Relive your childhood event by kangaroo kids preschool!

Kangaroo kids is a well known name in the education world! Thousands of parents have trusted the institution for the children’s better education before the school and have recommended the same to others! The kids transferred from this institution to the senior schools are often tagged as scholars and do take on their curriculum easily well.

Well, the most trusted preschool among mommies recently organised an event for all the better reasons. The event which lead the kids go out and take a look at the childhood their parents spent like and relive the moments with them. This event actually got the kids a sneak park in to what fun and learning without gadgets could be like and why is that their parents indulge in that nostalgic wave of their childhood days now and then.

Though basically a preschool, the staff and teachers managed to create an excellent event for kids of all ages. On 9th and 10th February 2019, they made sure all the parents that are aware with the kangaroo kids name do attend or are tempted to attend the wonderful event they organised.

From dart games to basic gaming skills. From art and craft to making a beautiful creative of your initials, everything was properly guided by a teacher and helped the children in learn something new as they created master records in the activities.

The cupcake and sandwich making sessions in the lil master chef section tempted the kids to enjoy another fun experience where they can enjoy delicacies prepared by them and boasted it all so proudly!

The puppet show left them overjoyed watching fabulous performances by those hardworking teachers along with the puppet and entertaining the kids so well. While the katputli show left them roaring with laughter and screaming on top of their voices for some more fun!

There were also slime making sessions, Bioscope watching experience, magic show sessions and so much more to entertain the kids. Even small startups were introduced and helped to be promoted. The mini dance sections by lil kids over rocking songs added to the glamour of the enjoyment!

The fact that a preschool can organise such a mind blowing event leaves me surprised! Imagine the efforts and talent of the teachers and creators that went to make it all run smoothly which actually left each parent visiting them contented and glad that they got a chance to introduce their kids to the wonderful time they did spend as a kid. All thanks does to Kangaroo kids preschool staff and organisers!!

Stop the loot!

Your hard money are your your right! You just can’t spend them and let them get wasted because of some rules or traditional plans that have been going on since decades! You have the right to speak up and raise your voice of your money gets wasted and it creates a huge hole in your pocket. You just can’t buy the whole shop if you need a selected item from there. It’s no logic at all! So why pay for the unnecessary channels of which you have no use or wish to watch?

Yes! We are talking about the unnecessary subscription charges that are looted from the customers and viewers by the channel providers in the name of providing entertainment. Even when a person doesn’t want to watch a certain channel, they are forced to pay for the other channels as well. Why, because it’s been going on since decades!

Well, the consumers today are much more digital and practical. They just can’t waste their income in the name of such subscription plans and let it harm their lifestyles. It’s time we all chose wisely. We all raised our voices! We all made it clear that if we don’t want to watch something, we just can’t pay for it.

The Supreme Court, by keeping the validity of the Regulations and the Tariff Order, has changed the broadcasting game in India, as thiswill certainly have an impact on how consumers are offered television channels and essentially allowing more flexibility and true choice to consumers in relation to the channels they want to subscribe to and pay for.

It’s time to #StopTheLoot! Let’s stop the sophisticated loot here which the various channel providers are carrying out. Pay only for the entertainment they provide you, not for the names of such channels. Do check your subscription plans twice before making a payment and be aware of your rights. Don’t let these channel providers exploit you in the name of fake advertising. Make sure your hard earn money buys you only your chosen entertainment, not the forced ones!

Let’s TUBBR to trend!

Hey you all instagram and tiktok addicts! Hope you’re reading! Do you get satisfaction after posting a single post daily on your social media channels? Do you get carried away with some likes on your posts or you’re the one doing a happy dance after every fan you get on your tiktok page? How about if I tell you you’re going to get your own personal social networking app for yourself! The one app that has your various sides of personality shadowed through it’s various walls. The app that lets you share your each moment of your life and that too all categorised in different sections as you desire. The app that lets you flaunt your micro blogging or influencing skills to your desired audiences in the most systematic and safe way. Tempting isn’t it? Well, let’s hear about TUBBR today!

What’s TUBBR??

Well, it’s the most recent, more happening and most fastest downloadable app in trends nowadays! It’s an amazing app that helps you unleash your panoramic personality through it’s different walls all customised and personalised through you, yourself! This app allows you to bring the influencer out by clicking and uploading those hundreds of pics and gets them all placed in their own proper walls and gets them the destined viewers they deserve.

How do you use TUBBR!

TUBBR is a cake walk is an understatement, mind you! It’s actually a cake dance! The most fun and easiest way to create your walls by just a touch, naming it of your choice( please don’t keep those boring names like food, fashion, etc. making it exciting like saba’s fooderies, the wanderlust me, etc) and describing those walls in your own unique words and Tadaa! Your wall is created! Now get posting your favourite pictures from your galleries that’s related to that wall. Ah yes! You can even add your blog link if it’s from your blog or your instagram link for that matter. Not to forget getting your location also saved in your pics that helps your subscribers know where exactly you clicked that pic at!

Now get creating as many walls as you like and get addicted to adding those wonderful pics in it. You also keep on getting new subscribers as and when you post something who would just love your uploads and like them or even react or comment on them. Well, you can start counting your likes here as well! Shhh!! You can keep your secret walls private too. Don’t let all peak in your personalised walls. While those you wanna just show up, come on! Let it be public and famous.

What do I do at TUBBR?

Well, I am an explorer! I love to explore everything about food, fashion, travel, beauty, etc. and not to forget I am a mommy too! So I just love to share my cute little moments wit my kiddos as well. Hence, I have a jolly great time uploading all my day to day activities and food pictures along with my travel collections and mother journeys that I share on my different walls. You can easily find my walls if you search for When saba tries mothering, saba’s foodventures, when saba’s Globetrotting, saba’s health advices, saba’s whereabouts, saba’s fashionfiestas, saba’s beauty preferences and more are going to be coming soon. I just can’t get enough of sharing my collection with my subscribers there. And why not? They seem to love and react my each story on almost on each of my wall. What more does a blogger and an influencer wants than loads of love and appreciation!

TUBBR is where I got my dream audiences. The one app that lets each side of my personality reflect through my walls. The one app that happily accepts my personality as that being of a versatile characteristic and getting me climb higher in my journey of inspiring others.

Oops! Still thinking? Wait, you want to check out the app and you can’t download it right? Don’t fret! As it’s precious, so it’s special and it available commonly yet. I can let you get it by just clicking on my access code PFPZ84 and download it to lead others and make your mark in this astounding rocking app before others do. Hurry! I’ve just got a hundred lucky and precious invites and most of them are used already. You don’t want to lag behind in this race of influencing right?? Don’t wait, let’s TUBBR it now! Check the video here!

The ISA Educational awards and conference 2018!

The need for upgraded educational system!

The rapidly evolving world and the rapidly progressing humans! The fear of staying behind is natural. The worry that what happens when the fastest evolving generation moves more faster and you would be stagnating behind often hinders your senses, isn’t it? Well, of course! That’s the reason why nowadays parents opt of IB Level of education or something that’s most compatible in terms of global education. Because they know, the generation coming next ain’t going to be blinded by boundaries or borders. They are going cross those barriers and explore their potentials globally. That’s where the need of being updated about the latest education system and knowing the where how’s of those educational trends going on comes in to the picture. The more progressed the educational system becomes, there’s more a need of their leaders to interact with other and fill in those gaps in their system or even glorify them with the new adopted practices of other similar institutions.

The ISA awards and conference 2018!

Understanding this need of keeping the education system upgraded globally, ISA brings about the most prestigious educational awards and conference show at Dubai from 21-24th December 2018. Being the most remarkable platform of bringing about the best of education importance and systems from around the world with more than 500 schools participating in it from over 20 countries, they are bound to break all barriers in the global educational world. The one platform that can bring the schools and their educational systems to the next level while giving in the participating schools so much to acquire in terms of knowledge and fame!

The key attraction

  • The ISA conference with some prominent names in the educational world would be speaking about the much needed criterias of education that should be brought about in practice. Some of our speakers like Rohan Roberts, the innovation leader of GEM institution, Dubai, Vinny Garg, the CEO of Nazakat inc., USA, DR. Ataullah Wahidyar, senior advisor of Ministry of education, Sumeer Walia, Directors,CEED, etc. are going to throw light on some of the essential education matters.

You can find the agenda of the events here-

Or read about the prestige speakers here-

  • There would be the most important panel discussion of the educational ministries of around 5 countries to come forth and speak up about the ways they are evolving as leaders in education providers.
  • Now comes the most rewarding part of the event, the awards show! Those institutes which are doing some commendable work in spreading about the best education would be awarded as per their excellence. And guess what, you can actually nominate your educational institute too! Just click here  and you could be the one getting rewarded too.
  • Apart from these, get ready to enjoy the hospitality of your hosts, the ISA team at world’s largest 5 star property, JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai with a grand tour of Dubai.

Be a part of the grand celebration

So why wait, when you can possibly be a part of this grand event of 2018 or can nominate your school or institution to be the privileged one. The one platform that allows you to meet the best schools around the world, the global leaders of education and give you a chance to grow globally too!

Nominate your school now Or just take a sneak peak of the event to see if you’re ready for the same by clicking here-

The proud partners!

Thanking the sponsors of making the event reach it’s horizon globally!

  • Zee Business
  • WittyFeed
  • Khaleej Times
  • Young Times
  • Times of India
  • RoboChamps
  • Chhapai
  • Brand Icon
  • CED Foundation
  • Chitkara University
  • VideoWala

You can also be among the list of sponsors of  the greatest event of this year by just clicking here-

For more details:

Or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Getting ready for #MyFriendAlexa!

So, it’s the first time for me! I am all nervous and confused and searching all those articles on Alexa rank and browsing through twitter with the hashtag, #MyFriendAlexa and literally spamming blogchatter team there with my queries! Thanks God their patient and didn’t block me for this!

But I guess, I have got the main idea digested! It’s a blogging festival! A big one! That’ll eventually help me get a higher performance for my blog and not to forget getting the better ranking at its highness, Alexa. The lower I rank at Alexa, the higher I rank in the blogging world. Plus the interactions and genuine feedback’s I would be getting on my blog would be another positive factor to look forward to.

What’s more? For the love of reading, I get to read some varied works of numerous bloggers all so experienced and amazing writers because of this fest. A minimum of eight or many in one or many niches are welcome here too.

I guess, I should dedicate my September to a month full of variety of niches covered in this blogging fest. I would start a chain of blogs with genres and cover almost all aspects of lifestyle and other niches while we complete the fest. For example, my first blog would be on pregnancy stages while second can be on fashion styles. I can dedicate my third one for food and the fourth one for technology. Similarly, writing on travel for the fifth and finance for the sixth would be a great choice too. I am planning to let my seventh post be dedicated to food and eighth one for travel! Who knows I may even cross the eight figure and write more! May be the ninth one would be on parenting and tenth one can be on home decor ideas and I can even write an eleventh on fiction and more on parenting and more.

Let see if these ideas work and I can survive through this challenge after the A2Z challenge! Wish me luck and stay tuned for a month full of varied and exciting posts!

Justice for girl child! #superbloggerchallenge2018

Children are our future! They will be impacting our lifestyles tomorrow based on how we treat them today and what we teach them when they are still a soft clay to be moulded in front of us! We definitely don’t want our future to be dark, terrorised, assaulted and exploited and turned in to wounded souls as they grow up. Those scratched and injured branches of trees wouldn’t ever be a reason for someone’s shadow, rather would result in sharp cactus throbbing everyone around.

How can we expect the future of the universe to be successful and full of life when half of their population, that is the female section of them are often killed even before they are borne? How do we expect a stable community tomorrow when today half of these children are not even given basic there times meal and basic education to survive well in society?

And even if these female section of our society strives and survives, they are strangled in to pieces emotionally and mentally with unwanted physical treatment done towards them. Yes! I am pointing towards the recent increase in rape cases in minor girls. Where in there have been numerous cases of female kids being raped and killed by adults.

How can we think the kid would grow up normal when every third child is been prone to some kind of physical assault in her childhood. Can they ever again dream of being the same carefree souls which they have been before these exploitations? And apart from the physical assault, they are most of the times murdered or die a natural death due to extreme physical abuse. While in severe cases, it’s not just a single person to person assault, ratherr it’s a gang rape where in the torture is consistent which can never result in the child bring back to normal life or even a life again.

Do you think with the increment in such crimes rapidly around us, will our future be secure? Or do we have a future for that matter existing at all? Without the female population how can the universe survive normally? And with most of the females being assaulted physically already in their childhood how can you expect a healthy relationship between the genders in society? Or with most of these females turning in to either a rebel full of hatred or a junk part of the society because as per our society rules, being raped is termed disgusted upon the victim rather than it being a disgust on the exploiter, how can you live in a society full of these junks or rebels?

Without the female population how can the universe survive normally? And with most of the females being assaulted physically already in their childhood how can you expect a healthy relationship between the genders in society? Or with most of these females turning in to either a rebel full of hatred or a junk part of the society because as per our society rules, being raped is termed disgusted upon the victim rather than it being a disgust on the exploiter, how can you live in a society full of these junks or rebels?

Well, the scenario seems hateful enough! But, today’s situation guarantees such a tomorrow for us! The question is what are we doing to prevent these situations? Are the culprits which are already found given proper punishments that can create a feeling of fear in others about being g punished the same way if they carried the same crime? Are the rape culprits given immediate death penalty so as to make others aware of how big such a crime can be?

The answer to this is a simple NO! India, a country where a person consuming beef is stoned to death by the locals. The person killing birds is given years of sentence, why doesn’t the person commiting such a hateful crime if rape on minor girls is hanged to death immediately?

According to me, If a person commits such a crime and is found guilty of the same, the locals of the area and the family if the victim along with the victim should be given special permission by the officers and this person should be tied in a common place and people should throw stones at him until he dies painfully. His screams and dreadful site should be made viral through social media and news channels and create a terror for those who even think of such a dreadful crime. The case against all the rapists should be winded up within a month and this would certainly bring about the change that we do desperately need today.

I just wish these procedures could be made possible soon so that minor victims of India can be given justice and culprits such as them can be hanged to death and soon, very soon, we will have a world safer for our girl child!

This article is written for the 10th week of the #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 conducted by, and sponsored by instacuppa. It should not be repurposed, republished or used otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. SuperBloggerChallenge2018 is not responsible for any kind of infringement caused.

Super 7 Tips For The Super Blogger Challengers 2019 #SuperBloggerChallenge2018!

The B of blogging!

Blogging, a journey from you to them! Now, who is the them? Your readers, of course! The ones who try to assume your personality through your writings, the ones who go through your each post in order to explore their world through your words. The ones who, when ideal, go through your writings and try to hatch the messages behind your shielded sentences. This, is the source that will either make you reach the top of the pinnacle, or can keep you crushed behind the crowd of aspiring bloggers.

Super blogger challenge!

Well, then what? How do you get to evolve better as a blogger? What can help you climb the ladders of fame through this blogging journey? The answer is challenging, it’s the challenge itself! The super blogger challenge is that platform that helps you surf better on this ocean of domains, the one platform that opens up closed doors in the palace of S.E.O. The one destination that helps find the best route to your success. The Aladdin’s treasure is all scattered out here in the super blogger challenge world, what you need is just to gather that treasure of knowledge and put to work on your blog.

Be the best super blogger challenger!

But what if you ain’t doing it right? Then the chance to succeed and getting the full previlige of such a great platform is missing. Today, let’s brush up the 7 tips that can help you be a better super blogger challenger.

Creativity at its best!

Unleash the creative persona in you! Make sure when you are writing, you do it with all your heart. Get those thinking caps on, give your words the most beautiful appreance, make your sentence dress in the best cape they can and then form sentences that can woo the readers with their impressive presentations.

Be the most unique!

When you blog, make sure you’re writing something that’s totally different from the lot. The topic or prompt may be similar, but try creating the matter visionised in the most different way. Being unique is the key to win this challenge. No one likes to read the same old bore matter again and again. Always consider thinking, would I love to read whatever I am writing?

Be before or on time!

Always keep up with the schedule given. Try to keep your blog post ready before the time the links are open to add them up. And when the links are open, get logging in fast and submit your entries as the fist in the line. This will give you more readers and more consideration in the challenge.

Keep in touch with the community!

Always be updated what the admins are upgrading in the challenge. Follow all their messages on social media and groups religiously to know what tips and hints they are dropping that can get you near the winning lines. Also, keep in close touch to the fellow challengers. This will help you rank yourself as to where you are heading and what you need to do more to get better in line.

Keep an eye on the hall of fame!

Whenever each week the hall of fame is out, make sure you go through each and every blog post on it and get the hang as to what made them reach the position. You can use the similar tips in your blog and currinate your blog through those points in your own unique way and can win the hearts too.

Read and comment on other blogs!

This is a pretty essential part of any challenge or blogging world! Unless and until you don’t respect your fellow bloggers and appreciate their work, nobody’s going to appreciate or read yours. Most of the times, it’s the give and take mantra that results in unexpected success of the blog.

Consider it as a school rather than a challenge!

Yes, it’s the most important part of the blogging challenge. The ultimate motive behind this challenge is not just to win it, but also, it’s the path to build your blog better and evolve as a better blogger. Through this challenge, you will definitely explore new boundaries of blogging world, get known to all those unknown facts till now and in the end, you’ll get to learn a lot more than you already knew before you entered the challenge!

These are some little tips from a participant of super blogger challenge 2018 who is actually having a super great time in this fun challenge. And the praises, the publicity, the admiration that comes handy with this challenge is a bonus! Hope you’ll check out these points, bring them under use when you are in the challenge and make your way to the top with their help!



post is a part of #SuperBlogggerChallenge 2018 Hosted by and should be not repurposed, republished or otherwise. the content is here owned by blogger. superbloggerchallenge2018 is not responsible for any kind of infringement caused.

Why waste when someone can’t even taste! #SuperBloggerchallenge2018

A silent message to humanity!

It was the fourth round of the seven course lavish meal, huge chunks of chicken, fish, prawns and duck meat piled up in each plate. The guests holding the plates seem to be more interested in their conversations rather than the food varieties on their plates. The gravies half spilled on the floor, some on their plates and more on the serving bowls were more or less untouched. There lay piled up in different rice plates almost four types of biryanies, fried rice and noodles. But guests just went on with the routine of taking it on their plates and tasting just one or two spoons and left the rest in the plates that was taken to the dustbins from there onwards.

On the other hand Priya was busy staring other kids having their lunch during the recess break at school. Even she was feeling the churning in her tummy, but since it was 28th of the month, maa told,”eat this khichdi tummy full before you go to school, for four days from now, I won’t be able to give you anything for your lunch box. Even bhaiya and didi manage without their tiffins. You can also try. Come home, then I’ll heat the khichdi again for you, you can have that, ok dear?” This was the story of each month. Either by 28, or 29 each month, the chapati she would else take in her lunch box couldn’t be made because babuji was a clerk and his nominal salary hardly stretched so far. After the bell rang, the children rushed back to the class after having their lunch in the ground. She started running towards the ground and picked up the scattered biscuit packets, some of them had half or quarter biscuits in them, she ate them all greedily hiding from all the people around in the corner of the ground. With teary eyes she thought, when will the day come when even she can bring biscuits to school? For sure, she would share it with her friend who couldn’t bring that so that no other chutki has to rumble up the garbage for it.

Once again today, mamta and his husband mahesh went to bed with an empty tummy. Mamta being a house maid and mahesh being a cobbler could only afford plain cooked rice to be eaten with water. Their preparations was enough to feed their two kids everyday and them thrice a week. Still, they were happy that atleast their kids don’t have to sleep hungry today.

Meanwhile, far in the line of slums, gauri was trying hard to feed her baby, she was breastfeeding him. The baby was crying too much, he couldn’t get any feed from her mother. Tears of helplessness flew from gauri’s eyes. She was trying so hard to feed her baby, her only child, just a few months old. But, how can she do so when she herself haven’t eaten just more than a plain bread since three days. God, if she only she can do anything just anything to make some feed available for her baby. Even after an hour of trying desperately hard, his baby was crying more loudly now. He has been trying to get feed since morning and finally, the wailing stopped. But the child wouldn’t move. She screamed,” tai, maasi, please come fast! Just see munna isn’t moving, he is not crying anymore tai.” And soon there was a rush of people holding the screaming gauri away from her dead baby. The baby that died after crying for hours for few drops of milk but couldn’t get it because his mother haven’t had food for days.

Today, when we eat those extra spoons of delicacies inspite of being too full, don’t we remember there are millions of children not getting their basic share of 3 meals a day! When we waste plates full of meals in a wedding, don’t we know there are girls who can’t get married because their parents can’t afford to afford wedding meal for the baraties in the wedding! When we throw away the plastic bags that contains the remains of our daily meals, don’t we remember those kids who tear these bags at late night and greedily have whatever it contains! When we go to a restaurant and leave the unfinished meal for the waiters to throw away in dustbins, dont we remember those mothers who wait outside those restaurants just to get those food from them in the form of charity!

As a food blogger, I request you all to take in the silent message in this blog and do consider for these people the next time you have a heart filled meal. For us, meals are what satisfies our heart, not something that satisfies our hunger! We often eat out of temptation rather due to hunger. For us, the feeling of hunger ain’t pain, rather it’s a daily routine. For some, hunger is a pain, the cure of which they hardly get. From now onwards, let’s have food as a need rather than luxury. Let’s indulge in eating process without going through the sin of wasting it. Let’s not waste food anymore, let the meal of others reach them through our little efforts. Each efforts counts, let’s put in our little efforts to bring out this desirable change in society.

Save a life today, donate food or don’t waste it because your feed is someone else’s need today!

NOTE* The article is written as part of the #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 by #Instacuppa conducted by, and and should not be re purposed, republished or use otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. SuperBloggerChallenge2018 is not responsible for any infringement caused.

Sheesha- a tabboo or trend?

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

21st century and the rapidly progressing society! The most versatile generation in the human history. The generation that have acquired almost everything in the least amount of time and is striving more on this field. The generation that follows trend religiously well even when it’s for a short period of time and still changing with the times and trends accordingly.

In this century, where nothing last longer than just a few months, the trend or habit of sheesha have proclaimed it’s position for longer than expected and the craze for the same being increasing day by day. The non cigarette addiction that has proudly replaced cigarettes in the society, seems to have broken all the barriers and is minding each of our lives.

When on one hand we are spreading the message of quitting smoking on all social media platforms because it contains tobacco and prove dangerous for your lungs, we proudly flaunt our 3 to 4 feet high sheesha and blow away the warnings in the smoke of it being dangerous too.

Haven’t we all read the warnings printed on all the Flavour boxes that says it contains tobacco and can cause cancer? Still, no one seems to take it as dangerous! Why? Because sheesha is now each ones need on a daily basis lifestyle. The addiction that follows it is another major hazard that we tend to avoid. We all know whatever causes an addiction in human body is dangerous and needs to be avoided. But still, the addiction of sheesha seems to be a class statement and something to be proud of.

What’s more, while cigarettes and alcohol are allowed only after a certain age in our society, sheesha is easily accessible to all age groups. From school kids to women, seniors citizens or house wives, everyone flaunts their sheesha selfie proudly on social media sites with loads of smoke being giving out in public. Isn’t this smoke as hazardous as the smoke of those cigarettes being smoked. It becomes more serious when we know that each wedding or social function includes sheesh too as part of the food being arranged for the guest. Hence, indirectly giving a hand in increasing this addiction. Even restaurants and food places are being granted it’s license by the state. And nothing could be compared to this that each home today has a sheesha at home, thus making it more easily accessible to minors too.

What we need to think is, though we are not smoking cigarette directly, s are replacing the same with sheesha, aren’t we being prone to a more dangerous situation than we already were in? We can easily satisfy our inner self that we didn’t intake tobacco, but aren’t the tons of flavour’s that we blend in to smoke are more hazardous than the tobacco.

Today, when the whole generation is crazily following the dangerous trend of sheesha and not even considering it as dangerous, isn’t it our duty to let them stop from consuming this slow poison? Can’t we just make them aware that whatever they are consuming can also cause cancer, lung diseases and much much more. The huge antic pieces of sheesha that they so very proudly flaunt on their divans are actually going to harm or even kill their kids, women and themselves too. Isn’t it our duty to let them understand that underage kids smoking sheesha isn’t nothing to be proud of, rather, it’s a cause of worry.

I need all your support, all the readers that I have today, it’s our duty as humans to save our fellow beings from being killed with this dangerous habit of sheesha. Let’s all together spread this post and make people understand that the trend grasping the generation like fire can burn us in to ashes and we are openly, with wide arms, welcoming it.

Do reblog or link it with your social media accounts or blogs if you think this matter needs immediate attention. Let all our friends and relatives read this and know where they are heading to. Lets give them a food for thought and pray our world gets rid of this tabboo soon!

Su-Kam_Solar Installation at Agra

Here’s a truly inspiring story about handful of students who made it BIG!

I went to Agra, of course, to see the Taj Mahal but then I came across something absolutely astounding. Agra-based St. Peters School recently took initiative of uninterrupted electricity in the school premises. Since this school was constructed, it faced the problem of electricity supply in the school. Frequent power cuts had worsened the conditions and it became suffocating for children to study without fans.

The students, teachers and management struggled with this for months. The only alternative was the diesel generators. They used diesel generators and grid power to supply their running load in the school. This was a very expensive decision. The management was worried about the rising bills every month until finally the students came forward with the idea of using solar power. Students convinced the management go for the installation of solar panels to combat this crisis.

I met a few senior students to understand their perspective and this is what they had to say.

“In Agra, the maximum temperature can reach up to 43 degrees. It was nearly impossible to study without fans. We have been reading in the newspapers about the benefits of solar power, so we spoke to our teachers about installing solar panels in the school. The management liked our idea. We are very happy that we can now study without interruption because we always have electricity,” said the students.

Technically also, with Agra having an average of 13 hours and 30 minutes of daylight, a solar installation would have been perfect for this area.

Even though it was an expensive effort but it was a one-time investment and a greener solution as compared to the diesel generators.

Where there is a will, there is always a way!

And Su-Kam was ready to help these wonderful kids.

“Kyuki padhega India, tabhi to badhega India”

Su-Kam took up the responsibility to install a solar system in St Peter’s school. They took the help of Su-Kam’s service center SH power solution’s Mr. Hajarilal, who is an engineer himself to carry out this installation.

After a detailed site inspection, Mr Hajarilal decided to install Su-Kam’s solar inverter in the school. It was an off grid solar system.

How Su-Kam made a difference?

The Su-Kam Solar system generates approximately 20 to 25 units of electricity every day depending on the weather conditions and runs the load of the school that includes 20 fans and 20 tube lights – total load is about 2.5KW.

This installation was a great success and management of the school proudly call themselves a solar powered school. The system is able to power the appliances fully during the day and all through the night by battery backup.

This is not just a story but a guiding light for all the schools out there. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals if you are determined. With such wonderful resources we can ensure regular study for children even in the remote locations of India and contribute to the growth of our nation.

All we require is your will and some solar energy! Think about it.

For those of you who are planning to get similar installations. Please refer to the technical details.

Let us know how an Off-Grid solar system works.

Su-Kam’s solar inverter works in connection a solar charge controller. It is a unique hybrid system which can charge batteries through solar and grid. As solar panels make DC electricity it goes through the solar charge controller which then controls the power and optimizes it to properly charge the batteries. The inverter then converts DC power coming from the batteries into AC to power electrical load. When there is a deficit of solar power, the off-grid solar system intelligently takes remaining required power from the grid and runs load as well as charges batteries.

Here goes the technical aspect:

  1. Su-Kam Colossal Inverter – 5KVA

  2. Su-Kam PWM Solar Charge Controller – 96V

  3. Su-Kam’s solar panels 250W – 5KW

  4. Su-Kam’s Batteries 150AH – 8 in number

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