5 Reasons I prefer snacks from Sweet Karam Coffee

When you are a hard-core foodie and love everything about food, it becomes difficult not to stop munching throughout the day. (And sometimes even through the night!) However, we all know how many calories the snacking chips and wafers contain. Additionally, imagine if these are cooked in unhealthy surroundings or with harmful oil! You might affect your health negatively while munching these snacks.

Let’s introduce Sweet Karam Coffee

Ok, so what if we told you that now you can devour your favourite snacks and sweets without worrying about the health and hygiene factor? Yes, Sweet Karam Coffee offers you the same delicacies of traditional Indian snacks and sweets made in both traditional and gluten-free ranges with the touch of love mixed into it. The range of delights that you can have from them like Athirasam, Murukku, Filter coffee powder, Ghee, Rice pappads, Avakkai, Idly podi, Puliyogare paste etc is a tribute to the selfless relationship called ‘The Grandmother’. And that is why you would definitely enjoy having them on a regular basis. And if you want to know why I recommend them, then keep reading.

  1. It’s 100% healthy snacking – With Sweet Karam Coffee, you can rest assured that all the ingredients used in making their snacks and sweets are organic and processed well. They offer you handpicked grains and ingredients as well for your own grocery needs. So, quality is always of top-notch quality with them!
  2. It’s homemade – We Indians have a special love for homemade items and food. It’s the love, warmth and special care that goes in it which woos us so much. Well, when you have the delicacies prepared by Sweet Karam Coffee, you get the same grandmother’s love pouring in from their age-old recipes and the perfect making of the snacks and sweets.
  3. It’s yummy – Taste is the game changer of anything you have! With Sweet Karam Coffee, I experienced the finest taste of perfectly traditional snacks whether it was their Murukku or banana chips or Almond and Saffron Katli. The delicious treat to your taste buds will definitely leave you asking for more from their yummy offerings. 
  4. It’s in-budget – Personally, I don’t like spending way too much on anything. And snacks and sweets are something which anyone would like to have more while paying less! So, I got the golden deal! The range of food items s d snacks from Sweet Karam Coffee has lots to offer you at pretty reasonable charges that anyone can afford gladly.
  5. The zero chemical, no preservatives formula – There are lots of ready-to-eat snacks and sweets available in the market from the best brands of the world. But we all know they are full of preservatives and processed with harmful chemicals to increase their shelf life. But with Sweet Karam Coffee, I’m relieved that whatever I’m having contains no such harmful ingredients and hence is safe for kids, adults and even senior citizens.

So, I have given my 5/5 ratings to Sweet Karam Coffee for their scrumptious offerings. What about you? Do try and let me know!

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