Let age be just a number — Glad handering party ideas that work for all ages!

If you have visited a kid’s party recently, you would have noticed that it is entirely different from the adult ones! The adult’s parties have a sophistication and grown up feeling in the air while those of kids are childish and too noisy and fun! Gone are the days when mummy and papa used to choose a movie date rather than party on their birthdays. Today, every occasion is a party and truly a friends and family affair! 




But organising a party that suits all ages is a tricky matter! Adults don’t care for cartoon characters and kids aren’t interested in wines and champagnes! To have them under one roof and ensure these all enjoy the party to the core can bring your senses to a pause! Planning a party that is suitable for all age groups isn’t less than climbing a mountain! 




 Joyous and clubby party ideas that can entertain everyone! 



When you desire to entertain the oldies and the kiddies, you have to make sure your planning is done extra carefully. Get those junk meals in excess and even have a separate bar counter in the venue. Besides food and drink there are so many things to include which would be loved by all and appreciated too. Let’s view about some of these ideas that guarantee fun and excitement for all! 




o Rock music or DJ — Who doesn’t love to dance? And a party is the best place to shake a leg with buddies or dance casually with partners. Every age welcomes music gladly and this factor has the party heated up! 




o Photo booth — It’s funny how nowadays most people don’t click pictures unless it’s a photo booth. These photo booths are available in numerous themes and can even be customised fantastically suiting your party. We are sure you would need to drag the kids out of it and convince the adults to try something else for fun too! 




o Water slides —Fun doesn’t stop just by excusing you don’t own a swimming pool. With water slides options available for indoors and outdoors, the splashes never end! You can get these for all ages and have your guests giggle and play constantly all wet in here! 




o Board and lawn games — Entertaining the crowd is essential. They need to love the aura of the party and what better than games can grip their attention? Have some board games for the lazy bums and lawn fun for the hyper active ones. Age doesn’t matter here, fun does! 




o Trivia games — Kids don’t love answering teachers at school, but trivia is something else! And adults can’t keep themselves from competing the young minds showing they aren’t old yet! Trivia is a superb idea for a great party. 




o Candy bars — Candies are love! Kids can’t help but devour it and adults try them in nostalgia! But this idea never fails with any of them. Keep an enticing candy bar in a corner and even let them take a small bag full back at home! 




See, didn’t we say planning a party suitable for all age isn’timpossible? Now you’ve got loads of ideas for the same! Then why wait? Stop reading and start planning now!

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