres, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium.


  • I cup mixed veggies( carrot, cabbage,capsicum, onion) all cut finely.

  • Half cup finely chopped tomatoes

  • 3 eggs

  • Half cup cottage cheese or feta cheese

  • Olive oil

  • Half teaspoon Chilli sauce

  • Sale to taste

  • Pepper or oregano herbs


  • In a non stick frying pan, add half a teaspoon of olive oil, add all the veggies except tomatoes and saute for a minute.

  • Add salt, tomato and chilli sauce and mix them well.

  • Scatter them all around the frying pan, make sure it’s on low flame.

  • Add in the eggs on separate sides of the frying pan on the veggies.

  • Directly shred the cheese on top of the eggs on all the sides and cover with a lid.

  • Let it remain on low flame for 7-8 minutes and serve hot after sprinkling some oregano or pepper on it.

Enjoy a yummy and healthy egg breakfast either along with a brown toast bread or have it directly with a fork.

Banana and oats pudding.

A delicious and rich breakfast option containing of carbohydrates, fibre and calcium.


  • 2 bananas

  • Half cup oats

  • 2 cups milk

  • 1 teaspoon honey


  • Bring the milk to a boil.

  • Add in the oats and cook for five minutes.

  • Switch off the flame and stir the mixture to let the heat go off.

  • Mash the bananas and add it to the oats and milk mixture along with the honey.

  • Cool it for half an hour and enjoy a yummy and healthy treat for your breakfast.

Whole wheat berry pancakes

The rich in fibre, carbohydrates and vitamins breakfast that’ll keep you full for longer.


  • 1 cup Whole wheat flour

  • Half cup milk

  • 2 tablespoon brown sugar

  • 1 egg

  • A cup of berries

  • 1 teaspoon honey


  • Mix all the ingredients together and beat till it’s a soft paste

  • Take a non-stick frying pan and pour a tablespoon of batter on it, spread evenly to form a circle, turn after a few seconds and remove when it’s golden in colour.

  • Crush the berries with a whisker, add gradually honey and pour on the finished pancakes.

    Do try out these real time amazing and nutritious breakfast meals and leave a comment below if you loved it!!

Instacuppa and me!

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Health is nowadays everyone’s ultimate goal! But a healthy lifestyle seems a little more tricky to acquire. Regular schedules of workout, proper yoga sessions and accurate healthy diet comprises for the procedures involved for a healthy lifestyle. Which, we all more or less manage somehow. But, what’s most important is staying perfectly dehydrated and removing toxics of the body regularly. This is the most mandate step for a perfect healthy body.

Removing toxics from the body can be possible if we use good products for the same. I tried instacuppa fruit infuser water bottle, a great product with a infusing rod in the middle that allows me to put in the detoxifying agents in it which later gets locked in the lid. The amazing lock system makes it non leakable and the water stays fresh and the most detoxifying in it.

Black coffee is the one regular mantra I always have stay fresh. But due to my haphazard lifestyle, I could remake it every now and then. And once a made coffee can’t stay fresh old day. Hence, I got my hands on the Instacuppa coffee/tea infuser pitcher. Just add your required amount of coarse coffee in the infused rod in between and later add water and keep it chilling in refrigerator. When needed, just pour in your cup of black coffee and start your work on full bang on mood!

My husband is a huge fan of freshly brewed coffee. For him, I got an amazing gem of a French press coffee maker by instacupa. By just adding in coarse coffee beans and hot milk, mixing it lightly and pressing with the French presser I get the perfect cup of fresh coffee that’s keeps my husband going on all day.

When guests arrive, you need to present a perfect frothed drink to them. Whether it’s a hot chocolate drink for the kids or an aromatic cup of latte, without that finishing touch of frothing, coffee doesn’t seem exciting. With instacuppa milk frother, I get my coffees and other drinks presented amazingly with a great froth on it.

Getting my hands on these products have been quite easy too by just checking out through their website or buying it from Amazon too! I must say, for me, instacuppa has proved to be a saviour, what about you?

Food review- Biryani Guru at CBD Belapur!

Biryani Guru, the biryani makers that use authentic spices and pure saffron in their food!

mensions (px): Height 146 x Width 200
Biryani Guru Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Dimensions (px): Height 36 x Width 130

A great place at the heart of CBD Belapur, Biryani Guru is an amazing retreat for food explorers! Quite well known around the area, the place was buzzing with hungry foodies. Themed walls with phrames of various genres, this place has quite an amazing ambience with comfortable seating for 30/40 people at a time.

Lamb shorba!

Now comes the food, I always did hear that they serve some authentic and delectable biryanies, I wanted to try that for sure! But, I started my dinner with lamb shorba, delicious, slurpy shorba is surely a must try for all the lamb lovers.

The starter platter

The starter’s platter including some delicacies of mutton and chicken both, looked deliceous! Tasting it was left! It included chicken achari tikka, a soft, boneless chunk of chicken with achari masala, quite ravishing must say. The malai chicken tikka, a little bit sweet and soft meat of chicken made in tikka style is also quite a try here. Both the chicken and mutton tikka were spicy and scrumptious to have! Even chicken lollypop in the platter was good!

Instanbul parda biryani

Though all of their biryanies are a must try, both in vegetarian and non vegetarian options, their latest, signature biryani, Instanbul parda biryani is an amazing dish, the most recommended dish from their menu. A super yummy lamb biryani with softest chunks of meats rolled in excotic, indian spices, covered in yummy coating, this biryani is enough to reward them with an extra star.

Desserts and drinks

Finishing of with some rich, thick and creamy lassi to compliment the yummy meal and deliceous, soft gulab jamuns as desserts, I would say my experience here was superb! With experienced and efficient staff, they surely are well managed in serving their guests the most efficient way!

Fastest four healthy recipes with prawns and fish this #worldhealthday!

The need for a healthy diet!

A healthy diet is a healthy you! In this day of continuous stress and excessive work load cramping our body and soul extensively, staying healthy has become an essential target that’s too difficult to achieve! Either we are always on a go, hence, we end up ordering those restaurant meals or start heating up the ready to eat food with loads of preservatives in it. We hardly think about getting our meals organised. Like, getting fresh raw materials delivered at home and then preparing some unique dishes with it. There are numnerous online stores like cambay tiger available doing so nowadays which do deliver fresh fish for our wholesome meal in the minimum time at our doorstep. The lack of time to catch up with basic exercise and walks adds up to this misery. The result is in front of us. The machine depended generation today have turned in to a 24/7 working machine with serious illnesses like insomnia, diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure, hazardous chronic diseases, PCOD and most of all, obesity.

Sea food, a healthier ingredient!

While being on a consistent quest on finding the best, fastest and healthiest meal pattern, I came across some quite useful tips and recipes to attain better health with quality eating. While I sorted out some excotic, healthier and quality veggies for the purpose, I also made quite a discovery with the non veg ones. For example, one of the fastest meal option in sea food, prawns are even low in calories and protein than in chicken, yet with much more protein. Prawns contain magnesium, which plays a role in nerve and muscle function and bone devolupment. Fish is slow fat high quality protein and is filled with omega 3 ac plus vitamins such a D and B2 (riboflavin). Fish is rich in calcium, phosphorous and a rice source of minerals such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium and potassium.

Searching rapid recipes

Thus, I got a hang on some of the easiest, fastest health food recipes that contains these two and tastes yummy too! Let me share it with all you sea food lovers and health conscious foodies, believe me, they are extremely filling, have got enough nutritions that your body needs and taste just more than amazing.
Grilled fish in beetroot puree

•1 whole silver pomfret (or any other fish of your choice) cleaned and salted.

•1 whole beetroot grind in to a puree form

•half lime juice.


Mix on the fish lime and beetroot juice and keep it for grilling in tltour oven at 180° for 20 minutes. Turn the sides in between to get both the sides grilled perfectly. Serve hot with green chutney and green salad.

Healthy prawns tricolor tikka
•250 grams large sized prawns cleaned and without tail.

•Half a cup of calcium all cut in cubes

•Salt to taste

•Teaspoon of Ginger garlic paste.


Add salt and ginger garlic paste to the prawns and keep it for around ten minutes. Add prawns and capsicum cubes to the stick for tikkas. Put it in your oven at 180° for 10 minutes. Serve hot with schezuan chutney.

Prawns honey and olive oil salad:
•250 grams large sized prawns, cleaned and without tail.

•Small piece of broccoli, capsicum, cabbage and bell peppers.

•Half tablespoon honey

•Half teaspoon olive oil

•Salt to taste.


•Heat some drops of olive oil in a pan, add the prawns to it and add some salt. Let the water evaporate.

•Cut the veggies in tiny pieces and mix them with cooked prwans. Add honey and a little olive oil from top as dressing and enjoy your healthy salad.

Tomato prawns curry cooked in olive oil
•1 cup large sized prawns, cleaned and without tail.

•1 cup tomato puree

•1/2 teaspoons of olive oil

•Half teaspoon ginger garlic paste

•1 teaspoon coriander powder

•1 teaspoon chilli powder

•1 teaspoon cumin powder

•Coriander leaves to garnish and sal to taste.


In a pan, crackle the prawns in olive oil,. Stir fry for two minutes more after adding salt and ginger garlic paste. Add the coriander, chilli and cumin powder to it along with tomato puree. Cook for ten minutes, and some water according to your desired consistency of the curry. Garnish it with some coriander leaves in the end and enjoy with steamed rice.

These are some of the excotic yet healthy dishes you can prepare with fresh sea food in just less than an hour. But, the quest that arises with it is, where is the time to shop for those fresh sea food for these health meals? Well, fret not, just bookmark cambay tiger on your mobile, or follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and order from the various varieties of fresh sea food from them. They are the market leaders in serving fresh fishes since 1997.

As they say on their website, We clean it, cut it, fillet it, marinate it, and then either turn it into ready-to-cook fish products or freeze it. (There’s a whole science to freezing and storing.) Which is why not only does our fresh fish taste fresh, so does our frozen fish, marinated fish and our ready to cook fish.

So, why wait more? Get your choices personalised and customised the way you want them. If you like your fish marinated in a certain style, they deliver it so to you. If you love your sea food without tails, just like how I do, you can order it that way too.

As a better step for your better health, get going and start ordering your favourite sea food and cook it in the most delicious way with fresh sea food delivered from cambay tiger!

The freshest seafood now just a click away. Log on to
Use coupon code RELISH to avail a special 10% OFF
Offer ends on 30th April
Happy fishing!

A far cry from future!

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22nd March 2050,

The scorching heat, the blazing sun and heated winds! The usual summer afternoon in the middle of a busy street with a huge jam of vehicles that were continuesly honking around.

The cars and bikes have been stuck in the signals for about an hour now. The driver of a cab took out his 2.5 litres of water bottle and took a small gulp and put the bottle back in it’s place. The passenger sitting in the back seat was looking at him greedily. He cursed himself for finishing off his share of 2.5 litre of bottle so fast. He asked the driver, “can I get a small gulp of water too?” The driver looked at him hesitantly and said,”100 rs. for a single gulp.” The passenger agreed,”ok!” He took a small gulp from his bottle and returned the water back.

While the bunch of crows were flying around the now drying lake to get their share of water. The strays on the road weren’t now tempted by the bones the young boy was serving them. They were busy staring at the water bottle in the young boy’s hand. The boy followed their gaze and hide his bottle behind. The strays went away slowly with sad eyes. The bones remained on the floor as it is!

The society had a huge line gathered at their main entrance. The people were all carrying their regular buckets and bottles to get their share of water. They were standing in this line for water since ages now. Lately, state hata reduced the common man’s water share by more 5%.

While the news channel on Mr. Sharma’s house buzzed with the breaking news, “The state of Gujrat is getting more affected by the prevailing draught. 9 more people died today because of unavailability of water. The vegetable rates will be increasing more by the end of next week as there has been a decrease in the crops production due to less rainfall. Experts are predicting, even this year we may get less water.”

Hearing this, Mr. Sharma drained his half glass of water rapidly. “No rains again, shortage of water and increasing rates of vegetables! God knows why this is happening and when will it all stop?”

He switched the T.V channel. Another channel was doing a special report on Water saving! “Today on International Water day, we have got a report on how humans, decades back used water in an irresponsible way and this led to the water reduction issue today! Years back, humans used to waste a lot of water using shower to take bath and staying under it unnecessarily for hours. They even used to keep the water running from taps when using it for domestic purpose. This is not enough, some humans were so careless, they used to serve and take a full glass of water and drink only half of it and used to throw the remaining half of it!”

Mr. Sharma was shocked hearing all this. The report continued more, “This is not enough, with growing pollution and even with the continuos warnings of global warming, they kept using the natural resources carelessly. Only if these humans would have been cautious in using the natural resource like water wisely, we would have got more water to consume. If only they would have used half a glass of water for drinking and would have replaced with more half if they needed, this would have stopped the wastage of some more water. Then, we would have been able to drink this resource heartily. These humans snatched our right to natural resources for their benefits. They used our part of water and left their future generations without enough water to let them live healthily.

Now, we wouldn’t do the same mistake our ancestors did! We are going to reserve surplus water, use natural resource more wisely and recycle the little water we have to secure the future of our generations. This international world water day, let’s pledge we will use this extinct resourse of water more wisely.”

Mr. Sharma was suddenly quite depressed after hearing this all. “If only our forefathers would have taken this pledge some twenty five years ago, we would have got pure, enough water to quench our thirst. Not the recycled ones!!


The time has not passed yet. We still have so many years to spare! Let’s sign the petition, check the video and support this amazing Initiative by Livpure, #CuttingPani! The best way to do our bit for our future generations.

Let’s Get To Know The AtoZ Of Travel This April!

Get ready guys!

It’s finally here! Springs and April together! The month when flowers will blossom, so will blossom my blog and blogging skills. The month for which bloggers were all glued up has finally arrived bringing in bags of excitement. We, as bloggers are as excited for this month as you as readers are!

AtoZ April

Well, you guessed it right, it’s the AtoZ April with blog chatter time and I am just so excited. The month long activity period where in blogs are going to flourish and get published on a daily basis everywhere and readers, plus the bloggers are going to have an awesome time reading those posts. The surplus blessing of experience and explorations that comes handy with it is an entirely different matter of happiness.

Theme reveal

Now, enough of excitement. Lets keep it paused till April. Today, on the big day of the theme reveal for the A to Z campaign, I am ready to share what am I going to dedicate my April to! The theme that I especially chose for the month of April and why! Lets get all your answers now.

Travelling is all in our minds!

I decided to dedicate my 26 posts of the A to Z campaign to travel and regional food specialty for that area! Since, it’s April, people are ready to take off to their journeys with families and friends and kids too. Well, that’s the reason I thought a travel theme would be the best for my readers so that they can plan their holidays or extend them for that matter and get a better experience exploring.

Travelling with all!

I’ll also dedicate some of my posts on the places that could be travelled with kids, some especially for solo travellers, some for travelling older citizens, some dedicated just for honeymoon couples and so on. These places would be anywhere from within Mumbai to Maharashtra inclusive places, from being Indian destinations to World famous places, you can catch them all in the span of 26 days.

Best stay options!

We will also discuss the best resorts, hotels or motels the place offers. The best in budget staying options and the best luxury stay options of that place.

Food places to checkout!

For foodies, I am going to especially dedicate a good part of the blog to let then know what’s the speciality of that destination and which local food items they should try.

Well, isn’t this amazing? You can also gear up to get some more surprises coming through my blogs in the coming period of time!

Stay updated, start following me!

I think I gave you enough reasons to wait for April eagerly. Now, stay tuned to my blog, follow me to get a notification whenever I blog and keep following my social media handles on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to get all the notifications needed. Till then, stay glued!!

The other side of food reviews!

With great position comes great responsibility! We all have heard the quote and who wouldn’t agree to it? Myself as a food blogger since three years, I have been lot in to this reviewing position lately. Reviewing food from street foods to fine dines, it’s all a matter of great concern. While everyone else think it’s all an excuse to have loads of food, I always consider it as my top most responsibility as my regular job and a great passion as a hard core foodie. Today, let me open up the other side of the food reviews, the other side of the coin that’s still veiled from majority.

As a home maker, I have been cooking varieties of food for around thirteen years now. In these past thirteen years, I have got all sorts of people, Indian and foreigners visiting my place and tasting what ever I have made. There are always those numerous comments and prasises about my prepared food that encouraged me so much and made the tiring process of cooking so much enjoyable. There have also been some comments those were not appropriate or I may say, heart breaking and left me wondering, what have I been doing around all these years?

Over the years, my passion for food exploring brought me amidst the blogging and reviewing world! Where in I stepped in to the process of appreciating the good food around me and reviewing and stating the same on my blog, Zomato, trip advisor and other such platforms. But, while I sank deep in to the sea of food blogging, I got to know about the different fishes that survive under the same water. Some with an incredible knowledge of the tiniest ingredients in the versatility prepared food, while some with little or no experience of swimming in this sea. There were also some even stating the food they tasted as bad and pathetic! This made me so sad, since childhood I was taught never to say anything bad about the food you get. What you may get as a morsel, is just in someone’s dreams. No food is bad,if you don’t like it, just avoid it, why bother telling everyone around about it!

But reading such lines which describe food as disaster and rubbish makes it just so unethical and rude! It’s true that when you are a reviewer, you have to state the facts correct to the people reading your reviews. It’s your responsibility. But everything can be dealt by two ways. We can either be ride in our reviews stating that particular food item was wrath tasting, or we can say, I wouldn’t recommend it much, but you can try the same if you want to. This conveys your message without breaking the heart of the chef involved.

Why do we just ignore the fact that the person preparing the food is but a human. He/she is destined to make mistakes just as we are. Why do we forget that these are the people who turn those raw vegetables in to beautifully cut dishes. These are the ones who mix all those different Coloring spices and turn them in to a similar coloured gravy! The ones who take all their efforts to stand on those heated rooms for hours just to make a captivating, deliceous tasting dishes. This job does take the pain just like any other does. From the small-time cooks on the road side stalls to the high class celebrity chefs at the great restaurants, each of them put in a similar kind of effort to prepare something. Can we just for a second, slip on their shoes and think, if we are resting a recent review on our food and someone stated the food prepared was pathetic, how would we feel? Will we be excited as before to serve the next customer awaiting us? Will be still be feeling that we did great by choosing this job as our profession?I know, each of us all will feel the same way at that time, totally negative!

The reason for putting all these thoughts out here is just to let that even minor chef inside us spring to life and understand, when someone would point out at our efforts rudely, how would have we felt?

We can point out the missing details of the food rather in a different way as our suggestions. They are always asking for the same. But negative and harsh comments, no one asks that, neither likes them.

So, the next time we go and visit someone’s place who is preparing a dish for us, or visiting a new restaurant for that matter or just having a food cooked lovingly by our moms, take some time to appreciate their efforts, let them know you care and you can even give your suggestions to them politely. And as for the latest craze in trends in review goes, carry on your duty as you do the usual way, and do give the desired subtle approach to whatever negativities faced. After all, a human always has that talent of exposing a matter from both the sides. Let’s from now on, explain our negative views even in a positive manner where this matter is concerned. Let’s make cooking food an easier job through our easy to go attitude and approach of the same. Remember, it’s not easy to cook thrice a day for 365 days and each day something that hasn’t been cooked yesterday!

Disclaimer: This post is absolutely my ideas and views on the matter above. This post isn’t aimed to anyone in particular as a blogger/reviewer or a company.