The organic obsession – is it real?

We know it takes a lot to talk about this topic- but we are daring to do so! Today organic is the sacred word used by almost everyone in the world. You probably trust this label very blindly and that is why pick up everything that is labelled as “organic” pretty faster than the other items comparatively. But here the question is – is all that glitters really gold? Well, we think not! We think everything that’s termed as organic might not be actually of that quality and even if it is, do you benefit by following the rush of people after it?

What organic actually is?

So, right from the tea leaves that you pick up to the bread packet and even chicken is labelled as organic today. But do you know what actually organic is? It is a kind of food or daily use product that is brought into production without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. So far so good. Even the non vegetarian food items termed as organic are the ones that have the least number of injection induced into them. So basically, organic food is the one that’s processed and cultivated with natural methods and with almost no chemicals and artificial substances.

The logic behind these organic items found today!

If you understood the actual meaning of organic, you probably got the fact that it will take lots of time for the items to grow naturally. But how is this possible that you get so many variants of all these substances always available in surplus and restocked within not time in the stores? Hit a point, didn’t we?

Next, you have to accept the fact that no matter how much you prevent, some enough of chemicals and fertilisers are always used in the cultivation of the crops. The same goes in injecting the animals as well. So, they actually aren’t fully “organic” as they say and without any chemicals.

Thirdly, the products that are organic are said to be highly processed to get rid of the chemicals in them. Ok, we accept the fact! But won’t the nutritional value of these products decrease too when they are so much worked upon? What are you using or eating then? Just the remains of the original item?

Where are we heading then

This means that whatever products you are picking up because it’s labelled as organic might actually be the usual stuff you are having. And even if it’s organic as they say with so much of processing, then it won’t be at all beneficial to you now. So, why pay double the amount for these?

What are the other options available for you!

We know you are highly bothered about your health and the authenticity of the items that you use. But just going for the labelled organic isn’t the solution. What you can do is opt for the old school method of contacting the local farmers and get the vegetables directly from there. At least you get natural vegetation from its sources that is unprocessed. And for the shampoo and soaps that you use which are called organic by the companies so proudly might be full of alcohol and high level of alkaline. Why not contact the ones who make them at their place to get your hands at the purest product.

Until then let the scientists do their work of finding out if there items commonly called as organic are really beneficial for you or not. We think you should keep your obsession for organic aside for some time and think logically. Just following the flow of millions won’t bring you goodness and choosing something because of a certain label isn’t practical. Keep in mind to check the the actual ingredients and the process that goes in it while buying the products. Remember, organic isn’t just a term that you should trust, better rely on your instincts and then opt for a certain item!

Note – This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z challenge!

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