Small steps that can save nature!

With the rise of education about global warming, more and more people are becoming concerned about saving the Earth! Obviously, we want to leave some of the blessings that we are privileged to have for our kids too. No on wants to gift their children barren farms and waterless lakes! Yes, that’s what you are going to leave behind if you don’t care for the environment now! Below are few life hacks that doesn’t require much efforts, but can save loads!

Save earth

  • Keep the surrounding clean– Ok, so one more preaching of #SwatchbharatAbhiyan after prime minister, Narendra modi. But, it is needed. When you throw the thrash outside the window it is going to get accumulated somewhere. And most of our usage and thrash products contain plastic. This is going to clog the gutters and drains. As plastics are in disposable, can you imagine the huge pile of it we are going to have someday? What you do is, recycle your waste. Transfer that plastic bottles into dustbins and place them at regular places. You can even create a good plant pot from them. There are more creative DIYs through which you can use them in your regular home decor and many more items. And if possible, boycott them totally! This would be your small step towards a great tomorrow.

Global warming

  • Plant a sapling — A plant that is planted is actually your donation towards nature. With each sapling comes a source to decrease pollution, provide beauty, shade and food to the world. Who would want to be deprived of such great blessings ? What you need is, take a worn out or old bottle, fill it up with mud(you get it free) and plant some seeds of your choice. Water them regularly and place them around your neighbourhood when their good to go! If possible, start a new plant once a week! Also, you can gift your friends a sapling to create awareness.

Save water

  • Save water — Something saved is like something earned. You can’t earn or grow water, but at least you can save it! Try using less shower, less flushes, less in taps and so on. Recycle water too! How? Well, I recycle it by washing the veggies and rice in clean water and not throwing that water. Instead I collect it and use it for watering my trees. There is also a saying, carry your own water to know what it’s worth! You can do so to keep a check on your water usage and ofcourse preaching the same is like saving it by yourself too!

Amazon fire

  • Car pool — You can even save fuel just as you do save water! What it needs it’s just a wise usage of your automobiles. Make sure to check your vehicles and get them serviced at regular intervals. As the ones lacking this procedure creates a lot of air pollution. Go for car pool as much as you can. There are Uber’s, OLA cars today offering the same in reasonable rates.

These few steps and a little more consideration and compassion towards your surroundings. Our earth would be saved! So what are you opting for today?

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