Stop the loot!

Your hard money are your your right! You just can’t spend them and let them get wasted because of some rules or traditional plans that have been going on since decades! You have the right to speak up and raise your voice of your money gets wasted and it creates a huge hole in your pocket. You just can’t buy the whole shop if you need a selected item from there. It’s no logic at all! So why pay for the unnecessary channels of which you have no use or wish to watch?

Yes! We are talking about the unnecessary subscription charges that are looted from the customers and viewers by the channel providers in the name of providing entertainment. Even when a person doesn’t want to watch a certain channel, they are forced to pay for the other channels as well. Why, because it’s been going on since decades!

Well, the consumers today are much more digital and practical. They just can’t waste their income in the name of such subscription plans and let it harm their lifestyles. It’s time we all chose wisely. We all raised our voices! We all made it clear that if we don’t want to watch something, we just can’t pay for it.

The Supreme Court, by keeping the validity of the Regulations and the Tariff Order, has changed the broadcasting game in India, as thiswill certainly have an impact on how consumers are offered television channels and essentially allowing more flexibility and true choice to consumers in relation to the channels they want to subscribe to and pay for.

It’s time to #StopTheLoot! Let’s stop the sophisticated loot here which the various channel providers are carrying out. Pay only for the entertainment they provide you, not for the names of such channels. Do check your subscription plans twice before making a payment and be aware of your rights. Don’t let these channel providers exploit you in the name of fake advertising. Make sure your hard earn money buys you only your chosen entertainment, not the forced ones!

Harsh times of truth era! #wowprompt

Those raised brows ,those unwanted shrugs! Those harsh glares, those grudge hunnhh! Those sudden walking away to drastic changing topics! This is what I get as a gift when I speak the truth! Telling truth someone is a loving act! Better said than believed. It’s experience that’s a part of this blog when I say I have gained major hatred and more grudges after I revealed the truth. Until I said a lie, everyone loved me. But, when the alphabets containing the syrup of truth Came pouring down the bottle, I guessed I was better left alone rather than given a company!

It’s not just once. There’s been multiple times when being honest suddenly was the biggest crime on the earth. Where you are boycotted because you were up to the expectation. The expectation of always being the spoiler, the truth revealed!

From the glares that I get in my office when I reveal in front of my boss how his so called good deeds aren’t actually a great thing in the eyes of his employee to letting him know that we are not gift providers or packers and movers to help him gladly in his wife’s domestic chores. To the times when I bluntly let him know how disappointed I feel when I get my salary after the first week of the month passes away. Believe me, his state is enough to dig holes in me when he gets a nasty little honest worker giving him lectures on punctuality on pays! Well, can’t it. He hired me on merit and carrying my merit is what I do so! Poor him, can’t fire me right away! Not that I’ll like it if he did that way.( honestly speaking)

I get to hear whispers behind my back! When? It’s when I tell the truth in front of my whole family. When I tell them how arrogant they can be in discriminating between their daughter and daughter in laws. It’s weird how just a simple comment said truthfully can bring a rush of anger in each of their faces.

Those spatted words of “look at yourself first before commenting on others” can actually make my whole being burnt with anger, to tell you the truth. Well, it’s an honest comment that they always ask for right? So when you reciprocate with the same thing, why do you get such comments in return is something that I always wonder. Hence, I only give them an answer when they insist a lot. Otherwise, in a world where truth brings you more insult than rape does, you better keep your mouth tight shut! (Isn’t this a truth too?)

Dedicating a paragraph to the digital world, remember suddenly finding your previously commented lines nowhere to be seen beyond someone’s status or picture on Facebook or instagram? Why? Well, because you wrote the truth and people just couldn’t bear all the others reading the truth and they choose to delete those comments and sometimes the whole post all together.

I think, before my whole post gets restricted to be entered in the reading list because of harsh truths revealed here, is better stop writing more. I think these examples speak volumes how I am often welcomed and treated when I speak the truth!

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Are we free? Really?

Just days back we celebrated our 72nd Independence Day! From all those lengthy Independence Day speeches, to the most creative Independence Day quotes! We have celebrated it with lots of vigour and excitement. Not to forget all those patriotic forward messages and images on freedom that were so frequently circulated all over the social media.

But the question is, how can we scream of happy Independence Day while we are still caged in the prison of traditional values and systems that have been slaving us since centuries? Just how can we shout out that we are free when our judgements are still bottled up to what our Society used to think about years ago and we still think the same? How can a country celebrate it’s s Independence Day when half of it’s population is still deprived of basic meals twice a day? Where in, these kids may not get food at regular intervals, but they easily get access to drugs and become an addict to it even before crossing their teens!

A nation that prides of being the largest practiser of democracy and human trafficking as well! Isn’t it strange? Where humans are sold in just a price of hundreds, not even thousands or lakhs. Is human life of no value in a country that has been independent since decades?

We are a nation where in dowry is the prevailing factor in fixing a marriage and later breaking it. Where in caste system still determines a persons educational and family life thereafter. Where child marriage and labour are still crossing paths in many states. A country that worships the women deities and where many women are degraded physically daily and they still have to be caged in their own house so that no one knows that they have victimised.

On what basis can we call ourselves free when still blame the victim more than the attacker and harass her to death! Just how much we deserve to be called free when our female children don’t even have the freedom to be born? They are killed inside the womb mostly and later even if they survive, they are either given away or sold out.

It is sarcastic how we are moving towards the IOT and satellites on one hand and on the other hand, we are dividing the united country on the basis of the food they eat. Does a free or independent nation steeps so low that they judge your character or persona on the basis of attire you wear?

What’s the use of being independent when we are so much dependent on our mentalities dating back to the uneducated ancestors to live a life of an educated person in a progressing country. Do you actually think these slaves of our society won’t revolt? Just like our leaders revolted years back against the biased rulers of our country, so will these slaves of society revolt one day. They’ll break the barriers hindering their progress and set themselves free.

But for this revolt, we need to wake up! We need to understand that freedom doesn’t just mean that you no longer have the reigning power on top of your head, it’s actually setting each and every citizen of the country free. It’s getting each of them uncaged from the prison of society that doesn’t even let them breathe according to their wish. It’s making our country so safe for every woman and children that they can move freely in their nation. It’s about changing our outlook towards others in the practical way and not judge others on the basis of what our traditions told us!

We could actually call ourselves free when each Indian stops asking himself this question, Are we free? really?

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Getting ready for #MyFriendAlexa!

So, it’s the first time for me! I am all nervous and confused and searching all those articles on Alexa rank and browsing through twitter with the hashtag, #MyFriendAlexa and literally spamming blogchatter team there with my queries! Thanks God their patient and didn’t block me for this!

But I guess, I have got the main idea digested! It’s a blogging festival! A big one! That’ll eventually help me get a higher performance for my blog and not to forget getting the better ranking at its highness, Alexa. The lower I rank at Alexa, the higher I rank in the blogging world. Plus the interactions and genuine feedback’s I would be getting on my blog would be another positive factor to look forward to.

What’s more? For the love of reading, I get to read some varied works of numerous bloggers all so experienced and amazing writers because of this fest. A minimum of eight or many in one or many niches are welcome here too.

I guess, I should dedicate my September to a month full of variety of niches covered in this blogging fest. I would start a chain of blogs with genres and cover almost all aspects of lifestyle and other niches while we complete the fest. For example, my first blog would be on pregnancy stages while second can be on fashion styles. I can dedicate my third one for food and the fourth one for technology. Similarly, writing on travel for the fifth and finance for the sixth would be a great choice too. I am planning to let my seventh post be dedicated to food and eighth one for travel! Who knows I may even cross the eight figure and write more! May be the ninth one would be on parenting and tenth one can be on home decor ideas and I can even write an eleventh on fiction and more on parenting and more.

Let see if these ideas work and I can survive through this challenge after the A2Z challenge! Wish me luck and stay tuned for a month full of varied and exciting posts!

When human left humanity!

I was traveling in a rental car when i heard the thumping of a flat tire. We pulled over and discover the thumping is not coming from a flat, after all, but from the trunk. What or who is making the noise?

We felt scared. All three of started staring at one another. Dark stormy night and an empty highway and this noise on top of it, the feeling was eerie. I felt my throat go dry with fear. “Let’s open it and see. It would be minor fault after all.” Robin, my companion said and we all opened up the side doors and stood facing the trunk. I don’t know about others, but i was actually feeling as if I am unboxing a halloween gift when we openen the trunk. The loud shriek, thst followed as we opened it was alarming.

We all stepped back with eyes as wide as potatoes. I actually blinked twice. Was it a doll? I remember playing with something like this when I was a baby. But oh, a doll doesn’t stare you back as if she’s seen the angel of death in front of her. Neither does she has scratches on her face and hands with blood running out of them. But, the sight was just shocking. I have no word to describe her. She was a small girl, may be around 8/9 years, fully dressed in a red bridal lehenga. Her face would have been covered with heavy makeup but have been ruined with tears and sweat.

My other friend Meera held her up and got her out of the trunk where she was sitting tightened up in herself. “She’s Shivering” she whispered slowly while she made her stood up. She wasn’t wearing any footwear, even her foot were having blood marks on them. Her tiny fingers were now clasped in one other. And she started crying unstoppingly seeing us.

“Geeta!” She told us between hiccups when we asked her name. “I ran away, I ran away from my wedding, from my husband”. She told us with breaking voice. “Husband, did she say that?”I asked my friends. We all knew that was what she said. “But you are so small. You couldn’t marry and what kind of a rotten fellow was he who could marry a child?” My voice became feirce even after controlling a lot. “No! Don’t say anything against him. He’s my God. Aunty says husbands are wife’s God. Never do anything that irritates them and never say anything bad about them otherwise we will suffer.” She told us in her extreme innocence in between those hiccups.

I was disgusted. “What rubbish. And if you can’t do anything that irritates him, then why did you run away from him?” “I was scared.” She said in her small voice. “scared?” That were we three in a chorus now. “I saw my husband using blade on my eldest sister. You know, we are three sisters. My eldest sister is Seeta, middle one Savitri and I am Geeta. We were all married together today and he was cutting her bridal lehenga with blades and she was screaming. She was bleeding, didi was bleeding. I got so scared, I knew after didi he’ll go to Savitri and hurt her too and then he’ll cut me too. So…. So I ran. I ran and got in to your car to got away from him.” She started wailing in between those sentences. Meera hugged her closer and asked her slowly, “but if was hurting your didi, didn’t her husband stopped him and save her? And how can he touch your sisters, doesn’t their getting married and going with their respective husbands?” She forgot all her tears and blinked as she saw us, “which husbands? We are sisters and we marry the same man. Then which other husband are you talking about?”

We all stared back at her open mouthed. These three sisters were actually married to a single man. Can this be real? We exchanged surprised glances. Shocked was a short word for us. “Geeta, can you tell me more about you and your family and your husband?” Robin was a social worker. He knew he smelled danger here. “We are three sisters. My didi three years older to me, than is savitri and then myself. Our mother died some months back and we live with our mamu. We all girls work with mamy at a bangle factory the whole day. But still we couldn’t have enough food for us. Mamu has got two sons and both of them go to school. Even we used to go to school, but after mother died, mamu said we don’t have money to pay school people. So we started working so that we can gather some money and go to school. I liked going there and writing so much. I really miss my teacher and friends there. Some days back this uncle came with mamu to our place and my uncle told us all to wear our new frocks. He was really very nice. He talked to us nicely and even gave us all three lots of money to eat. Next day, he brought us all new lehengas and mamu told he’s going to be our husband the next day. That night we had a huge fight at home. Mamy was fighting with mamu saying how can he marry us to that man in exchange of five thousand rupees. But mamu hit her badly that night and the next day made us all ready for our marriage. Even didi and savitri were crying the whole night on the same day. After marriage he took us to his home and I was kept in a separate small room. He told us that was our new home and it was really very big. He even got us lots of tasty food to it. But that night when he was cutting didi with knife, I got scared and I ran away. I don’t even know if didi is alright. May be she will be in hospital, and savitri, even she would be crying. I don’t know what to do. Please can you save them, please?”

We were hearing this all with a grim expression. Human trafficking sas real and this girl was a living example of it. Imagine an uncle selling of his three nieces just for an amount of five thousand! And what’s more disgusting, the man may be a psycho and rapist too. I was feeling depressed thinking about her two sisters, both of them still a child and being attacked with a blade.

“Where’s your new home, do you know the address? We’ll help get your sisters back to you.” We asked her but she was very young to remember an adress that she have been taken for just a few hours. Neither did she remembered her chawl’s name. “Ok, you got in our car from near by your house, right?” Robin got the idea and she agreed. We took a u turn and took our car back to where we had come from. Meanwhile, Robin made all the necessary phone calls to the authorities required for immediate action. We stopped near the antic shop we had visited some hours back and where Gita would have stepped in the trunk and got herself locked.

“That’s the house”. She pointed towards the small bungalow opposite the antic shop. But she started shivering again glancing it. We both left her with Meera and knocked the door loudly. A middle aged half bald man with loose kurta that was half buttoned and had blood stains on them opened the door. He was frustrated and in rage and with the speed in which he opened the door, we knew he had already noticed the missing Geeta and was searching or waiting for her. “What do you want? Who are you?” He asked harshly.

“Seeta and Savitri. We want them back with us.” Robin replied calmly but he was shocked to the chore. “Wwhhat are you talking about? Who Seeta? I don’t know anything about her.” He was stammering now. But Robin was famous for his immediate and rough actions. He took the man by his collar, grabbed him in the house with and started opening the doors one after another screaming Seeta’s name loudly. We saw a girl in the far corner of the last room in a similar bridal attire hiding behind the curtains all scared and crying. When asked her name, she said she was Savitri. “Where’s Seeta?” We asked her and she pointed towards the cupboard. I slowly tip toed towards it and opened it only to be screaming loudly.

A thin girl in her undergarments fell upon me all covered with blood and scratches. “Oh God! She’s dead Robin.” I could hardly breath. This was the worst moment of my life. That innocent girl was all white on her face with all blood now in cupboard and on the floor. “No, she’s breathing. We can save her.” Robin shouted after checking her pulse. At that moment Meera came in with the police and NGO volunteers who have already brought a small hospital van with them.

Soon the girls were accompanying her sister to the hospital and later they would be handed to Child care center. Police arrested the man and their uncle for the ruthless crime they did.

What was the most sad part in this story, the uncle have spent the five thousand rupees in his dose of cocaine and rum and had them all the previous night that he took in exchange for the lives and happiness of these three innocent girls.

It’s disheartening to see humans actually leaving humanism. Human traffic is real. It actually transforms lots of young girls in to prostitution daily. It kills girls like Seeta because of some pycho sexist man and these girls don’t even raise their voices because they are trained ny their relatives to not to bad mouth about their buyer husbands to anyone!

Justice for girl child! #superbloggerchallenge2018

Children are our future! They will be impacting our lifestyles tomorrow based on how we treat them today and what we teach them when they are still a soft clay to be moulded in front of us! We definitely don’t want our future to be dark, terrorised, assaulted and exploited and turned in to wounded souls as they grow up. Those scratched and injured branches of trees wouldn’t ever be a reason for someone’s shadow, rather would result in sharp cactus throbbing everyone around.

How can we expect the future of the universe to be successful and full of life when half of their population, that is the female section of them are often killed even before they are borne? How do we expect a stable community tomorrow when today half of these children are not even given basic there times meal and basic education to survive well in society?

And even if these female section of our society strives and survives, they are strangled in to pieces emotionally and mentally with unwanted physical treatment done towards them. Yes! I am pointing towards the recent increase in rape cases in minor girls. Where in there have been numerous cases of female kids being raped and killed by adults.

How can we think the kid would grow up normal when every third child is been prone to some kind of physical assault in her childhood. Can they ever again dream of being the same carefree souls which they have been before these exploitations? And apart from the physical assault, they are most of the times murdered or die a natural death due to extreme physical abuse. While in severe cases, it’s not just a single person to person assault, ratherr it’s a gang rape where in the torture is consistent which can never result in the child bring back to normal life or even a life again.

Do you think with the increment in such crimes rapidly around us, will our future be secure? Or do we have a future for that matter existing at all? Without the female population how can the universe survive normally? And with most of the females being assaulted physically already in their childhood how can you expect a healthy relationship between the genders in society? Or with most of these females turning in to either a rebel full of hatred or a junk part of the society because as per our society rules, being raped is termed disgusted upon the victim rather than it being a disgust on the exploiter, how can you live in a society full of these junks or rebels?

Without the female population how can the universe survive normally? And with most of the females being assaulted physically already in their childhood how can you expect a healthy relationship between the genders in society? Or with most of these females turning in to either a rebel full of hatred or a junk part of the society because as per our society rules, being raped is termed disgusted upon the victim rather than it being a disgust on the exploiter, how can you live in a society full of these junks or rebels?

Well, the scenario seems hateful enough! But, today’s situation guarantees such a tomorrow for us! The question is what are we doing to prevent these situations? Are the culprits which are already found given proper punishments that can create a feeling of fear in others about being g punished the same way if they carried the same crime? Are the rape culprits given immediate death penalty so as to make others aware of how big such a crime can be?

The answer to this is a simple NO! India, a country where a person consuming beef is stoned to death by the locals. The person killing birds is given years of sentence, why doesn’t the person commiting such a hateful crime if rape on minor girls is hanged to death immediately?

According to me, If a person commits such a crime and is found guilty of the same, the locals of the area and the family if the victim along with the victim should be given special permission by the officers and this person should be tied in a common place and people should throw stones at him until he dies painfully. His screams and dreadful site should be made viral through social media and news channels and create a terror for those who even think of such a dreadful crime. The case against all the rapists should be winded up within a month and this would certainly bring about the change that we do desperately need today.

I just wish these procedures could be made possible soon so that minor victims of India can be given justice and culprits such as them can be hanged to death and soon, very soon, we will have a world safer for our girl child!

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Easiest and superfast ways to prevent mosquito borne diseases!

When the competition around is strong and the need to excel is extreme, you just can’t afford to get ill at any cost! But, the main concern here is, when you are surrounded by dangerous chemicals, pollution and deadly mosquitoes, how is it possible to stay healthy and uptight always?

Moms and mosquitoes

As moms, we are always so protective of our kids, be it their well-being or their health. We make sure they get pure water, hygienic surroundings, etc. so that the increasing pollution and impurities don’t hinder their growth. But, do you know even with so much hygiene around, with greeneries that benefit you so much, with cleanliness and germ free precautions you can actually be bitten by mosquitoes?

Yes, the major cause of dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya and Zika virus, are mosquitoes and they can invade your surroundings at any time. No matter if it is day time or night time, if your house is clean or if it is dirty, mosquitoes can still dwell around you.

Rapid protection against mosquitoes needed

So, in this rapid lifestyle, where we don’t even have the time to visit a doctor according to the monthly schedule, can we provide guaranteed mosquito protection for our kids and family? When our kids are always in a hurry and pressure to keep on going in and out of the house, is it possible for us to keep them guarded from these mosquitoes?

The answer to this is, yes, of course! With these quick tips, mosquito protection on the go is now possible!

Full covered clothing

The best way to keep your kids protected against mosquito bites is to keep them fully covered. Opt for track suits which have full length sleeves and pants that are ankle length to hide the maximum bite area.

Regular use of sanitizer

Using hand sanitizers are one of the important ways from preventing the mosquito bites. Kids tend to regular munch something or the other within short time span and often avoid keeping their hands clean. This, results in mosquitoes being attracted to them. Hence, a regular use of hand sanitizers after each short snack would prove helpful in preventing mosquito bites.

On the go mosquito repellents

The super-fast generation nowadays needs a super-fast and an effective mosquito repellent such as the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On and the Goodknight Patches.

These products are made using 100% natural ingredients and recommended by paediatricians too. The Goodknight Fabric Roll-On with 4 dots on your kid’s clothes protects him/her from all kinds of mosquitoes. The Goodknight Patches are available in fun designs and once stuck onto your kid’s clothes, provide mosquito-protection.

By following these simple steps, you can easily protect your kids from the dangerous onset if mosquito borne diseases even when you are on the go!

A far cry from future!

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22nd March 2050,

The scorching heat, the blazing sun and heated winds! The usual summer afternoon in the middle of a busy street with a huge jam of vehicles that were continuesly honking around.

The cars and bikes have been stuck in the signals for about an hour now. The driver of a cab took out his 2.5 litres of water bottle and took a small gulp and put the bottle back in it’s place. The passenger sitting in the back seat was looking at him greedily. He cursed himself for finishing off his share of 2.5 litre of bottle so fast. He asked the driver, “can I get a small gulp of water too?” The driver looked at him hesitantly and said,”100 rs. for a single gulp.” The passenger agreed,”ok!” He took a small gulp from his bottle and returned the water back.

While the bunch of crows were flying around the now drying lake to get their share of water. The strays on the road weren’t now tempted by the bones the young boy was serving them. They were busy staring at the water bottle in the young boy’s hand. The boy followed their gaze and hide his bottle behind. The strays went away slowly with sad eyes. The bones remained on the floor as it is!

The society had a huge line gathered at their main entrance. The people were all carrying their regular buckets and bottles to get their share of water. They were standing in this line for water since ages now. Lately, state hata reduced the common man’s water share by more 5%.

While the news channel on Mr. Sharma’s house buzzed with the breaking news, “The state of Gujrat is getting more affected by the prevailing draught. 9 more people died today because of unavailability of water. The vegetable rates will be increasing more by the end of next week as there has been a decrease in the crops production due to less rainfall. Experts are predicting, even this year we may get less water.”

Hearing this, Mr. Sharma drained his half glass of water rapidly. “No rains again, shortage of water and increasing rates of vegetables! God knows why this is happening and when will it all stop?”

He switched the T.V channel. Another channel was doing a special report on Water saving! “Today on International Water day, we have got a report on how humans, decades back used water in an irresponsible way and this led to the water reduction issue today! Years back, humans used to waste a lot of water using shower to take bath and staying under it unnecessarily for hours. They even used to keep the water running from taps when using it for domestic purpose. This is not enough, some humans were so careless, they used to serve and take a full glass of water and drink only half of it and used to throw the remaining half of it!”

Mr. Sharma was shocked hearing all this. The report continued more, “This is not enough, with growing pollution and even with the continuos warnings of global warming, they kept using the natural resources carelessly. Only if these humans would have been cautious in using the natural resource like water wisely, we would have got more water to consume. If only they would have used half a glass of water for drinking and would have replaced with more half if they needed, this would have stopped the wastage of some more water. Then, we would have been able to drink this resource heartily. These humans snatched our right to natural resources for their benefits. They used our part of water and left their future generations without enough water to let them live healthily.

Now, we wouldn’t do the same mistake our ancestors did! We are going to reserve surplus water, use natural resource more wisely and recycle the little water we have to secure the future of our generations. This international world water day, let’s pledge we will use this extinct resourse of water more wisely.”

Mr. Sharma was suddenly quite depressed after hearing this all. “If only our forefathers would have taken this pledge some twenty five years ago, we would have got pure, enough water to quench our thirst. Not the recycled ones!!


The time has not passed yet. We still have so many years to spare! Let’s sign the petition, check the video and support this amazing Initiative by Livpure, #CuttingPani! The best way to do our bit for our future generations.

The other side of food reviews!

With great position comes great responsibility! We all have heard the quote and who wouldn’t agree to it? Myself as a food blogger since three years, I have been lot in to this reviewing position lately. Reviewing food from street foods to fine dines, it’s all a matter of great concern. While everyone else think it’s all an excuse to have loads of food, I always consider it as my top most responsibility as my regular job and a great passion as a hard core foodie. Today, let me open up the other side of the food reviews, the other side of the coin that’s still veiled from majority.

As a home maker, I have been cooking varieties of food for around thirteen years now. In these past thirteen years, I have got all sorts of people, Indian and foreigners visiting my place and tasting what ever I have made. There are always those numerous comments and prasises about my prepared food that encouraged me so much and made the tiring process of cooking so much enjoyable. There have also been some comments those were not appropriate or I may say, heart breaking and left me wondering, what have I been doing around all these years?

Over the years, my passion for food exploring brought me amidst the blogging and reviewing world! Where in I stepped in to the process of appreciating the good food around me and reviewing and stating the same on my blog, Zomato, trip advisor and other such platforms. But, while I sank deep in to the sea of food blogging, I got to know about the different fishes that survive under the same water. Some with an incredible knowledge of the tiniest ingredients in the versatility prepared food, while some with little or no experience of swimming in this sea. There were also some even stating the food they tasted as bad and pathetic! This made me so sad, since childhood I was taught never to say anything bad about the food you get. What you may get as a morsel, is just in someone’s dreams. No food is bad,if you don’t like it, just avoid it, why bother telling everyone around about it!

But reading such lines which describe food as disaster and rubbish makes it just so unethical and rude! It’s true that when you are a reviewer, you have to state the facts correct to the people reading your reviews. It’s your responsibility. But everything can be dealt by two ways. We can either be ride in our reviews stating that particular food item was wrath tasting, or we can say, I wouldn’t recommend it much, but you can try the same if you want to. This conveys your message without breaking the heart of the chef involved.

Why do we just ignore the fact that the person preparing the food is but a human. He/she is destined to make mistakes just as we are. Why do we forget that these are the people who turn those raw vegetables in to beautifully cut dishes. These are the ones who mix all those different Coloring spices and turn them in to a similar coloured gravy! The ones who take all their efforts to stand on those heated rooms for hours just to make a captivating, deliceous tasting dishes. This job does take the pain just like any other does. From the small-time cooks on the road side stalls to the high class celebrity chefs at the great restaurants, each of them put in a similar kind of effort to prepare something. Can we just for a second, slip on their shoes and think, if we are resting a recent review on our food and someone stated the food prepared was pathetic, how would we feel? Will we be excited as before to serve the next customer awaiting us? Will be still be feeling that we did great by choosing this job as our profession?I know, each of us all will feel the same way at that time, totally negative!

The reason for putting all these thoughts out here is just to let that even minor chef inside us spring to life and understand, when someone would point out at our efforts rudely, how would have we felt?

We can point out the missing details of the food rather in a different way as our suggestions. They are always asking for the same. But negative and harsh comments, no one asks that, neither likes them.

So, the next time we go and visit someone’s place who is preparing a dish for us, or visiting a new restaurant for that matter or just having a food cooked lovingly by our moms, take some time to appreciate their efforts, let them know you care and you can even give your suggestions to them politely. And as for the latest craze in trends in review goes, carry on your duty as you do the usual way, and do give the desired subtle approach to whatever negativities faced. After all, a human always has that talent of exposing a matter from both the sides. Let’s from now on, explain our negative views even in a positive manner where this matter is concerned. Let’s make cooking food an easier job through our easy to go attitude and approach of the same. Remember, it’s not easy to cook thrice a day for 365 days and each day something that hasn’t been cooked yesterday!

Disclaimer: This post is absolutely my ideas and views on the matter above. This post isn’t aimed to anyone in particular as a blogger/reviewer or a company.

Being a better parent!!

The Indian Blogger Awards 2017

The journey of parenthood!

Being a parent is a diligent job! You tend to work sedulously throughout the days and give up all your comfort of your dear nights just to make sure your little ones are happy and content. Each parent, in their own unique way, do the best they can for their kids and go through all the painstaking jobs for them.


Being a mother is especially a conscientious work. You, being the first ever retreating one for your kid, have to make sure you provide the with with the best example and aspiration to look upon and be there in their every on and offs moments.


Every day while being a parent brings about oodles of happy and loads of exhausting moments. You just reminisce and count each one of them. But some precious moments spent with your bundles of joy have their undying effect on us. They tend to help you get the idea of parenting figure in a better way. Those times do leave an impact on your mind and heart you just remember that moment even after a span of decades.
It was just a day like any other one and an incident equally common. But that saved me a memory for a lifetime and a lesson I learnt and hence want to forward it to all. While we always teach our kids to avoid lies and make sure we are connected to honesty in the most honest ways, we sometimes unintentionally teach them the opposite.
My morals passed out to them were never different and therefore, when once I got an unwanted call and wanted to avoid it, I told my son to say I wasn’t at home. He thought for a second and did the needful. Later, he demanded to hear Pinocchio’s life story wherein he gets long nose because of saying innumerable lies. Then he asked me whether his nose because long too as he just said a lie because of me. And wanted to know why would I like home to be the cursed one with a long nose?


The realisation hit me badly. And I was shocked and embarrassed by myself for the value I just inculcated in my baby’s mind. Because of his innocence, he spoke out and let me knew where I went wrong. But for all and other times things aren’t same.
From that day onward, I made sure I never repeated such mistake. This day and situation made my journey an and a parent a lot better and precautions. Parenting is never an easy job, but the feeling of shaping better humans through your efforts makes it equally worthwhile.

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