Jumping the stats on instagram!

As a blogger, I get dozens messages and inquiries to know the ifs and buts of influencing. And since instagram is the top trending medium to capture attention nowadays, no one is staying back to dive in this kaleidoscope of photos and reels. As far as you don’t drown yourself in the rush of 500 millions of users of this medium, it’s fine! But we are sure like everyone else, even you are looking to excel! And for excelling here, you need to consider the statistics very seriously!

For the ones who are still new to this, you are probably thinking what’s this so called new entry – statistics in your instagram page! Well, it’s the insights column that you get to see when you click on the three lines on the top right corner of your home page. This is everything that decides your success and failure of your instagram page. (Attaching a screenshot of my homepage for reference). When you click on this “insights” section, what do you get? Is it only minus sign showing off or it’s the glittering plus sign coming in greens? This is what let’s you understand if your efforts are going in the right direction or on the wrong side!

Ok, so now let’s directly concentrate on the main task of jumping your stats or reach on instagram! Just follow and pay more attention to these tips and tricks and you’ll find an increase in your audience in a relatively shorter time!

Hashtags aren’t the heroes!

Since Twitter invented the trend of hashtags in 2007, it grasped the attention of brands and common people tremendously. And if we believe the recent studies, an average instagram user adds around 10 hashtags in the post. But if you think that the addition of hashtags is bringing your posts anywhere better, then you are absolutely wrong here. In fact, it decreases your reach and exposure. If you really want to grab the attention of your viewers, use only 5 or 6 maximum, no more than that! (Your post gets pushed back due to the usage of the common tags) For example, the hashtag #love is used for around two million times on instagram daily. So, if you are adding it, your post gets vanished in this rush of millions of posts!

Remember young generation is your target

Targeting the right audience is the key to reach higher on instagram. And recent studies (2019) show that around 71% of your targeted audiences are between the age of 24-35! Check your insights once again and see if these are the most in your statistics! So, if you want to jump on your ranks here, create content that attracts them well. Otherwise, your content might just be in air trying to grasp the attention of your viewers.

Instagram stories are your catch

Do you know around 500% of instagram users just open this app to check the stories of other users? Well, this is also the medium through which you get a good catch on your account. Are your stories exciting? Do they have that unique X factor? We mean, come on! Why would anyone view your story? We see lots of beautiful faces dancing on Instagram! So, the moral is to create that content on your instagram that has the power to attract your viewers in a fraction of second. (With a promise to bring more awesome stuff consistently)

A brand should be specified

Are you a business brand? Well, if yes, then you have to specify on your Instagram page that you hold the proprietor right of some business. Do you know why this is important? Because around 50% of average instagram users follow businesses more. So, if you are specifying “business” of some kind on your page, it not only gets you good followers, but since you are easily accessible through messages, mails and calls. (This turns the tables for great profit of your business!)

Engagement is the award

Want to know if an Instagram profile is worth following? Well, then just check the engagement rate of that profile. By engagement rate we mean the number of likes, commands, and save that account’s posts get. Just calculate the average of the same with the number of followers that account has! Remember, to check the number of posts too. (Five posts with thousands followers isn’t just logical!) And you can even calculate yours keeping in mind all these 3 important items. Always remember, if your engagement rate is better, this is the award that you are getting. It actually shows whether you are going on the growing side Instagram or on the declining direction.

So much for making you aware of the Instagram statistics and insights. Just clearing the most significant point — the rise in followers of your page don’t prove that you got the much needs jump on instagram! It’s a handful of followers giving you the best engagement and encouragement that matters. And this can be checked regularly by the increasing percentage of your instagram insights!

Note – this post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I m new to insta and you post has cleared many of my doubts.

    I m also participating in A2Z. Do visit my blog sometime.


  2. Anita says:

    Useful points.
    Great going! Impressive stats.
    I’m yet to use Instagram fully. Need to figure it out.


  3. Aarti Punjabi says:

    Good pointers- Instagram is tough to crack!


  4. I always have my love/hate relationship with Insta. Planning to start working on it sooner.


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