X factor in your home –5 ways to add life in a plain room!

Does your home lack any life and essence? Or are you shifting to a rented house and want to spruce up the interiors of the place? Well in such a case adding an X Factor to the place does the magic. These tips are enough to make any place look livelier and full of power. So, here is the much needed guide to add drama and vigour to your plain rooms with the help of some easy but impactful items.

The new coat of paint — A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to lit up any room. You just need not concentrate on only plain shades in such a case. But if you are adding a little texture or contrasting the shades and blending beautifully, even this it is enough to add a specific drama to your room.

Pillows and cushions— Want to make any part of your home record look spectacular? Well, then just some colourful or printed cushions are enough to create a fabulous impact in your room. Whether it’s on your sofa, lounge or simply over the bed, the effect is definitely going to be perfect

Frames, paintings and art pieces – Think your walls are plain? Add some X factor with classy looking colourful paintings and magnify frames. Whether you are hanging your self portrait or simply a masterpiece of a Famius painter, the life to the room is already added.

Planters of course — Plants are actually the best factors to add that much needed charm to your home. Doesn’t matter if you are going for the artificial ones or the natural plants, if they are placed on the right place, their presence is certainly worth cherishing in any room.

Floor rugs and carpets — You just can’t deny that the presence of a soft and attractive rug in your room makes it look homely. And if it’s your living room, a especially fabricated carpet is certainly going to add life and drama to this space.

Loved these ideas? We are sure you just can’t wait to try these all in your home and add essence in there!

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  1. Suchita says:

    Changing cushion covers is my favourite way of lighting up a room.


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