Neon in home decor – nine ways to place it right!

Neon – the brightest and most glamorous shades available in your colour pallet. Yes, we agree they are too cheesy and oh so glazed up! But their presence in your home decor can be totally enticing. And if you think that this shade isn’t your style, then you can consider the options once again. Because today we are discussing the ways through which you can beautifully and creatively inculcate neon in your home decor. (And believe us, your house wouldn’t ever look too dazzled and overdone because of these shade!

9 ways to embrace neon gracefully in your home decor!

1. Neon in your accent wall — Don’t forget neon alone has the power to be the leader of any room. So, if you are just adding a neon pink, orange or green on your accent wall, this is alone responsible to make the entire space appear dramatic. Yes, you can add charming and colourful frames and decor accessories on it, the result would definitely be fabulous.

2. Neon furnishings — Even if you have your room decorated and painted in lighter hues of white or cream, don’t hesitate to add a touch of neon through your furnishings. Doesn’t matter if you are going for cheesy pink or simply organic orange, with traditional flower prints on them, they are sure to look spectacular in your room.

3. The neon sofa — Let your all classy and huge living room look all the more alluring wit an addition of a sleek but velvety neon sofa! We are sure you’ll love the awesome feeling of it’s loud presence in the room when everything else is so monotonous.

4. The neon lights — Whether it’s your doorway or the mirror or simply the picture wall, an addition of neon lights actually lit up the places very beautifully. These have the power to illuminate any kind of dark and dull surroundings and make them appear the vital part of the place.

5. Neon backrest — Your bed might be super comfortable and even nicely designed. But you just can’t challenge the touch of a neon backrest with it. This makes a powerful impact in your entire bedroom and makes the space appear brighter and happier.

6. Neon contrasted with dulls — Be it your kitchen or your bedroom, if you are adding neon pink chairs in the cooking space or opting for a neon border for your dressing frame, remember to contrast it with some plain shades. This lets the neon be more visible and attractive in your home decor.

7. Neon statement with cushions and blankets — If it’s your bedroom, let neon enter through your crazy pink bedsheets or blankets. And if it’s the living room, why not make the chirpy statement appear with some orange, pink, red, yellow and green neon cushions?

8. The neon furniture— Yes, it’s possible and looks fabulous too! When you add the neon shades or just one shade of this pallet in your furniture, the entire appearance of your room changes. If these are prevalent in the furniture, it doesn’t matter which colour you use for the walls and ceilings – the effect would be positive.

9. Neon door and window panes — Let your door and windows be more specified in the rooms with the help of neon coloured panes. Select the colour contrasting the other shades in the room and feel the vibrant beauty in the place.

So, aren’t these options just perfect- (definitely not so cheesy neither too boring!) Then when you are inculcating the happy shades of neon in your home decor?

Note – This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Z challenge

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