Perks of applying positive psychology!

Positivity is rarely spoken of but much sorted topic today. Do you know why? Because we are just too engrossed in talking negativities and dealing with them that we forget the blessings we have. And that is exactly where positive psychology comes into being.

What is positive psychology? You might ask!

Well, it’s a type of therapy used by the psychologists to ensure you are aware of the perks that you have in your life. Instead on concentrating on the negative issues like stress, tension, behavioural problems, etc, they seem to heal through your blessings. Snd believe us if we say that it have worked like magic up-till now. And that is why we thought on emphasising upon this type of psychology and let you know it’s plus sides better.

It complements well with your traditional psychology — When you visit a therapist to complain some issues of your life, the psychologist here has three options for your treatment. Either, you are suggested to talk about the negativity of your life like tension, insomnia, failure, etc and then deal with facing it. Or you are given some medication to temporarily fade the situation from your life and then you are called for a further counselling on the same. Or thirdly, it’s positive psychology wherein you are made aware of the best things in your life instead that makes you almost forget the contrary situation. So basically, whatever problems you face mentally, this therapy works finely well adjacent to that and helps your get cured

Shows you your strength— The very important thing that you require to face any kind of challenges in your life is strength. And with positive psychology, you are made aware of your strengths and achievements. This helps you attain lot of confidence and stay tall against the biggest issues of life.

Encourages commitment to health too — Positive psychology is not only about mental health. It relates very well with your physical health too. When you are taught to face the challenges through the blessings of your life, you are also encouraged to maintain those blessings. And obviously, good diet and healthy lifestyle is a key to maintaining everything good in your life. So, ultimately through this therapy you are inclined to eat better and strive towards physical positivity too.

Eliminates failure — Probably the biggest perk of applying positive psychology is that it eliminates the failure completely. It shows you what advantages you have that can make you a winner and accepting failure isn’t any where in the list.

Makes your social life better — As you keep on understanding the positivities of your life and start building up confidence, you’ll find that your social life gets better each day. You tend to seek the good things in every situation and person and this makes you happier and comfortable in communities.

When researched, positive psychology have worked far better and faster than the other therapies available for mental health. And do you know what’s the biggest positive point of it? You need not even require a psychologist if the case isn’t extreme. Just by concentrating on the positivity of your life and embracing the blessings with gratitude, you can win a big war against everything in your life.

Note – This post is part of #BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

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  1. Miss Andi says:

    This is so true, instead of analysing all the problems, we could also focus on what’s right.


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