Child Security from Cybercrime!

You may assume it as far and unrealistic like magic, but cyber crimes do exist! And these can be as frightening and scary as they actually show in movies and web series. And once your child get trapped in these issues, believe me, the situation can be drastic! The cyber bullying can even lead your child to attempt committing suicide and murders. (Well, these are extreme situations, there have been cases of kids facing major psychological imbalances because of these crimes.)

And today, as per the recent circumstances, your child have to spend a large chunk of their time on computers. So, don’t you think they are vulnerable to the various cyber crimes revolving around? Just imagine the need to keep them safe from such dangers and dm serious situations. Well, if someone tries to hit or bully your child physically, you never delay in safeguarding your child from such odds and protecting the kid! But this situation is different, very serious and too complicated. How do you think you can protect your child when sometimes you aren’t even aware that your child is facing such cyber bullying and crimes?

We understand the seriousness of the issue and that is why have come up with a brilliant idea to safeguards and protect your child from such a drastic situation. Read about it below.

  • Concentrate on increasing awareness — Take sometime and make your kid understand the seriousness of the situation. Let the child know how these weird yet alluring chains of cyber crimes are increasing. Let them be aware of the recent cases and be very clear with the examples. Ensure they aren’t providing any personal or financial details to the co-players while crossing the levels of the games and not sharing any videos with very personal moments. (You know netizens, they keep any eye on each and every action of the users)
  • Ensure the identity of the child stays very protected — Just keep in mind to reveal publicly (through your stories or any which way) your child’s or anyone in your family member’s contact number, email id, Facebook id, etc. You won’t even know, your child would be directly contacted through these mediums and bullied.
  • Protect your computer — When today’s generation is sharing multiple docs and files online, it’s very difficult but important to maintain the security of your computers. Do you have an active anti virus in your computers? Have you updated the security software? Remember, every detail and data in your computer is vulnerable to hackers. Assume it serious and beware of the dangers.
  • Monitor your child’s online activity — Your role as a monitor to keep an eye on your child’s online activities stays very prominent. Never ever be too relaxed while letting them enjoy the freedom to access the Internet on their own. Especially, if they are still very young. Regularly checking tabs and history is essential to keep them safer from cyber crimes.
  • No password sharing — Ensure you aren’t opening certain sites that are protected by passwords in front of your children. They might get forced to reveal the same to some people while they are using the computers. Better be safe and discreet and keep your passwords safe.

Your child is surely the most treasured person you have in the world. Don’t let the little brains get effected with such negativities. Keep them safest from cyber crimes for their bright, healthy and happy future.

This post is the part of #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge!

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  1. Tina Basu says:

    This is very important and quite an informative post!


  2. Pr@Gun says:

    Very informative post, saba. In today’s times, when even school is online, and all the interaction a child is doing is via the internet, we as parents need to be very very careful. Making children aware and taking safety measures are important things to follow.


  3. fabzindia says:

    Very important tips – especially the part about not typing passwords in front of children. Very helpful post!


  4. aditi says:

    It’s very important to r awareness


  5. aditi says:

    It’s very important to make children aware of the crimes of the internet. Informative post!


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