Book review- My friends from Indian mythology by Suhasini!

Indian mythology is a deep and wide subject. Although we have been hearing stories about them since our childhood and watching various serials about the same through out the years, it’s still unexplored on certain areas.

About the book

In the book, My friends from Indian Mythology, Suhasini takes up her sons perceptions of those great stories and takes us a ride through all those years hence explaining in brief of some of our mighty heroes that were present then. Her book describes various of those dramatic events, those heroes of Indian mythology and this history behind them in a simple way that can be well understood.

I personally liked the way in which she brings about the stories of each of these heroes, the beautiful way in which she describes their life journey and Ofcourse, there’s an inspiration in each of the hero’s life for all. The way in which the events and life stories are described is totally incredible.

My favourites

I think I found each of the chapters more interesting than the previous one. Each chapter, each part of the book is totally captivating and hence should be all read very intently. A surely recommended from my side, especially when you have to read it out to your kids.

About the author

This book is written by Suhasini and she often writes up excellent stuff in her blog, shravmusings which actually is a unique perspective of life through the eyes of a mom and a six year old son.

You can download the book here.

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