Harsh times of truth era! #wowprompt

Those raised brows ,those unwanted shrugs! Those harsh glares, those grudge hunnhh! Those sudden walking away to drastic changing topics! This is what I get as a gift when I speak the truth! Telling truth someone is a loving act! Better said than believed. It’s experience that’s a part of this blog when I say I have gained major hatred and more grudges after I revealed the truth. Until I said a lie, everyone loved me. But, when the alphabets containing the syrup of truth Came pouring down the bottle, I guessed I was better left alone rather than given a company!

It’s not just once. There’s been multiple times when being honest suddenly was the biggest crime on the earth. Where you are boycotted because you were up to the expectation. The expectation of always being the spoiler, the truth revealed!

From the glares that I get in my office when I reveal in front of my boss how his so called good deeds aren’t actually a great thing in the eyes of his employee to letting him know that we are not gift providers or packers and movers to help him gladly in his wife’s domestic chores. To the times when I bluntly let him know how disappointed I feel when I get my salary after the first week of the month passes away. Believe me, his state is enough to dig holes in me when he gets a nasty little honest worker giving him lectures on punctuality on pays! Well, can’t it. He hired me on merit and carrying my merit is what I do so! Poor him, can’t fire me right away! Not that I’ll like it if he did that way.( honestly speaking)

I get to hear whispers behind my back! When? It’s when I tell the truth in front of my whole family. When I tell them how arrogant they can be in discriminating between their daughter and daughter in laws. It’s weird how just a simple comment said truthfully can bring a rush of anger in each of their faces.

Those spatted words of “look at yourself first before commenting on others” can actually make my whole being burnt with anger, to tell you the truth. Well, it’s an honest comment that they always ask for right? So when you reciprocate with the same thing, why do you get such comments in return is something that I always wonder. Hence, I only give them an answer when they insist a lot. Otherwise, in a world where truth brings you more insult than rape does, you better keep your mouth tight shut! (Isn’t this a truth too?)

Dedicating a paragraph to the digital world, remember suddenly finding your previously commented lines nowhere to be seen beyond someone’s status or picture on Facebook or instagram? Why? Well, because you wrote the truth and people just couldn’t bear all the others reading the truth and they choose to delete those comments and sometimes the whole post all together.

I think, before my whole post gets restricted to be entered in the reading list because of harsh truths revealed here, is better stop writing more. I think these examples speak volumes how I am often welcomed and treated when I speak the truth!

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First crush or first love part 3!

Read the first part and second part before reading this!

“Dad, what’s the rush? This is just impossible. I am not ready for it now!” She exclaimed! “This boys really good. You don’t get to see such ones around much. And everything is ready here, all the family guests from abroad are in India too. Even your elder sister is here this time, after this she may not be able to visit India for three years.” “That’s all secondary dad, but an arranged marriage? I don’t think so I am comfortable with this idea.” She let him knew her doubts but this left her dad really shocked. ” It was you who said that you need an arranged marriage, remember? I asked you before around a hundred times if you have someone in mind let me know, we’ll sort it out. But you said to arrange as per my wish. Then too, even if you are in a doubt now, you can meet this person and talk to him. I liked him a lot, even you’ll like him. And if by suppose, you have someone else in your mind, let me know I’ll definitely consider your choice first.” His father assured all her doubts. But she was confused. How can she let her dad know about the person with whom she had just met two days back and that too only thrice! On what basis can she tell him she loved him by only passing few glimpses. And what if that boy wouldn’t reciprocate her feelings? “Oh no, he asked me if I am engaged, right! That means even he was interested in me. So what if he didn’t exclaim his liking, I can talk to him first about it, I can ask him about it clearly.” She thought with a ray of hope and asked her dad for a day’s time to give him the final answer about the same.

She went running along the whole house. It was all crowded with guests from all over the country and abroad. She went around the outer rooms and the inner but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. After searching each corner for around three hours she returned to her room, almost fell on her bed and cried her heart out. She had the day of hope till today morning, but the source was nowhere now. She loved him, she knew that. She could feel the pain of not seeing him anywhere, not knowing whether he thought about her in the same manner, not knowing if could ever meet him again and if they would be able to marry each other. It was her first love and that too which was left incomplete. That night she cried for her new founded pain. For the experience of first love in it’s saddest form. May be they weren’t destined to meet, may be it was written in destiny that she would find only hurt in her first love! “Oh God, please let him be forever in my destiny!” She prayed as she lay on her bed with tears falling on her pillow as she mourned for her incomplete first love!


The air conditioner in the room was in it’s lowest degree. The room was chilling cold yet she was perspiring. The delicate fragrance of flowers in the room was making her dizzy. She was clad in her pastel coloured pink wedding dress, all beautiful but her heart was somewhere else. She have agreed for this wedding without even seeing whom she had married. Although her relatives and aunt and dad insisted that she met him once before Te wedding, but she told them she loved surprises. While in reality, she just couldn’t face herself in the mirror when she knew she was marrying someone whom she didn’t love. Let alone the thought of facing the man himself. She didn’t knew how she was going to cope with her life from now on, but this was her test. Hope she gets along well. She shut her eyes tight to stop all those tears coming in her eyes.

She heard the footsteps that arrived towards her. He slowly upturned her face towards him but her eyes were tight shut. “Am I so ugly that you don’t even want to take a look at me even on our wedding night?” She opened her eyes instantly all wide with shock. She forgot all her crying and kept staring at him for moments uncountable. “Ohh! Then am I looking so handsome that you can’t take your gaze off me? I bet I should be the one doing that thing right now.” He asked with a light smile on his face and she looked away with a blush. “You? So you are Salian?” She was too shock to even speak something. “Yes, Mrs. Salian, I am your Mr. Salian. Nice to meet you on your wedding with me.” He was now laughing at her. “Why, you didn’t even asked to meet and see your future husband? Why did you get ready to marry me even when you didn’t know anything about me? Why Naina, what was the reason for it?” He asked her silently, looking straight in her eyes. “I didn’t care whom I was marrying. I searched for you for hours the next day of that wedding. But you just vanished. That’s why I didn’t ask anything about the person I was getting married to.” “And why were you searching for me for hours?” ” To tell you that I loved…..!” She stopped dead between her sentence and looked at him aghast. He was now smiling widely, looking at her eyes and enjoying the flow of blush on her face. “You loved what?” He asked to tease her. She started looking away with a soft shy smile on her face.

“I know it’s my fault. I had to speak to you something about this before I went to your aunt and dad! But I was so glad to know that you weren’t committed and knew very well that aunt would definitely grab you a good husband from the same wedding. That’s why on the next morning I called up my parents and made them speak to aunt and fix everything. I had to rush because you know we have to leave for England the next week.” He explained her everything and she was finally beaming from inside knowing that finally her first love was her life partner after all. “But you didn’t complete your sentence, though? You said you loved something, can I know what or who it was?” And that was just the start of their love story!


They were back in England after spending a week at relatives place. His apartment was just what she dreamed of. After a warm welcome from his parents, they headed towards their room. He started showing her their room when she stopped dead on her steps. There lay a small pink book neatly as a showpiece on the side table of the bed, she started moving towards it. It reminded her of something, the scenes that she couldn’t even remember existed in her life started playing back. She picked it up and read it slightly loud,

Your smile raises my hopes everyday!

Your eyes are the reason for my smile,

I wish you never ever go away,

For I’ll love you beyond miles!

Then she glanced at the photo frame just beside the book, it made her go numb with shock. She went back in time, years back…. she was staring at him from the balcony….. threw the book towards him and ran away!

Salian took the book gently from her hands. ” Do you know what this is and where it’s from?” She turned towards him surprised and he said with a smile, ” I had a crush! My first crush. She was a small girl, a teenage girl, may be just out of high school. She used to stay opposite to my flat that I shared during my engeneering days. I used to daily go to my balcony to get a glimpse of her while she did her work on hers. Though I liked her very much, but I couldn’t approach her for the same. She was very small you know and even I was studying at that time. But I always felt something unique when she was there. I never knew if she liked me too, but it didn’t matter at that time, I just had a secret crush on her and that was enough. And one day, I caught her crying in the balcony, it caused me pain too and then she threw this towards me and went away. Never to come back! I read it and got to know even she liked me as much as I did. You see, she was my first crush and I have read it somewhere, you never forget your first crush! And I am the living proof of it, I’ll always remember her in my life.” He finished and turned towards her and caught her crying with her tears rolling down her cheeks. “Hey Naina, please don’t cry! I know you are hurt. But your role in my life is entirely different. I told you all of these, because I didn’t want to hide anything between us and you are the love of my life. I agree I felt the same attraction towards you as I felt for her, I don’t know what it was, but it felt as if you are just the same person that I have met years back and was always with me in all these years. So please don’t be insecure, I would love you always, no matter what happens, always!”

Little he knew of why she was crying! Even she had it read it that day in the train, you never forget your first crush! But, she did. She forgot about it all during these years while he remembered each moment of it. And she remembered reading some more lines of the same book, what is destined to meet you, will meet you in all circumstances! So strange it was! Both of these lines of the same book had totally different effects on her life. Salian came back in her life after going away from her twice because he was destined to meet her and even though he remembered his first crush till years ahead, she forgot all about it!

Someday, may be someday she’ll let him know that she was her first crush! Today, she was too overwhelmed with the sudden confession from his part and the reminiscing of the past events. But someday, she’ll let him know how Destiny played hide and seek with them. Till then, may be she can solve the dilemma that whether they are each other’s first crush or first love?!!

First crush or first love! part 2

Read the first part here!

It was pretty difficult carrying that heavy lehenga along with the long dupatta, apart from it the dozens of bangles and some delicate jewellery was enough to keep her busy in the mehndi function! They had come all the way from Madhya Pradesh to Chandigarh to attend her cousin’s wedding and her aunt was adamant to make her dress at her best so that she should be the next bride this season. It was just last year that she have completed her education and started with a job at a reputed international school, but relatives behaved as if she’s been a spinster since decades and was desperate for a husband. Ufff! Only if she could tell them to mind their own businesses! Bang!!!!

She looked up shocked at the person whom she knocked with in her fiery of thoughts. He gazed back at her with the same shock but something gripped them together. Though she wanted to, she just couldn’t avert her eyes from him. It was the most captivating ever, must say he was the most good looking man she came across of recently. But he was staring at her with so much intensity, she felt pretty nervous and tried to get free from his hold. He was catching her shoulder so that she couldn’t have fell otherwise. Embarrassed, and nervous, was what both of them felt when they went away. But going after some paces, they returned back and gazed at each other, as if figuring out what was the magnetism about?

He saw her again. She had wet mehndi applied on both of her hands and was struggling desperately to keep her long loose hair and the large dupatta out of the mehndi and from falling too. He smiled lightly. She was cute, or it was beautiful! But whatever it was, he just couldn’t get out of the magical spell she casted on him when they clashed some time before. As if still in a spell, he walked slowly towards her and stood in front of her. She looked up to him was stunned as he caught the other side of her now falling dupatta and started rolling it on her neck in the form of a scarf which also clasped her loose hair with it. Then she watched perplexed as he slowly put the remaining hair of her face and tucked them behind her ears. She kept watching him with a blushed face and stunned expression while he slowly walked away from her.

The next day was the official wedding day! All the bride’s side were clad in red punjabi suits. She thought wearing punjabi suit would be a lot easier than that of lehengas, but how wrong she was! The heavy handwork on her dress and the numerous sleets of her bottom, plus the super large heavy dupatta and those jewellery and the love of her high heels and her long loose hair, “Oh my God! Why did I even agree to dress according to Aunt’s choice!” She started walking towards the verandah when she saw him coming from the opposite side, all strong and smart in his well maintained physique and stunning looks. The black sherwani he wore gave him the aura of power and style he carried. Unknowingly, she looked away when he caught her staring at him. Her heartbeats increased as he came nearer. As if by a command, they both stood for a while when they were exact beside each other, glanced at each other, he smiled looking in her eyes. As if captivated by that charming smile, she smiled back shying and slowly walked away from him.

That night when her cousin went off with her husband in car, everyone had tears in their eyes. But were happy for the married couple. She hugged her aunt to consolidate her on this matter but aunt has something else in her mind. “Don’t worry dear, I am not tired at all with this marriage, now is your turn next to get married. I have everything planned and I’ll see to it that you are married this year itself!” She said as she hugged her back, but quite loudly which somehow embarrassed her. She just smiled forcefully when her gaze went up and she caught him staring at her with a puzzled expression, as if he heard what aunt just said. She turned back rapidly to go inside when she heard him say from behind, ” hey, wait!” She stopped but didn’t turn. “I just heard that aunty saying you were to get married this year, well, just wanted to ask, are you engaged to someone already?” She turned towards him, he was confused with a serious expression on his face. She just nodded her head in negative. He sighed with relief with a big smile and returned to walk away from her.

That night she wasn’t able to sleep. Her dreams and thoughts had that eyes and smile in them. Even if she did, she couldn’t take off his image away from her. That night she knew finally, what love was! She knew he was the one with whom she could spend her whole life happily ever after! She couldn’t ask for anything else in her life. This was the most happiest moment of her life.

But the next morning a total shock to her! This was something she never expected! Even if she suspected, this was totally shocking at this time.

Next part coming this week…

‘I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter’

Getting ready for #MyFriendAlexa!

So, it’s the first time for me! I am all nervous and confused and searching all those articles on Alexa rank and browsing through twitter with the hashtag, #MyFriendAlexa and literally spamming blogchatter team there with my queries! Thanks God their patient and didn’t block me for this!

But I guess, I have got the main idea digested! It’s a blogging festival! A big one! That’ll eventually help me get a higher performance for my blog and not to forget getting the better ranking at its highness, Alexa. The lower I rank at Alexa, the higher I rank in the blogging world. Plus the interactions and genuine feedback’s I would be getting on my blog would be another positive factor to look forward to.

What’s more? For the love of reading, I get to read some varied works of numerous bloggers all so experienced and amazing writers because of this fest. A minimum of eight or many in one or many niches are welcome here too.

I guess, I should dedicate my September to a month full of variety of niches covered in this blogging fest. I would start a chain of blogs with genres and cover almost all aspects of lifestyle and other niches while we complete the fest. For example, my first blog would be on pregnancy stages while second can be on fashion styles. I can dedicate my third one for food and the fourth one for technology. Similarly, writing on travel for the fifth and finance for the sixth would be a great choice too. I am planning to let my seventh post be dedicated to food and eighth one for travel! Who knows I may even cross the eight figure and write more! May be the ninth one would be on parenting and tenth one can be on home decor ideas and I can even write an eleventh on fiction and more on parenting and more.

Let see if these ideas work and I can survive through this challenge after the A2Z challenge! Wish me luck and stay tuned for a month full of varied and exciting posts!

I grew up….

She felt the chill pass through her veins when the drop kissed her forehead! Then came another, one more and tip, tip, tip, the rain started. She veiled her face with her file and ran to the nearest small local cafe. People were already rushing to get saved from rains. Luckily, she caught a chair at a small table and ordered tea. She gazed out, sighed, it’s rains again, already! No wonder the scorching heat was unbearable but the rains, more nuisance. Stressed! She felt, deep in her thoughts, she gazed out.

That feeling when the room went dark and she was sneaking out of the window to find the grey formation of clouds around and screeching with delight watching them,”Mummy, it’s going to start raining, yay! Yay!” And this catching a glimpse of dark clouds and crying out silently,” The trains are going to be late, shit!” She grew up!

Opening up her little palms, enjoying the kisses of those cold droplets on her hands, trying to collect them all in her tiny clutches and now wiping her hands as soon as they got wet from rains, she grew up!

Closing her eyes, giving in herself to the sky, let the clouds get a better view of her face as they pour some rainy love on it to now shielding it with something so that her make up didn’t fade away, she grew up! I bet her wet innocence was more attractive than her dry make up!

Splash! Splash! One foot after the other and giggling loudly as she dashed through the paths after her friends to now double folding her denims and keeping each step lightly so that don’t even the slippers get some dirt of the rainy streets, She grew up!

Dancing freely to get more wetter than she already was to now hugging herself even more so as to avoid the drenched form, she grew up!

From enjoying the rainy long days from within the window to worrying about getting the washed clothes dry, she grew up!

A sigh passed her lips as she frowned thinking, the rains are the same as they were then, the grey colour of the clouds when it’s about to rain has been their tradition since infinity, the green grasses getting soft and muddy and the formation of those tiny puddles have been as it has been since years! Then what changed? Why can’t the rains now be the same as they were then?

what made her actually grow up? She glanced at the watch hanging, time? Time just passes, growing up is mandate, but time doesn’t restrict you from enjoying something that’s naturally beautiful! Then what? She saw the rush, she knew the answer already!!

The voices were clear even today, “wash off your feet, you splashed the whole puddle on your legs, wash them vigorously.” “Shhh! Don’t scream on just the sounds of the rains, so silly it looks!” “Why did you get drenched? You should have stood under some roof.” “Hey, change fast.You’ll catch cold otherwise.” These statements, these repeated commands, some way or another left a mark on her memory and ultimately her life.

It was the society! The society that forced her to grow up, the people around who created norms and broke them according to their conveniences and carved the same prints to the younger minds, just because they have been passed the inheritance of the same. This society which gradually changed the fun associated with nature into nuisance and the growing minds readily agreed to it and grew up defining it the same way to carry this tradition forward.

Growing up doesn’t means giving up joy and innocence, it’s rather a process to increase the same by passing it out to others. She stood up, smiled widely and knew what to do next!

The small crowd gathered near the cafe were smiling watching the lady who was enjoying rains with little kids of the area, as if she was one if them, as if she wasn’t a grown up!

Does she need a prince charming?

“And one day the princess charming came in her life, fought with all her enemies, solved all her problems and took her away with him and they lived happily ever after!” Remember these lines? The lines that each girl have heard during her childhood from her mother, of granny or grand mother.

Since childhood she’s been trained to believe that when she grows up, firstly there are going to be innumerable problems in her life that she won’t be able to solve. Secondly, a prince charming on a white horse would definitely enter her life (even though it would be a different century where horses would be replaced by helicopters). And thirdly, he would be already having the licence and strength to fight all your problems and help you out. (Until then you would be just staring at those problems of yours and waiting for the prince to come and solve them, just like Mr. Rasthana expected Munna Bhai to deal with it, saying to the problem, “mamu, bhag Jaa teri to waat lag gayi hai.”) And fourth wherever the prince took you along with him, you both will be happy ever after.( I wonder if you both are going to die and shift to heaven permanently, where there will be no sadness.)

Now that was expectation! What happens when you actually grow up? You juggle your way trying to hide your so revealing beauty and womanhood during your adolescence period from men who just have one work, stare at any female, believe me, it’s any female. (Doesn’t matter if she’s a child, a pregnant mother, a woman with hardly any glam looks or an old lady.) Then you get through all those desperate boyfriends always trying to act as if they are the most coolest boys now turning men. (I am sure they’d been thinking of all the growing girls as a damsel in distress and would be dreaming how to rescue them just like a prince.)

And if dealing with these wasn’t enough, when you go for work, you are surrounded by sophisticated men talking gender equality and the same men being the reason of the glass wall that you have to bear through your work.

Then you finally believe that the man you will be marrying is the prince charming you had been waiting for all these years. And guess what a shock of your life would you get if the same man orders you to quit your job for which you took all the pains during those years to create your identification and you end up being just a house wife. (But for love, you bear it all.)

Then comes the frustration because of growing family and decreasing income. And then you get the taunt of spending too much and how tiring it is to work out! Smashhhh! Goes down the dream of happily ever after!

Now, does today’s woman need a prince charming to get her living happily ever after? Well, I think today’s women are their own princess charming. She doesn’t need any prince charming to bring her out of a messy situation, she already did that during her adolescence and work years, remember! And the one who can keep her happy ever after, well, if a woman can buy her own choices and fulfill her own demands, the prince charming loses another one of his allotted jobs!

And the question of remaining happily together always, it’s life! It has a charm in its ups and downs, it’s fun to embrace both of them. These are just like those identical twins which will die if departed!

So girls, what do you think, do you need a prince charming riding that white horse in your life now? Or are you ok if he comes round in a public transport too? Or would you read the same story to your daughter too? If yes, then don’t spare sons, let them also believe he’s gonna soon get a princess charming riding on a white pony soon to embrace him!!

When soul beautifies!

“Lol! Do you think you can even pick it up Amir? Let it be, it’s not your cup of tea.” The same mocking style, the same sarcasm, she was mocking him like always. Underestimating his capability as a worker, as a man, as a human. She just thought of him as a jerk, as a man good for nothing. Not that he did anything, like just anything that could have proved her wrong. She mocked him for being himself. The thin, boney fellow with a minimum height of 5’3, much lesser than men of his area. The one with voice very soft, not that it was low, but he never felt he needed to scream to show he had a high volume and luck as worst as his reputation amongts others, always on the looser side. That’s what she called him, a looser!

She herself picked up the heavy suitcases one by one and half dragged them, half pushed them and kept them in her room. She has just returned from her hostel after a year, couldn’t be back during the half yearly vacations because she had an important project to submit. She was just given her exams for the last year in medical. As bright as her fair skin and shiny eyes, she was an all rounder, a perfect girl with no negative sides in her. She was tall, say about just his height, was fair, had some amazing beautiful features that could force you to look at her twice, had large brown eyes and was a genius in her studies. So much that she finished her medical studies all through the scholarships the school provided her. Her parents, living in a small chawl, couldn’t have afforded to give their daughter a good education though they themselves wished her to get educated. Hence, even when they have to part with their loving daughter, they still gave her the education she deserved.

Amir missed her badly. He admired her so much. She was the only girl he have loved all his life. She was the secret love of his life. He wanted to tell her that, but he knew she hated him badly. And why not, he was an orphan, the son of her father’s relatives living since childhood with her father and carrying the job of a butcher at her father’s chicken shop. He knew she cringed being anywhere close to her, and it’s not her fault, he was always surrounded by a stingy smell of meat and chickens. Which girl would like to be around him then? But he couldn’t control himself from loving her with all his might. That was why even if she mocked him or insulted him, he never felt bad.

She was looking gorgeous in that pink dress she wore, chewing apples while aunty was busy cutting vegetables for lunch. Amir was staring at her from his room that wasn’t much far from where these two were sitting in the verandah. “What have you thought about your future humaira? You have completed your studies and you are soon going to join the local hospital as a doctor. What do you plan to do after that?” Aunty was asking her casually. “Hmmm nothing much maa, I’ll go on as time goes by. Let see what happens.”she just waved the question away. “Oh no! I was talking about marriage, do you like someone back there at the hostel? We want you to get married as soon as we can beta. After your brother staying away with wife, we really are worried about you.” “I haven’t thought anything about marriage maa, what’s the hurry? And why are you worried about me, I am strong, have stayed alone at hostel for so long and would be earning soon too.” Amir just couldn’t help but hear more intently the conversation going on there. “No beta. It would be really very good if we can marry you with a good man. We really want to see that day. If you don’t like someone already, let me suggest you one, I know if a very good boy who would keep you happy for your whole life.” Aunty have said something that gave amir the shock of his life. How could aunty find someone for Humaira, he thought she knew how much he felt for her and she loved him like his own son.

“Ok maa, let me know who he is, I’ll think about it.” Humaira was ready to drop the subject. “Amir! He’s a good boy, is hard working, works with your father and an honest man. He’ll definitely be the best one for you. Even your father wishes to marry you with him. And what else, he likes you too.” Amir controlled himself from jumping in an giving aunty a tight hug. She was indeed his mother figure. He loved her. He couldn’t have imagined a better way to send his proposal to humaira.

But the next instance he got the worst surprise of his life. “What? How can you even think of this maa? I will never marry that rotten rat, that looser Amir. Don’t you know how he looks? And he’s a son of a cobbler. That too the one who died of begging continuesly. When dad picked him up from road side, he was begging too. And he’s not even continued his study after tenth. So you think I’ll match him and he’ll be a good pair for me? Even if he would have been the last man on the earth, I wouldn’t have married him. He’s a weak, looser. He needs a woman to protect him, he’s so weak.. I wish him dead and to hell.” She stamped her feet and ran away to her room.

That day Amir cried after a long time, after his Baba’s death. He felt as if he was full of dirt and she was an untouched lotus. He already knew how she felt about education deeply, that’s why after she started her studies in hostel seven years back, even he started his private classes from the nearby school and started taking an interest in studies. The money for this he payed from working part time at the nearest garage. He just loved cars and hence, couldn’t help but work around with them as a part time job. For the chicken shop, he did that just for uncle. He knew how much uncle felt for his family business of the chicken shop and they have done so much for him. He just wanted them to know even after their son left them saying that he hated the father’s business and a cheap life, he wouldn’t ever leave their side. And for his looks and weakness, he wishes he could request nature to make him tall, dark and handsome just as she liked. After all, it wasn’t his fault he was the way he looked.

The next morning while having breakfast their eyes met, he actually lowered his gaze feeling hatred he saw in her eyes. He could hear those words again in his ears. She was starting at him with hatred and insult. After aunty went back to her work in kitchen she came and stood in front of Amir, “so you beggar, are you dreaming of marrying me you ugly rat? Do you think you can afford me, or any woman for that matter? So you have in you the husband thing by any chance?” She challenged him openly. “Look at you, you are good for nothing. Just keep in mind, don’t you dare think about marrying me. My parents have kept you as a servant and that’s what you are. You are a cobbler’s son and you are destined to remain on our shoe tips forever. Got that?” She snapped her fingers in front of his eyes. “you can’t ever, never be equal to us, never!” And she left with a pride walk.

Amir was thrashed! He Just couldn’t stay at the same roof with her any more and excused uncle and aunty saying he need to go to a neighbouring town to help a friend in business for some time and left. The insult, the hurt she gave him, he couldn’t just bear it. He left the town and within a week was under severe depression. His friend couldn’t see him like this. “Amir, be brave. Life doesn’t end up after a proud girl and her lashings. There’s so much to it. Come on, show her you aren’t weak, show her your own potentials.” His friend was trying to being him back to life. “She hates me Azar. I can’t bear seeing my own face in mirror. And you know what’s the sad part in this? I am a beggar’s, a cobbler’s son. I am a filthy weak and ugly fellow. I am a good for nothing man. These are all the facts she stated.” He again started weeping badly. His friend saw him, took about his favorite book, copied a quote from there and stucked it on the cupboard door along with a picture of a car.

It was another dreadful day in Amir’s life. He got up and took a look around, bright sunlight was entering in the room and then he read something written on the cupboard, something with that pic of the lovely car.

“You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.” – Ratatouille

He sat there gazing at it for four hours, then he started rushing, showered, changed in his best clothings, took out a bag and opened it to get an envolup, he touched it lovingly, and repacked it and rushed out to never come back to the old Amir again.

They were all packed up, all their belongings in a small bunch of bags in the varandah. They were just waiting for the owner to come so that they can hand him the keys and leave. Then there was the knock on the door, she opened up just to step back in shock. She wanted to clutch something that can prevent her from falling but he came forward in a stride and took her in his strong arms. Strong arms? How can that be possible. Was she dreaming?

Aunty rushed forward crying and hugged him tight. “Amir, where have you been my son. We have missed you so much. Why did you go away. Its been a year. Look what have happened to us after you went away. Our shop went in loss, everything is sold, even this house is! Our beloved house is also sold. And Humaira’s wedding got cancelled because they knew we were now bankrupt and the hospital deprived her of her job because of a minor fault is some case.” Aunty said it all while weeping and even uncle came forward with teary, silent eyes. He felt ashamed of himself of living them in this condition. And she was there standing aside embarrassed and may be still in shock.

“Don’t worry aunty, you aren’t going anywhere now.” He calmed them down.”But no beta, the new owner is going to come at any minute now, our house is sold off”. Aunty was explaining him when he called the name of the new owner, he was standing outside, he came in. Amir asked him the amount he payed for the house, removed a cheque book from his pocket, signed a single one with the amount and have him back. They were all staring at him when he turned back and then he knew he need to explain.

“My love for cars got me engineering degree I completed when I used to work in the garage. I started drawing good designs and even got a huge offer for some of them. But I didn’t want to leave uncle alone, so I just kept the letter packed in a bag. Then one day, after going from here feeling rejected because of what I was, I read a quote that made me understand my future lies in what action in do, not what my parents did or what I used to be before. Hence, I sold my designs, got working on some more and now I am the highest paid automobile designer in the whole city. I started with sports and mingling with people to forget Humaira but I couldn’t do that. So, I returned to try my luck once again and ask her if she would accept me now, for who I am, accept me for the souls I am not my body”.

Aunty and uncle were so proud of him. Humaira was crying and looked embarrassed too, ” I am sorry Amir, I judged you badly and punished for something you were not guilty of. My own deeds were in front of me when I got rejected because of bankruptcy and the job which I took a great pride on, was snatched away from me. I am sorry and I’ll be honoured to marry you”.

Super 7 Tips For The Super Blogger Challengers 2019 #SuperBloggerChallenge2018!

The B of blogging!

Blogging, a journey from you to them! Now, who is the them? Your readers, of course! The ones who try to assume your personality through your writings, the ones who go through your each post in order to explore their world through your words. The ones who, when ideal, go through your writings and try to hatch the messages behind your shielded sentences. This, is the source that will either make you reach the top of the pinnacle, or can keep you crushed behind the crowd of aspiring bloggers.

Super blogger challenge!

Well, then what? How do you get to evolve better as a blogger? What can help you climb the ladders of fame through this blogging journey? The answer is challenging, it’s the challenge itself! The super blogger challenge is that platform that helps you surf better on this ocean of domains, the one platform that opens up closed doors in the palace of S.E.O. The one destination that helps find the best route to your success. The Aladdin’s treasure is all scattered out here in the super blogger challenge world, what you need is just to gather that treasure of knowledge and put to work on your blog.

Be the best super blogger challenger!

But what if you ain’t doing it right? Then the chance to succeed and getting the full previlige of such a great platform is missing. Today, let’s brush up the 7 tips that can help you be a better super blogger challenger.

Creativity at its best!

Unleash the creative persona in you! Make sure when you are writing, you do it with all your heart. Get those thinking caps on, give your words the most beautiful appreance, make your sentence dress in the best cape they can and then form sentences that can woo the readers with their impressive presentations.

Be the most unique!

When you blog, make sure you’re writing something that’s totally different from the lot. The topic or prompt may be similar, but try creating the matter visionised in the most different way. Being unique is the key to win this challenge. No one likes to read the same old bore matter again and again. Always consider thinking, would I love to read whatever I am writing?

Be before or on time!

Always keep up with the schedule given. Try to keep your blog post ready before the time the links are open to add them up. And when the links are open, get logging in fast and submit your entries as the fist in the line. This will give you more readers and more consideration in the challenge.

Keep in touch with the community!

Always be updated what the admins are upgrading in the challenge. Follow all their messages on social media and groups religiously to know what tips and hints they are dropping that can get you near the winning lines. Also, keep in close touch to the fellow challengers. This will help you rank yourself as to where you are heading and what you need to do more to get better in line.

Keep an eye on the hall of fame!

Whenever each week the hall of fame is out, make sure you go through each and every blog post on it and get the hang as to what made them reach the position. You can use the similar tips in your blog and currinate your blog through those points in your own unique way and can win the hearts too.

Read and comment on other blogs!

This is a pretty essential part of any challenge or blogging world! Unless and until you don’t respect your fellow bloggers and appreciate their work, nobody’s going to appreciate or read yours. Most of the times, it’s the give and take mantra that results in unexpected success of the blog.

Consider it as a school rather than a challenge!

Yes, it’s the most important part of the blogging challenge. The ultimate motive behind this challenge is not just to win it, but also, it’s the path to build your blog better and evolve as a better blogger. Through this challenge, you will definitely explore new boundaries of blogging world, get known to all those unknown facts till now and in the end, you’ll get to learn a lot more than you already knew before you entered the challenge!

These are some little tips from a participant of super blogger challenge 2018 who is actually having a super great time in this fun challenge. And the praises, the publicity, the admiration that comes handy with this challenge is a bonus! Hope you’ll check out these points, bring them under use when you are in the challenge and make your way to the top with their help!



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Why waste when someone can’t even taste! #SuperBloggerchallenge2018

A silent message to humanity!

It was the fourth round of the seven course lavish meal, huge chunks of chicken, fish, prawns and duck meat piled up in each plate. The guests holding the plates seem to be more interested in their conversations rather than the food varieties on their plates. The gravies half spilled on the floor, some on their plates and more on the serving bowls were more or less untouched. There lay piled up in different rice plates almost four types of biryanies, fried rice and noodles. But guests just went on with the routine of taking it on their plates and tasting just one or two spoons and left the rest in the plates that was taken to the dustbins from there onwards.

On the other hand Priya was busy staring other kids having their lunch during the recess break at school. Even she was feeling the churning in her tummy, but since it was 28th of the month, maa told,”eat this khichdi tummy full before you go to school, for four days from now, I won’t be able to give you anything for your lunch box. Even bhaiya and didi manage without their tiffins. You can also try. Come home, then I’ll heat the khichdi again for you, you can have that, ok dear?” This was the story of each month. Either by 28, or 29 each month, the chapati she would else take in her lunch box couldn’t be made because babuji was a clerk and his nominal salary hardly stretched so far. After the bell rang, the children rushed back to the class after having their lunch in the ground. She started running towards the ground and picked up the scattered biscuit packets, some of them had half or quarter biscuits in them, she ate them all greedily hiding from all the people around in the corner of the ground. With teary eyes she thought, when will the day come when even she can bring biscuits to school? For sure, she would share it with her friend who couldn’t bring that so that no other chutki has to rumble up the garbage for it.

Once again today, mamta and his husband mahesh went to bed with an empty tummy. Mamta being a house maid and mahesh being a cobbler could only afford plain cooked rice to be eaten with water. Their preparations was enough to feed their two kids everyday and them thrice a week. Still, they were happy that atleast their kids don’t have to sleep hungry today.

Meanwhile, far in the line of slums, gauri was trying hard to feed her baby, she was breastfeeding him. The baby was crying too much, he couldn’t get any feed from her mother. Tears of helplessness flew from gauri’s eyes. She was trying so hard to feed her baby, her only child, just a few months old. But, how can she do so when she herself haven’t eaten just more than a plain bread since three days. God, if she only she can do anything just anything to make some feed available for her baby. Even after an hour of trying desperately hard, his baby was crying more loudly now. He has been trying to get feed since morning and finally, the wailing stopped. But the child wouldn’t move. She screamed,” tai, maasi, please come fast! Just see munna isn’t moving, he is not crying anymore tai.” And soon there was a rush of people holding the screaming gauri away from her dead baby. The baby that died after crying for hours for few drops of milk but couldn’t get it because his mother haven’t had food for days.

Today, when we eat those extra spoons of delicacies inspite of being too full, don’t we remember there are millions of children not getting their basic share of 3 meals a day! When we waste plates full of meals in a wedding, don’t we know there are girls who can’t get married because their parents can’t afford to afford wedding meal for the baraties in the wedding! When we throw away the plastic bags that contains the remains of our daily meals, don’t we remember those kids who tear these bags at late night and greedily have whatever it contains! When we go to a restaurant and leave the unfinished meal for the waiters to throw away in dustbins, dont we remember those mothers who wait outside those restaurants just to get those food from them in the form of charity!

As a food blogger, I request you all to take in the silent message in this blog and do consider for these people the next time you have a heart filled meal. For us, meals are what satisfies our heart, not something that satisfies our hunger! We often eat out of temptation rather due to hunger. For us, the feeling of hunger ain’t pain, rather it’s a daily routine. For some, hunger is a pain, the cure of which they hardly get. From now onwards, let’s have food as a need rather than luxury. Let’s indulge in eating process without going through the sin of wasting it. Let’s not waste food anymore, let the meal of others reach them through our little efforts. Each efforts counts, let’s put in our little efforts to bring out this desirable change in society.

Save a life today, donate food or don’t waste it because your feed is someone else’s need today!

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Love jatao this grand parents day!

Everything’s fair when you are at grannie’s! Ever heard this? No? But you couldn’t deny this too! The grand parents are those who let you do whatever you want to do and get you rotten spoilt when you are visiting them. The ones who care just like parent, often more than them. They don’t show it though. The ones who are always ready to lend their ears when we are in need of a friend who does so! The best guide who have decades of experience and buckets of knowledge to go with it.

I really loved visiting ny grand parents, both the maternal side and the paternal side. They were always dotting and caring and very considerate. Had always the patience and time needed to deal with a spoilt brat like myself.( Well, they never let me knew I was a spoilt brat either!) The variety of dishes that I got to taste being there and always keeping my taste preferences in mind made my stay there more amazing!

As time passed by, the visit were made less frequently, phone calls even fewer and those jolly holidays became just cherished memories in the sands of time! Not that my grand parents weren’t missing us, or we didn’t respond the feeling. It was just climbing the ladders of age we tend to move far away from them. The time they used to take out for us from their busy schedules, we weren’t able to do the same for them.

Now, they need someone who could listen them patiently. Hear their small complaints, assure them wisely, prepare something deliceous for them and spoil them with some cute gifts. But, time ohh time! We all have so much of lack of it in our lives, we can’t even adjust a little of it for our loved ones selfless relatives.

This grand parents day, parachute advanced, with their new sweet advertisement on #lovejatao, a concept on how we can show our love and gratitude to our grand parents by dedicating some of our time to them. I was really overwhelmed when I watched it, wanted to follow the suit and show some gratitude to my grand parents too.

Thus, I decided and went to give them a surprise visit today. They catching me there so unexpected welcomed me with wet eyes. I felt so guilty, I wasn’t here before, and promised myself that this mistake would be rectified.

I told them to get ready withing fifteen minutes as we were going for a sudden picnic. They are fragile and weak now, couldn’t get ready fast they once used to be. So, I helped them do that and very soon we were driving on in my car going for a short picnic. The trip to Chota kashmir, a small garden was short to drive. I had already packed some of their favorite sandwiches and a pot full of baked masala potatoes for them. They used to love them when my mom used to make them this. My kids were with me too. They just loved playing ludo on their I pad and even teaching them to play that.

The jokes that these two generations shared had the huge gap of decades and ideas, but we all loved them nonetheless. Inspired by the advertisement, I even gave my dadima and nanima a short head massage and they found it really reliving.

We ended the day by having an early dinner at a local dhaba. My grandparents were already yawning at the journey back home. They seem to even tire out early, I noticed sadly. No wonder their health is deteriorating because even their appetite has decreased. I felt so ashamed that I couldn’t do anything to make them this happy often enough. They seem to be having so. Much gala time with their great grand kids.

As I dropped them back home, I promised my self that each fortnight, I would pay them a visit and spend some time with them for sure. My kids were realy excited about this idea. This reminded me of my childhood when I used to love the idea of visiting them so much. Soon, very soon, even I would turn in to a grand parent and I would feel so lonely and lost if someone else did the same to me too.

I really thank parachute advanced for this lovely concept shown in a great subtle way to let people know what their missing in their life and how it can be mended!

The motive of writing this is to inspire someone to get up and #lovejatao to those parents who love you more than your parents!

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.