Motherhood – make the most of it!

Long back I head this quote – “a child gives birth to a mother!” And immediately it struck as such a true sentence. Weren’t we all just a wife or a person before we actually had this baby in our arm? And since Themis little munchkin made us such a special person on the Earth, why not make most of it?

You might ask me how can one make most of being a mother? Well, then it’s all about cherishing your new role. Very soon, you’ll find that this little munchkin has overcome your lap and is walking on his own. And after that, you won’t even realise the little steps will turn into long jump and your child will enter his/her own teenage. Well, after that you can only cherish the special and lovely moments of caring and cuddling. (Believe me, I have experienced this!) That is why it’s really important to understand your beautiful and wonderful position now and make it a point to make each second spent with your lovely child worthwhile. But you’ll ask me how to do so? Then, I have just listed very short and crisp tips for it after accessing my own experience as a mother of three. I just hope it helps you out and you cherish your precious motherhood memories for ever.

(Don’t get me wrong here!) You don’t stop to be a mother once your child is beyond a certain age. But what I mean to specify is, the early moments with your child are always very special and close to your heart. It’s just that when your child turns of a certain age, they become your friends and somewhat more mature. That’s when you’ll miss their younger age and wish if you would have cherished it more.) And to ensure that you don’t feel that regret ever, do read about these tips.

  • Spend more time with your baby — During the early years, your child requires your undivided attention. Ensure you are always there for the little one when he/she needs you.
  • Enjoy the milestones together – The milestones in your kid’s life are worth cherishing. Enjoy them all thoroughly. These would create the most wonderful memories of your life later.
  • Be the secrete keeper — I mentioned above that you’ll soon be your child’s best friend when he/she grows up. Do you know how is it possible? Only if you build the rapport and connection with your child during my the early years. It all depends upon how you keep the secrets between you and gain utmost confidence if your kid.
  • Gifts and special presents make it more memorable — If we consider the materialistic things that’ll keep you more bonded together, then gifts are also very important. They’ll let the kids you know you care and you can enjoy the special moments of joy visible on your kid’s face when you present these gifts.

Of course each of our version of ideal motherhood is different and there is no imperfect mother ever on the Earth. But yes, you can make this journey all the more fabulous and sweeter by these tips. After all, you’ll love to treasure the moments with your child forever, isn’t it?

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