Kid’s mental health and ways to tackle it!

With the recent rise in suicide cases, you are taking mental health very much seriously! But are you aware that not just yours, even your kid’s mental health is a critical issue. You might not be even aware but your children are equally vulnerable to stress, depression and hypertension attacks as you are. Shocked? Well, it’s the bitter truth of life. The most innocent creatures of Earth have to bear all these negativities and you are most of the times aren’t even aware of their dilemma. So how will you manage to help them out of this serious situation?

Some signs that point out your child is facing mental health issues!

After reading this post, we’re sure even you would be worried about your child’s mental health. The best way to find out if your child is facing any kind of depression, anxiety, tension or any other mental problem is to find the below listed signs in the child.

Constant sadness — It is a serious matter if your child is seen sad for two or more weeks.

Withdrawal symptoms — If your child is avoiding social interactions and showing major withdrawal symptoms, then obviously there’s something wrong here.

Disturbed sleep patterns — Generally, the kids who are facing mental health problems will either have issues falling to sleep or they’ll be drowsing almost all day. You’ll also notice such kids having lots of bad dreams that are often related to the mental issues they are facing.

Hurting oneself — Most of the times the children who are having mental health problems are seen hurting themselves. They would either bang heads on the wall, try to cut the wrist with the blade or even commit some suicidal actions.

Loud outbursts —You’ll find the child shouting very loudly when there’s even a small matter and sometimes controlling this child becomes very difficult.

Immediate steps to take after noticing these problems in your child!

If your child shows even a single symptom from the ones listed above, you shouldn’t delay in following these steps if you want to save their life, better future and proper health.

Talk to them openly — Nothing helps you more than talking the situation out! It’s time to be very frank with your child and inquire in detail of the problems your kid might be fighting alone with. Remember, being patient and polite is the key and stepping into the shoes of your child would make you aware of the situation and it’s seriousness better.

Consult a therapist — We always believe the stereotype that if you are visiting a psychiatrist for a therapist then your child is having some major mental disorder. How wrong could you be? You should consult a psychologist or a therapist even when you face smaller mental health issues. This ensures that you stay healthy and happy forever and aren’t facing major problems that might arise if you ignore these smaller issues. Ensure you are taking your child to a good therapist and help this kid get out of this serious situation.

Try to build your child’s confidence — It is very important to get your child confidence back. It’s important because if your child is badly bullied or facing depression, then obviously the kid’s confidence is badly shattered. Only you as a parent can do something to get this kid out of this tricky situation and be happy once again.

We just wish handling a child with mental health issues could be easier. But it’s actually very tricky. And as a parent; enduring all this might be really very tough. But if you want your kid to be always happy and have a better future, you better help the child out at this stage itself!

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  1. fabzindia says:

    Children’s mental health is so important, especially in these times. Thank you for putting the focus on it.


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