Go modern with luxurious furniture and plush living room ideas!

When you gaze around and see change all around, the trends transforming individuals and the time bringing about a revolution in your country, be ready for the modern change! That’s what you may be experiencing now! When time changes, so do trends and you have to undergo a transformation to adjust with time. And this change doesn’t stay limited to your personality; even your home takes a twist with it! 




Transforming your traditional living room into a modern styled luxurious space is nothing short of a challenge! You need to have all sorts of captivating ideas for a subtle yet alluring living room décor and get some stunning pieces of luxurious furniture from some renowned sources.  And believe us, this is something really challenging!



 Luxury furniture and design ideas to create a modern living room!



When you say modern, make it certain that your living room should match today’s designs, décor ideas, colour trends and even furniture fashion! Read some such outstanding ideas to create a modern living room styled classily with luxurious furniture! 



o Live your imagination  With modernity, comes out of your traditional picture of a living room consisting of a sofa, coffee table, leather couch etc. It’s time to live your imagination and have some classy additions to your living room. Like creating a fabulously arranged layout with sleek, low height sofa of light shades and a coffee table replaced by an engraved glass table, a smart TV reining the wall with no chairs but soft couches matching the furniture, etc. The basic idea should be a unique, scarcely decorated yet complete living room.






o Make it chic  So, when the dresses are going chic, why aren’t the furniture? Get a chic centre table and place your slightly coloured couches against brightly painted walls that even has some mismatched painted frames on it! Place some cheeky, soft cushions on it and get those sexy flower vases on both the corners of the couch! Ouch! A chic living room is ready.






o An elegant all white palette— White is classy, it’s modern, it’s sophisticated and it’s graceful! Turn your living room into a modern white haven by having white range of sofa, pure white and glass centre table, even get the rugs of the same colour and ensure the drapes match too! Just keep the frames outlined on the wall in dark and your wall clock in contrast and let everything other be snow mimicking!






o Play around the sun  If you are lucky enough and have good big window that invites natural light, let your modern living room be stationed here best! Keep all those new, classy wooden furniture around the lighted area and ensure the colour you choose complements the sunlight well. Stick to the basics and see the magic happening with the fusion of sunlight in it!







o Create a fusion look So you love modernity. But you do miss the traditions too? Well, then why not create a contemporary modern look with a fusion of both! Get the new distinct shaped furniture and have those old bright colours be added to them! Have some antique yet classy chairs and place on them the bohemian styled cushion.Add some funky wall art and seal with a traditionally basic rug on the floor! 




So what say? Don’t you believe the quote, ‘change is beautiful’ more thoroughly now? If not, gaze around and say it once again! 


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