Occasions for gifting a Handmade Portrait

Gifting someone a present is probably the only event where the giver and receiver both feel the same warmth and love. Recently, people have developed a tendency of preferring custom and personalized gifts over any materialistic one. Hand painted portraits are one of such gifts. The warmth of love and care which is seen in these Handmade paintings are unmatched.

BookMyPainting is a team of young innovatives who are working hard to bring this art into mainstream. They have a tech enabled, user friendly environment where you can easily book these Hand-painted Portraits from photos. Photo to painting is a technique which is appreciated worldwide recently for keeping the old art methods alive.

You must be wondering which occasions are great for such a gift. Let me tell you, every celebration deserve these beautiful creations. Still there are some occasions for which these are perfect.

1. Christmas

Christmas is one such time in a year when it’s all about Christmas. We all struggle to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. This Christmas you can present them a stunning Handmade Charcoal sketch with great contrast and unmatched Details. I bet you won’t find any difference in the art and real. You can even get the picture of their dog Sketched, and present him with a dog portrait. This is something so out of the box, it’ll be the best gift for Christmas

2. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is truly the festival of love. On this day love birds celebrate their love and take pride in their togetherness. This Valentine’s Day gift your girlfriend a hand-painted oil Portrait Painting and make her believe she’s no lesser than a queen. Oil portraits are so realistic that she’ll fall in love with you all over again. To make it more unique you can get a Picture of her childhood and get her a baby oil painting. This will be the most special gift she’ll ever have.

3. Birthday

Once a year, we all celebrate life and thank the creator for making us a part of it. Birthdays are truly a Special day for one. This Birthday, the best birthday gift will be a watercolor painting with all the color splashes and artistic creativity. Watercolor is an ancient technique from China and Japan which developed during 500-600 BCE. This is gonna be a perfect gift for someone’s birthday who’s still a kid inside. Make sure you don’t forget to add a birthday message on the picture.

4. Pet loss

Pets love us unconditionally and unwantingly. They are more like a family member to us. Loosing a loved one is really a hard feeling and can be very difficult for one to cope up with.

Memorialize a pet as a Oil Portrait Painting will be the best pet loss gift ever. This is one of way to keep their memories alive with is forever. Somebody who looses a pet really feels like they have lost their own part. This gift will definitely help them deal with the loss and feel a happy vibe.

5. Wedding Anniversary

Wedding is the union of two souls. You can gift a hand-painted portrait not only as a wedding anniversary gift but as a wedding gift for a bride and groom too. You can pick a picture from their pre-wedding photoshoot and get a pencil color sketch for them. You can even get their wedding picture painted for the anniversary gift. This will remind their love for each other again and again over the years and your gift will be with them in their journey of a happy married life ahead.

Gifting doesn’t need occasions. It needs love and affection. No matter what an event is, you cam always rely on these masterpieces. They will never break your heart. The receiver will definitely feel the joy and warmth of love in it. Make sure you order it right on time.

Happy Gifting!!!

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