Enterogermina #happytummiesmeet!

As moms, we are always conscious as to how well our kids are doing and how active they are. Anything that hinders their day to day play and study schedule causes stress That’s why we are always so worried about their physical health and hygiene and. try to keep them healthy.

Diarrhoea in kids

One such issue that is common amongst kids is diarrhoea! Almost 1 in 3 kids are affected by diarrhoea and sometimes it gets so serious that it can get fatal too. This is especially true for kids who have weaker immunity.

Symptoms of diarrhoea

You know your kid is prone to diarrhoea when the frequency of their stools increases to at least thrice or more than that in a day. There’s a complain of nausea, fever, dizziness and light-headedness. This leads to extreme dehydration in kids which can even have them end up in a hospital.

Care during diarrhoea

This is why taking extra care of children during this time is really important. From increasing fluids and water in their drinks to including zinc and probiotics like Enterogermina. Keeping extra measures to maintain hygiene and cleanliness for the kids to making sure the probiotics are given to kids is essential to fight the bacteria’s of diarrhoea In a better way.

Enterogermina #happytummiesmeet

Curious to stay updated with this dangerous health issue in kids, I ended up for the #happytummiesmeet with some more considerate mommies accompanying me to know better about diarrhoea and how Enterogermina helps manage Diarrhoea. There was an expert talk by Dr. Zinal, explaining in brief about how some bacteria cause diarrhoea in our body and how giving a dose of good bacteria, which are actually beneficial for our body helps to fight diarrhoea better.

We also had a fun session with kids where they interacted actively and showed off their knowledge about diarrhoea and how probiotics are necessary during its onset. The kids also loved the skit presented by the team letting them meet the good and bad bacteria and they fought the evil out with the help of Enterogermina.

The game section with kids which helped them differentiate between the healthy and junk food also kept the kids entertained and excited.

My take on the meet

At the end of the meet, I was a lot more knowledgeable, lot more aware and quite more confident in facing the probabilities of diarrhoea occurrence in any one in the family, especially the kids. With Enterogermina as a mandate now in my first aid box, I’m sure my children will no longer will face much wrath because of diarrhoea ever after again.

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