5 Simple And Natural Ways To De-Tan Your Skin

Whether it’s a great beach outing or your daily work commuting, the after-effects are always present. No, we aren’t talking about your sweet holiday memories or the everyday work story, but it’s the tanned skin that reflects in the mirror each time you gaze at your reflection. Though the sun is a great source of Vitamin D and positive energy, we all know how harmful its direct exposure and ultraviolet rays can be! And there you find the result – the unwelcoming tan on your skin. So, here are some simply awesome and natural ways to De-Tan your skin without facing any negative after-effects of using them.

Tomato squash

Tomato is a fantastic fruit containing anti-oxidants and Vitamin C that helps in repairing the damaged cells and even a natural sunscreen. So, when you squash a tomato and use its pulp on your face, you easily get rid of the sun tan and even get a natural glow on your body.

Gram flour scrub

Gram flour has deep exfoliating properties. It not only De-Tans your skin but also leaves it super soft and highly cleaned. You only need to mix a few tablespoons of water to half a cup of gram flour and rub it over the tanned area. Use this scrub twice a week to get rid of the skin tan and enjoy a smooth-looking body and face.

Lotus botanicals Ubtan De-Tan Radiance Face Scrub and Face Wash

When you require a subtle but full-proof solution to de-tan your skin, then try the Lotus Botanicals Ubtan De-Tan Face Scrub and Face wash. This special range of products is infused with 24k gold, turmeric and ubtan that gently exfoliates your skin leaving it glowing and completely healed. Regularly using the scrub every day once and the face wash each time you clean your face is definitely going to bring in a pleasant change in your skin.

Aloe vera Gel

We just love this natural plant which has plenty of benefits for your skin and hair. This magical plant is a wonderful de-tanning agent as it gently submerges deep into your skin and cleans the tanned area, healing the skin in the most natural way. You can rub a piece of aloe vera leaf or use the gel directly twice or thrice a day for quicker results.

Potato Juice

Coming straight from the kitchen, the potatoes are wonderful de-tanning and exfoliating ingredients. The antioxidants in the potato ensure that your skin heals faster and the tan is cured at the earliest. Just apply the potato juice to your face and leave it for half an hour before washing it off. You’ll love the visible results after trying this remedy.

De-tanning your skin requires only a little bit of effort and these full-proof, no failure procedures like I have listed above. Now try the one that suits you and let me know the results below.

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