Getting ready for #MyFriendAlexa!

So, it’s the first time for me! I am all nervous and confused and searching all those articles on Alexa rank and browsing through twitter with the hashtag, #MyFriendAlexa and literally spamming blogchatter team there with my queries! Thanks God their patient and didn’t block me for this!

But I guess, I have got the main idea digested! It’s a blogging festival! A big one! That’ll eventually help me get a higher performance for my blog and not to forget getting the better ranking at its highness, Alexa. The lower I rank at Alexa, the higher I rank in the blogging world. Plus the interactions and genuine feedback’s I would be getting on my blog would be another positive factor to look forward to.

What’s more? For the love of reading, I get to read some varied works of numerous bloggers all so experienced and amazing writers because of this fest. A minimum of eight or many in one or many niches are welcome here too.

I guess, I should dedicate my September to a month full of variety of niches covered in this blogging fest. I would start a chain of blogs with genres and cover almost all aspects of lifestyle and other niches while we complete the fest. For example, my first blog would be on pregnancy stages while second can be on fashion styles. I can dedicate my third one for food and the fourth one for technology. Similarly, writing on travel for the fifth and finance for the sixth would be a great choice too. I am planning to let my seventh post be dedicated to food and eighth one for travel! Who knows I may even cross the eight figure and write more! May be the ninth one would be on parenting and tenth one can be on home decor ideas and I can even write an eleventh on fiction and more on parenting and more.

Let see if these ideas work and I can survive through this challenge after the A2Z challenge! Wish me luck and stay tuned for a month full of varied and exciting posts!

Western Union interacts with millennials!

Knowing the millennials better!

Millennials, there’s a wave of the around the globe. Nearly 27% of the global population. The generation that has achieved the incredible in the most rapid time span and in an exceptional way! The one generation that has seen a major transformation of time and a fabulous revolution of technology and has excepted the change very much sportingly. The one’s who were born in the 20th century and carried on towards the 21st! These are the game changer of the society bringing about the change that they desire and just how! The ones who believe in themselves and share the same belief for their counter parts too. They believe in conquering the world with their talent, incredible energy and exceptional knowledge of technology they have! The one who wants to embrace globalisation largely.

Western Union and millennials!

When western union surveyed these millennials, they discovered that these millennials didn’t believe that hindrance of caste, country, borders, race and class shouldn’t be considered as something major. They believed that they could cross these hindrances and make the society a better place to live in. While almost half of the millennials believed that political representatives aren’t compatible enough to represent their demands and needs and can’t handle them properly. These millennials comprise of individuals considering their likes as opportunity sharers rather than competitors. Thus, bringing about a fresh aura of unity and progress that goes hand in hand with devoluping technology.

The Western Union Millennial round table meet up!

In the western union #WUMILLENNIALS event recently held at ISDI centre, Mumbai, they celebrated this power of millennials. Here, they showed us how they shared the views of millennials of crossing borders and other hindrances and creating an easy and free flowing society globally. They revealed how Western Union depicts globalisation just like these millenials did. Where in transferring money from a state to another state, a country to another and from a continent to another ones becomes just a matter of seconds with Western Union Money Transfer. Their flexible policies while trasferring the funds globally makes it easier for everyone from any side of the globe to embrace it, accept it!

With around 550,000 retail locations at around 200 countries moving about $300 billion principal in more or less 130 currencies and processing 32 transactions every second, they offer the best global reach for easier money transfers. Hence, we can rightly say that in time being, they have evolved as global leaders in cross border and cross currency movement with an omnipresent platform that consists of the digital and physical worlds and helps consumers and businessmen to more around money with efficiency and ease.

The panel discussion!

The panel discussion was also held here to study the power of globalization and millennials briefly. The panelists comprises of some well known millennials who with their amazing talent, up-to-date education and proper use of of technology have gained fame, brilliant social following, success and wealth in a much shorter span of time.

The panelists

We had our host, Ankit Vengurlekar, the editor of technology on Tech2. With his exceptionally well hosting that of course comes for an experience of anchoring for CNBC and hosting for BIG FM, he made the panel discussion and the topic of millennials so much fun and easier to understand. His discussions and sharing about certain examples where youth have created a difference through social media without any huge hash bash through youth ki awaz and other sources is really something that should be acknowledged.

Our host at his best!

We had Pooja dhingra, the pastry chef of Le15 pattiserie who shared her experience about her unique selection of career that came as an open door of succes and fame to her. Because of her incredible achievement at such a young age, she was selected by Forbes India for their, 30 under 30 Asia list. It was inspiring to hear her story of achievement and the stairs of success she climbed so well in this time span.

The celebrity pastry chef

Sohini Rajola, the regional VP of South Asia and India China at Western Union also shed some light on how gender discriminations are no longer a serious issue in most of the work place and how millennials had taken it as a matter of equality. Plus, she shared how she made it to the high positions in the banking and finance world while she started at an age of 18 with Axis Bank.

Karishma mehta

We also had with us karishma mehta, the founder of the famous facebook page, Humans of Bombay. She described how she started with the help of a photographer friend and created a normal page inspired by the Humans of New York which later within a short span of time got publicised and viral and was among some famous names in the digital world. Her efforts, her stories through which she have helped hundreds and raised funds of lakhs was an inspiration. She explained bow globally she got donations to raise funds for the daughters of sex workers through a story they shared on Facebook.

Himanshu Sehgal from My Yellow Plate

Another millennial we had was Himanshu Sehgal, the founder and blogger by the name of my yellow plate. His passion of taste and travel got him features on national geographic, Huffington post, lonely planet and other sources and his portal is amongst some of India’s top online portal globally.

Siddharth sahani, the co-founder and executive director at the ISDI was quite clear about his vision for globalisation and have shared quite a few experiences of excellence in his students and their wide outlook towards social issues. Through his large experience in healthcare and education and working in the institution, his knowledge about certain factors in start ups and finance is impressive.

This discussion left me open minded upon how millennials are a medium of a vast change in society and how globalisation is creating the road for them to capture the opportunities and gain the incredible in minimum time!

A perfect road trip needs a perfect vehicle!

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The importance of getting a better car for your road trips

Road trips and vehicles, both need to be chosen wisely! A single mistake and you can find yourself in a nasty mess that’s pretty difficult to solve. Thats, the reason when you plan a road trip, special or even more special research is to be done on the vehicle you are choosing for it. Of course, you don’t want pushing cars half the way through the journey or getting all those extra helps and hammers to bring out your car out from that nasty hole at the corner of the road.

Toughness and brand counts

When choosing a car for your road trip, always chose the toughest brand in the market. A car should be tough, the one that can bear the rough roads that often come our way during road trips. It should be the one can thag is an excellent performer amidst the rough terrains, the deep alleys and swift turns.

One of the important deciding factor- Mileage

Always check for the mileage performance. If a car gives better mileage, your extra cost cuts off automatically of the journey. No one likes paying extra for diesel and petrols when you can manage in much less. You can check Best and Worst Gas Mileage 2018 cars easily now.

Best Driver control

Smooth steering is an important factor when choosing a good car for a long road journey. If you driving a difficult task, you just can’t survive the long and steel routes of a road journey.

Comfort is vital

Comfortable seatings are just as necessary for a perfect road trip in a perfect vehicle just as good performance of the car is! Good leg room, better seat adjustments makes quite a difference when travelling for long on roads.

Safety is supreme

Safety is extremely important when you chose a car for your road trips. Its definitely the most important thing that you check the seat belts, air bags and child lock systems thoroughly before you choose your travel vehicle. After all, roads accidents and mishaps are a common problem when travelling for long distances through roads.

Hope the next time you plan a road trip, you’ll definitely take a look at and explore the best suited possibility for your car search, read the honest reviews and experiences shared there and decide accordingly.Image courtesy-

Image courtesy- car(dot)com

An unyakeenable ULIP plan from Edelweiss Tokio life insurance!

Investments, insurances, and financial stability! These are so very a vital part of our present lifestyle and the key factor that’ll promise a better, planned future! With varied Investments and insurance plans pouring into the financial market, the task of choosing the perfect one that suits your needs and demands become difficult. Amongst the confusion whether to choose between the ones with short returns in short times or long returns in long times, Edelweiss Tokio Life insurance came up with a great new product that meets most of your needs for a better, secure, profitable future. Moreover, this newly launched ULIP is an #unyakeenable, new generation ULIP that invests with you!

ULIP, A unit-linked insurance plan is among the better insurance products currently available in the market. A ULIP offers a policyholder life protection against future contingencies with the option to invest in different asset classes like equity, debt, and other money market instruments wherein some amount of the premium which the policyholder pays is invested in funds of the policyholder’s choice. This gives way to the policyholder to financially protect his/her family in case of any unfortunate event and can get a return on his/her investments at the same time.

In the recent event of the launch of this product in Mumbai, CEO Deepak Mittal explained on how the unbelievable is possible by getting cash back in your investments.

The new product was launched by India’s pride, Saina Nehwal, on 18th November 2017.

Furthermore, they explained about how it’s a totally no cost investment plan with various benefits.

The key features of this ULIP plans are:

  • No allocation and administration charges – A Zero Cost ULIP since there are no Policy Admin Charges and 100% of the premium is allocated. For a policy with premium paying term of 20 years, 80% of the investment is added back into the fund, something no other finance product offers. The longer you stay invested, the better are the benefits.

  • Additional allocation – Along with the addition of allocating 100% of the
    premiums paid during the premium paying term, it provides an additional allocation
    every year.

  • Rising Star Benefit – Selecting this plan will help to cater to your children’s future financial needs, even in the absence of the policy holder.

  • Unlimited Switches – The #Unyakeenable aspect about the ULIP is the Flexibility to switch between funds, Partial Withdrawals and a promise that all their ULIP funds are top rated 4 Star+ by Morning Star.

Along with it, certain benefits of ULIP make it a promising plan to invest in, like for achieving long-term goals such as buying a house, buying a new car, opening a start-up, etc., ULIPs prove to be a good option. With the power of compounding, ULIPs provide a better return over a longer time horizon.

When you bring ULIP with a life insurance product, it provides tax benefits. For premiums paid, you get tax rebates under section 80C. So you are not only saving money but are can also see it grow.

Since ULIP as a product is offered by Life insurance companies, ULIPs fulfill your need for both investment and protection.

What I personally think after this launch, ULIPs can be an ideal investment option for your long-term financial goals, with liquidity, no additional charges, and being free of cost plan, it’s a must steal plan for a better and brighter future for my family and me!

Click on the links below to know more about the same :

The Future is Exciting with Vodafone!

Future is exciting… Ready? Says the new Vodafone tagline! The telecom company that has been evolving rapidly in the past decades according to the consumer needs and changing demands of the times, is yet again emerging a winner in the world of connectivity with a brand new idea! From the concept of getting a puppy following the girl to the cute little zoozoos to the chhota recharge plans, they have always been mastering the art of satisfying the customer needs with the most unique and best way possible.

With digitalisation engulfing the world in it’s arms tightly, the era of mobile life and IoT taking over the globe, a great connectivity and a huge amount of possibilities is whats the need of the hour. Hence, here again, taking in to consideration the demands of changing generations and technology, Vodafone has come forward with whole new exciting ideas to grab this chance of ruling the world of connectivity yet again with their amazing network.

Starting from a simple hello, to the long chat on video calls, they are ready to give you the best they can and make sure your future gets more exciting.

The earlier logo and the tagline of power to you gave us all the power we needed to remain connected no doubt, this new logo and the tagline of Future is Exciting… ready, has so much more optimism to it. Hence, informing us that with the changing time we can explore more possibilities along with the best connectivity and are we ready to embrace the change yet?

Vodafone MD Sunil Sood, rightly said that the aim of the campaign is to harness the company’s branding to the optimism of consumers about the future and to the positive ways in which technology is going to change people’s lives in coming years. It’s going to benefit each and every sector of the society, from a farmer, to a businessman, from a kid to an oldie.

The new logo of being a speech mark will place much greater emphasis on Vodafone’s iconic ‘speech mark’ in the biggest change to come . The change will reflect the evolution of Vodafone from being just a telecom service provider to a total communication solutions partner too.

So lets stay glued to know what’s more in store in the exciting future for all the vodafone users and are they ready for the same?

Check these video to know more about the idea.

Smart living through IoT!

We breath in the 21st century and here, IoT is the way of life! IoT, Internet Of Things, being defined as the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. It’s a modern day technology or even a hand forward than the term bringing your varied aspects of life together in a device. A convenient and efficient way through which you can manage your different projects and places just by the tip of your fingers without spending much of your time, money and efforts.

With IoT, you can stay smart, live smart and travel smart too! The idea which is revolving around the world like oxygen, the IoT seem to have made its place almost in each part of the globe quite rapidly. Each country is trying to manage their infrastructures, railways, finance and security through IoT and just how convenient and safe it is!

The idea of smart living through IoT is an individual concept all together. Here, you can make sure your house is safe even when you are travelling miles away from home, you can control who gets an access to your place with the device or smartphone you own and even get snapshots of them through your tablets or smartphone.. IoT makes your house security systems, your electronic gadgets management and your schedules work according to your idea, provided, each of it has an access to required internet connection for the same.

Different IoT solutions are being brought about in market with some of the unique features. Either by downloading an app guaranteeing it or some security devices ensuring the same, these IoT solutions have got lot to offer to make sure your life gets appropriately equipped with proper solutions matching your lifestyle and providing the best with ease.

Well, if in this smart century, where the world’s turning smarter with IoT, even you can stay a step ahead with the perfect IoT solutions installed in your gadget and live hassle and worry free. After all, the world’s evolving through Internet, why not we!

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Vodafone brings unlimited entertainment this festive season!

Looking for excitement this festival season?Here’s why Vodafone Aaagomoni is going to be one of the biggest celebrations on the eve of Mahalaya.

This is what happens when legends like Gulzar, Bhupinder Singh, Mitali Singh, Mamata Shankar, Usha Utthup, Soumyajit Das, Sourendra Mullick, Upal Sengupta, Anindya Chatterjee, Iman Chakraborty, Indrani Dutta, all share a stage!The dose of entertainment double up.

While it would take time for one to fathom such a immenent presence in one place Vodafone has brought this to reality. As a part of the 17th edition of #VodafoneAagomoni this year, Vodafone has invited these legends to the perform at the Science City Auditorium, 7.30 pm onwards on 18 th September 2017 . The Choreography & Performance by Mamata Shankar and troupe.
Guest of honor Gulzar with Bhupinder & Mitali Singh will be presenting poems & Nazms of Gulzar.
Not just this, this event will also see a Performance on Peace by Prayas Foundation: Special Children & Avirup, Songs and Piano by Soumyojit-Sourendra, Bangla Band: Chandrabindoo: Anindo & Upal with Iman Chakraborty .If you think is all, Beat this, this edition of Vodafone aagomoni will also have Usha Uthup & team to perform for us.

Traditionally, the privilege of just select invitees, this edition of Vodafone Aaagomoni takes a novel step to make the proceedings accessible to a larger group of music aficionados. Vodafone Aaagomoni 2017 can even be viewed LIVE on the #VodafonePLAY App. Vodafone customers across the globe can download and log into Vodafone PLAY App to get a live feel of the grandeur of Vodafone Aaagomoni 2017.
Vodafone PLAY in association with HUNGAMA PLAY and HOOQ, lets the users surf through 300+ Live TV channels, over 14000+ movies and TV show titles and a wide range of all genres of music. To download Vodafone PLAY, the customers can send the text “PLAY” to 199 or can download it from Google PLAY Store (Android users) or App Store (I-phone users).
Vodafone India in association with a leading FM channel will be conducting a “Slogan Contest”, enabling 200 listeners to win couple passes to Vodafone Aaagomoni 2017. Interested participants will have to come up with innovative and interesting slogans on Vodafone Aaagomoni. Vodafone Aaagomoni 2017 will also be telecasted LIVE on Zee Bangla.

So if your planning a visit to Kolkata city… do remember that the Vodafone aagomoni festival is only 5 days away and you couldn’t be a part of it bu just some simple steps. So why wait guys? Get set go and join in the bandwagon right away.