Beauty bliss straight from your balcony!

You probably spend hours browsing through the beauty hacks available online. And then a few more getting those ingredients from the market and another one making that tough mask or paste! Phew! Isn’t that too much? Like, who has so much of time to waste in today’s rapid fire world? Yes, as understand that readymade beauty products are awesome and the companies assure sure you that they are organic and parabene free plus this/ or that and bla bla bla…..! Who cares? You have this urge to make your own beauty treatment solution and this has nothing to do with the range of various cosmetics at the local store!

But what if we said that those beauty hacks are super easy to acquire? And you can check for yourself if these are effective or not? Well, since you are making these by yourself, who better than yourself can guarantee of it being all natural and perfectly hygienic? And if you would have read our previous post here, you would have known how much we emphasise on lifestyle within budget! So, rest assured! These beauty hacks will come straight from your balcony to provide you the Midas Touch and you don’t have to spend an ounce more for the same. Excited already ? Keep reading.

  • Aloe Vera — You knew this was coming right? We all have aloe Vera planted in our balconies. (If not, then it’s time to bring this magical plant in! It has oodles of benefits) So, what you need is a little extract or aloeVera paste mixed with some coconut oil heated to luke warm and applied on scalp – you’ll get rid of hair fall! And when the gel is mixed with lemon juice, it helps you get rid of dandruff too! So, that was haircare. Now, when you apply this gel on your face mixing with a teaspoon of honey, you’ll get a shining, soft skin immediately. (No need to go to the facial sessions in salon before the party.) Even rubbing this gel directly on blackheads erases them on the spot! And if you have a habit of drinking this gel mixed with some water, you’ll get an internal glow that would be really visible within just a few days.
  • Basil — Basil is rightly called the queen of herbs. You can get oodles of beauty benefits apart from the medicinal ones when you use these leaves wisely. Like, make a paste of these leaves with milk and apply on face for twenty minutes to have lighter skin tone. You can even use basil leaves grinded to paste with lime juice and almond powder to get rid of dandruff instantly. Even applying this paste on acne directly gets rid of them in a very short time.
  • Hibiscus — Hibiscus is surely one of the most beautiful shrubs in your garden. You might even know that the life of this flower is from sunrise to sunset. What you can do is heat the petals of this flower with your coconut oil and use it for your oil massage- the hair fall problem would stop immediately. Even grinding these petals with milk and applying on face would make your skin shine and uplift your skin. It’s actually a great skin Botox and natural moisturiser that leads to better skin health.
  • Neem — Neem is one of the most effective and antibacterial plant that can even adorn your balcony beautifully. When you grind it into paste and apply on your face, the pigmentation, dark spots, pimples and acne gets treated eventually. Even the toughest dandruff issue gets treated thoroughly when you apply this paste on your hair. And a nice, clean skin is a result of bathing with neem leaves soaked in water.
  • Rose — We all have that nice little rose (of any colour) in our balconies. These provide excellent beauty to balcony and a nice fragrance as well. But do you know that if you mix these rose petals with milk and apply on your face you get a flawless shine on your skin? Yes, and even if you make a paste of these petals and apply it with honey on your face, you’ll get brighter and glowing skin.

We are sure you have at least these many useful plants in your balcony? Now, tell us when you are you starting the much needed beauty treatment through them?

Note — This post is a part of #BlogchatterA2Zchallenge

2 Comments Add yours

  1. aditi says:

    I believe in nature therapy. Yours is quite a useful list, thank you!


  2. Tina Basu says:

    I use aloe vera every time I get acne and redness, it’s so helpful.


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