4 foods that can heal your body and build your immunity!

Immunity building food

Food is love but do you know food can be cure too! The various food items or dishes that we so with efforts prepare, can be a cure to numerous diseases and body imbalances. Let’s take a look at them and know the way they can show their healing powers too.

Spinach - great for immunity

Palak paneer

The rich in iron spinach and full of carbohydrates paneer or cottage cheese can be extremely essential for health. This traditional Indian delicacy can be consumed regularly to cure iron deficiency in body, cancer symptoms, hair fall issues and also for occasional body and joint pains. Apart from this, the extremely nutritional food is highly beneficial to cure stokes, build up better and strong bones and teeth.

Mutton to combat cough and cold

Mutton yakhni

À tradition being passed on from our forefathers even before the partition and based from the then Punjab and Lahore cities, this mutton Yakhni is truly a best remedy to cure fevers, cold, coughs and wounds. It’s made by slowly cooking meat with herbs and spices and can either be consumed in a soup form or as a rice dish, but in either ways, does the magic in curing these diseases.

Benefits of basil

Tomato and basil soup

Who doesn’t like a great tomato soup with a dash of basil on it? Well, as yummy as it sound, it also has some extravagant medicinal value and healing powers. While tomato has excellent nutritional value, basil can be consumed to heal various body imbalances like diarrhoea, dysentery, stomach ulcers, etc. So, a nice, delicious combination of these two healthy ingredients looks a perfect way to joy up your winter nights and build up your immunity as well.

Fish with herbs

Roasted fish with fresh herbs

You might be a sea food lover. However, do you need these yummy sea food options are super rich in proteins as well? Having fish regularly is surely good for your hair growth and good skin. But it you add some fresh herbs to it after roasting the fish, you are having a very healthy meal that’s not only going to build up your immunity, but is rich in minerals and nutrition as well.

Loved these yummy options? Now try them and let me know the improvements you feel in your body!

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