Book review — 7 Sutras of Innovation by Nikhil Inamdar!



Inspiration lies all around us! You just have to be creative enough to grab the message from it! And the best source of knowledge lies in a book. That’s the reason I’m crazy about books and tend to search all my aspirations in it. Recently, I came across a new book, that should be a must read for all the startups and even the successful business persons. The message in lies versatile, but the message stays uniform- attaining the incredible through hard-work and determination! 




About the book — 7 Sutras Of a Innovation is the second successful launch by Marico Innovation Foundation. It’s written by Nikhil Inamdar and launched by Mr Harsh Mariwala on the 16th of January, 2020 at Mumbai. This book gracefully reflects the journey of 8 past awardees of business world and their inspiring journey of success. Published byJaico Publications, this book is available in both paperbacks and e-book patterns.




About the writer The curator behind the interesting compiled stories is Mr. Nikhil Inamdar, a senior journalist and bestselling author from Mumbai. He’s been a part of NDTC new channel as an author and his writing has made their way in various renowned global and local publications.




The book in a review — When we say success is earned and unpredictable, we wouldn’t have gone deep in this quote! But with this book, the author beautifully tracks the journey of eight award winning prominent business organisations like Tonbo imaging, Goonj, Rivigo, ISRO, Forus Health, AgastyaInternational foundation, The Better India and St. judes. Each of these organisations has their own success journey and their own innovative manner or sutras to tackle the difficulties and grab the success badge! It takes you to the kaleidoscopic view of the ups and downs of the challenges in the business world and how phenomenally these leaders overcome the tough situations with their unique strategies. From the commencement to reaching the pinnacle, read about the rough but anti gravitational path of these entrepreneurs that’s a message to all the budding startups and business owners.




My take on the book — This book subtly narrates those admirable stories of challenges, innovation and growth in each phase of business. You can easily relate to it if you are a budding entrepreneur and may take a good inspiration for your journey in business in the future from it!

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