Distinct DIY crafts to keep kids busy and dedicated!

Hey there! It’s lockdown happening once and again and the little relief you got during all these times by taking kids out and about is over! So, the result is kids hovering on your head all throughout the day because they are bored or spending hours with their iPads or your mobile! Well, both of the things are a big NO! But you hardly have any other option left, isn’t it? Then what are you going to do to keep them busy apart from letting them help you in your daily chores? We suggest why not tingle their creative side and make some fabulous art and craft samples with them? Yes, we know you are worried of the budget, but if you have been reading our posts regularly, you would be aware that most of our ideas are curated especially to fit in your budget. So, here you are with the best DIY arts and crafts ideas for your little one and believe us, these are all tried and tested at home!!

  • DIY truck shapes multi usage box — Your child probably has all his/her belongings scattered here and there during these holidays. So, why not create a fantastic looking multipurpose box for the little one? You just require two waste cardboard boxes (one big and other half it’s size.) Stick them one as the main body of the truck and other as the head part. Draw the windows and windscreen on the head part and four tyres on the main body. Ensure that the upper side is the opening of the box! Now let the child paint their heart out on the truck and enjoy dazzling results later! Easy and quick, isn’t it?
  • DIY kitchen set — Next, you can even use these cardboard boxes to create vibrant looking kitchen set for your child. You can convert one of the small boxes to create an oven and cover it with a paper, drawing all the essential pointers on it, make another little box a refrigerator and the larger one a stove by adding circular burners on them and covering the rest of the sides to make it look presentable. Your child spend days playing with these kitchen set and you’ll have to spend almost nothing for it!
  • Diya art pieces — Diya or mud pots are present in all our homes. And even if you buy them, these aren’t much expensive. So, can bring some diyas and soak them in water overnight. Now just dry them under sunlight and then hand it over to your child. Let the kid have all the waste buttons and diamonds or shells and stick on the same or simply make them look perfect by a nice painting job. Let the creativity of your child be the limit and add this new decor piece in your home with pride.
  • DIY soft bunnies — Winters have passed! You definitely don’t require the old socks now! So, why not turn these into great toys for your child? Just stuff some cotton or any other filling in the socks and tie the point with a rubber band or a ribbon. Separate the face by tying a ribbon on the quarter side of the stuffed socks. If you can add buttons as eyes and a pointed nose with paper, your bunny would look totally cute and adorable.

Hope these activities are going to keep your kids engrossed for a while during the lockdown period. Let’s see how you mom and child duo can make the best of these wastes!

Note — This post is a part of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pr@Gun says:

    Truly said the lockdown hovering again, will again bring life inside the house. Thanks for sharing these DIY’s, they teach children the importance of Re-use. I loved the kitchen set, it looks really cute.


  2. bbudd0106 says:

    Thanks for sharing these DIY’s. Can not wait to try them!


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