Yes, frozen yoghurts are the new sensation in desserts – read why!

Frozen yoghurts are the best thing that happened to your regular yoghurts! These are extremely yummy in taste, smooth in texture and very healthy too. If we believe the researches, a 100 grams of frozen yoghurt contains just about 140 calories which is very low than the regular ingredients that go in your desserts. Well, that’s why it’s actually a fantastic option to include in your dessert recipes and make them more tantalising. And if you want some quick and easy recipes to introduce frozen yoghurt in your yumm yum desserts, read on.

  • Berries and frozen yoghurt ice cream — love berries? Then why not create a delicious ice cream of these? And don’t worry, your waist line won’t get affected due to this ice cream. It’s made of frozen yoghurt which actually turns this ice cream into a pretty yummy alternative. Just blend together your berries (ensure they are sweet and seasonal) and frozen yoghurt and freezer for 2/4 hours. Enjoy a relishing scoop of it when you crave for deserts.
  • Peanut butter yoghurt delight — Peanut butter is indeed a healthy option to consume. Well, make it even more delightful by mixing it thoroughly with frozen yoghurt and freezing. Pro tip – add some crushed chunks of fresh peanut for that nutty feel in your dessert.
  • Yoghurt waffle treat — Got some waffle at home? Great! Take a spoon full of fresh frozen yoghurt and put in this waffle cone. Add some fruits on top and a little drizzle of chocolate sauce to make it more relishing.

So, don’t you agree with us now? Aren’t frozen yoghurts actually reigning the dessert world with so many tantalising options with a healthy twist?

Note – This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

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  1. aditi says:

    Frozen yoghurt desserts look great and easy on stomach. A must try this season:)


  2. Deepti Menon says:

    These frozen yoghurts look delicious. Time that I tried a few. Thank you.


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